Friday, October 31, 2008

by Peter

John Stewart - Columbus Tower Demos (1967-68)


John Stewart - The Phoenix Concerts: Live (1974)

John Stewart - The Day the River Sang (2006)


Reups by ericbkk

Larry Jon Wilson - New Beginnings
Larry Jon Wilson - Let Me Sing My Song to You

Gráda - Off To Sardinia (2001)

The band name was a bit of an improvisation. The name was chosen simply because something was needed to slap onto a recording cranked out in five days to support a gig that was supposed to happen at a resort in Sardinia. They sold about 500 copies of a cassette titled "Off to Sardinia" in pubs around Dublin. The Italy show got cancelled, the recording got good reviews, they were encouraged to continue performing, and before you could say "davvero" they were Gráda.

Band members:
Alan Doherty - flutes, whistles, vocals
Andrew Laking - double bass, vocals
Nicola Joyce - vocals, bodhrán
Gerry Paul - acoustic and electric guitars, bouzouki, vocals
Colin Farrell - fiddle, vocals

Former members:
Anne Marie O'Malley - vocals and bodhrán
Brendan O'Sullivan - fiddle, viola, and vocals

01 - Arty House Set (Reels).mp3
02 - Song Of Choice (Song).mp3
03 - Kiwi Set (Jigs).mp3
04 - If You Ever Go Down To Dublin Town (Song).mp3
05 - The Dub Dub Set (Reels).mp3
06 - Maggies Set (Hornpipes).mp3
07 - Skibbereen (Song).mp3
08 - Sweet County Clare (Song).mp3
09 - What The Feck! (Reel-Jig).mp3
10 - Johnny Be Fine (Song).mp3
11 - Off To Sardinia (Slow Reel).mp3

by Gonzo

Gonzo said...
A country dance band with a difference, their name being the difference..

Dr. Bowser's Brown Bowel Oil Band
"A Good Run For Your Money" (1981)

what they lack in musical skill and timing, they more than make up for with their lift, jollity and the incredible name.
One of two albums owned by a folk musician friend of mine, for whom I an cleaning these 1980'ish LP's..
Number 1. A Good Run For Your Money.

Password: boweloil

Enjoy, and may all your movements be jolly.

This package contains Scans, and a complete set of music scores, plus dance instructions.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

by Peter

John Stewart - Willard (1970)

John Stewart - Cannons in the Rain (1973)

John Stewart - Wingless Angels (1975)


This Is… Martin Carthy

The Bonny Black Hare and Other Songs

Philips 6382 022 (LP, UK, 1971)

01 - The Fowler (3.15)
02 - Brigg Fair (1.32)
03 - The Barley Straw (2.32)
04 - Byker Hill (2.54)
05 - John Barleycorn (3.13)
06 - The Bonny Black Hare (2.00)
07 - Ship in Distress (2.28)
08 - Jack Orion (4.03)
09 - White Hare (2.47)
10 - Lord of the Dance (2.40)
11 - Poor Murdered Woman (2.48)
12 - Streets of Forbes (3.20)

Martin Carthy Et Al

The Old Songs

Greenwich Village Records GVR 225 (LP, UK, 1984)

Martin Carthy: vocals
Martyn Wyndham-Read: vocals
John Kirkpatrick: concertina, vocals
Sue Harris: hammered dulcimer
Maggie Goodall: vocals
Mick Doonan: flute
Bob Thomas

01 - Early One Morning (2.13)
02 - Cockles & Mussels (3.37)
03 - Lavender Blue (3.59)
04 - Rio Grande (3.28)
05 - Minstrel Boy (2.35)
06 - What Can the Matter Be (3.11)
07 - Highland Laddie (2.58)
08 - The Ash Grove (2.55)
09 - No, John (2.41)
10 - Shenandoah (3.40)
11 - John Peel (3.26)
12 - Skye Boat Song (4.08)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

by Peter

John Stewart - California Bloodlines (1969)

John Stewart - Lonesome Picker Rides Again (1971)

Rick Danko - Rick Danko In Concert (1997)

Rick Danko Band - Live On Breeze Hill (1999)

Rick Danko & Levon Helm - Starry Night, Portland [1983-01-28]


[V.A.] And This Is Maxwell Street


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The 25th anniversary concert
audio from the original DVD

taped December 2003 at "The Forum", London A remarkable film of a remarkable event, Oysterband the 25th Anniversary Concert was recorded in December 2003 as the culmination of the band's 25th Anniversary Tour. It captures all the excitement of the UK's premier folk rock outfit OYSTERBAND in the company of English folk diva JUNE TABOR, reluctant chart heroes (with the hit Tubthumping) CHUMBAWAMBA (here in their stunning acoustic incarnation) and piper/fiddler, whistle player and singer JAMES O'GRADY.
It was a magic night with thousands of fans queuing outside in light rain even before the venue opened its doors. Once inside, the crowd quickly filled up the London ballroom and rocked its walls from the opening ceilidh to the stunning acapella finale. The rapport between band and fans is nowhere more evident than on the song "Everywhere I Go", as the crowd picks up the lyric and the vocal intensity transmits from stage to audience. "No other folk rock band has the magneticism and verve of the Oysters live" wrote Colin Randall in the DAILY TELEGRAPH: and he was right.
New York Girls was filmed on 1st April 1989 on the streets of New York City and on the Staten Island Ferry and was previously issued on the video "Indie Top Video - Take One" (Picture Music International MVP 9911873) also on "Rykodisc's Reel Of Fortune" (Rykodisc No Number)

01 Native son
02 Uncommercial song
03 If you can't be good
04 The lost and found
05 The bishop of Chester's jig/The peacock followed the hen
06 Molly Bond
07 Mississippi summer
08 White rabbit
09 20th of April
10 Everywhere I go
11 Blackwaterside
12 This is the voice
13 When I’m up i can't get down
14 The road to Santiago
15 Blood wedding
16 The shouting end of life
17 Put out the light
18 Bright morning star
19 New York girls

Oyster Band at The Forum:
John Jones: vocals, melodeon
Alan Prosser: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
Chopper: bass guitar, cello, vocals
Ian Telfer: violin, concertina, vocals
Lee Partis: drums, vocals
James O'Grady: uillean pipes, violin, whistles, vocals
June Tabor: vocals on "Mississippi Sumer", "White Rabbit", "Put Out The Lights", "Bright Morning Star"
Chumbawamba: vocals on "This Is The Voice", "Put Out The Lights", "Bright Morning Star"
Oyster Band on "New York Girls"
John Jones: vocals, melodeon
Ian Telfer: violin
Alan Prosser: guitars
Chopper: bass guitar

Link deleted (complaint received from the band)


by Oisin

Na Filí - "Chanter's Tune" (1977)

Here's some traditional Irish music from vinyl. As far as I know this one is not available on CD. Get ready for some jigs, reels, airs and the odd song....

Side A
01 - The Maid At The Spinning Wheel
02 - Ceol An Phíobaire / Micheal Murphy's
03 - Mo Mhuirnín Bán
04 - Give Us A Drink Of Water / Hunting The Hare
05 - Na Connerys
06 - Chanter's Tune / An Samhradh Crua / Greenfields Of Rossbeigh / Murphys
Side B
07 - Inis Dhún Ramha / Paidín Ó Raifeartaigh
08 - Maidin Ró-Mhoch
09 - Trip To Athlone / Pat McGillarney
10 - Sweet Kingwilliamstown
11 - Cait Ní Dhuibhir / Flannel Jacket / Dwyers
12 - Johnny Murphy / Dan Coakley / Ballydesmond

All titles traditional, arranged Na Filí

Na Filí are:
Tomás Ó Canainn (Uilleann Pipes and Vocals)
Tom Barry (Whistles and Flute)
Matt Cranitch (Fiddle)

74 mb @ 256 CBR


Enjoy, Oisín

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Oyster Band

Wide Blue Yonder (1987)

Cooking Vinyl COOK006, LP

01 - The Generals Are Born Again
02 - Pigsty Billy
03 - The Oxford Girls
04 - Following In Father's Footsteps
05 - The Lost And Found
06 - Coal Creek Mine
07 - The Rose Of England
08 - A Careless Life
09 - The Early Days Of A Better Nation
10 - The Lakes Of Cool Flynn
11 - Between The Wars

by Gonzo

More nice LP rips for your pleasure:
Bucca a Cornish group (SW England)
that plays traditional and local music, this one from 1982

Bucca (1982)

Track info:
Side 1
01 St. Malo ~ Zeak Waltz ~ Sunny Corner ;
02 Ny Woer Hi
03 Morvah Fair
04 Constantine in Kerrier Funeral Hymn ~ an Try Marghak ~ Delyow Syvy
05 An Lader (The Robber)
06 The Hole in the Harper's Head

Side 2
01 Maggy May's Hornpipe
02 May Day Carol
03 The Tinner's Fancy
04 A Virgin Most Pure ~ Kost Ar C'Hoad
05 Re a Lever (the robber)
06 Arz Dufunyans (The Awakening)

Password: cobbold

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The Oyster Band

Twenty Golden Tie Slackeners (1984)

Pukka Records YOP 06, LP

01 - Kentish Cricketers - Galopede
02 - The Belfast Almanac - Folkestone for the Day
03 - Three Jolly Sheepskins - Speed the Plough
04 - Mrs Forster's - The First of May
05 - Dumbarton Castle - 'Twas Within a Mile
06 - Not the Fiery Clockface
07 - P's - J's
08 - Jack's Alive - The Clare Jig
09 - Go and Enlist
10 - Spaghetti Junction - Dixie's - Stack Ryan's
11 - The Redowa Polka
12 - La Morisque
Quality: 192 kbps

Link deleted (complaint received from the band)

The Oyster Band

Liberty Hall (1985)

Pukka Records YOP 07, LP

01 - Arise, Arise
02 - Bonnie Susie Cleland
03 - The Breaking of Our Lord's Birthday
04 - Liberty Hall
05 - Euston Station
06 - Cropper Lads
07 - Steal for Joy
08 - Banstead Downs (Geordie)
09 - St. Peter's Tea Gardens
10 - Six Grey Men
11 - Drink Again (Drowning Ballad No. 142)

by Felefeber

Karen Tweed & Ian Carr - Shhh (1997)

Both of these great musicians are well known from their work with other line-ups (the Poozies, Kathryn Tickell band, Old Rope String Band, Kate Rusby, Swåp, etc) but in the mid nineties they made two albums as a duo. A third would be great but it seems they're too busy involved in other projects now.

"The pairing of Karen Tweed and Ian Carr (that's Ian Carr the folky, not the jazzbo) has the kind of telepathy so often promised but rarely achieved. It's not a case of Tweed's accordion leading with Carr supplying rhythm on guitar. They work together, as they did in Kathryn Tickell's band, filling and supporting each other, armed with style and a formidable technique -- simply listen to Carr's picking on "Jigs" to understand the possibilities of guitar as a rhythm instrument. While Tweed and Carr are more than capable in every musical sphere, they seem particularly at home on the "Polskas," a foreshadowing of the work they'd do in Swåp. But their approach alone is a joy, whether tackling traditional or contemporary material from Ireland, Scotland, England, or Scandinavia; it's the interaction, lightning fast and beyond any rehearsal, that makes this record truly stand out, with the wonderfully titled "Isleofewe" positively glowing. The possibilities of a duo are rarely fully explored, especially an instrumental one. Carr and Tweed burrow into the nooks and crannies, and their playing is so eloquent that you never miss the words. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide "

by Néstor

Hi, Lizardson:
I think this stuff could be interesting for your amazing blog:

Liam Clancy, Tommy Makem, Family and Friends
"The Lark in the Morning" (1955)

It’s the very first record by Clancy & Makem, featuring Peggy Seeger and a lot of people.

Thanks! Greetings from Buenos Aires,

Néstor (Music Musica Musique)

Thank You!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

by Pilgrim Jake

Summerhaze (1987)

Below is an album i've not come across anywhere on the web and thought it well worth sharing.
The first (self titled) album of the band Summerhaze was released on Larrikin records in 1987 in Australia. Largely the work of Cathie O'sullivan, its front woman, its quite an unusual album. Her voice is clear,high and striking and is accompanied by her on harp on at least some traditional songs folk songs (eg cruel sister) with the other band members on percussion, strings and a sax. The sound falls somewhere between folk,folk-rock classical and elements of jazz. Many of the songs are written by Cathie. There is even a hint of psych-folk in some songs, especially on a few tracks of the second album. It was distinct then, and even today hard to pidgeon-hole. Part of a great fusion sound coming out of Australia at the time. I first heard on a wonderful radio program - Sunday Folk on ABC fm. Summerhaze did for folk what australian bands such as Sirocco did with world music- Play with a myriad traditions to breathe something new and distinctive of our landscape and intermingling of roots into music.

None of the Larrikin collection has ever been rereleased to my knowledge, and while this album was on both Vinyl and Cd, it has longs since been out of print. If folks like it, i'll put up their second album up.

And artwork here

by Pilgrim Jake

Hi All,
Front and Back Album Art for Scotch Measure album here:

I've only just started converting my vinyl, so if anyone has tips on software for cleaning the sound (i'm currently not cleaning, beyond removing clicks manually) or good settings for artwork, its appreciated.


See original post: Scotch Measure

Archie Fisher & John Renbourn

Kuumbwa Jazz Centre, Santa Cruz, CA
Feb. 2nd 1997

1. Will ye Gang, Love
2. The Final Trawl
3. Cosshieville
4. Lochearnhead
5. Tall Ship on the Ocean
6. The Broom of the Cowdenknowes
7. Blow the Winds of Freedom
8. The Surge of the Seas
9. Sneider Trophy
10. Tumbledown Shack
11. For Old Times Sake

11. Clare Tunes
13. Sandwood Down to Kyle
14. Loneliness
15. Black Janet
16. Other Side of the Mountain
17. All that You Ask

Fairport Convention

"Cropredy Festival" August 17, 1991

Martin Allcock
Dave Mattacks
Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Ric Saunders

Dan Ar Bras
Vikki Clayton
Gerry Conway
Jerry Donohue
Andy Fairweather-Lowe
Chris Leslie
Roger Marriot
Beryl Marriot
Julianne Regan
Richard Thompson
Anthony Thistlethwaite
The Cropredy Horns

CD 1
01 Intro (Danny Thompson)
02 Claudy Banks
03 Cup Of Tea / Loaf Of Bread / Miss Monaghan's
04 Red And Gold
05 East West
06 One Way Donkey Ride
07 Blackwaterside
08 Lark In The Morning
09 Crazy Man Michael
10 Con Casey's Jig / Tripping Up The Stairs
11 Wounded Whale
12 Raffle Announcement / Aunt Sally
13 Jenny Nettles
14 Searching For Lambs/The Bold Fisherman

CD 2
01 Wheelers Jig/Morrissey's Jig/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/Smokey House
02 Hiring Fair
03 Wide Eyed And Legless
04 Mystery Train
05 How Many Times
06 Dirty Linen
07 Sock In It
08 North Country Girl
09 Poisoned Heart And Twisted Memory
10 Night comes in
11 Man In Need
12 Hand Of Kindness
13 Backstreet Slide

CD 3
01 Tam Lin
02 Bushes And Briars
03 Late November
04 From A Distance
05 Card Song
06 Mock Morris '90
07 Wat Tyler
08 Matty Groves
09 Rutland Reel / Sack The Juggler
10 End Of Show Announcements/Thanks
11 Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
12 Meet On The Ledge

The Oyster Band

English Rock 'n Roll- The Early Years

Pukka Records YOP 01, LP (1982)

John Jones: Vocals, Melodeon
Ian Kearey: Bass Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Epinette, Autoharp
Alan Prosser: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Roland GR800, Bones
Chris Taylor: Bouzouki, Harmonica, Bodhran, Acoustic Guitar
Ian Telfer: Fiddle, Viola, Alto Saxophone, C-Tenor Saxophone
Cathy Lesurf: Vocals on "Sons Of Freedom", "Bold Wolfe" and "Wayfaring Stranger"

01 - The Prentice Boy
02 - Rufford Park - Bobbing Joe
03 - Sons of Freedom
04 - A Longport Hymn
05 - Annan Water
06 - Abroad as I was Walking
07 - Bold Wolfe
08 - Old Molly Oxford
09 - Slippin' and Slidin'
10 - The Dockyard Gate
11 - Holligrave - Wayfaring Stranger

The Oyster Band

Lie Back & Think Of England

Pukka Records YOP 04, LP (1983)

John Jones: Lead Vocals, Melodeon
Ian Telfer: Fiddle, Viola, Saxophones, Concertina, Organ
Chris Taylor: Bouzouki, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Melodeon
Alan Prosser: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synthesiser, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ian Kearey: Bass Guitar, Acoustic & Slide Guitars, Vocals
Claire Hewlett: Drums on "Think Of England"

01 - Waiting on Glory
02 - Gallop Hey
03 - The Furze Field
04 - My Young Man
05 - La Valse Du Conchon Noir - Port Arthur Stomp
06 - The Green Bed
07 - Fanny Blair
08 - Stonecutter Boy
09 - The Sheepstealer
10 - William Hall
11 - Think of England
12 - Michael Turner's Waltz

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bert Jansch

"Edinburgh Festival Fringe"
Acoustic Music Centre @St Brides, Edinburgh
27th August 2006

01. It Don't Bother Me
02. Strolling Down the Highway
03. Blackwater Side
04. Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door
05. Katie Cruel
06. Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning
07. Running from Home
08. She Moves Through the Fair
09. Hey Pretty Girl
10. Instrumental
11. Morning Brings Peace of Mind
12. Carnival
13. The Auld Triangle
14. A Women Like You
15. Poison
16. My Father
17. Let Me Sing
18. Blues Run the Game


Vinicio Capossela

Da solo - live
maybe a bit eccentric, but I like Vinicio very much,
This radio gig was broadcasted the very same day his new album Da solo hit the shops.

Vinicio Capossela: voice, piano, guitar
Mauro Ottolini: sousaphone
Eusebio Martinelli: trumpet
Alessandro Stefana: autoharp, violin hook, guitars
Michel Ticke: clarinet
Zeno De Rossi: big drum, cymbals
Glauco ‘Bruno Ganz’ Zuppiroli: bass, double bass
Vincenzo Vasi: glockenspiel, toy piano, Theremin, sequencer

01) Il gigante e il mago
02) In clandestinità
03) Parla piano
04) Una giornata perfetta
05) Il paradiso dei calzini
06) Orfani ora
07) Sante Nicola
08) Vetri appannati d'America
09) Dall'altra parte della sera
10) La faccia della terra
11) Lettere di soldati
12) Non c'è disaccordo nel cielo

broadcasted live by RAI Radio 1, Italy on October 17, 2008

Da solo - live


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fiddler's Dram

To See The Play (1978)

Dingle's LP, DIN 304 (1978)

'To See the Play' is the debut album by British folk music group Fiddler's Dram, released in 1978. The band would later meatamorphose into The Oyster Ceilidh Band, and then, later, Oysterband. The title of the album derives from a line in the song "The Flash Lad".

Cathy Lesurf - vocals, bodhran
Alan Prosser - vocals, guitar, bass, bones
Chris Taylor - bouzouki, harmonica, mandolin, tenor banjo
Ian Telfer - fiddle, viola
Will Ward - bassoon, crumhorn

01 - Jack in London City - 4:05
02 - Song of Victory - Song of the Blackbird - 3:34
03 - Daytrip to Bangor - 4:20
04 - The Flash Lad - 3:38
05 - Ythanside - 5:15
06 - Keyhole in the Door - 1:07
07 - Youankis - Skraperez - Guerz Ar Gechantez - 3:28
08 - Wa'ney Island Cockfight - 3:11
09 - The Two Brothers - 3:03
10 - Peel The Tatties - The Pig In The Kitchen - The Barony Jig - 2:55
11 - False Knight on the Road - 5:07
12 - Nottingham Goose Fair - 3:15
Quality: VBR 171 kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Fiddler's Dram

Fiddler's Dram

Dingle's LP, DID 711 (1980)

Fiddler's Dram is the second and final album by British folk music group Fiddler's Dram, released in 1980.

01 - Thirteen Pence a Day - 3:15
02 - Darley's Jig - 2:33
03 - The Flash Lad - 3:41
04 - Fedora - 1:55
05 - The Farmer's Cursed Wife - 2:45
06 - Sloe Gin - 3:43
07 - Mamma's Ill - 2:20
08 - Johnny John - 1:52
09 - Beercart Lane - 2:20
10 - The Bad Girl - 4:29
11 - Whiskey - 4:34
12 - Stick Morris - 3:35
13 - Day Trip to Bangor - 2:49
Quality: 256 kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Fiddler's Dram

Folk '80 (Tape from BBC)

01 - Station Ident
02 - Intro (Isla St Clair)
03 - Lilli Bolero
04 - Fedora
05 - The Flash Lad
06 - The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
07 - Johnny John
08 - Come Lads Come
09 - Day Trip To Bangor
10 - Tune & Outro

Quality: 192 kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Oyster Ceilidh Band

Jack's Alive

Dingles LP, DIN 309 (1980)
The Oyster Ceilidh Band continued as both a dance and concert band, however, changing their name c.1982 to Oysterband. Cathy Lesurf subsequently left the Oysters for a spell with the Albion Band.

Cathy Lesurf: Vocals, Calls The Dances
John Jones: Melodeon, Piano, Vocals
Alan Prosser: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Fiddle, Bones, Bowed Psaltery, Vocals
Chris Taylor: Bouzouki, Mandola, Acoustic Guitar, Jaw-Harp, Harmonica, One-Row Melodeon
Ian Telfer: Fiddle, Viola, English Concertina
Will Ward: Bassoon, Recorders, Crumhorn, Synthesiser
Chris Wood: Electric Bass, Percussion, Vocals

01 - The Blean Hoodening Song-The City Branle - 3'36
02 - Hunting The Hare-The Clog - 3'13
03 - Schottische D'Auvergne-Belle Rosine - 3'01
04 - Oyster River Hornpipe-Herne Bay Dance-The Curly-Headed Ploughboy - 3'31
05 - Marche Du Fin Du Bal-The Committee Jig - 2'45
06 - The Lakes Of Cool Flynn - 3'42
07 - The Rambling Sailor - 3'40
08 - Brandy - 1'44
09 - The Shaalds Of Foula - 2'36
10 - The Lawyer - 2'52
11 - News Of The Victory-The One-Horned Sheep - 2'59
12 - Limbo - 2'46
13 - Boscastle Breakdown - 2'53
Quality: VBR 196 kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

by Gonzo

Following up on the Scotch Measure posting by Jake, here is Kentigern
another Scottish group that has similar personal. This LP is owned by me, was ripped and cleaned by me and the cover was also scanned by me... Enjoy..

"Kentigern" 1978

John Gahagan (whistle) (past member of The Battlefield Band)
Jimmy McGuire (fiddle, banjo) (The Victoria Bar owner)

combined with the four members of Tinkler Maidgie -

Sandy Stanage (cittern, guitar, banjo) (who had also been in Molendinar),
Ian MacDonald (pipes)
Jim Barnes (cittern, guitar, vocals)
Sylvia Barnes (vocals, dulcimer, guitar, bodhran)
(Dougie Pincock (pipes, whistle) later replaced Ian MacDonald.)

Side One:
1. Cullen Bay (Ian Duncan)/Jig O' Slurs (G S MacLennan)/Seagull (Donald MacLeod);
2. The Corncake;
3. Breton Melody/Breton Melody/Breton Melody/Greenwoodside;
4. The Weary Farmers;
5. Pipe Major Donald McLean of Lewis/The Weavers of Newly/Kail and Pudding/Loch Roag (Iain MacDonald);
6. The Iron Horse

Side Two:
1. The Last o' Tinkler (Violet Jacob);
2. Rathven Market (Ian Duncan)/The Conundrum (Peter MacLeod);
3. Gin I Were Shot o' Her;
4. Hebridean Air/The Braes of Tulimet/The Braes of Mellinish;
5. Wild Roving No More;
6. Put Me in the Great Chest/The Three Peaks of South Uist/South Uist.

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

by Pilgrim Jake

Hey all,
Heres a band from 1985 that I havent seen on the blogs - Scotch Measure. Doing traditional folk tunes, in a fairly heavy brogue, with a smattering of folk - rock to it. An interesting voice. Part of the folk rock of the eighties.

"Scotch Measure" 1985


omg... what a great album.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Perlinpinpin folc and Calennig's covers

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Folk day at Proms

broadcasted live by BBC from Royal Albert hall on July 20, 2008 as part of this year's Folk day, here below you can hear the whole evening concert
pity the afternoon one is still unavailable

Bella Hardy

01 Young Edmund
02 Searching for lambs
03 Three black feathers
04 Down in yon forest
05 Dog & gun

256 kbps CBR

Bella Hardy

Bella is new for me, but she deserves to be heard
You can read full lyrics on her own website

Martin Simpson

01 Little Musgrave
02 Batchelor's hall
03 When A Knight Won His Spurs
04 Never any good
05 Come Down Jehovah

256 kbps CBR

Martin Simpson

before Bellowhead putting Albert hall on fire, Martin Simpson delivered this precious set


01 Fakenham fair
02 Sloe Gin set
03 London town
04 Roll her down the bay to Juliana
05 Frogs legs and dragons teeth
06 Prickle-eye bush

256 kbps CBR



by ericbkk

The Journeymen - New Directions in Folk Music (1963)

This is the third and final LP by the three-piece acoustic folk Journeymen -- featuring the immense talents of Dick Weissman (banjo/vocals), Scott McKenzie (guitar/vocals), and John Phillips (guitar/vocals). The title New Directions in Folk Music (1963) could not have been more accurate. In a very short span of time during the early '60s, the more traditional forms of folk began to synthesize with blues and even pop to create uncharted musical landscapes. The trio embraced these various influences throughout this effort. Of the dozen cuts on this platter there are notably few true original compositions. However, as they had done on their prior two long-players, there are fresh and vital interpretations of standards including "Stackolee," which is also know as "Stagger Lee" as well as Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller's "San Francisco Bay Blues" and the striking reading of Ian Tyson's "Four Strong Winds." Not to be missed is the sly "One Quick Martini" or, quite possibly the highlight of the whole affair, the cover of Muddy Waters' "Someday Baby." Although the Journeymen were forging new inroads for the genre, behind the scenes the combo was falling apart. By the end of 1964 Phillips had formed the New Journeymen with his wife Michelle and Marshall Brickman (banjo). This band would be the launch pad for the Mamas & the Papas as Denny Doherty (vocals/guitar) would eventually replace Brickman several months later. In 2003 Collectors' Choice Music issued New Directions in Folk Music on to CD with seven additional bonus tracks. Among them are previously unearthed takes of the aforementioned "San Francisco Bay Blues," another Tyson number called "Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad," "Greenland Whale Fisheries," "I May Be Right," and the stunning reworking of "Mary Wore Three Links of Chain."
: ~ Lindsay Planer

Track Listings
01. Stackolee
02. All The Pretty Little Horses
03. Two Hoboes
04. San Francisco Bay Blues(Version 1)
05. Someone To Talk My Troubles To
06. Ja-Da
07. Bay Of Mexico
08. Ben And Me
09. Someday Baby
10. One Quick Martini
11. Country Blues
12. Four Strong Winds
13. Rag Mama
14. San Francisco Bay (Version 2)
15. It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
16. Virgin Mary
17. Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain
18. I May Be Right
19. Greenland Whale Fisheries
20. Armstrong Tile Commercial

by Felefeber

People with an interest in Dick Gaughan and Sileas will probably be interested in Clan ALba. The CD is not available mow so it may be appropriate for here.

Clan Alba (1995)

Disc 1
01 - Five To Six
02 - Dressed To Kill
03 - Harpset
04 - Oran Na Cloiche
05 - Lark And The Bowman
06 - Cam Ye Oer Frae France
07 - True Thomas
08 - Fred's Jigs

Disc 2
01 - Bye Bye Big Blue
02 - Air a' Ghille Tha Mo Run
03 - Clan Alba
04 - No Gonnae Leave Here
05 - Growing Wings
06 - Canan Nan Gaidheal
07 - Tar The House
08 - Childhood's End
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