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Barry Moore

Treaty Stone (1978)

Barry Moore has built up a reputation as a singer/songwriter playing the various clubs in and around Dublin since 1976. More recently, he has toured the UK and Germany as a member of Inchiquin. His music is contemporary and for the most part self penned. One of his first songs Wave Up To The Shore was recorded by his brother Christy Moore in 1976. Barry was born in Newbridge, Co. Kildare in 1955. With the exception of Lonesome Robin, learned from Gay Carawan and written by Bob Coltman, and Black Is The Colour, a traditional song learned by Hamish Imlach, the songs were written by Barry himself. Deep Is The Night was written in Berlin during the winter of 1974. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is based on the book of the same name by Dee Brown, which is a history of the American West. As in "Bury My Heart", man's right to freedom is the theme of It's Not Good Enough. The instrumental Little Martha And Me was inspired by the playing of Duane Allman and Dickie Betts. This album is currently out of print.

Barry Moore - Guitar and Vocal
Una Johnston - Flute
Áine De Barróid - Flute
Rosemary Flanagan - Cello
Christy Moore - Vocal
Gerry O'Beirne - National Steel and 12-string Guitars

Produced by Christy Moore and Brian Masterson
Recorded at Keystone Studio, Dublin
Engineer - Brian Masterson
Photograph - Roy Esmonde
Design & Artwork - Willy Matthews

01. Girl
02. Black Is The Colour
03. Little Martha And Me (instrumental)
04. It's Not Good Enough
05. Deep Is The Night
06. Jenny Of The Sun
07. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
08. Sweet For Sue (instrumental)
09. Lonesome Robin
10. The Treaty Stone


posted by request


Anonymous Justaman said...

This is really really great!! Thank you very muck for posting this piece of art :-)

Does anyone have the other two Barry Moore lp's (In Groningen and No heroes)?

22 January, 2009 01:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, been looking for this for a while. I will never understand why he changed his name to Luka Bloom, the world and his wife know he is Christy Moore's brother anyway!

22 January, 2009 02:43  
Anonymous joetomrud said...

You're working your way through my beloved (but not played very often!) vinyl - keep it up, please. His "No Heroes' album is well worth doing as well.


22 January, 2009 05:20  
Anonymous HB said...

My hero! Do you have the other two Barry Moore LPs by chance?

Thanks very much.

22 January, 2009 07:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I have those. In a very good shape. Specially "No Heroes" is a very good album. Signed by Barry as well.

25 January, 2009 20:49  
Blogger zappahead said...

Ahhhhhh....barry...luka...whatever you want to cal yourself...always a pleasure to listen to your vocals and superb guitar playing...always a great concert when you play live and this no different.....long may you rule....thank you time has told me....and thank you luka.

09 February, 2009 04:09  
Blogger Mark Barry said...

I bought this album on site at the 1st Lisdoonvarna Festival in the West of Ireland in 1978. It's Irish-only on Mulligan and is the very definition of rare. Even in Dublin at the time, it was hard to find. I absolute adored his version of "Black Is The Colour" - touched my very soul at the time...

Does anyone know where I can get the CD - he had it on his Luka Bloom site for a while with the "Danny Boy" 7" single thrown in as bonus tracks - but now it appears unavailable anywhere?

I had the "In Gronigen" album too (around 1981/1982) on vinyl and as I recall it was Dutch or Euro-only. Again - the pressing run was tiny.

Or does anyone know how to get the 1st SCULLION album (Condell and King of Tir Na N'Og) on WEA Ireland called "Balance And Control" - it was produced by the late great JOHN MARTYN (about 1980/1981). Sweetheart of a rock folk LP.

By the way - as an Amazon reviewer myself - your site is a wonder and a treasure trove of info. Nice one.

Mark Barry, Revival Records, 30 Berwick Street, London.

01 September, 2009 05:26  

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