Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Albion Band

"Light Shining" 1983

Cathy Lesurf, vocals;
Jean-Pierre Rasle, vocals, bagpipes, crumhorn, recorder, Northumbrian pipes;
Simon Nicol, vocals, guitar, dulcimer, keyboards;
Dave Whetstone, vocals, melodeon, concertina, guitar;
Ashley Hutchings, vocals, bass guitar;
John Maxwell, vocals, drums, percussion;
Dave Mattacks, drums, synthesiser;
Mary Miller, spoken words on [2];
Bill Martin, synthesisers on [4];
Karen Bullen, Lyn King, vocals on [8]

Recorded August-September 1982 at Beech House Recorders, Deal, Kent
Engineer: Barry Gibbons
A Pukka Music Project
Produced by: Ashley Hutchings
Associate Producer: Dave Mattacks
Mixed by: Jerry Boyes at Livingstone Studios, Wood Green, London

1. Light Shining
2. Wolfe
3. London Dance Song Medley
3. a. Pell Mell in Pall Mall
3. b. The Kensington Square Square Dance
3. c. (Do) the Aldwych
4. The Green Mist
5. (Love Is Like a) Railway Station
6. Swift Nick
7. Always Chasing Rainbows
8. Sisters (of Mercy)
9. Beware of Blue

Tracks 1, 3b/c, 5-7, 9 Ashley Hutchings, Dave Whetstone
Track 2 Ashley Hutchings
Track 3a Ashley Hutchings, Jean-Pierre Rasle
Track 4 Cathy Lesurf
Track 8 Ashley Hutchings, Lyn King, Dave Whetstone


Anonymous arbor said...

excellent! thanks for this and the Ralph Mctell!

30 April, 2008 00:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that is spooky...I was thinking about this great album a couple of days ago and how I hadn't heard it for ages! Thanks!

30 April, 2008 03:12  
Blogger anderyn said...

Thanks so much!

If anyone has "Under the Rose" or "Stella Maris" (are those the only other two with Cathy LeSurf?), I'd love to see them!

30 April, 2008 04:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw this line up live and had a great night, and when I saw this on the site I jumped at the chance to download it. I hate to sound ungrateful, but is this possibly the worst album the Albion Band ever made? Maybe I am just in a bad mood today, but it seems to suck in a way that only something made in the 1980s can suck!!! Thanks anyway, I am just glad I didn't pay for it when it came out.

30 April, 2008 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anderyn - she's also on (off the top of my head) the studio albums A Christmas Present and The Wild Side Of Town. Plus she is on tracks on most of (if not all) the Ashley Hutchings rarities albums like Songs From The Shows and The Guv'nor. She's also on some tracks on Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival.

I agree with "anonymous" that this album isn't great (though it's not all bad), partly due to those 80s keyboards and partly because the songs are uneven. I prefer Stella Maris from Cathy LeSurf's time with the band, followed by Under The Rose. Having said that, they produced better albums before this period, and immediately afterwards when they became the rockier Albion Band '89. When Phil Beer left I always thought that they became more of a songwriters collective performing eachother's songs rather than a "band".


03 May, 2008 17:34  
Anonymous robert said...

It isn't one of their great albums ("Rise Up Like the Sun" is their best), but I've always loved the song "Wolfe", and for that one alone it's worth hearing. I've had this album for many years on LP, but not digital, so it's great to get that one song...

05 May, 2008 08:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the rest (although it's not too bad)....Swift Nick is what will be worth the price of admission when they finally reissue it......

07 May, 2008 10:05  
Blogger FailureToCommunicate said...

Always LOVED the oddly titled "Wolfe" Yes I know Wolfe was the British General that captured Quebec during the Seven Years War (the "French and Indian War") but this beautiful anti war love song is much more universal then that one battle. And the only clues in the song are "...glory in the west" and "...till the comet came" Haleys comet 1758. Ashley Hutchings is credited with either writing or arranging
this timeless song which I've always called "One Last Time" Long live the Guv'nor!

20 November, 2009 01:45  
Anonymous Michael said...

This album's been standing in my living room for about 25 years now ... the vinyl's scratched, but I would love to hear it again. Too bad there's no download link. :-(

01 March, 2010 09:00  
Blogger Jorge Batista said...

Link for this album:

Best regards

Jorbatis, Lisbon

29 May, 2010 07:57  

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