Monday, October 15, 2007

Archie Fisher with Barbara Dickson

"Thro' the Recent Years" 1971

One of the very earliest recordings by Barbara Dickson, who was involved in the Scottish Folk scene and had been working with Archie Fisher in the late '60's. the pair both sing original compostions of semi autobiographical, traditional and fantastical tales. They are backed by a string arrangement and various Scottish session men. Soon after this album, Barbara would leave Scotland for London where she would continue with the Folk scene for a while but would soon hit the big time in musicals in the mid-'70's; making this an unusual, hard to get collectors item. Originally released in '70, this is a very rare Japanese edition complete with an obi strip. Includes: "The January Man", "The Frolicsome Alcoholic Mermaid", "Together Forever" and "Lullaby For Father." and more.

Side One:
The January Man (Goulder)
You Like the Sun (Lothian) [1]
Morning (Fisher)
Tears of Rage (Dylan/Manuel) [1]
Friends and Lovers (Fisher)
Somebody Counts On Me (Rab Noakes) [1]

Side Two:
If I'd Stayed Around(Rab Noakes)
Lullaby for Father (Fisher) [1]
I Am the Great Sun (Causley/Fisher) [1]
First of the Few (Fisher)
Fiddler's Green (Connolly)
Together Forever (Rab Noakes) [1]
Through the Recent Years (Fisher)

[1] = sung by Barbara Dickson

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar)
Barbara Dickson (vocals)
Rab Noakes (backing vocals, guitar)
Des Haldane (backing vocals, guitar)
Ronnie Reay (bass)
Billy Kemp (drums)
Roger Coulam (organ)
Jack Ellory (flute)
Alex Sutherland (trombone, piano)


Anonymous discus said...

This gem was sadly unknown for me. Thanks and cheers, Lizardson! ))

17 October, 2007 00:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a totally great album! Really love it. Thanks!

18 October, 2007 07:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing this one as I have a faint recollection of Barbara Dickson in her folk days.

18 October, 2007 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lizardson! This one's really rare.

I miss The Celtic Circle...and can't get into Folk Yourself. Hopefully they will share some albums with you!


19 October, 2007 23:27  
Anonymous streaker said...

Thanks very, very much Lizardson.... but this is a big disappointment after their masterpiece (in my opinion) "The Fate O' Charlie" and the other excellent collaboration "From The Beggars Mantle". This is obviously an attempt to be more commercial and it is overproduced and pretentious at times. There are great moments however like "Fiddler's Green" and one or two others. It is certainly worth more then one listen anyhow and I imagine it will grow on me once I get over the lush production fog....

20 October, 2007 09:42  
Anonymous streaker said...

Totally amazing is it not that a singer that whose rendition of Thomas of Winesbury on "From the Beggar's Mantle" is so supremely subtle and beautiful can also sing in the most forced and artificial way such a piece of crap like Lullaby for Father on this LP - what a sell out - such a pity! ... just my opinion....

20 October, 2007 10:03  

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