Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The 25th anniversary concert
audio from the original DVD

taped December 2003 at "The Forum", London A remarkable film of a remarkable event, Oysterband the 25th Anniversary Concert was recorded in December 2003 as the culmination of the band's 25th Anniversary Tour. It captures all the excitement of the UK's premier folk rock outfit OYSTERBAND in the company of English folk diva JUNE TABOR, reluctant chart heroes (with the hit Tubthumping) CHUMBAWAMBA (here in their stunning acoustic incarnation) and piper/fiddler, whistle player and singer JAMES O'GRADY.
It was a magic night with thousands of fans queuing outside in light rain even before the venue opened its doors. Once inside, the crowd quickly filled up the London ballroom and rocked its walls from the opening ceilidh to the stunning acapella finale. The rapport between band and fans is nowhere more evident than on the song "Everywhere I Go", as the crowd picks up the lyric and the vocal intensity transmits from stage to audience. "No other folk rock band has the magneticism and verve of the Oysters live" wrote Colin Randall in the DAILY TELEGRAPH: and he was right.
New York Girls was filmed on 1st April 1989 on the streets of New York City and on the Staten Island Ferry and was previously issued on the video "Indie Top Video - Take One" (Picture Music International MVP 9911873) also on "Rykodisc's Reel Of Fortune" (Rykodisc No Number)

01 Native son
02 Uncommercial song
03 If you can't be good
04 The lost and found
05 The bishop of Chester's jig/The peacock followed the hen
06 Molly Bond
07 Mississippi summer
08 White rabbit
09 20th of April
10 Everywhere I go
11 Blackwaterside
12 This is the voice
13 When I’m up i can't get down
14 The road to Santiago
15 Blood wedding
16 The shouting end of life
17 Put out the light
18 Bright morning star
19 New York girls

Oyster Band at The Forum:
John Jones: vocals, melodeon
Alan Prosser: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
Chopper: bass guitar, cello, vocals
Ian Telfer: violin, concertina, vocals
Lee Partis: drums, vocals
James O'Grady: uillean pipes, violin, whistles, vocals
June Tabor: vocals on "Mississippi Sumer", "White Rabbit", "Put Out The Lights", "Bright Morning Star"
Chumbawamba: vocals on "This Is The Voice", "Put Out The Lights", "Bright Morning Star"
Oyster Band on "New York Girls"
John Jones: vocals, melodeon
Ian Telfer: violin
Alan Prosser: guitars
Chopper: bass guitar

Link deleted (complaint received from the band)



Anonymous Kodak Ghost said...

Hey hey
This is very much still available. Great to have the early Oyster stuff, which you just cannot get... but this is a bit much. Support the guys who work hard to bring you alternative muisc, otherwise all we will ever have is Britney Spears. Take it off.

28 October, 2008 21:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is available? I did a search and all I can find is the DVD version. Is there a CD version? I do plan on purchasing the DVD now that I have heard the music as the DVD is probably the closest I will ever get to seeing them live. They don't tour the U.S. much if at all anymore. It would be nice to have a CD version of this concert but I couldn't find it.

29 October, 2008 00:21  
Blogger cianfulli said...

You can buy Wide Blue Yonder or Twenty Golden Tie Slackeners, but this concert was never issued as an audio CD.
Yes, you can buy the DVD, as I did, if you like live footage, but I've seen noth but a few minutes of it, while I'm listening over and over to the audio cd I mastered using DVD Decrypter

29 October, 2008 07:24  
Anonymous zoot said...

Great series of posts. I haven't heard some of those early FD/Oyster albums since I got rid of my record player many years ago, so many thanks for bringing them back to me. Having heard this DVD rip, the DVD itself is now on my shopping list!

29 October, 2008 19:13  
Blogger GeoX said...

Cheers. I wonder if there's any chance of getting this at some point, which as far as I can tell isn't available anywhere.

31 October, 2008 09:19  
Anonymous Freg said...

I have to disagree, Kodak Ghost.

I listen to this and i very much want to buy the DVD, which i might not have known about otherwise.

This is a fabulous recording, i love it.

03 November, 2008 07:42  
Anonymous Freg said...

I now have the DVD on order, so as far as i'm concerned file-sharing is *encouraging* sales rather than hurting them -- except of course when someone posts an album i might have bought until i heard it and discovered it was awful LOL

04 November, 2008 07:13  
Anonymous Char said...

Does anyone out there have the 25 ep? I missed out when it was available and I have been searching for it ever since. I have NEVER seen it for sale outside the Oyster's website way back when. I would love to be able to listen to it until I can find my own copy. I am also looking for either the "Everywhere I Go" or "Long Dark Street" singles with the "Sicks & Stones" and "Hallelujah" B-sides. These are the only Oyster songs I am missing.

11 March, 2009 04:58  

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