Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Songwainers

The Songwainers (Argo ZFB 31?) 1971

This I believe was the only recording of the Songwainers from Cheltenham - but what a classic. Their setting of John Barleycorn (to the tune of We Plough The Fields And Scatter) has now entered the tradition. One of the finest harmony groups of the 60s and 70s.


Password = reynardine

Sorry the quality is not up to my usual but the songs really do make up for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff, thank you, Reynardine. Garry

The Songwainers, The Songwainers, Argo ZFB 31, 1971

side 1
Robin Hood and the Three Squires
The Three Knights
The Deadly Wars
Tom o'Bedlam's Song
Old Jonas
News from Holland's Leager
Bright Phoebus
The Old and the New Courtier
The False Fox
The Glittering Dewdrops
George Ridler's Oven
John Barleycorn

13 January, 2009 21:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks Reynardine. You are a star.
I heard this record at someone's house in Market Harborough in 1973, and have been looking out for it ever since.
Geoff, Leeds.

19 January, 2009 02:56  
Blogger Thïrd World Man said...

This stuff is soo up my alley! From the first track on, everything was GOLD.

Thanks so much for this! Its been awhile since i've had to follow an album I get here with a round of Amazing Bondel listening. ;)

18 March, 2009 20:55  
Blogger JacOak said...

No need for me to listen - see the man on the cover, second from the left? That's my late grandfather. Great to see someone who knows of the band.

02 October, 2009 06:20  
Blogger Brian said...

Thank you for this wonderful albumn! In 1971 Trevor Crozier and I were asked by Fred Woods to put down an accompaniment to the Songwainers track Lloyd George's Beer for this albumn. Trevor was to play his long necked banjo and I was on a bass trombone (borrowed from Bob Kerr?)Unfortunately the boys had already recorded their 3 part accapella version which meant we had to follow their tuning. It was alright for me to compensate but all Trevor could do was to hang on to the key he hoped would fit and then suddenly jump up a semitone! I thought the result was sufficiently priceless and drunken but as you can see it never got an airing!! Brian Cooper (Broken Consort)

27 January, 2011 06:24  
Blogger billprice356 said...

Anonymous. That was my house in market harborough.

07 March, 2011 23:19  
Anonymous Hieronimo said...

Great unaccompanied harmony singing - great trad songs - sheer bliss.

18 October, 2011 03:24  
Anonymous Adrian Stephenson said...

Given that Dave Stephenson was my dad - and I remember the Songwainers rehearsing in my front room (above my bedroom) - with itinerant guests like John & Beverly Martyn, Roy Harper, Maddy & Steeleye Span, Ashley Hutchings - I thank y'all for the comments. We have burned the LP to CD (if you're interested) Contact justacog@astephenson.org

13 January, 2013 06:03  
Anonymous Adrian Stephenson said...

I remember dad (Dave) joking that the Albion Band had nicked one of their songs - including the 'bum' notes they played at the time.

Ironically, as I got older I realised that I really liked folk / folk rock. Heaven forbid I'd ever admit this to dad, tho.!

13 January, 2013 06:06  
Blogger ROGER YALDEN said...


06 November, 2013 04:32  

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