Sunday, October 19, 2008

Folk day at Proms

broadcasted live by BBC from Royal Albert hall on July 20, 2008 as part of this year's Folk day, here below you can hear the whole evening concert
pity the afternoon one is still unavailable

Bella Hardy

01 Young Edmund
02 Searching for lambs
03 Three black feathers
04 Down in yon forest
05 Dog & gun

256 kbps CBR

Bella Hardy

Bella is new for me, but she deserves to be heard
You can read full lyrics on her own website

Martin Simpson

01 Little Musgrave
02 Batchelor's hall
03 When A Knight Won His Spurs
04 Never any good
05 Come Down Jehovah

256 kbps CBR

Martin Simpson

before Bellowhead putting Albert hall on fire, Martin Simpson delivered this precious set


01 Fakenham fair
02 Sloe Gin set
03 London town
04 Roll her down the bay to Juliana
05 Frogs legs and dragons teeth
06 Prickle-eye bush

256 kbps CBR




Blogger newelectricmuse said...

Saw this on TV - thought Bella Hardy didn't come over that well, with all the tuning up and seemed a bit ill-a-ease (nervous no doubt!). I'm sure she'd be better in a club or on a smaller stage. I'm not that familiar with Martin Simpson but he made a good impression - a likeable performer that drew your attention. Bellowhead were, of course, magnificent - must be the best English folk band around at the moment. Thanks for the downloads!

19 October, 2008 20:14  
Blogger Russ said...

These look fascinating, is that your cover art too? Amazing and really appropriate

19 October, 2008 20:15  
Blogger cianfulli said...

downloaded somewhere else by a friend.
I splitted some tracks and tagged all of them and designed cover arts starting from BBC-proms official page
I hope you enjoy it

19 October, 2008 23:11  
Anonymous Gonzo said...

cianfulli I don't want to pour cold water on your efforts with the proms recordings, the cover art is really good. I had the original recordings from digital radio from the concert.

However I feel I must comment, again on two aspects of virtually all your offerings ... TOO LOUD, you really do NOT need to master the levels up to the clipping point, back off a bit huh, this is NOT rubbish pop music, it does not have to be compressed to hell to sound good on a useless iPod, it's top quality folk, which the BBC go to great lengths to give us at superb quality, please don't mess it up!!
Secondly, I don't know about you, but I've been using a computer to store, file and manage my music for years, therefore "Simpson, Martin" and "Hardy, Bella" do NO credit to peoples awareness of the artists names, make searching difficult, and require correcting before storing, you are surely NOT using a library filing system in these days of modern computers?

The man is Martin Simpson, the girl is Bella Hardy OK. oh and by the way perhaps using your ideas it should be "Headbello" ..Do me /Us a favour please, come into the 21st century, I assume it IS 21st in Italy..?

20 October, 2008 17:56  
Blogger kreutzman said...

Bella Hardy's solo album is great, but please buy it....we need to help young folk musicians in this country.

20 October, 2008 18:07  
Blogger cianfulli said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

21 October, 2008 16:43  
Blogger cianfulli said...

please Gonzo send me a personal message, I need to send you a private answer

21 October, 2008 17:14  

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