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Various Artists

The Gathering (Greenhays GR 705)

As far as I know - not available on CD anymore (there was a CD release in 1994 but all I can find on the internet are s/h vinyl and cassette copies).

I found this vinyl copy in a charity sale in a pub on the Trent & Mersey canal two years ago - it cost me 50 pence. The sleeve as you can see had some water damage but the record itself was almost mint condition.

Side One:
1. Heather On The Moor
2. Slow Air/Cowley's Reel
3. The Last Time
4. Little Jennifer
5. There's Sure To Be A Row
6. Hardiman The Fiddler

Side Two:
1. Fairfield Mirage
2. Banish Misfortune
3. Paddy's Lamentaton
4. Spalpean a Ruin
5. The Mall Of Lismore


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Perlinpinpin Folc ::: II

Musique traditionelle de Gascogne II

Alain Cadeillan: voix, cornemuse, hautbois, percussion
Patrick Cadeillan: voix, accordéon diatonique, percussion,
Jean-Pierre Cazade: voix, basse, mandoloncelle, bambulek
Christian Lanau: voix, violon, Percussion
Jean Luc Madier: mandole, violoncelle, percussion

01 Gargantua
02 Suite de rondeaux
03 Adishatz dauna
04 La batalha d'Achos
05 Rondes chantèes
06 La Marion
07 Suite gasconne
08 La Civaseta
09 Suite des rondeaux des Landes

1978 • Junqué OC 33139

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Albion Dance Band

Shuffle Off! (Spindrift SPIN 103) 1983

Requested some time ago - just got round to doing a new rip.

A straight(ish) instrumental album with a fairly classic ADB line-up.

Ashley Hutchings - bass
Dave Mattacks - drums, keyboards
Simon Nicol - guitars
Jean-Pierre Rasle - bagpipes and other blowy things
Dave Whetstone - melodeon, concertina, guitars, electric dulcimer, triangle.

Side 1:

1. Froggy's First Jump/Beetle On The Wine
2. Snowdrop Polka
3. Gervaise Brawl
4. Jenny In Her Shift/Tom Jones
5. Hi! Tequila Tango/High Tea Tango
6. The Fretful Porcupine

Side 2:

1. Wiggle, Wriggle/Roll Me Over
2. October 4th
3. Seaside Shuffle
4. The View
5. The Chaplet/Bantering Billy
6. Elderwaters
7. Black Almain/Halek Brawl

I've been informed that this is currently available as the second (semi-secret) bonus CD of The Albion Dance Band: Dancing Days Are Here Again (Talking Elephant TECD106).

This link has now been removed.

Perlinpinpin folc ::: I

Musique traditionelle de Gascogne
A truly rare album. It moves from Jean Moreau field research on Occitan music

Alain Cadeillan: voix, cornemuse, hautbois, percussion
Michel Cazade: voix, guitar,
Jean-Pierre Cazade: voix, basse, mandoloncelle, bambulek
Marc Perrone: accordeon diatonique
Jean Luc Madier: mandole, violoncelle , percussion
Maryse Brumas: voix, dulcimer

01 Ian de La Reuia
02 A Bordéu
03 Rondeau d'Alexis
04 A las Jeunas
05 Polka de Mirepoix
06 Anuéit, toqueram
07 Rondeau en Fa
08 Quan Gargantua
09 Merci, grand-père
10 Sus la lana de Bordéu
11 Suite des rondeaux
12 La mair e la hilha
13 Fot me lo camp, canalha

1975 • Junqué OC 33121

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

by Paul the Stockman

I have just posted the above album on my blog.
This album will be of far greater interest to collectors of British Folk Music and it's a very good album which deserves wide circulation.
My regards and best wishes to both of you. Keep up the great work.

Paul the Stockman

Danny Spooner and Friends (1978 British Folk)

Danny Spooner originally hailed from the East End of London and started his working life as a mariner coming under the influence and guidance of the great folk singer and folklorist, Bob Roberts. He arrived in Australia in 1962 at the height of the folk revival here and became very popular as a singer of British folksongs. He is still very active in Australian folk and will be appearing at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter. (It looks like it will be a great year)This is a great LP and Paul from Brisbane has done a excellent rip of it - many thanks again Paul.Danny sings and plays some guitar backing. Danny's friends in this instance were Peter Christoff on fiddle, Michael Farrell on pipes and Tin Whistle, Lis Johnston and Cris Larner also providing vocals, Richard Leach recites "Jowl and Listen", and Ian Ball reads "Coupshawholme Fair".My favourite tracks are "MacPherson's Rant" and "Baron o' Brackley".

Australian Folk and Bush Music and Musicians

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finbar & Eddie Furey

The Lonesome Boatman (1969)

Transatlantic TRA 191 LP

There is no sound in all music that resembles the combination of Irish pipes accompanying voice and guitar, and that combination is unique to the Furey Brothers. The backing of Finbar's plaintive pipes to Eddy's wild voice gives a windswept, rather desolate flavour to the sadder songs, contrasting with the frisky whistle and brisk piping on the dance tunes.
This second album of the Fureys has the same combination of songs, slow airs and dances that made their first record so popular, and features Finbar's solo on the Indian whistle The Lonesome Boatman which has proved a show-stopper on all their recent concerts.

01. Bill Hart's Favourite
02. Dance Around the Spinning Wheel
03. Let Me Go to the Mountains
04. McShane
05. Colonel Fraser
06. The Lonesome Boatman
07. Carron Lough Bay
08. The Prickly Bush
09. Bogy's Bonny Belle
10. The Fox Chase
Quality: 160kbps


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mellow Candle × Nick Drake

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eric Bogle ::: The Autogram recordings

Live in person

01 Now I’m easy
02 The band played waltzing Matilda
03 Belle of Broughton
04 Glasgow lullaby
05 Mansion hoose on the hill
06 Leavin' Nancy
07 No man's land
08 Mary and me
09 No use for him
10 Traditional folksinger's lament

1977 • Autogram allp-211

quality: > 192 kbps VBR

Live in person
password: highqualitymp3

Down under

01 Shining river
02 Poor wee Billy McMahon
03 She'll be right
04 For king and country
05 No man's land
06 Homeless man (H. Robertson)
07 Wee pot stove (H. Robertson)
08 Queensland whalers (H. Robertson)
09 Owd zither (C. Dryden)
10 Island in the river (D. Hewitt)
11 Death of Ben Hall (trad)

1981 • Autogram allp-220

quality: > 192 kbps VBR

Down under
password: highqualitymp3


01 Seasons
02 Simple man's love song
03 Leavin' in the morning
04 Little fishy (trad/Bogle)
05 Ice queen
06 My little darling
07 Sandy is a soldier
08 Why should I care
09 Suffer the children
10 Whisky-wine
11 I hate wogs (Oriental gentlemen)
12 Belfast song

1982 • Autogram allp-253

quality: > 192 kbps VBR

password: highqualitymp3

A series of live recordings made in Germany before Eric gained international acknowledgment

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sandy Denny

25th Anniversary Tribute Program
2003 BBC Radio 2


Finbar & Eddie Furey ::: Finbar & Eddie Furey


Finbar and Eddie Furey are two brothers from a family of six comprising four boys and their parents. The whole family is musical. Mrs. Furey plays the banjo and the accordion ; Ted Furey, their father, plays fiddle, pipes, whistle, banjo and mandolin. Fin and Eddie began playing and singing professionally at the age of nine when they busked on trains going to football matches. Shortly afterwards they began playing all over Ireland at the famous O'Donoghue's Pub, at race courses and sea-side resorts. When Finbar was thirteen he got his first bag and chanter (a half set of pipes) and when he was fifteen he won the All Ireland junior championships for pipes. Within three years of this Finbar won twenty-three senior championships including the senior All Ireland and also won a couple of duet championships with brother Eddie. The two boys plus Ted Furey, their father, also won the Ulster senior trio championships and finally in 1966 Eddie and Finbar Furey won the international folk award in Tralee against eighty other groups. For this they got 170 in prize money which they say lasted about three days. 'It went to charity', says Eddie. 'Guinness charity' says Finbar.
Fin and Eddie are descended from the royal bards in West Meath in Ireland centuries ago. 'We would probably still be there if Cromwell hadn't driven us out' says Eddie.
In 1967 Fin and Eddie ventured into Scotland for the first time with 6d in their respective pockets. They based themselves in Edinburgh and made many good friends such as Gordon Geekie, The Corries, Paddy Bell, Graeme Bell, Diane Halley and many others. In the early part of their stay in Scotland they worked at the Edinburgh docks digging out the new Imperial dock. Soon however, they became known in Scotland, as well as in Ireland, as two of the finest traditional musicians to emerge in recent years. They were invited to the hallowed Singers Club in London, played the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, The Ulster Hall, Belfast, and the Town Hall, Birmingham. They have appeared in Scotland on both BBC TV and STV and on Tyne Tees TV and at the 1967 Edinburgh Fest

01 The Spanish cloak
02 Come by the hills
03 Sliabh na mban (the mountain of the women)
04 Dainty Davy
05 Jig : Tattered Jack Welch
06 The flowers in the valley
07 Reel: Pigeon on the gate
08 Jig: Graham's flat
09 Leezy Lindsay
10 Set dance: Piper in the meadow straying
11 The curragh of kildare
12 Eamonn an chnuic (Ned of the hills)
13 This town is not your own
14 Jig: Rocking the baby

1968 • Transatlantic TRA 168 LP

quality: > 192 kbps VBR (I've never seen the original LP, but this album was shortly available as part of a budget price 4CD set, called Irish folk favourite, Castle Communications MBSCD 404

Finbar & Eddie Furey
password: highqualitymp3


The Furey brothers & Davey Arthur

::: Morning on a distant shore

01. The cock chased the hen/Dever the dancer/Maid in the meadow
02. Come to me love (F. Furey)
03. Shipyard slips (Man of no property)
04. Spey of Inverness (F. Furey/B. Stewart)
05. Silent Annie (F. Furey)
06. John of dreams (Bill Caddick)
07. Wheels of the world
08. Ringville/La Volta (D. Arthur/G. Furey)
09. Peggy and the soldier
10. Morning on a distant shore (B. Stewart/F. Furey)
11. Wounded Knee
12. Life is just the way
13. She touched me (J. Herd)

Eddie Furey: vocal, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, cittern, bodhran
Finbar Furey: uilleann pipes, whistle, flute, banjo, guitar
George Furey: vocal, guitar, tin whistle, accordion, autoharp, bodhran, bones
Paul Furey: vocal, accordion, whistle
Davey Arthur: tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, cittern, dulcimer

1977 • Polydor 2904 010

quality: > 192 kbps VBR

Morning on a distant shore
password: highqualitymp3

I ripped it long ago and I don't know if I can have it back and scan covers


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friday, February 13, 2009

by Paul the Stockman

Glen Tomasetti "Folk Songs with Guitar" LP 1963

Glen (Glenys Ann) Tomasetti (1929-2003) was a well-known folk singer, author, actor, and left-leaning activist born and based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was a prominent Melbourne folk singer and organiser in the 1950s and 1960s. She produced several albums and it seems that not one of her tracks has ever made it to CD and her old LPs never seem to be available.
I recently found a rip of this 1963 LP. The MP3 files were at 320kbs CBR in stereo format. In fact, the tracks were probably originally encoded at about 192kbs in mono and later meaninglessly converted to 320 stereo. I have managed to clean up some problems with the tracks and have recoded them at 192 VBR mono. The results are quite good.
On this LP, Tomasetti presents quite a varied range of folk songs from around the world including some excellent folk rarities. I have been startled by how many are completely new to me.

Track List
1. Can Ye Sew Cushions (Scottish Cradle Song)
2. Alberta (American Blues)
3. Banks of the Condamine (Traditional Australian)
4. To Tsompanopoulo (Greek - The Shepherd Boy)
5. Edmund in the Lowlands (American Appalachian collection)
6. Perrine Etait Servante (French)
7. A Bold Young Farmer (English)
8. The Bonny Earl O' Moray (Scottish)
9. The Keys of Canterbury (English)
10. When I was Single (American)
11. Greensleeves (English)
12. Home Came the Old Man (variant of 5 or 7 nights drunk)
13. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (American)
14. The Wild Colonial Boy (Australian)
15. The Awful Wedding (American Appalachian collection)

Australian Folk and Bush Music and Musicians

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ChrisGoesRock said...

Hi all (again)
I will add music in my Blog (look at site menu) but it will take awhile..
See you soon again !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Muckram Wakes

A Map Of Derbyshire (Trailer LER 2085) 1973

The first album from Muckram Wakes featuring John Tams, Roger Watson and Helen Watson.

Side One:
1. Spencer The Rover/Winster Processional
2. The Cruise Of The Sun Glory
3. Cathy Shore
4. Poor Old Horse
5. Watercress-O
6. Mrs Merry's Ball/Winster Gallop

Side Two:
1. Cow I' Th' Gate
2. The Squire Of Tamworth
3. Fifty Years Ago
4. Gilliver
5. The Bone Lace Weaver
6. Dumper And Pulling-Down Song


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Monday, February 09, 2009

Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger

Steam Whistle Ballads
English and Scots industrial songs (1964)

01 - Wark O' The Weavers
02 - Droylsden Wakes
03 - Four Loom Weaver
04 - Calton Weaver
05 - Oh Dear Me
06 - The Coal Owner And The Pitman's
07 - Fourpence A Day
08 - Gresford Disaster
09 - Will Caird
10 - Iron Horse
11 - Poor Paddy Works On The Railway
12 - Cannily Cannily
13 - Song Of The Iron Road
14 - The Blantyre Explosion
15 - The Collier Laddie
16 - Moses Of The Mail
Quality: 192kbps


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Paddy Glackin & Jolyon Jackson

Hidden Ground – 1980 (Tara 2009)

1 - The long note
2 - The jug of punch/Eddie Kelly's (reels)
3 - Rodney's glory (set dance)/The bank of Ireland (jig and reel)
4 - The japanese hornpipe
5 - Give me a drink of water/My mind would never be easy/The humours of Westmeath
6 - The green fields of America (jig and reel)
7 - Reevey's reel/Dowd's favourite
8 - The drunken sailor hornpipe
9 - The butterfly
10 - Port na bpucai
11 - Top it off/Promenade (slip jigs)/The congress reel

Biographie de Jolyon Jackson

lien retiré (voir commentaires)

D'habitude je suis rarement satisfait des essais de "modernisation" de la musique trad, mais là je crois que c'est particulièrement réussi, P. Glackin a conservé son style et J. J. l'a respecté.
Désolé pour la mauvaise qualité mais ça provient d'une cassette, si quelqu'un a l'original ça me ferait plaisir de l'entendre.

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Mikron Theatre Company

I'd Go Back Tomorrow (Allemande ALP 1001) 1979

This is the second album of songs by Mikron Theatre. The selections here come from two plays, I'd Go Back Tomorrow and What A Way To Go.

The first play tells of the life of a boatwoman, all the events in the play were taken from interviews with surviving boatwomen. The second play is a history of transport in Britain from the industrial revolution onwards. The cover photograph show John Saxon the songwriting boatee. One of his songs is featured on this record, two more were featured on the previous posting of Last Run.

Side 1:

I'd Go Back Tomorrow

1. Dad's Song
2. Travelling Song
3. Coffin Planks
4. Marriage Song
5. Baby Song
6. Water Gypsy
7. Coronation Song
8. I Was A Fool
9. I'd Go Back Tomorrow

Side 2:

What A Way To Go

1. Don't Send Your Coals To Newcastle
2. The Centre Of Trade
3. Isambard Kingdom Brunel
4. Rat-a-tat-tat
5. I'm Going By Rail, My Dear
6. Bicycling Ballade
7. Sweeper Dan
8. Underground Song
9. Where There's A Will
10. What A Way To Go


password = reynardine

Sorry for any extraneous noise on this record but it suffered from very poor pressing quality.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Fureys & Davey Arthur

Steal Away (1983)

BAN 1003 LP

01. Steal Away
02. Ladybird
03. Alcoholidays-Last Orders
04. Katriona
05. Dublin
06. Now Is The Hour
07. Silver Threads Amongst The Gold
08. Jenny
09. Tomorrow We Part-The Kerry Jig
10. Old Joe
11. Days Ofdarkness-The Exile Song
12. Take Me Home
Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Monday, February 02, 2009


Songs And Dances From Romania (EULP 1070) 1982

An excellent collection of Romanian dance music. This album was released on CD in 1994 but is now listed as 'discontinued by manufacturer'. This version is remastered from my original vinyl copy. Well worth a listen if you have even the slightest interest in eastern European music.


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