Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anonyma (Mary Mc Laughlin & Anne Lister)

"Burnt Feathers" 1987

Mary Mc Laughlin is a singer / songwriter who is steeped in the Gaelic song tradition of her native Ireland. Mary records, performs and teaches workshops in singing skills, performance technique and Gaelic song and culture.

Mary was born and raised in Northern Ireland. At the age of eleven Mary began to learn Gaelic and was influenced by 'sean nos' (old style) singing which she heard in the Donegal Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area). She was also heavily influenced by Latin Church music in her early years.

During her adolescence she began to listen to contemporary singer songwriters from the USA, in particular Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. These artists not only provided her first models for song writing but also inspired her to develop her vocal harmony skills.

On moving to London, England at age eighteen she became involved in the English Folk Scene, singing and playing guitar and keyboards with various groups.

Mary's first foray into recording was with the London based folk-rock band "Traitor's Gait." Having continued to listen to, and absorb from, various vocal harmony singers (by now she was listening to "Crosby, Stills and Nash" and "Yes"), Mary saw the studio as the perfect vehicle for conveying all the melodies she could hear in her head, but it was to be a decade before she would have the opportunity to explore multi-tracking in depth.

For five years she played in a duo "Anonyma" with Anne Lister and they released an album "Burnt Feathers" in 1987.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic blog and I mean no harm - but could you use sharebee instead of rapidshare? It takes me days sometimes to get all your wonderful posts because I can't use rapidshare premium. Anyway thanks for all this great obscure music. Hoping to get this one later today.

15 July, 2007 23:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also was upset at how long it takes to use rapidshare but now I feel that the system is a good one. We should not be so greedy. How much music do we need to download at one time. This desire for instant gratification is a modern malady.

Ten or twenty years ago you not only could not find this music but were lucky if you even heard about it! Now thanks to rapidshare and Lizardson you can download free one album every hour or two. Is this not enough? I mean c'mon... be patient.

An album a day keeps the doctor away. If you grab everything and listen incessantly you kill not only the pleasure but the nutrition....

Just my opinion...

16 July, 2007 02:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say however that there is one thing - and one thing only - that bugs me here in musical paradise. I am sad that all this great music is so compressed. I wish the files were larger so the quality would be higher. I don't know about these things much but if that is possible please take that into consideration in the future Lizardson...

16 July, 2007 03:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

streaker, the main reason for my request was not greed or instant gratification - this site hasn't had a lot of the particular problem I'm thinking of which might make one want to download everything right away - but other blogs have. Best you think it up instead of my discussing it openly. :) Perhaps past experiences have scarred me.

As for bit rates, let me say - if any of these are in print and I find myself listening to it a lot, I go buy it! I know that with the selection here, that's not always an option. Plus Lizardson's abilities at locating rare items suggest he has sources where the albums are already ripped to mp3 (which takes nothing away from the accomplishment, may I add).

16 July, 2007 05:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous -

no offense meant...

I see your points...


16 July, 2007 08:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this excellent post. I've been after this album for ages.

16 July, 2007 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To work around Rapidshare limits: just drop the connection, and reconnect to the Internet a little later. You will get a new IP address... voilà.

21 July, 2007 06:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The copyright to this work remains with Fellside. Sharing this work for free is ILLEGAL DISTRIBUTION. If you really love the music and wish to support the artist who produced it, contact the artist and BUY IT!

31 October, 2007 18:48  
Blogger sorbus said...

Thanks For This Well Informed Post.
Grateful for The Lyric Insert:
Also thanks for Link to Anne Lister, She sounds a Funky Gal
As to The Rapidshare Debate if one avoids between the Hours of 6pm GMT
and 10pm GMT you can literally download with ten minutes intervals
Anyway Lizardson Keep On Keeping On.

18 September, 2008 02:04  

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