Sunday, January 25, 2009

by Paul (The Stockman)

Burl Ives "Wayfaring Stranger"
Australian Vinyl 1970s

Burl Ives is truly one of the very earliest of singers to popularise folk songs. An American, he was brought up on a mix of British and American folk songs and was regularly performing them in concerts and on radio from the early 1930s although he would not successfully produce an LP until 1949; the start of over 100 albums. He frequently traveled overseas often singing the folk songs of the countries he visited and he had a large impact on both British and Australian audiences inspiring many to look at their own folk song traditions. (Anyone out there got a good rip of his 1958 "Australian Folk Songs" LP, please?) Like many of the other early folk music revivalists, we folk fans certainly owe him a big debt of gratitude. In the 1960s he moved more towards country and popular songs.
He was a big fan of the song "Wayfaring Stranger" and it virtually became a nickname for him from about 1940. His autobiography was also under that name. He had a many LPs released under that title and "Return of the Wayfaring Stranger" most with different tracks. Even now there is a CD released as "Wayfaring Stranger" and it is different again.
Just to confuse things a little more, this LP titled "Wayfaring Stranger" issued in Australia sometime in the 1970s by Music for Pleasure was a re-release of the 1960 Hallmark HM514 LP "Return of the Wayfaring Stranger". (I think Hallmark was part-owner of Music for Pleasure). It is not currently available. Most of the content is American traditional and the track list is:-

A1 John Henry
A2 Billy The Kid
A3 Mah Lindy Lou
A4 Mule Train
A5 The Worried Man Blues
B1 Greer County Bachelor
B2 Lilly Munroe
B3 Old Blue /Ballanderie
B4 Lord Randall
B5 Riders In The Sky
B6 Poor Wayfaring Stranger /Woolie Boogie Bee

This LP was in good condition and and it ripped very well. Enjoy!
It would be great if some others could contribute some more of his folk albums.

LP MP3 Rip 160-192 VBR
Download (with graphics)


Blogger Paul the Stockman said...

I forgot to mention that in the ripping, I have separated the two tracks of the LP which each included two songs. There was no real reason why they were combined in the first place as they did not follow one into the other.

25 January, 2009 19:36  
Anonymous Gonzo said...

That man was instrumental in bringing folk and indeed young peoples music to Britain, I well remember his music as part of my childhood, listening on a rather large booming radio-gram to AM radio where these combinations resulted in not exactly Hi-Fi, but a very distinctive and even today, well remembered voice.
You are showing your age too Paul..

25 January, 2009 22:39  
Blogger feelit said...

Thanks Paul, this blog is really a special place. I am a 'stranger in a strange' and beautiful land. Your insights are often inspiring and I am not sure if I have commented yet, but incase I have not, I just want to say a loud, "THANK YOU!"

I don't know if you still add musicians to your list, but in case you do, my name is Eric Sawyer and my website is


26 January, 2009 06:36  
Blogger Paul the Stockman said...

Thanks for your kind comments Feelit. And could I compliment you upon your great website and the great music you perform

26 January, 2009 11:50  
Blogger niki said...

Time has told me that this is one of the best sites.

Excellent record by Burl Ives. I also enjoyed the one by David Munrow & The Early Music Consort of London.

Thank you.

26 January, 2009 23:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man! This is a great blog. A personal note: I chose to not have any Burl Ives music in my vast collection. This is due to his testimony in the early 1950's to the House Unamerican Activities Committee where he listed Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and all the members of the Weavers, Will Geer, Cisco Houston and many others as Communists. The Weavers were at the top of the charts with "Goodnight Irene" and were quickly banned from the airwaves. It was so nice of Burl Ives to fill that void in the American musicscape. He became"instrumental" due to the fact he eliminated not only the competition but those, too, who were well ahead of him.

30 January, 2009 09:59  
Blogger Paul the Stockman said...

Sorry Anonymous,
I'm into music - not politics but that does not mean that I am ignorant.
I am aware that he gave such evidence. That saddens me and I can understand that his doing so may have upset you. BUT was it really his fault - he never created nor condoned the John Birch Society nor did he establish the ridiculous House Unamerican Activities Committee. The blame for that clearly lies elsewhere. And do you really think that he was so cynical as to see an advantage for himself? I doubt it.

01 February, 2009 22:56  
Blogger den81164 said...

australian folksongs available at

13 March, 2009 08:45  
Blogger Paul the Stockman said...

Hi Lizardson,
Could you please change the download link for this one to:-
Best Regards

28 September, 2011 19:53  

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