Saturday, January 31, 2009

Luka Bloom

Take Root Festival, Assen, Netherlands (2006)

artist: Luka Bloom
gig: Take Root festival
venue: De Smelt, kleine zaal
date: 7th of October 2006
aired: 2007-01-07, "Roots" (NPS) Radio 6
the broadcast is assumed to be the full show

01 - Talk- Back To Bed
02 - I Am Not At War With Anyone
03 - Talk- A Beautiful, Sunny Day
04 - June
05 - Talk- Gezellig, Geweldig, Prachtig
06 - Sunny Sailor Boy
07 - Talk- I Will Have That One Please
08 - City Of Chicago
09 - Talk- The Irish Rule The World
10 - No Matter Where You Go There You Are
11 - Talk- Ik Ben Een Turfsteker
12 - I Am A Bogman
13 - Talk- New York
14 - I Need Love
15 - Talk- You Can Tell I Have Been Doing This For Years
16 - Rainbow Day
17 - You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
Quality 192kbps


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Friday, January 30, 2009

Luka Bloom

First Bloom
Live in Switzerland 1990 (Bootleg)

Blue Knight Records BKR 07

FM Broadcast
Date and Venue unknown

01. Dreams In America
02. Gone To Pablo
03. Rescue Mission
04. Mary Watches Everything
05. Be Well My Love
06. Exploring The Blue
07. This Is The Sea
08. You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
09. The Man Is Alive
10. Over The Moon
11. An Irishman In Chinatown
12. I Need Love
13. Delirious
14. The One
Quality 192kbps


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The Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur

Emigrant (1977)

POLYDOR 2904 009 LP

01 - Clare to here
02 - Gipsy Davey
03 - Drowsy sleeper
04 - Lonesome Boatman
05 - Tamlinn and Prince of Pipers
06 - Emigrant
07 - Ask me father, Finbar Dwyers, The Oak Tree, Lark on the Strand
08 - Heart's Lament
09 - Princess Royal
10 - O'Carolan Tribute
11 - Gallagher's Frolics, Padhin O'Rafferty. The Box and Chanter
12 - She came to me
Quality: 320kbps


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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Various Artists

World Of Folk (Argo SPA-A 132) 1971

An excellent collection of tracks from the Argo Catalogue. Just reading the list of unavailable albums on the back cover is enough to make one weep. In the 1970s we had a job lot of this album to use as raffle prizes in our folk club, many people ended up with several copies over the course of a year.

Side 1:
1. The Yetties - Broadside Man
2. The Young Tradition & Dolly Collins - Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
3. The Clutha - Border Widow's Lament
4. Ian Campbell - Canny Lad The Miner
5. Peggy Seeger - Swapping Song
6. Jon Raven - Kate Of Coalbrookdale
7. Marie Little - Twa Corbies

Side 2:
1. Ewan MacColl - Net Hauling Song
2. Barry Skinner - Turpin Hero
3. Liz Dyer & Dave Goulder - Black Is The Colour
4. The Druids - Boar's Head Carol
5. Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner - Song Of Choice
6. Gerry Fox - Hot Stuff
7. Cyril Tawney - The Oggie Man

Until 1995 this was the only record to feature a track from the unreleased Young Tradition/Shirley & Dolly Collins album, The Holly Bears A Crown - this is now available from Fledgling Records.

Request - Does anyone have a copy of Jon Raven - Kate Of Coalbrookdale?


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ron Sexsmith

Club Quattro, Shibuya, Tokyo
November 1st, 1997

01. So Young
02. Clown In Broad Daylight
03. Strawberry Blonde
04. Heart With No Companion
05. Lebanon, Tennessee
06. Thinly Veiled Disguise
07. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City (Harry Nilsson cover)
08. Summer Blowin' Town
09. While You're Waiting
10. Bennie And The Jets (Elton John cover)
11. Still Time
12. Honest Mistake
13. In Place Of You
14. Pretty Little Cemetery
15. Almost Always
16. Words We Never Use
17. Guess Things Happen That Way (Jack Clement cover)
18. From A Few Streets Over
19. Nothing Good
20. At Different Times
21. Secret Heart
22. First Chance I Get
23. Average Joe
24. Thinking Out Loud
25. April After All - Nowhere Man (Beatles cover)
26. There's A Rhythm
27. Galbraith Street
28. I Was Made To Love Her (Stevie Wonder cover)
29. It Never Fails


One of my favorite set from his early shows.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Paul Rans – Wiet Van De Leest – Dirk Van Esbroeck + Juan Masondo

Concert retransmis en direct de la salle des fêtes de Béthune (Pas-de-Calais - France) le 23 août 1978 par la radio régionale. Présentation et entretiens par Catherine Claeys.

Ces musiciens flamands de Belgique ont été les premiers à proposer une interprétation moderne de la musique traditionnelle flamande. Moderne mais respectueuse de l’esprit de cette musique. Ce groupe n’existe plus, Dirk est décédé le 23 mai 2007. Une compilation de leurs quatre premiers LP + un DVD d'archives a été publiée par Universal en 2005. Ça n’a pas pris une ride

présentation du groupe



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Sunday, January 25, 2009

by Paul (The Stockman)

Burl Ives "Wayfaring Stranger"
Australian Vinyl 1970s

Burl Ives is truly one of the very earliest of singers to popularise folk songs. An American, he was brought up on a mix of British and American folk songs and was regularly performing them in concerts and on radio from the early 1930s although he would not successfully produce an LP until 1949; the start of over 100 albums. He frequently traveled overseas often singing the folk songs of the countries he visited and he had a large impact on both British and Australian audiences inspiring many to look at their own folk song traditions. (Anyone out there got a good rip of his 1958 "Australian Folk Songs" LP, please?) Like many of the other early folk music revivalists, we folk fans certainly owe him a big debt of gratitude. In the 1960s he moved more towards country and popular songs.
He was a big fan of the song "Wayfaring Stranger" and it virtually became a nickname for him from about 1940. His autobiography was also under that name. He had a many LPs released under that title and "Return of the Wayfaring Stranger" most with different tracks. Even now there is a CD released as "Wayfaring Stranger" and it is different again.
Just to confuse things a little more, this LP titled "Wayfaring Stranger" issued in Australia sometime in the 1970s by Music for Pleasure was a re-release of the 1960 Hallmark HM514 LP "Return of the Wayfaring Stranger". (I think Hallmark was part-owner of Music for Pleasure). It is not currently available. Most of the content is American traditional and the track list is:-

A1 John Henry
A2 Billy The Kid
A3 Mah Lindy Lou
A4 Mule Train
A5 The Worried Man Blues
B1 Greer County Bachelor
B2 Lilly Munroe
B3 Old Blue /Ballanderie
B4 Lord Randall
B5 Riders In The Sky
B6 Poor Wayfaring Stranger /Woolie Boogie Bee

This LP was in good condition and and it ripped very well. Enjoy!
It would be great if some others could contribute some more of his folk albums.

LP MP3 Rip 160-192 VBR
Download (with graphics)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Acke & Gurra

Äppel-Tripp (1972)

Sida A:
1. Oh vad jag tycker (2:22)
2. Drömvärd (3:41)
3. Mister Someone (2:16)
4. Det står en man (3:03)
5. På fredag (2:56)
6. Hela nejden (2:39)

Sida B:
1. Allt känns okey (2:41)
2. När vår sol sakta sänker (2:35)
3. Du blev min (2:39)
4. En decembernatt (2:45)
5. En old time låt (1:53)
6. Äppeltripp (2:12)


A Song For Every Season - Part Four

Turn O' The Year (Leader LEA 4049)
The Copper Family

Finally - part four of the Coppers box set.
More information on the Copper Family can be found on their website.
See part one for the artwork.

Side 1:
1. Shepherds Arise
2. Softly The Night
3. Christmas Song
4. Babes In The Wood
5. The Dying Soldier

Side 2:
1. Brisk Young Ploughboy
2. Heigh Ho Sing Ivy
3. Jolly Good Song
4. Two Young Brethren
5. The Ploughshare
6. Come Write Me Down

Link removed by request

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Coming soon: 'I'd Go Back Tomorrow' the 2nd album of songs from plays by The Mikron Theatre Company.

The Cambridge Buskers

The Cambridge Buskers
Michael Copley (flûtes) & David Ingram (accordéon piano)

Un duo de musiciens de rue, clowns virtuoses, le 17 décembre 1983 en concert à la salle Gaveau de Paris, salle renommée pour ses concerts de musique classique …

Vous entendrez :
- L’ouverture de la Pie Voleuse de Rossini
- La Sicilienne de Fauré / Stars and Stripes
- un Concerto de Jean Chrétien Bach
- Le Printemps de Vivaldi / le Chant des Bohémiens de Bizet / une danse / La Mort du Cygne de Tchaïkovski
- L’intégrale des concertos Brandebourgeois (en 4 mn)
- La Symphonie Inachevée de Schubert / le Concerto pour violon de Mendelssohn
- l’Alleluia de Haendel
- Sur un Marché Persan de A. Ketelbey
- l’Intégrale des Symphonies de Beethoven (en 5’10)
- Le Sacre du Printemps de Stravinski
- Capricorne de Karlheinz Stockhausen
- Le Concerto pour cor de Mozart
- Figaro de Rossini / La chevauchée des Walkyries de Wagner
- Le Concerto n°1 de Tchaïkovski
- Hora staccato / Orphée aux Enfers de J. Offenbach



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barry Moore

Treaty Stone (1978)

Barry Moore has built up a reputation as a singer/songwriter playing the various clubs in and around Dublin since 1976. More recently, he has toured the UK and Germany as a member of Inchiquin. His music is contemporary and for the most part self penned. One of his first songs Wave Up To The Shore was recorded by his brother Christy Moore in 1976. Barry was born in Newbridge, Co. Kildare in 1955. With the exception of Lonesome Robin, learned from Gay Carawan and written by Bob Coltman, and Black Is The Colour, a traditional song learned by Hamish Imlach, the songs were written by Barry himself. Deep Is The Night was written in Berlin during the winter of 1974. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is based on the book of the same name by Dee Brown, which is a history of the American West. As in "Bury My Heart", man's right to freedom is the theme of It's Not Good Enough. The instrumental Little Martha And Me was inspired by the playing of Duane Allman and Dickie Betts. This album is currently out of print.

Barry Moore - Guitar and Vocal
Una Johnston - Flute
Áine De Barróid - Flute
Rosemary Flanagan - Cello
Christy Moore - Vocal
Gerry O'Beirne - National Steel and 12-string Guitars

Produced by Christy Moore and Brian Masterson
Recorded at Keystone Studio, Dublin
Engineer - Brian Masterson
Photograph - Roy Esmonde
Design & Artwork - Willy Matthews

01. Girl
02. Black Is The Colour
03. Little Martha And Me (instrumental)
04. It's Not Good Enough
05. Deep Is The Night
06. Jenny Of The Sun
07. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
08. Sweet For Sue (instrumental)
09. Lonesome Robin
10. The Treaty Stone


posted by request

Pairdown LPs are done!‏

Raymond said...

Dear Lizardson and good friends at Time Has Told Me,

Just wanted to let you know that the Pairdown LPs are back from the factory! We are just thrilled with the way they look and sound, and it feels amazing to finally have them in hand! It was great introducing you guys to the album via the free digital download, and I hope a lot of people will want the vinyl version, too! Vinyl is the format that this album was mixed and mastered for, and we really feel that it's the best way to enjoy the songs.

Anyway, if you wanted to let everyone know (and of course, it's totally up to you if you want to post about this or not) they can send Paypal ($11.00 US, $15.00 World) to, or mail check/money order/cash to Sort Of Records, 5201 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224, USA. Or, people can just email for more info! The digital version is still free to download, and we will include a CD copy w/ the LPs by request.

As far as folk records go, this one is gonna be pretty rare... first edition is only 300!

Thanks again for having the most amazing blog in the whole world! I'm here every single day!

Warmest regards,

Raymond / Pairdown

Fairport Convention

Royal Festival Hall (September 24, 1969)

Support acts were Nick Drake and John and Beverley Martyn

01. Come All Ye
02. Reynardine
03. Sir Patrick Spens
04. Lark in the Morning
05. Farewell Farewell
06 .Matty Groves
07 .Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
08. Crazy Man Michael
09. Tam Lin
10. Mason's Appron
11. Ballad of Easy Rider
12. Talk With Jesus [cut]

SQ: C+


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn

Acoustic Guitar (East World EWLF 98001)
Japanese limited edition direct cut disc.

An excellent album by two of the world's best acoustic guitarists. This is unlikely to get a CD release - it's a direct cut recording, therefore no master tape to make a CD from, just the original master disc. This does mean that the sound quality is stunning and just goes to show how much better vinyl can be compared to almost any of the digital formats.

1. Mississippi Swamp March
2. My Creole Belle/Katz Rag
3. Spirit Levels
4. Twelve Sticks
5. Cocaine Blues
6. Sake And Jelly Roll
7. Bonaparte's Retreat/Billy In The Low Ground

Tablature for all the tracks is included with the artwork.


Password = reynardine

Note: the track numbering is slightly wrong on the uploaded files - there is not a track missing, just me starting the numbering wrong on the second side.

For another piece of direct cut sound heaven see gonzo's blog.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kathryn Tickell - concert à Paris 1990

Un concert au Théâtre de la Ville diffusé en janvier 1990 par France Culture.
Kathryn Tickell est accompagnée de Danny Thompson à la contrebasse et de Chris Newman à la guitare. La qualité du son est nettement meilleure que les concerts « in De Zon ». J’ai indexé les présentations et les interviews ce qui permet de les ignorer éventuellement.



Peter Bellamy

Merlin's Isle Of Gramarye (Argo ZFB 81) 1972

Another album criminally not available. This has probably been posted before - but here it is again (remastered 24bit) at about the best quality I can get it.

Side 1
1. Puck's Song
2. A Smuggler's Song
3. The Run Of The Downs
4. Eddi's Service
5. The Queen's Men
6. The Bee-boy's Song
7. Harp Song Of The Dane Women
8. Song Of The Man's Side

Side 2
1. The Heavens Above Us
2. Prophets At Home
3. Who Shall Judge Us
4. St Helena
5. The Way Through The Woods
6. The Bricklayer And the Shipwright
7. Song Of The Red War Boat


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

John Doonan

Flute For The Feis (Leader LEA 2043) 1972

Finally got round to remastering this.

John Doonan with Phil Murray, Henry Eglington and Dave Price on this classic album of Irish tunes (played at a sensible speed for dance). A must for anyone at all interested in Irish dance music.

Side 1
1. Reels: Sean Maguire's - McMahon's
2. Set Dance: The Hunt
3. Single Jigs: Smash The Windows - Off She Goes
4. Set Dance: Bonaparte's Retreat
5. Slip Jigs: The Sport Of The Chase
6. Hornpipes: The Flowers Of Antrim - The Quarrelsome Piper
7. Air: An Coolin

Side 2
1. Reels: Fermoy Lasses - Sporting Paddy - The Dawn
2. Set Dance: The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
3. Slow Jigs: Saddle The Pony - Shandon Bells
4. Set Dance: The Little Heathy Hill
5. Set Dance: The King Of The Fairies
6. Air: Eileen Aroon
7. Reels: Bonny Kate - Jenny's Chickens


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A Song For Every Season - Part Three

Hollerin' Pot (Leader LEA 4048)
The Copper Family

And now - part three of the Coppers box set.
More information on the Copper Family can be found on their website.
See part one for the artwork.

Side 1
1. Seamen Bold
2. When Adam Was First Created
3. A Lawyer Bold
4. Gentlemen Of High Renown
5. My Love Has Gone
6. Battle Of Alma

Side 2
1. Warlike Seamen
2. Brisk And Bonny Lad
3. Sportsmen Arouse
4. Admiral Benbow
5. Wind Across The Moor
6. Oh Good Ale

Link removed by request

password = reynardine

The fourth and final part next week.

Todays finds in the charity shops: The second album by Mikron Theatre and Lancashire Lad by Mike Harding (49p).


Friday, January 16, 2009

Renaissance Suite

David Munrow & The Early Music Consort Of London (1974)

David Munrow was perhaps the greatest exponent of early music before his untimely death in 1976. He will be familiar to folk fans from his work in the late 60s with Young Tradition, Shirley & Dolly Collins and John Renbourn.

For some reason this album seems to have never been released on CD - perhaps because it is a soundtrack to an obscure French film about bicycle racing rather than an award winning television serial. This though, really deserves re-release. Here you'll find dance tunes from Praetorius and Susato along with original compositions by David Munrow.

1. Triumph
(Hans Hassler: Intrada VI & VII from "Lustgarden")
2. They're off
(Bransle double de Poictou & Bransle gay double from Praetorius' "Terpsichore")
3. Training
(David Munrow: Bagpipe solo I & Bagpipe solo II)
4. On the Road
(Basse danse "Dont vient cela" from Tielmann Susato's "Dancerye")
5. Complaint
("O death rock me asleep" Anon., 16th c.)
6. In the Mountains
(Bransle simple from Praetorius' "Terpsichore")
7. The six days of Grenoble
(David Munrow)
8. The Dream
("Tristan's Lament" Anon., Italy, 14th c.)
9. The Race Against Oneself
(David Munrow)
10. Why Suffer
("Consonanze Stravaganti" Giovanni Macque)
11. Effort
(Basse galliarde from Pierre Phalèse "Premier livre de Danseries" & Galliarde from Praetorius' "Terpsichore")
12. End Music
(Variations on "La folie d'Espagne", Corelli & Division flúte (1706))

New link:

The Reel Union & Dolores Keane

The Reel Union & Dolores Keane - De Zon folkclub
Sep 15, 1978

Dernier concert de la série "In De Zon", les débuts d'un groupe éphémère...

J’ai trouvé ces deux vidéos du groupe :


j'ai retrouvé ce tract de présentation des musiciens

Thursday, January 15, 2009

by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Poitín - Celtic Group (1988)
20th Anniversary Digital Remastered Edition

Very first celtic recording issued in Argentina.

In 1987 I began at the Royal Celtic Association to line-up it’s folk band ‘Poitín’ (gaelic for the reknown irish ilegal whiskey), we did some shows live and for TV, a southern gig among welsh communities in Patagonia, and finally recorded a tape in 1988, which actually is the first recording ever made in Argentina of celtic music, songs and poems, traditional and of our own in galician language. Due to changes of attitudes and feelings towards it’s music the band splited in 1990.

Check out the details: CELTIC SPRITE blog

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stonefield Tramp

Hi, The new album by Stonefield Tramp 'Full Circle' is now available as a download. Where a link to the site can be found on a banner on the Home page of my website.

All the best from Terry Friend.

Full Circle (2008)

01. Eternity
02. A Song for You
03. Jade
04. Australian Sky
05. Lonesome Cowboy
06. Winter King
07. El Chivato
08. Death of Rock n Roll
09. Cemetery Song
10. Luna Bianca
11. Dreaming Again
11.(Self-cover track from their 1974 albun "Dreaming Again".)
12. Mexico
13. Summertime

In 1974, former member of the band Terry Friend & Rob Van Spyk met Brian Ballister. And as a trio, they released the album ''Follow The Sun'' for the studio label, Acorn. This was swiftly followed by "Dreaming Again", an album issued on their own Tramp label. For this album, the trio were enhanced by additional musicians Chris Sutoris (Bass) and Dave Lloyd (electric guitar). To reflect their new sound, the band adopted a new name and Stonefield Tramp were born. Some tracks show a strong Bob Dylan influence while others lean strongly towards the style we have now come to know as acid folk.

The Stirrings In Sheffield On A Saturday Night

The Sheffield Crucible Theatre Company (1973)
By Allen Cullen, Music by Roderick Horn (songs mostly traditional)

"To be a Sheffield Grinder, it is no easy trade
There's more than you'd imagine to the grinding of a blade
The strongest man among us is old at thirty two,
There are few who brave such hardships as we poor grinders do."

The Stirrings in Sheffield on a Saturday Night was premiered at the Sheffield Playhouse in 1966 and enjoyed several successful runs both there and later at the new Crucible Theatre. Most of the songs in the play were traditional set to music by Roderick Horn. This LP recording comes from the 1973 Crucible production starring Richard Wordsworth and Fanny Carby.

The play tells the story of William Broadhead and 'the rattenings' (sometimes known as The Sheffield Outrages), the struggle between The Saw Grinder's Union and non-union labour culminating in the murder of a non-union worker. Eventually a government board of enquiry was set up to investigate the grinding trade and it's working conditions.

This LP may be of limited interest to many but it is essential for anyone who has ever had any connection with Sheffield.

1. The Stirrings In Sheffield
2. The Lozin
3. Sheffield Workmen
4. Cutlin' Heroes
5. Pub Scene
a) Tally-I-Ho The Grinder
b) God Save The Great Thomas Paine
c) The Peelers Song
6. Gas Company Song
7. The Grinder's Hardships
8. Lardy-Dah
9. The Sewerage Song
10. Music Hall Scene
a) I'm Ruined
b) Nellie Dean
c) Mary Ann
11. The Stirrings In Sheffield (reprise)


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Coming Soon:
John Doonan - Flute For The Feis
The Coppers Part Three


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Songwainers

The Songwainers (Argo ZFB 31?) 1971

This I believe was the only recording of the Songwainers from Cheltenham - but what a classic. Their setting of John Barleycorn (to the tune of We Plough The Fields And Scatter) has now entered the tradition. One of the finest harmony groups of the 60s and 70s.

New link:

Sorry the quality is not up to my usual but the songs really do make up for it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

by Nick

Roger Whittaker - Durham Town (1969)

Roger Whittaker has released a number of albums under this title. This one, from 1969, has never made it onto CD afaik. I thought it worth ripping because not only does it contain the best versions of some of his most famous songs, but also some real rareties difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

01 - Dirty Old Town
02 - Those Were The Days
03 - The Impossible Dream
04 - San Miguel
05 - Where's Jack?
06 - Good Morning Starshine
07 - Durham Town (The Leavin')
08 - Petite Fleur
09 - This Moment
10 - Storm
11 - Water Boy
12 - Sunrise, Sunset

Link (fixed)



Sunday, January 11, 2009

De Danann

Selected Jigs, Reels and Songs (1977)

posted by request.

This album has never been released on CD, reportedly because the master tapes were lost.

01 Tom Billy's
02 Love will you marry me
03 Broken pledge, the
04 Banks of the Quay, the
05 Flowers of sweet Strabane, the
05 Log cabin, the
06 Flowers of spring, the
07 Log cabin, the
08 Carolan's draught
09 Banks of red roses, the
10 Over the bog road
11 Hag's purse, the
12 Barbara Allen
13 Dear Irish boy


Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ark - Voyages
De Danann - De Danann

Friday, January 09, 2009

by Dkmalo

Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise - De Zon folkclub
Nov 27, 1976

Le concert suivant n’est pas de Ray mais Cilla Fisher, en vous l’annonçant je me suis trompé de Fisher, il y en a tellement !
Cilla Fisher et Artie Trezise en concert ça valait le déplacement, j’ai laissé l’intrégralité de l’enregistrement, la participation du public étant un élément important du spectacle. Cilla et Artie savent très bien comment le faire réagir, ce sont de vrais professionnels du spectacle vivant. Ils jouent sur les « erreurs », involontaires ou non, de traduction, peu importe si c’est préparé les spectateurs se laissent prendre au jeu (je me suis même reconnu !).
Spectateurs en majorité français alors qu’on est en Belgique néerlandophone, un paradoxe du folk club De Zon qui attirait plus les habitants de Lille et de ses environs que les flamands autochtones. Cela a beaucoup changé depuis…




Paul Masse - Motels And Stations
V.A. - Irish Medieval

Mikron Theatre Company

Last Run - Songs Of The Canals And Waterways Of Great Britain (1977)

I found this excellent album in a charity shop last Friday. I used to have it on cassette and played it constantly on my way to go boating in the early eighties.

Mikron Theatre Company have been touring the waterways in their narrow boat 'Tysley' since 1972.

"Mikron was originally conceived after a waterways holiday by Mike Lucas, Sarah Lucas and Danny Schiller. "Let's put professional theatre on the inland waterways of Britain!". Mikron is now famous for its national waterways tour, aboard the 1936 Grand Union Carrying Company narrowboat, Tyseley."

Their first four shows covered the history of the canals from their inception, through nationalisation and finally to their restoration and the beginning of the leisure boom. The 22 songs featured here are from 'Still Waters', Up The Cut!', 'Keep Yer 'Ands Off' and 'Puddle It!' Together they tell the history of the waterways often with great humour and sometimes with a little tear in the corner of the eye. Two of the songs on the album are from ex-boatman John Saxon, a couple are traditional and the rest written by members of the company.

For the coming year Mikron have a new show - 'Tales From The Thames' and a revival of last year's 'Fair Trade', the story of the co-operative movement.

I missed Mikron last year - we spent the whole summer about two days behind Tysley, when we finally caught up they'd gone off in the van to Lincoln or some such outlandish place. This year who knows. Details of their shows and the itinery for the coming season can be found on their website. There are also 2 cds now available of some of their more recent 'songs from the shows'.


Password = reynardine

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Albion Band - Light Shining
Robin Williamson - Hymns & Haws

A Song For Every Season - Part Two

Black Ram (Leader LEA 4047)
The Copper Family

Here it is - part two of the Coppers box set.
More information on the Copper Family can be found on their website.

Side A:
1. Sheep Shearing Song
2. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
3 . Claudy Banks
4. Sweet Lemeney
5. Corduroy

Side B:
1. Come All Bold Britains
2. No John No
3. The Shepherd's Song
4. Thousands Or More
5. Shepherd Of The Downs
6. As I Walked Out

Link removed by request

Password = reynardine

Link for the artwork is in the post for part one.

Part three next week (If I survive the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival)

Louis Killen

Ballads and Broadsides (Topic Records) 1965

After appearing on several Topic Eps and compilations this was Louis' first full solo album recorded by Bill Leader in 1964/65. Mostly unaccompanied and drawing heavily on material from 'The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs' this album set the standard for folk club singers at the time.

Side A:
1. Young Edwin In The Low Lands Low
2. As We Were A Sailing
3. The Flying Cloud
4. All Things Are Quite Silent

Side B:
1. One May Morning
2. The Cock
3. The Bramble Briar
4. Thorneymoor Woods
5. The Banks Of Sweet Primroses

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Rainbow Promise

Ric Bowers said...
Thank you for preserving this album on the net. I think Steve Powell would want his songs to continue to uplift to the glory of God. We recorded the entire album live in a long, 1 day session. The engineer, Ray Harris (?), managed the session, and us, with a minimum of confusion.

At the time we were traveling the midwest in a van, all of us, including the instruments. Brother Elisha, maybe in his 60s at the time, may have suffered the most but complained the least, especially after our lunches at Taco Bell.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Steve, or any of the other band members, please pass my address along. I would like to know how they have fared through the years.

Ric Bowers

Leonard Brannon said...
I am Leonard Brannon and I was in Rainbow Promise. Would love to hear from any Rainbow Promise fans and old group members, especially Ric Bowers. My email is

Rainbow Promise on Time Has Told Me

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Song For Every Season - Part One

Tater Beer Night (Leader LEA 4046)
The Copper Family

This is the first part of a four album set released in 1971. The other parts will follow at roughly 1 week intervals (or when I get round to doing them).

The songs were recorded at Bob Copper's home in Peacehaven by Bill Leader. Interspersed with the songs is a commentary by Bob telling the story of the family and of farm life in rural Sussex. The family on this particular recording consists of Bob Copper, his Cousin Ron Copper, Bob's son John and daughter Jill.

The recordings were originally released to accompany Bob's book of the same name - s/h copies can usually be found on Amazon. A companion album to this 'Songs and Southern Breezes' featuring songs collected in Sussex by Bob in the 1950s can be found on Gonzo's site. Again the book to accompany that recording can often be found on Amazon.

Side A
1. Dame Durden
2. By The Green Grove
3. All You Boys The Go A-Courting
4. Spencer The Rover
5. Charming Molly
6. Sweep Chimney Sweep
7. Rose Of Allendale

Side B
1. Pleasant Month Of May
2. When Spring Comes On
3. Spotted Cow
4. Wop She 'ad It-io
5. A Week Before Easter
6. Brisk And Lively Lad

Still to come:
Black Ram (LEA 4047)
Hollerin' Pot (LEA 4048)
Turn O' The Year (LEA 4049)

Link removed by request

Password = reynardine

I've included the artwork in a separate file so it only needs to be downloaded once for all four records. Also included is the 16 page booklet which accompanied the album.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Saturday, January 03, 2009

John Maguie

Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday (Leader LEE 4062)

This is a field recording by Robin Morton of the fine Fermanagh singer John Maguire. His unornamented singing is a stark contrast to some other Irish singing by his contemporaries.

"All the songs on this record, together with many more from John Maguire's repertoire, appear
in the book Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday - an account of John Maguire's life told in his own words, edited by Robin Morton."

Copies of the book were available on Amazon at the time of posting (at widely varying prices).

Side One:
1. Molly Bawn Lowry
2. Marrowbones
3. The Bonny Irish Boy
4. Thousands Are Sailing To Amerikay
5. The Bonny Wee Lassie That Never Said No
6. My Charming Mary

Side Two:
1. The Constant Farmer's Son
2. Joe Higgins
3. The Handsome Collier Lad
4. Dick Mooney's Daughter
5. In Praise Of John Magee
6. Lovely Jane From Enniskea

Track 5 side 2 will be familiar to many as sung by Cathal McConnell on the first record by Boys of the Lough.


password = reynardine

by Dkmalo

John Doonan & Dave Bulmer - De Zon folkclub
Dranouter, Belgium (March 25th, 1977)

la suite des concerts "in De Zon", comme promis John Doonan au piccolo accompagné de l'accordéoniste Dave Bulmer le 25/3/1977. La qualité est légèrement meilleure, j'ai supprimé les commentaires et présentations (à la disposition des fans de John sur demande).
J'ai trouvé sur le net cette présentation de JD :
"John Doonan, All-Ireland and World Piccolo Champion, is often described as the Godfather of Irish Music and, in celebrating fifty years of travelling and playing, it has was said that he has been on the road longer than the white lines. in the year of his 80th birthday John died on Friday 8th March 2002. Along with his two sons, Mick (piccolo, flute, whistles, uilleann pipes and vocals) and Kevin (fiddle and vocals), the Doonan Family have travelled from their base in Hebburn, Tyne and Wear to play all over the world. Affectionately known in the north east as the 'Whistling Welder', he has had an unquestionable and significant influence on music and musicians in, and far beyond, the North of England. His grandfather also called John, played fiddle and accordion and his father George was a fiddler. John played by ear and never learned to read music. His flair saw him win an All - Ireland championship competition in Co. Roscommon playing the piccolo in 1968 and come second in the music section of the Welsh International Eisteddfod in the 1970s."

John Doonan n'a enregistré que deux LP, "Flute for the feis" en 1972 et "At the feis" en 1977 dont je ne possède qu'une copie sur cassette, si quelqu'un a les LP il peut en faire profiter les autres.

Pour info à ce jour 78 amateurs ont téléchargé le concert de John Kirkpatrick. Malgré la basse qualité de l'enregistrement cela semble intéresser quelques personnes, merci pour vos encouragements même non exprimés ;-)



by bilbo1742

Anthology of Japanese Folk Music 1960-1976

Text by our friend Dirk (Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll):
Fans of unusual folk music, Japan and songs of pig slaughter, rejoice! *grin*Your ship has come in. Here is Anthology Of Japanese New Folk 1960-1976. A compilation of japanese singer/songwriters from the 60's and 70's - includes everything from sultry chanteuses and film vamps to orchestral pop auteurs and underground folk with electric guitar
Excelent compilation!

01. Akira Kobayashi -Akiras Coal Mine Song
02. Go Takao-The Morning That Sunset Cicadas Sing
03. RC Succession-Sea of Mud(live)
04. Kazuhiko Kato-Arthers Boutique
05. Hako Yamazaki-White Flower
06. Morio Agata -Television
07. Maki Asakawa-Since I Was Little
08. Yoshiko Sai-Did The Camelias Fall
09. Zunou Keisatsu-Wrapped In Sadness
10. Kenji Endo-Youre Always With Me
11. Kan Mikami-Its Good That I Dream
12. Yoshio Hayakawa-Morning Glory You May Not Know
13. Masato Minami-Heartful of Love Which Blooms In An Endless Stream
14. Hiroshi Kamayatsu-Lonley Man
15. Out Cast-Futari no Himitsu
16. Doji Morita-Our Failure


Contemporary Guitar - Spring '67

Text by our friend EJG (grown so ugly):
This incredibly hard to find, influential and fantastic collection of tracks by fingerpicking masters was released by John Fahey's Takoma Records in 1967. Contemporary Guitar is one of the absolute best collections of solo acoustic guitar and has sadly never been reissued.

There are two tracks by Max Ochs, cousin of the folk singer Phil Ochs. These two pieces and an obscure side for Fonotone were the only recordings of Ochs until he was featured on the Tompkins Square labels Imaginational Anthem compilation. Ochs has been doing some touring lately and hopefully some recordings will surface.

The John Fahey piece is called The Fahey Sampler and is a long piece which contains the second part of "When the Springtime Comes Again" (which was en route to "Mark 1:15" (1971) and again in "When the Fire and the Rose are One" (1973). Also includes a phrase from "The Transcendental Waterfall". This piece has not been reissued.

JF 1969: "Denson's idea was to call the record a sampler of contemporary guitarists. So I put together parts from some of my other works either previously recorded or not. Now I usually play this piece as my first song in a public performance." the fahey files

Harry Taussig has two songs as well. Taussig is better known for his instructional books. He also appeared on a few "How To Play Folk Guitar" records in the 1960's.

His only solo recording Fate is Only Once was a private pressing that was limited to 500 copies. It has recently been reissued by Tompkins Square Records and it lives up to the hype.

Country blues legend Bukka White has one track here, perhaps to illustrate where this kind of paying comes from. No matter the reason, the Bukka track is outstanding.

The albums closer is a thirteen minute exploration by Robbie Basho and is my favorite recording by him.




Friday, January 02, 2009

The Broadside (from Grimsby)

The Moon Shone Bright (Topic) 1973

The Broadside consisted of John Conolly, Bill Meek, Brian Dawson, Mike Lee and Tom Smith who at the time of this album were the organisers of the Grimsby Folk Song Club.

John Conolly is perhaps best known for his songs 'Fiddler's Green' and 'Punch And Judy Man' although he has written many more since then. His currently available CDs can be found at The Chantey Cabin

This album from 1973 consists of traditional songs from Lincolnshire.

Side One:
1. Seventeen Come Sunday
2. Lincolnshire Wedding Song
3. The Bold Grenadier
4. The Gardener And The Ploughman
5. Free And Easy
6. The Outlandish Knight
7. Caistor Fair

Side Two:
1. Dicky Turpin
2. Lisbon
3. The American Stranger
4. Maria Marten
5. The Poacher
6. Creeping Jane
7. The Banks Of Sweet Dundee

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Joseph Allard

Joseph Allard – violoneux – 1974
surnommé "le prince des violoneux"

Repiquage de 78 tours des années 1920/30

01 Reel des bottes sauvages
02 Reel de Napoléon
03 La mère blanche
04 Valse Marie
05 Reel des fusilliers
06 Set de Vaudreuil
07 Reel de Tadoussac
08 Danse écossaise
09 Reel des skieurs
10 Reel de Cabano
11 Reel de la paix
12 Reel de chez nous

Joseph est décédé en 1947 mais faites vite
avant que D*** M*** C*** A*** le ressuscite !



John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

Facing The Music (Topic 12TS 408) 1980

As requested - ripped yesterday. JK & SH's all instrumental album from 1980. This contains some belting tunes - a classic.

Coming soon - The Songwainers

V.A. Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?

Sunrise LP A40111M (1986)

A benefit album for the Broadreach House, a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and alcoholics. None of the tracks on this album appear on any other album. Unfortunately, the venue and date of the performances is not given. (Zierke)

01 - Phil Beer & Mike Oldfield- Passed You By
02 - Steeleye Span- The Weaver and the Factory Maid (live)
03 - Grant Baynham- Y420 Q/A
04 - Arizona Smoke Revue- Same Old Man
05 - Les Barker- When Dracula Went to the Blood Bank
06 - Paul Metsers- Fast Lane Down
07 - Jake Thackray- Tortoise
08 - Jon Benns with Fairport Convention & Wurzel- Quazi Be Good
09 - Allan Taylor- Jimmy's Song
10 - Ashley Hutchings & Friends- The Electric Guitar Is King
11 - Martin Simpson & Jessica Radcliffe- Black Is the Colour
12 - Johnny Coppin- When All Is Said and Done
13 - Shep Woolley- The Nelson Monologue
14 - Mike Silver- Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?
Quality: 192kbps

pass: highqualitymp3
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