Saturday, September 13, 2008

by Paul #21

Tina Date "A Single Girl" 1965
LP rip @ 192-224VBR

Tina Date was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and originally studied as a concert pianist. In the early 1960s, she was caught up in the folk revival; learnt guitar and rapidly became one of Australia premier folk music performers at concerts, on stage and on television. She only ever produced the one album, "A Single Girl" in 1965.
Shortly after the release of the LP, she travelled to Canada to visit her mother (Anita Aarons - a prominent jewellery artist)) and thence onto New York where she worked at the United Nations Headquarters. She also associated with the Greenwich Village folk performers and had appearances including a short period on TV.
She is probably better known in America as the "one great love" of Phil Ochs and as the purported inspiration for his spiteful song "I've Had Her" supposedly written after a lover's spat. I understand that she later returned to Australia but she appears to maintain a low profile. It is a great pity that we have only the one LP to remember her brilliant talent. It is even a greater pity that the album has never been re-engineered (it needs it) and re-issued on CD but that neglect applies to far too many of the Australian folk music LPs.
The album is, like many of the time, a eclectic mix of folk songs but it also includes two songs from Shakespeare's "Hamlet", namely, "How Should I my True Love Know" and "Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day" and an Elizabethan song "It Fell on a Summer's Day". She also presents "Polly Garter's Song" from Dylan Thomas' "Under Milkwood".
Traditional numbers include the Irish song "The Spinning Wheel", "The Old Maid's Song", "A Single Girl", "Raggle Taggle Gypsies", "The Butcher Boy" and a track called "L'Arriette"; the latter described as "French traditional in a condensed censored version to make it acceptable in polite society". I wonder if anyone knows any more about this song and the original? The banjo accompaniament on "A Single Girl" by Dynamite Finkelstein" is brilliant. The only Australian related track on this album is "It's Hard on a Lass to be Lonely" written by the Queensland Poet Bill Scott author of many folk songs. She does an excellent version of Dylan's "Tomorrow is a Long Time".
I know many of you will enjoy this one.

Download with graphics:

It is wonderful to see my friend Ailis (Aristocrat) also posting in here. Here is another Australian Folk Singer. Again, many thanks for your great blog


Blogger Ailis said...

Hi Paul, many thanks for the Tina Date album, she was unknown to me, but your description filled that hole, especially the Phil Ochs episode ;)
It's a pity indeed that she stopped performing, but at least we have this beauty, thanks to you !!

Cheers, Ailis (aristocat)

14 September, 2008 19:28  
Blogger Benito Di Fonzo said...

Tina was also one of the support acts for Lenny Bruce when he played in Sydney in 62. They became friends and she was going to visit him in the US but sadly arrived shortly after he had died in 66. She's very dedicated to her work for the UN these days, most recently working on the relief effort in Haiti. I learnt all this from, and was introduced to Tina's work by, the author of the book the book "Lenny Bruce: 13 Days In Sydney"

17 August, 2010 11:54  
Anonymous Anne said...

Hi Paul thanks for this wonderful album. We are friends of Tina´s and will encourage her to get her album re-released.

27 March, 2011 19:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dynamite Finkelstein" who played banjo on tracks six and seven of this recording was an alias used by Kingston Trio founder Dave Guard. Yes, it really was Dave playing banjo here.

07 September, 2011 21:08  
Blogger Paul the Stockman said...

Hi Lizardson,
I have a new link for this one too. The old rapidshare link still works but I worry that it will be deleted and rapidshare has been doing some strange things. The new link is:
Many thanks and I hope all is well with you and your friends and family.

28 September, 2011 20:01  
Blogger Kaitlyn said...

Thank you so much for this download! I hadn't heard of Tina before but I now adore her, what a find. :)

14 January, 2012 13:29  

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