Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recommended by Jordan

James Blackshaw

James Blackshaw is a truly excellent 12-string guitarist from England in the tradition of Robbie Basho combined with contemporary classical composition like that of Charlemagne Palestine. His music is nothing short of beautiful.
Tompkins Square releases his albums and his work has been reviewed in Uncut, Pitchforkmedia, The Wire, and Rolling Stone.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Ron Sexsmith

Belcourt Theater, Nashville
September 22, 2008

Excellent sounding audience recording. Recorded with Edirol R-09
with Church Cartoid Mics with STC-9000 Preamp.

01 Up The Road
02 Snow Angel
03 Just My Heart Talking
04 Brandy Alexander
05 Poor Helpless Dreams
06 Tomorrow In Her Eyes
07 Thinking Out Loud
08 Disappearing Act
09 Clown In Broad Daylight
10 Impossible World
11 One Last Round
12 Lebanon Tennessee
13 Strawberry Blonde
14 Imaginary Friends
15 This Is How I Know
16 Gold In Them Hills
17 Summer Blwoin' Town
18 Music To My Ears
19 All In Good Time
20 Secret Heart


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reups by Oisín

Hi all...,
By accident I saw the two albums by 'The Young Tradition' were uploaded to Shareonall..., and therefore gone... They were originally posted here:

Here are re-ups:
"The Young Tradition" @ 192 CBR
"So Cheerfully Round" @ 192 CBR

Enjoy, Oisín

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Sound of Wood

Watch this video in high quality: The Sound of Wood

Thursday, September 25, 2008

by Oisín

Chimera, Dutch folk... (not to be confused with the UK Chimeras)

Chimera - "Des Duivels Oorkussen" (1979)
@320 CBR

1 Daphne
2 Een Aardig Vrouwke
3 Warris
4 Sint Vitusdans
5 De Droghen Haring
6 De Loteling
7 Des Duivels Oorkussen
8 Een Boerman

Line up:
Bas Verkade: zang, gitaar
Marry Verkade: zang, gitaar, fluit
Kees Mook: viool
Koos Leezer: zang, toetsen, gitaar
Ruud Schotting: bas

DL 1
DL 2

Chimera - "Obstakel" (1981)
@ 256 CBR

1. De stalknecht
2. De stinkzwam
3. De klem
4. Wachten
5. De waardin
6. De laatste brief
7. La rotta

Line up:
Bas Verkade - zang, gitaar, bouzouki
Marry Verkade - zang, fluit, sopranino
Koos Leezer - dulcimer, gitaar, mandola, orgel
Ruud Schotting - bas
Kees Mook - viool
Hans de Lange - slagwerk


Enjoy, Oisín

by Fran

Tri Yann - La Découverte Ou L'ignorance (1976)

This band is the most important exponent of urban folk-rock from Brittany. Over the years, their music has ranged from punchy acoustic arrangements of traditional songs to rock & roll based on the Breton and Gallo traditions.

An excellent album, this was their first to use electric guitars, drums and other rock instruments in a mostly folk setting. ~ Steve Winick, All Music Guide

1. Princes Qu'en Mains 'Tenez
2. Complainte Gallaiset
3. Bottie d' Asperges
4. Kiss the Children
5. Jument de Michao
6. Mrs Mac Dermott
7. Levee des 300.000 Homme
8. Mariage Insolite de Marie la Bretonne
9. Derobee de Guingamp
10. Quandi la Bergere
11. Grand Valet
12. Decouverte ou l'Ignora


"Sort Messe" 1983

01. Sort Messe
02. Til Bloksberg
03. Stjerneskipet
04. Trollkjaerring
05. Unge Remarson
06. Aske Til Aske
07. Ronald's Kake Katrin
08. Kan'kje Danse
09. Jon Remarson's Jig
10. Hymme


Mark's Men

"Stick 'em Up" 1970

Side 1
Mann from Mullinger
Come out ye Black and Tans
Uncle Joe
James Larkin
Rattigan's reel/reconciliation
Fiddler's green

Side 2
Johnston's motor car
Patriot game
Paddy on the railroad/The Traveller
Four green fields
Fireman's song

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jerry Berkers

"Unterwegs" 1972

"One and only solo album by the Wallenstein/Cosmic Joker bass player, originally issued on the Pilz label, 1972 as their next to last release. Backed up by Wallenstein's Jurgen Dollase & Bill Barone, Dieter Dierks, Westrupp & Witthuser, etc., Berkers plays acoustic & electric guitars and sings lead. It's a pretty mixed bag of short, vaguely progged rock songs, sometimes getting into a heavyish German-like version of Crazy Horse."

01. Jeder Tag Sieht Ganz Anders Aus
02. Glaub Mir, Susanne
03. Es Wird Morgen Vorbei Sein
04. Dafür Lebe Ich Nur
05. Grauer Bettler
06. Ich Klage An
07. Gelobtes Land
08. Seltsam

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Blind Dogs

"Four On The Floor" 2007

When the Old Blind Dogs appeared on the Scottish folk scene fifteen years ago, the band was immediately pinned as innovators. They never deigned to 'go electric,' instead bringing stunning, rock and roll energy to Scottish acoustic music. At the same time, the group's early albums also felt comfortable alongside the best recordings from the era of 1970s folk revivalism. There were key tensions to the original Dogs: Davy Cattanach played his drum kit by hand, providing an African conga-like base, while elder folk master Ian Benzie's warm vocals anchored the band with sensitivity and verve.
Old Blind Dogs were always rooted in the past, but they were certainly not going to remain curios. Since those early days, the group has gone through numerous changes. Jim Malcolm, who provided the ensemble with vocals for several years after Ian Benzie's departure, has now left the band. Both Rory Campbell and Fraser Fifield added pipes to the repertoire, enriching and expanding their potential. Davy Cattanach also left the band, but Fraser Stone's percussion is very sympathetic to Cattanach's approach, providing continuity to their sound. Aaron Jones has Buzzby McMillan's founding slot of bouzouki and bass work. But there has been only one Jonny Hardie, whose peerless fiddle and vocal contributions have been the mainstay of the evolving group.
On Four on the Floor, Old Blind Dogs appear to be taking stock of themselves. All the band members take up vocal duties, which provides for nice variety, whether the songs are traditional or contemporary. Furthermore, the band, now comprised of only Jones, Campbell, Hardie, and Stone, is back to the original conception of four members.
There aren't many frantic moments, which the band always delivers live, on Four on the Floor. Old Blind Dogs sound much more relaxed than I recall, and they have gracefully mellowed into their status as one of the most important Scottish folk bands. "Gaelic Song" is a great example of the band's soft approach here, simultaneously lulling and enticing. The group even revisits some of their earlier repertoire: "Bedlam Boys" and "Bonnie Earl" are given new performances here. There's fire to their "Breton" medley - two of the tunes were taught to Rory Campbell by the great Breton musician Patrick Molard -- and it is nice to hear the Dogs cast their expertise on other Celtic traditions. Four on the Floor once again finds Old Blind Dogs steeped in folk legacy. But where they once titled an album Legacy in honor of their influences, their latest work acknowledges the Dog's own singular mark with style, craft, and humbleness. - Lee Blackstone

Flatfoot 56

"Knuckles Up" 2004

Flatfoot 56's Knuckles Up is a twist of Punk Rock with Celtic flavorings. Loud Guitars,Bagpipes, Mandolins and Anthemic Punk aggression highlight this release. The Cd starts out with some powerful drumming and then to my surprise the mandolin kickedin and gave the Cd a special life of it's own. It's not often you turn on a punk rock Cdwith all of the angst and aggression that punk rock is known for and have not only loudguitars hitting you upside the head but mandolin and bagpipes as well. I think thesequalities make this Cd very special and people who have listened to the Cd with meagree as well. Musically the Cd reminds me alot of Rancid and The Casualties with the title song "Knuckles Up" being one of my favorite songs on the Cd. Overall thelyrical content is strong with a great rendition of Amazing Grace highlighting the latertracks on the Cd. All the aggression of punk are on this Cd but with a Celtic flair. Iwould highly recommend this Cd to anyone who enjoys loud guitars, anthemic chorusesand isn't afraid of the Celtic sound to help expand your horizons.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ron Sexsmith with Bill Frisell

Bochum, Germany [July 10, 2004]

01 Former Glory
02 Lebanon Tennessee
03 This Song
04 Ring Them Bells
05 Strawberry Blonde
06 Not About To Lose
07 Whatever It Takes
08 Tomorrow In Her Eyes
09 Love And Mercy
10 Gold In Them Hills
11 Right About Now
12 What Would I Do
13 Bobby Jean
14 Thinking Out Loud
15 Just My Heart Talkin
16 These Days
17 Secret Heart
18 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
19 How On Earth
20 Foolproof


Saturday, September 20, 2008

by Brian Andrew Marek

Hello again, Lizardson and everybody else out there in Time Has Told Me land!

Brian Andrew Marek - A Lion in the Sun (2005)

In the summer of 2005, the band I'd led for some six years was losing momentum, purpose and key members. I was feeling pretty burned out on that scene, so I eagerly accepted an invitation to play bass for a long-running alt-country band due to tour Europe - only to be summarily dismissed two months and two gigs into our stateside preparations. I was beginning to suspect that I, as the saying goes, "don't play well with others".

So I fired up the (already obsolete) ADAT machine, chose some songs both old and new, and began the joyously painstaking task of recording a solo album. A SOLO album, for I am fully to blame for every instrument and every voice heard upon this recording. A solo ALBUM, because this was conceived as such, not as a series of unrelated demos or experiments. To put it another way, this is probably the most ambitious project I've ever undertaken. Frankly, I wonder how I managed it!

But while the recording process went fairly briskly (aside from a panic over a damaged tape that nearly nixed "Ten Seventeen Oh Two"), mixing yet again infinitely delayed a promising project (another story for another time). A friend who worked in a commercial recording studio offered to mix the album for free during the studio's downtime, and while we managed to get a few tracks done, time dragged on with no progress, and after a while, he stopped returning my emails. (The original mix of "One More Kiss", by the way, did appear on a hurricane Katrina benefit compilation, "Upstream/Downstream".)

Fast forward to June of 2007. I'm sitting on these tapes, I've got a pair of ears and some decent equipment, why don't I just mix 'em myself and, uh, do something with 'em? Well, I mixed them, edited them, crossfaded them, and mostly enjoyed the result. I decided five of them needed remixing (KIDS: See if you can guess which ones!) but... well, life is full of distractions. I'm not a professional, y'know.

Now it's September of 2008. Somewhere along the line I realized that I'm no closer to having the money to press and release such a thing on my own, and I have no stomach for the notion of "pitching" (ugh) myself to a label. Also, the ADAT machine seems to have given up the ghost for good, so the mixes I have are most likely the only one's I'll ever have.

But I've grown to accept that it is what it is, and I'm proud of what I've done, whatever its faults. And I have the good fortune to live in the age of the music blog, so I can finally release (in the sense of letting something go) this music to the world and not keep it in the closet like so many skeletons. Please enjoy, and know that though I receive no monetary recompense, the right comment is more precious far than gold.


TECHNICAL NOTE (PLEASE READ): While I have prepared a MP3 version of the album for the convenience of those who don't want or aren't familiar with FLAC files, it suffers from the tiny glitches or drop-outs at track endings/beginning so common with crossfaded album encoded as separate MP3's (if there is workaround for this, please let me know - I've never heard of one). For this reason I also encoded the album to FLAC so that listeners can be assured of a seamless (and higher fidelity) listening experience. I highly recommend taking the extra time to download the FLAC version.


by Oisín

Seán Ó Riada - "Ó Riada" (1971)
Seán Ó Riada, Ceoltóirí Chualann & Seán Ó Sé

01. Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór
02. M'Uilleagán Dubh Ó
03. Fead An Iolair
04. Tiarna Mhuigheo
05. Planxty Maguire
06. Pléaráca na Ruarcach
07. Fanny Power
08. Planxty Drury
09. Planxty Irwin
10. Sláinte Bhreá Hewlett
11. Tabhair Dom Do Lámh
12. O'Neill's Hornpipe

Seán Ó Riada - Harpsichord, Director, Arranger
Seán Ó Sé - Singer
Máirtín Fay - Fiddle
Seán Ó Ceallaigh - Fiddle
Seán Ó Catháin - Fiddle
Paddy Moloney - Uilleann pipes
Seán Potts - Whistle
Micheál Ó Toibride - Flute
Éamon de Buitléar - Accordion
Peadar Mercier - Bodhrán


Enjoy, Oisín

E-mail from Peter Howell

Peter Howell and John Ferdinando
60's and 70's Music for Collectors

A new website and home for H&F Recordings' complete output
including 50 previously unreleased tracks, all available for download

Not only hear music from:
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Tomorrow Come Someday
Agincourt - Fly Away
Ithaca - A Game for All Who Know
Friends - Fragile

but also:
Early Music from 1963 to 1968
Music from the five shows staged by H&F's own Whizz Theatre Company between 1969 and 1979
A collection of rareties from the whole H&F output


by Oisín

Some time ago the album Morning Dew of King's Galliard was posted here. The links were on Shareonall, now closed. So here's a re-up of this album. And as cherry on the pie their second album "Boerenplof". This Dutch group existed from 1971 till 1979.

King's Galliard - "Morning Dew" (1976)
@ 320 CBR

01. Kerry Polkas
02. Whelan`s Jig/Morning Dew
03. Lamentation of Owen Roe O`Neill
04. Land of Erin
05. Morrison`s Reel
06. Drunken Sailer Hornpipe
07. O`Carolan`s Concerto
08. The Foxhunters
09. The Flute and the Drone
10. The Spinning Wheel
11. Princess Royal
12. Dicey Riley
13. Brian Boru`s March
14. The Lark in the Morning / Tinker`s Reel
15. Boulavogue / Bantry Bay
16. Winnifred / Planxty Drew

Line up:
Lenneke Willems - fiddle
Kate Wilson - harp, vocal
Jan Erik Noske - flute, tinwhistles
Jrn Plas - guitar, virginals, uilleann pipes
Frenk van Meeteren - mandoline, bouzouki, bodhran, spoons
with guest:
Adriaan van der Weel (the group's manager), singing Dicey Riley


King's Galliard - "De boerenplof" (1978)
@ 256 CBR

01. De boerenplof/De Skotse trije
02. The sheep on the hill/The gravelwalk
03. Douwe jongens douwe
04. Princess Royal/Tom Graney Castle
05. The flower amongst them all/Pat Wards
06. Fanny power/The star of Munster
07. The girl who broke my heart/The duke of Leinster's wife
08. The king of Denmark his galliard (John Dowland)
09. The rovers reformed
10. The maid from Amsterdam
11. Old king Cole/Merrily kiss the Quaker's wife
12. De couragie/Galjaarde Engels
13. Gillmore's hornpipe/The garden of daisies

Line up:
Jan Erik Noske - fluit, piccolo, virginal, piano;
Lenneke Willemsen - viool;
Jørn Plas - gitaar, pipes, bas;
Frenk van Meeteren - zang, bouzouki, banjo, bodhran.


Enjoy, Oisín

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pink Floyd

"Time Ends"
Rainbow Theatre, London [Feb. 17, 1972]

DL 1
DL 2

The only Floyd's live CD I have.
R.I.P. to Richard William Wright (28 July 1943 – 15 September 2008)

new link

Ailis said...
Paul discovered, that The McCalmans - Side By Side By Side
was a bad rip, noisy, and with errors :((
He cleaned it, and fixed the errors, I uploaded it again to RS.

Many thanks to Paul !!!

Greetings, Ailis

The McCalmans - Side By Side By Side

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

by arbor

Lo Jai - Musiques Traditionelles du Limousin (1981)


more french folk enjoy!

by Oisín

Here are two rare French albums:

Sourdeline - "Jeanne d'Aymé" (1978)
@ 192 CBR

01 Voici la saint jean et la saint pierre
02 Complainte
03 Hé là , ou va tu donc ?
04 Si j'avais un galant
05 Ils sont bien pelés
06 Saint Nicolas
07 Trois danses
08 Au roc d'anglars
09 La fontaine
10 La belle abandonnée
11 Ronde dermai
12 Jeanne d'ayme
(Discovale 77 FR)

And here's the restored album to which arbor pointed us.
This link was posted earlier in the comments to arbor's post, but I guess many readers may have missed that...

Grattons-Labeur - "Le bal des sorciers" (1977)
@ 256 CBR

Side A
1. L' aguillaneu
2. La blanche biche
3. Down the hill
4. Chant de la noisille
5. Le bal des sorciers
Side B
1. Les trois gens d' armes
2. Compleinte des tisseuses de soie
3. Cri de berger
4. Lisalette, la montagne d' ete
5. Newlin' town
6. Peut-on leur echapper?
(ABA 77 FR)

by Ailis

Various Artists - The Tale Of Ale (1977)
(The Story Of The Englishman And His Beer)

This welcome CD re-release of the 1977 classic double LP "The Tale of Ale" at last brings this splendid collection of the songs and stories of 'The Englishman - and Woman- and their beer' to the worldwide audience it deserves! The complete original double LP is now a superb CD -78 minutes long - and has been digitally remastered, and features legendary figures from the British Folk Revival of the 1970s.Artists included on the CD are Peter Bellamy, Robin Dransfield, John Foreman, Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Roy Harris, Eddie Upton and Peter Wood.

01. Bring Us in Good Ale - Pam Gilder, Musica Inebriata, Eddie Upton
02. Andrew Boorde on Ale - Joby Blanshard, Michael Smee
03. Jolly Good Ale and Old - Robin Dransfield, Musica Inebriata
04. "He That Buys Land" - William Rushton
05. Merry Fellows - Musica Inebriata, Peter Wood
06. Soldiers Three - Peter Bellamy, Musica Inebriata
07. Tapster, Drinker - Oriana Concert Choir And Orchestra
08. Tunnying of Elynour Rummyng - Joby Blanshard
09. Andrew Boorde on Beer - Joby Blanshard, Michael Smee
10. London's Ordinary - John Foreman, Musica Inebriata
11. Epitaph - Joby Blanshard, William Rushton, Michael Smee
12. Of Honest Malt Liquor - Oriana Concert Choir And Orchestra
13. Malt's Come Down - Musica Inebriata, Peter Wood
14. Stubbes on Drunkenness - Joby Blanshard, Michael Smee
15. Good Ale for My Money - Barry Dransfield, Robin Dransfield
16. Excise Ballad - Musica Inebriata, Eddie Upton
17. Porter Scene from Macbeth - William Rushton, Michael Smee
18. Peas, Beans, Oats and the Barley
18. - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
19. Now Harvest Is Over
19. - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
20. British Toper - Musica Inebriata, Pump And Pluck Band
21. Nottingham Ale - Ray Harris, Pump And Pluck Band
22. Bickerdyke on Temperance - William Rushton
23. O Ale Ab Alendo - Oriana Concert Choir And Orchestra
24. John Barleycorn - Vic Gammon, , Pump And Pluck Band
25. Ye Mar'ners All - Vic Gammon, , Ian Russell, Peter Wood
26. Epitaph/Poor Tom Is Dead and Gone
26. - Joby Blanshard, William Rushton, Michael Smee
27. Poor Tom Is Dead and Gone
27. - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
28. Don't Go Out Tonight, Dear Father - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder
29. Drunkard's Looking Glass - William Rushton
30. Ale, Ale, Glorious Ale - Roy Harris, Geoff Hedger
31. I Likes a Drop of Good Beer - Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
32. Carter's Health - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
33. Hey, John Barleycorn - Robin Dransfield, Pump And Pluck Band
34. Here's a Health to the Mistress
34. - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
35. Meux's Porter Vat - Joby Blanchard, Michael Smee
36. Pot of Porter Oh - Jon Foreman, Vic Gammon
37. I've Been to France/Here's a Health Unto Our Master
37. - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
38. Man That Waters the Worker's Beer - Roy Harris, Pump And Pluck Band
39. October Brew - Peter Bellamy, Pump And Pluck Band
40. John Appleby - Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band
41. Epitaph - Joby Blanshard, William Rushton, Michael Smee
42. Charley Mopps - John Foreman, Pump And Pluck Band
43. This Is Our Mistress' Health
43. - Vic Gammon, Pam Gilder, Pump And Pluck Band, Eddie Upton
44. Michael Blann's Drinking Song - Vic Gammon, , Pump And Pluck Band
45. British Toper - Musica Inebriata, Pump And Pluck Band

by Ailis

The McCalmans - The Ettrick Shepherd (1980)

01 - McLeans Welcome
02 - Donald MacDonald
03 - The Witch of Fife
04 - Bonnie Prince Charlie
05 - King Willie
06 - I Ha'e Naebody Now
07 - The Highlander's Farewell
08 - Sir Morgan ODohertys Farewell To Scotland
09 - The Moon was a-Waning
10 - Ladies' Evening Song
11 - Rise! Rise! Lowland And Highland Men
12 - Good Night And Joy

The McCalmans - Bonnie Bands Again (1982)

01 - McFarlane (O' The Sprots O' Burnieboozie)
02 - Bonnie Maid Of Fife
03 - The Wayward Wife
04 - Hornpipes: Forecastle-Liverpool
05 - Morag Fair
06 - The Beggars Drinking Song
07 - Kenmure
08 - The Iron Horse
09 - Song Song
10 - Sorrowlessfield
11 - Drumdelgie
12 - Bonnie Bands Again
13 - Folksingers Blues

The McCalmans - Peace & Plenty (1986)

01 - Tullochgorum
02 - The Bells of the Town
03 - Song of the Plough
04 - The Colliery Gate, No You Won't Get Me Down in Your Mines
05 - The Black Bear, The Drover Lads, The Top House
06 - South Australia, Esikibo River, Blood Red Roses, Little Sally Rackett
07 - Up and Rin Awa' Geordie
08 - Mothers, Daughters, Wives
09 - The Highland Road
10 - Barratt's Privateers
11 - Men of the Sea
12 - Song for Europe
13 - Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Gang
14 - Leave Her Johnny

The McCalmans - Listen To The Heat (1988)

01 - I Have Seen The Highlands
02 - Town Of Kiandra
03 - Mount And Go
04 - Sister Josephine
05 - 23rd June
06 - The Prisoner Song
07 - The Song Song
08 - Rambling Rover
09 - Rory Murphy
10 - First Christmas
11 - Instrumental-Lakewood, The Thriepmuir Hornpipe, Royal Belfast
12 - The President's Men
13 - Air Fa La La Lo
14 - Sickening Thank You Song

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

by Oisín #8

Iain MacKintosh
A good friend of mine ripped some albums by Iain MacKintosh, the quiet man of Scottish folk (1932-2006)...
I have some vivid memories of him performing in Holland at several occasions in the late seventies and early eighties. She kindly permitted me to post them here.

Iain MacKintosh - "Live in Glasgow" (1979)
@ ~230 VBR

Iain MacKintosh - "Singing from the inside" (1981)
@ 320 CBR

Iain MacKintosh - "Standing Room Only" (1986)
@ 320 CBR


Iain MacKintosh - "Gentle Persuasion" (1988)
@ 256 CBR

Iain MacKintosh - "Risks & Roses" (1991)
@ ~250 VBR

Iain MacKintosh - "By Request" (1973)
@ 192 CBR


Iain MacKintosh - "Home For A While" (1984)
@ 320 CBR

Enjoy, Oisín

by danny (cianfulli)

Brian Peters ::: Fools of fortune
> 192 kbps VBR

Brian Peters: guitars, Angio-concertina, melodeon, second fiddle, cello, vocal
Jamie Knowles: fiddle, mandolin
Mike Nacey: fretless bass
Margaret Peters: vocal
Dave Shaw: Northumbrian pipes
The Mossley dukes
Bonz: guitar, harmonica
John Harrison: string bass, electric bass
Dave Pope: mandolin, guitar

01 The lost fourteen hundred
02 Schottis frän Norrbotten
03 The Oldham white hare
04 A Swedish dance/Sherwood forest/La belle Halimande
05 John Barbour
06 The Northern lass
07 Dallas rag
08 The last God of England
09 Shelter from the storm
10 Doed a ddel/Ap siencyn/Mopsi don
11 Sir Patrick Spens
12 The unquiet grave

1989 • Harbour Town HAR 005

Harbour Town aren’t exactly putting out rubbish, are they? They're developing a very healthy line in powerful (basically) solo artists and stylish monochrome sleeves.
This is a varied and excellent set. The tunes (from various lands) are full of the miracle ingredient Life, showcasing Peters' skilled, unflashy squeezeboxing. The songs have quite a lot of death (threatened or actual) in them.
The opener is a sombre recounting of HMS Hood's demise at the hands of the Bismarck. This is mirrored on side two by a taut, drama-charged Sir Patrick Spens. By way of contrast, in John Borbour (yet another good version of the Willie O'Winsbury story) someone actually makes it back from a sea voyage roughly according to plan.
There's a stormalong version of Last God Of England, courtesy of Peters' alternative outlet, The Mossley Dukes. This is one of my favourite songs of the last couple of years, so I have no complaints but I wonder if the label's standard contract stipulates the inclusion of a Pete Morton song? Janet Russell's LP is the only exception so far. Unquiet Grave is given an excellent treatment, helped especially by Margaret Peters' mixed-down, but crucially effective, second vocal.
Final and special mention goes to Peters' Shelter From The Storm, a blazing try on behalf of the homeless. Anyone whose mental and physical horizons extend more than 400 yards beyond the Palate of Westminster will know there's a problem. This is a song shot through with anger and sympathy worthy of the subject. Recommended for your attention, as is the whole record.
Nick Beale • fROOTS #74, August 1989

DL (fixed)
pass: highqualitymp3

Very nice! Thank you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

by Ailis

Swan Arcade - Matchless (1976)

01 - Babylon
02 - Valerio
03 - Foster's Mill
04 - Further Along
05 - The Rainbow
06 - VanDiemans Land
07 - Lowlands Of Holland
08 - Mercedes Benz
09 - Little Maiden
10 - Baron Of Brackley
11 - Down In The Valley To Pray
12 - Trimdon Grange Explosion

Quality: 320 kbps

password: highqualitymp3

Swan Arcade - Full Circle (1990)

01 - The Verdant Banks Of Skreen
02 - A Sailor's Life
03 - Shule Agra
04 - William Taylor
05 - The Banks Of The Roses
06 - The Old Triangle
07 - Sliav Gallion Braes
08 - Four Loom Weaver
09 - The Doffin Mistress
10 - Lowlands Away
11 - Blood Red Roses
12 - Wild Mountain Thyme

by Ailis

The McCalmans - Smuggler (1975)

Ian McCalman, Hamish Bayne and Derek Moffat first met during registration for entry into Edinburgh College of Art on 6th October, 1964, and in a mutual interest in folk music, formed, not only a much loved, and I think consistently the best folk group, but also a friendship which has endured for all these years. There has only been one change in the original line up when, in 1982, Hamish retired to the quieter life, with new boy Nick Keir joining the group.

01 - Smuggler
02 - If Mother Should Die
03 - Gardens
04 - Hornpipes-Reels
05 - Mount And Go
06 - The Boatie Rows-The Carls O' Dysart
07 - The Flowers O' The Forest
08 - The Barnyards O' Delgaty
09 - Bar-Room
10 - No Churchman Am I
11 - The Silkie of Sule Skerry
12 - A Man's A Man For A' That
13 - Nagasaki
14 - Johnnie Cope
15 - Skye Boat Song
16 - Tammy Traddlefeet-The Rising

The McCalmans - Side By Side By Side (1977)

01 - Side By Side By Side
02 - Romeo and Juliet
03 - Dancing Days
04 - Bellman's Song
05 - The Chair at the Table
06 - Hornpipe
07 - Farewell to Sicily
08 - Sheriff Muir
09 - Loving Hanne
10 - German Lairdie
11 - Standing In the Rain
12 - Broadside Man
13 - Bound to Go
14 - Side By Side

The McCalmans - Burn The Witch (1978)

01 - Fare Ye Well Ye Mormond Braes
02 - The Lion (Edinburgh Castle)
03 - Jenny Lasswade
04 - Farewell to Nova Scotia
05 - She Had To Go and Lose It At The Astor
06 - Aye Waukin O
07 - Gin I Were Where The Gaudie Rins
08 - Veronica
09 - Burn The Witch
10 - Bonnie Lass O' Gala Water
11 - Jock Stewart
12 - The March Of The Cameron Men
13 - The Phantom Whistler-Random Jig
14 - Doon In The Wee Room
15 - The Recruiting Service Drum-Sons Of Heroes

Sunday, September 14, 2008

from Dirks family

What a beautiful...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


5 Hand Reel - 5 Hand Reel
5 Hand Reel - For A' That + Earl O' Moray
A to Austr - A to Austr
Anonyma - Burnt Feathers
Archie Fisher - The Man with a Rhyme
Archie Fisher - Will Ye Gang, Love
Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers - Off The Map
Archie Fisher, Barbara Dickson - Thro' the Recent Years
Archie Fisher, Barbara Dickson & John MacKinnon - Fate O'Charlie
Ashley Hutchings - The Compleat Dancing Master
Candidate - Nuada
Doors - Cleveland Public Auditorium 1968
Duncan Browne - Duncan Browne
Kipper Family - Since Time Immoral
Rambleers - Rambleers
Strawbs - A Taste Of Strawbs
Watersons - Travelling For A Living
Whippersnapper - Promises
Whippersnapper - Tsubo

by Paul #21

Tina Date "A Single Girl" 1965
LP rip @ 192-224VBR

Tina Date was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and originally studied as a concert pianist. In the early 1960s, she was caught up in the folk revival; learnt guitar and rapidly became one of Australia premier folk music performers at concerts, on stage and on television. She only ever produced the one album, "A Single Girl" in 1965.
Shortly after the release of the LP, she travelled to Canada to visit her mother (Anita Aarons - a prominent jewellery artist)) and thence onto New York where she worked at the United Nations Headquarters. She also associated with the Greenwich Village folk performers and had appearances including a short period on TV.
She is probably better known in America as the "one great love" of Phil Ochs and as the purported inspiration for his spiteful song "I've Had Her" supposedly written after a lover's spat. I understand that she later returned to Australia but she appears to maintain a low profile. It is a great pity that we have only the one LP to remember her brilliant talent. It is even a greater pity that the album has never been re-engineered (it needs it) and re-issued on CD but that neglect applies to far too many of the Australian folk music LPs.
The album is, like many of the time, a eclectic mix of folk songs but it also includes two songs from Shakespeare's "Hamlet", namely, "How Should I my True Love Know" and "Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day" and an Elizabethan song "It Fell on a Summer's Day". She also presents "Polly Garter's Song" from Dylan Thomas' "Under Milkwood".
Traditional numbers include the Irish song "The Spinning Wheel", "The Old Maid's Song", "A Single Girl", "Raggle Taggle Gypsies", "The Butcher Boy" and a track called "L'Arriette"; the latter described as "French traditional in a condensed censored version to make it acceptable in polite society". I wonder if anyone knows any more about this song and the original? The banjo accompaniament on "A Single Girl" by Dynamite Finkelstein" is brilliant. The only Australian related track on this album is "It's Hard on a Lass to be Lonely" written by the Queensland Poet Bill Scott author of many folk songs. She does an excellent version of Dylan's "Tomorrow is a Long Time".
I know many of you will enjoy this one.

Download with graphics:

It is wonderful to see my friend Ailis (Aristocrat) also posting in here. Here is another Australian Folk Singer. Again, many thanks for your great blog

by Ailis

Peter Bellamy - The Fox Jumps Over The Parson's Gate (1970)

01 - The Spotted Cow
02 - Two Pretty Boys (The Two Brothers)
03 - The Female Drummer
04 - Here's Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy
05 - The Ghost Song (The Cruel Ship's Carpenter)
06 - The Carnal And The Crane
07 - The Little Black Horse (The Penny Wager)
08 - The Barley And The Rye
09 - The Turkish Lady
10 - Warlike Seamen (The Irish Captain)
11 - The Blackberry Fold
12 - Saint Stephen
13 - The Rigs Of London Town
14 - The Fox Jumps Over The Parson's Gate

Quality: 320 kbps

password: highqualitymp3

Peter Bellamy - Merlin's Isle Of Gramarye (1972)

The second collection of Kipling verse from Puck of Pook's Hill and Rewards and Fairies. Peter Bellamy is assisted by Nic Jones, Dolly Collins, Dik Cadbury, Peter Hall, Chris Birch, Anthea Bellamy, Dave Arthur, Fred Woods and Mike Edmonds.

01 - Puck's Song
02 - A Smuggler's Song
03 - The Run Of The Downs
04 - Eddi's Service
05 - The Queen's Men
06 - The Bee-Boy's Song
07 - Harp Song Of The Dane Women
08 - Song Of The Men's Side
09 - The Heavens Above Us (An Astrologer's Song)
10 - Prophets At Home
11 - Who Shall Judge The Lord (A Carol)
12 - St. Helena (A St. Helena Lullaby)
13 - The Way Through The Woods
14 - The Bricklayer And The Shipwright (A Truthful Song)
15 - Song Of The Red War-Boat

Quality: 320 kbps

password: highqualitymp3

Peter Bellamy - Second Wind (1985)

01 The Bush Girl
02 God A'Mercy Penny
03 The Black and Bitter Night
04 Fair and Tender Ladies
05 The Exile Song
06 Devil Got Your Woman
07 Lord Randall
08 Abe Carmen
09 The Glass on the Bar
10 The Honest Labourer
11 Maria's Gone
12 Motherless Child

Quality: 320 kbps

password: highqualitymp3

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve

Berlin, Grosser Sendesaal des SFB
10th of May, 1999 [SBD Recording]

CD 1:
01. Temptation
02. Talking In The Dark
03. American Without Tears
04. Toledo
05. What's Her Name Today
06. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
07. Little Atoms
08. Almost Blue
09. Accidents Will Happen
10. You Lie Sweetly
11. Painted From Memory
12. This House Is Empty Now
13. Pads, Paws & Claws - Baby, Please Don't Go
14. Indoor Fireworks
15. Radio Sweetheart - Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson Said

CD 2:
01. God's Comic
02. All This Useless Beauty
03. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
04. Alison
05. In The Darkest Place
06. - applause -
07. Inch By Inch - Fever
08. Shallow Grave
09. Watching The Detectives
10. Everyday I Write The Book (feat. Ron Sexsmith)
11. I Want You
12. I Still Have That Other Girl
13. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
14. God Give Me Strength
15. Couldn t Call It Unexpected #4


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

by Jhonny #17

Ruthann Friedman "Constant Companion" 1969

Michael Cramer:
Ruthann Friedman’s chief claim to fame is having written The Association’s 1967 hit “Windy.” Less well known, however, is Constant Companion , her sole solo album recorded for Reprise in 1969. Water’s reissue of the album seems timed to follow the success of other recently-rediscovered female singer-songwriters (Vashti Bunyan, Judee Sill) and the resurgence of ’60s-inspired folk in general. Constant Companion, however, is no mere nostalgia trip, nor is its re-release a case of opportunistic bandwagoning.

While Friedman’s music will undoubtedly be grouped with that of Bunyan and her present-day heirs (Devendra Banhart, for one), she has little in common with them. Contrary to what her song titles (“Piper’s Call,” “Fairy Prince Rainbow Man”) might suggest, she doesn’t indulge in idyllic flower-power folk. While Constant Companion doesn’t immediately elicit comparison to any particular artist, it is perhaps closest in spirit to the first two albums of Friedman’s Reprise labelmate Joni Mitchell. Like Mitchell, Friedman is a skilled guitarist and gifted songwriter, attributes that separate her from the era’s horde of would-be folkies. She possesses a deep, powerful voice, and her impressive vocal control suggests that she may have been classically trained. In other words, she’s no amateur dilettante who got lucky enough to record a one-shot album, but rather a fully mature and practiced artist.

The songs on Constant Companion cover a range of styles, from Simon and Garfunkel style folk (“People”) and Mitchell-inspired psychedelic ruminations (“Fairy Prince Rainbow Man,” “Danny”) to jazz-inflected pop (“Morning Becomes You”). The arrangements are sparse, consisting solely of Friedman’s acoustic guitar and voice, with the exception of lead guitar by Peter Kaukonen (brother of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna’s Jorma, and creator of Constant Companion’s cover art). Friedman’s wide stylistic range suggests that the suits at Reprise may have been a little too eager to force her into the role of “the next Joni”; several of her songs cry out for further orchestration (the fingerstyle guitar intro to “Looking Back Over Your Shoulder” being one case in point). While they work as acoustic compositions, they may have benefited from more complex arrangements, as does the post-album single “Carry On (Glittering Dancer),” a quirky track that indulges in Van Dyke Parks-style baroque orchestrations (apparently Parks and Friedman were briefly an item, and he executive produced the track.) Given the fact that Friedman hasn’t recorded anything since, Constant Companion can hardly help but evoke imaginings of what might have been had she stayed in the business longer. As it stands, though, the album is a fine effort, and its rescue from the archives is certainly to be applauded.

by Ailis aka aristocat

Tony Hall "Fieldvole Music" 1977
(2007 reissue)

The 1977 classic "FIELDVOLE MUSIC" continued the trend of bizarre titles for Free Reed's LPs - this one taken from the nickname of cartoonist and melodeon maestro Tony Hall. Tony was the accompanist of choice for many '70's folk stars - he was on June Tabor & Maddy Prior's 'Silly Sisters' tour in 1976 and for this exquisite Free Reed LP he's joined by Nic Jones & Johnny Moynihan to create possibly the greatest selection of classic melodeon tunes & songs ever recorded. Once again, the production was in the hands of Nic Kinsey, and this reissue includes seven extra tracks from the 1977 sessions. (Free Reed Records)

01. Tripping Upstairs
02. Wooden-Ended Reel
03. Trumpet Hornpipe
04. Holmfirth Anthem
05. Banks of the Seine
06. Andrew Rose
07. Gerry's Slow Tune
08. Shallow Brown
09. Bantry Bay
10. Peeler Creek
11. Trim-Rig Doxie
12. Bottom of the Punchbowl
13. Weavers' March/The Quaker
14. Rounding of Cape Horn
15. Major-Minor Tune
16. Just as the Tide Was Flowing
17. Wind That Shakes the Barley
18. Donkey Riding [*]
19. Ten Thousand Miles Away [*]
20. One More Day [*]
21. Yeller Girls [*]
22. General Taylor [*]
23. Heave Away, Me Johnny Boys [*]
24. Lord of Dunblane [*]
Tracks marked [*] are bonus tracks

Tony Hall "Mr Universe" 1995

This is the first album in 20 years by the master of the English melodeon. Tony performs airs, jigs & hornpipes - even jazz, in his unique style. Features the songs "Mr. Universe," "Round The Horn" & "Humphrey Lyttleton."

01. American Tunes
02. Mr Universe
03. Scotland
04. Slow Air
05. Slow Hornpipe
06. The Blacksmith
07. Stitches In The Britches
08. Local Hero
09. Lovely Joan
10. Humphrey Lyttleton
11. Round The Horn
12. Jack Tar
13. Elizabethan Medley

So much thanks to your hundred times of contribution!!
I'll be back to there soon :-)))

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