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by Jhonny #3

Broadside of Boston [January 6, 1965]
"Judy Collins, Eric Andersen,

Dick and Mimi Farina To Do Benefit."

A Benefit concert will be presented at Memorial Hall (Sanders Theatre) in Harvard Square on Saturday night, January 16th. Money collected will be used to pay legal fees facing the eleven students under indictment by the State Department for defying the travel ban which has been placed on the visiting of certain countries. The students involved and their supporters demand the freedom to be able to travel anywhere they desire as long as they are allowed to enter by that country. Judy Collins, whose last Boston concert was sold out, Eric Andersen, and Dick and Mimi Farina will be the artists who donate their talent to the cause.

Sanders Theater Benefit Concert
Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
January 16, 1965

Richard & Mimi Farina
01. Christmas Island
02. The Falcon
03. Tuileries
04. Michael, Andrew and John
05. Good King Jubilee

Eric Andersen
06. I'll Write You a Letter on a Dusty Boxcar Wall
07. Come to My Bedside My Darling
08. Freedom Bus
09. Delta Bum
10. Time for My Returning

01. Sad Fate of the Blind Fiddler

Judy Collins
02. The Times They Are A-Changin'
03. Maid of Constant Sorrow
04. Roll, Turn, Spin
05. The Mighty Ship the Diamond
06. He Was a Friend of Mine
07. We Don't Mind

Eric Andersen
08. My Land Is a Good Land

The tape fades as everybody is about to come out on stage for a finale.

DL 1
DL 2

by John Drake

Richard & Mimi Farina "Reflections in a Crystal Wind" 1965

Basically a continuation of the first album with a slightly more electric feel, finding Richard developing deeper insight and a subtler touch. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Link fixed

Richard & Mimi Farina - Memories + Newport Folk Festival

by jay strange

This is the album with barefoot jerry all over it

"Dennis Linde" 1973

Songwriter Dennis Linde remained a fixture of the country charts for decades, penning blockbusters for everyone from Elvis Presley to the Dixie Chicks. Born March 18, 1943, in Abilene, TX, Linde spent much of his adolescence in St. Louis, first picking up the guitar at the age of 15. During the late '60s, he played in the St. Louis band the Starlighters, driving a dry-cleaning delivery truck by day. When speeding tickets cost him his license and his day job, Linde turned to songwriting, relocating to Nashville in 1969 to join the Combine Music staff (which also included Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury, and Wanda Jackson). Linde scored his first major hit a year later when Roy Drusky cut his "Long Long Texas Road." He also signed a solo deal with Mercury's Intrepid imprint, issuing his debut effort, Linde Manor.

In 1972, Elvis scored his final number one hit with "Burning Love," launching Linde to the forefront of Nashville songwriters. The attention earned him a deal with Elektra, which released his self-titled sophomore record in 1973. Trapped in the Suburbs appeared on the label's Asylum subsidiary the following year, and in 1978 Linde signed to Monument to release his fourth and final solo disc, Under the Eye. He continued his commercial success during the mid-'80s, writing hits for Kenny Rogers ("Goodbye, Marie"), Gary Morris ("The Love She Found in Me"), Don Williams ("Walkin' a Broken Heart"), and Eddy Raven ("I'm Gonna Get You").

However, Linde's finest work emerged during the following decade, when he unleashed his mordant wit on songs for Mark Chesnutt ("Bubba Shot the Jukebox"), Joe Diffie ("John Deere Green"), and Shenandoah ("Janie Baker's Love Slave") -- in 1993, he was named the Nashville Songwriter Association's Songwriter of the Year, and in 1994 earned BMI's Songwriter the Year honors. Linde made national headlines in 2000 when the Dixie Chicks scored with his bleakly witty "Goodbye Earl," the controversial tale of an abusive husband killed by his long-suffering wife. He returned to the upper reaches of the country charts in 2005 with Alan Jackson's "The Talkin' Song Repair Blues." ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Hello, I Am Your Heart/Ridin' High/I Had A Dream/The Longer You're Gone/East St. Louis Nights//DR- 31/Don't Leave Me Here All Alone/Some Songs/All I Want To Do Is Be Your Man/Burning Love/Just A Song


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by gonzo #26

Steve Turner "Braiding" 1986

Greetings Bloggers.
I'm not back from my break in Australia yet but while I have the opportunity and access to a broadband internet connection, here is a Steve Turner album, one of 4 I have found here, as a taster. This is over 100megs so this upload is minus one track which I will upload later.

This link includes digital camera pictures of the cover.

DL (minus final track, plz wait...)

by MJF #8

The Corries "Live" A Live O
Contour 6870 539, 1972

01. In Kirkintilloch (3:15)
02. Busk Busk Bonnie Lassie (4:57)
03. My Love She Is But A Lassie (2:15)
04. The Haughs Of Cromdale (3:23)
05. The Braes Of Killiecrankie (3:52)
06. Marie's Wedding (2:11)
07. Johnny Mceldoo (2:13)
08. The Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie (5:30)
09. The Hills Of Ardmorn (3:51)
10. The Rattling Bog (4:39)

Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson

The Corries "Flower Of Scotland"

01. Stirling Brig (2:47)
02. Kelvin Grove (5:31)
03. The Vicar & The Frog (3:08)
04. The Bona Line (4:02)
05. The Loo Song (3:33)
06. The Black Douglas (2:59)
07. The Bonnie Ship The Diamond (2:47)
08. Mothers, Daughters, Wives (6:18)
09. Tibbie Dunbar (3:41)
10. Shenendoah (3:50)
11. The Castle Of Drumore (4:27)
12. The Food Blues (2:35)
13. Flower Of Scotland (3:11)

Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson


by Jhonny #2

Thanks you Lizardson for post my contribution,
More Fariña´s for your friends:

Richard & Mimi Farina
"Memories" 1968 + "Newport Folk Festival" 1965

Margarita Mimi Baez ( born april 30, 1945, California ) sister of the folk singer Joan Baez, at the age of 17 married by Richard George Fariña ( born march 8, 1937, Brooklyn ).
They record together only two studio albums: "Celebrations for a Grey Day" (April, 1965) and "Reflections in a Crystal Wind" (December, 1965).
On April 30, 1966 Richard was killed instantly in a motorcycle accident.
In the fall of 1968 Mimi compiled the posthumus "Memories".

And see the TV appearance on Rainbow Quest Show:

Mimi & Dick Farina "House Un-American Blues Activity Dream"

Mimi and Richard Farina "Bold Marauder"

Mimi: Guitar, Vocal
Richard: Dulcimer, Vocal

by danny #13

General Humbert ::: II
> 192 kbps VBR

Shay Kavanagh: guitar, bouzouki
Mary Black: vocals, bodhran
John Donegan: mandoline, harmonium
Vincent Kilduff: Uilleann pipes, tin whistle, flute
Kevin Glackin: fiddle
Arthur Keating: French horn

01 Amhran Pheter Baillie (4:12)
02 Dans klemm/An dro (2:50)
03 St. Helena (5:12)
04 Jigs: Old Joe's/Old Tipperary/Jig of Slurs (4:12)
05 Duilleoga (2:10)
06 Rileanna/Reels: Reverb in the cans/The crooked road/Lucy Campbell (3:54)
07 Mo ghile mear (3:32)
08 Waltzes: Mrs. Kelly's chickens/The trip over the mountains (3:52)
09 Ceol ui Chearbhallain: Mrs. Delaney/Carolan's cup, Conor O'Reilly (4:09)
10 Fare thee well, my own true love (3:20)

all titles traditional/arrangement General Humbert

1978 • Gael-Linn CEFC 095/TAOBH-1 •• 1983 • Shanachie 79032 • Boot records

General Humbert have been together since 1976. On this, their second album, they display their command of a wide range of musical styles -- Irish, Breton and English. Mary Black's fine singing complements the fresh and original instrumental arrangements to present a satisfying and interesting album


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by Anonymous

Chris Fraser "Songs From a Four Poster Bed" 1999

Denver, Boise & Johnson "FRAGMENTS"

From 1968 at The Bitter End, NY.
Denver, Boise & Johnson sings "Both Side Now", "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free" and "That's The Way It's Gonna Be" (Live, 1968).

1. Both Sides Now
2. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
3. That's the Way It's Gonna Be

by Titus Luxor

Hello Lizardson,
Haven't been here for a while.
(I am scared of the folkies)

Volunteers "Black Membrane Volume One"

Volunteers are a UK based band led by singer/lead guitarist Paul Bibby. Paul has been creating music for over 25 years.This album is a sample of songs from various recordings and features many different musicians. I play bass on two or three songs and wrote the words to one. Several of the tracks were recorded at my home studio. Paul has an original approach to music but, to give you an indication, he is very fond of Captain Beefheart & King Crimson.
So NOT for the faint hearted.
Artwork is included and it's all FREE!

Titus Luxor


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hermanthegerman said...
hi lizard,

the following seems really nice:

Vashti Bunyan "Summer Sundae Festival"
Leicester, UK [2006-08-12] BBC Broadcast

D.C. Share

by Jhonny

Dear Lizardson & Friends,
My little contribution to your proyect:

Mimi & Richard Fariña "Celebrations for a Grey Day" 1965

If you like I have:
- Richard & Mimi Farina - memories ('68) + newport folk festival ('65)
- Mimi Farina & Tom Jans - take heart ( Vinil Rip )
- Dick Farina & Eric Von Schmidt ( Vinil Rip )

Really thanks for the music!!
Good Bless You


by antonios #4

"Tim Hollier" 1970

Tim Hollier was one of the most unfairly neglected of folk-based artists to come out of late-'60s England, his brand of trippy, quietly elegant psychedelic folk-rock deserving an infinitely wider hearing than it got -- not that he ultimately did badly in music, but he deserved better earlier. Born in Brighton in 1947, Hollier was raised in West Cumberland, and at age 13 formed his first group, the Meteors, with a group of friends from school. He attended art college and played as part of a folk duo called the Sovereigns in the mid-'60s. He later moved to London to study graphic design, and got involved in the folk scene there, seeing some limited success as an opening act for such well-known figures as blues songstress Jo Ann Kelly and visiting American Paul Simon.

An introduction to Simon Napier-Bell -- a music figure best remembered today as the man who inherited the Yardbirds' management from Giorgio Gomelsky -- got Hollier to the next phase of his career, a proper recording contract. Napier-Bell got Hollier signed with United Artists Records' U.K. division, a much more adventurous outfit than its American parent company. Where the latter was still relying on soundtracks and recording Jay & the Americans, the U.K. United Artists outfit was downright experimental, cutting psychedelic sides by Del Shannon; it wouldn't be long before they'd sign up Brinsley Schwarz and the Flamin' Groovies. It was at UA that Hollier recorded his first album, Message to a Harlequin, in mid-1968; released in October of that year, it was a tremendous showcase for Hollier's excellent voice and challenging, psychedelic-flavored songs, elaborately produced and reminiscent in many ways of the first two albums by Duncan Browne.

The album -- although not especially successful in England -- even managed to get a U.S. release on the company's Imperial Records imprint. Hollier made slow progress in finding an audience over the ensuing year, playing on some of his UA labelmate Peter Sarstedt's records and getting some exposure on the BBC, and also collaborating on stage and record with American songwriter Amory Kane. He left UA in 1969 and signed with Fontana Records, which issued his self-titled, self-produced second album in the summer of 1970. It failed to sell, and a year later a similar fate befell his third album, Sky Sail, released on Philips. By 1973, he'd shifted gears somewhat in his career, and went into the production end, forming his own label, called Songwriters Workshop -- among those who signed up was Peter Sarstedt.

By the 1980s, Hollier had moved into music publishing, and later went into movie financing -- his company, Filmtrax, not only scored movies, but also helped produce such pictures as Withnail and I (which, ironically, dealt with the closing days of the 1960s, the period in which Hollier had the bad fortune to start his recording career). In the decades since, he has remained a major figure in the field of music copyrights amid the boom in new technologies and media. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

by Anonymous

Nanci Griffith "Another Rarities"

1. Texas Boy (B.F. Deal Sampler, Vol. 1)
2. If I Were A Child (B.F. Deal Sampler, Vol. 1)
3. Double Standard Blues (B.F. Deal Sampler, Vol. 1)
4. I Hear Nevada (L.A. Radio Broadcast, 1983) (written by Eric Taylor)
5. Tappan Zee (L.A. Radio Broadcast, 1983)
6. Roll You Colorado (Austin Radio Broadcast, 1985)
7. Open Doors And Windows (Austin Radio Broadcast, 1985) (written by Dave Mallet)
8. On Down The Road (Austin Radio Broadcast, 1985) (author unknown)
9. Fare Thee Well (Austin Radio Broadcast, 1985) (author unknown)
10. Rio Grande (Michigan Radio Broadcast, 1986) (written by Bill Staines)
11. Wichita Falls Waltz (acapella)
12. Feathered Heart
13. Last Dance At The Last Chance (written by Vince Bell)
14. Home On The Range
15. Pity Boy Blues
16. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
17. Gulf Coast Highway (with Tom Russell)
18. Dublin Blues (Harmony to Guy Clark)
19. Toronto Rain (Boston Radio Broadcast, 1985)


Roy Clark "Where This Road Will Lead Us"


Monday, February 25, 2008


Colin Thompson - Three Knights
Dick Gaughan - Gaughan
Fat City - Reincarnation
Fat City - Welcome To Fat City
Jim Croce - On Air / The Coventry Lads
Larry Jon Wilson - Loose Change
Two Tones - At The Village Corner

by Anonymous

Fleetwood Mac
"Rumours Outtakes" aka "Rumours Are Rampant"

1.Second Hand News
2.Oh Daddy (Stevie backing vocals)
3.Go Your Own Way
4.Silver Springs (long demo version)
5.Gold Dust Woman
6.Gold Dust Woman
7.Think About It
8.Don't Stop
9.I Don't Want To Know
10.The Chain (instrumental)
11.You Make Loving Fun
14.Never Going Back Again
15.The Chain
16.The Dealer (demo)
17.Silver Springs


Sunday, February 24, 2008

by Anonymous

Dale Menten "Ireally Wanted To Make A Movie" 1974

01 Too Much Of A Lady
02 Montana; You're A Lady
03 Houlerah
04 Bingo
05 What Can I Say
06 No One Knows Him
07 A Stones Throw Away
08 Trial Of The Eagle
09 Body By Fisher
10 Garden City Schoolhouse


Martin Cooper "If You Were a Singer" 1979

01 Like A Gypsy
02 Stephen
03 Wine, Wine, Wine
04 A Little Bit Country, A Lit
05 Calhoun
06 The Mississippi Blind Boy
07 A Second Hand Song
08 Ten Dollar Room
09 Sometimes Cowgirls Get The Blues
10 If You Were A Singer


Paul Masse "Motels And Stations" 1969

01 Motels And Stations
02 The Way It Use To Be
03 Where It's At
04 Candy
05 The Bandana
06 High On A Hill
07 Lazy Wind
08 There Is A River
09 Love Won't Come Easy
10 Brambles And Flowers
11 Season Sun
12 Dragon Fly


Shadow Mann "Come Live with Me" 1969

01 Shadow Mann
02 Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting
03 Family Portrait
04 Poor Jack
05 You Gotta Be Me
06 Come Live With Me
07 One By One
08 Monkey Got His Eye On You
09 Sweet Potato Pie
10 I Am You - You Are Me
11 My Heart Is Showing


by Anonymous

Danny O'Keefe
KUT "Live Set", Austin, Texas [19 Feb 2006]


by Anonymous

Townes Van Zandt & Blaze Foley
"Tribute to Clyde Buchanan"
The Loading Chute, Temple, TX [May 20, 1984]

Sorry for the bad sound quality. But this is a rare one and worth listening ...


by antonios #3

"Deirdre" (Dutch Folk 1977)

01. Daughter Of Peggy'o
02. Lonely Jean
03. Cup Of Tea
04. Tell Me What You See In Me
05. Young Waters
06. It Visserke
07. Nine Paints Of Roguery
08. Koopangszanje
09. Grave Walk
10. Call The Yaves


"Pegasus" (Dutch Folk 1977)

01. Jack Tarr
02. Alemande/Tripla
03. An Robin
04. Pinch Of Snuff Medley
05. Low Lands Away
06. Jabberwocky
07. Swedish Dance
08. Dowie Dence O'yarrow
09. Wascha Mesa/Chicken Dance
10. Kings Favorite Medley


by Anonymous

S. David Cohen (David Blue) "Me" 1970

01. Mama Tried
02. Lady Fair
03. Atlanta Fairwell
04. Turning Towards You
05. Isn’t That The Way It’s Supposed To Be
06. Beautiful Susan
07. He Holds The Wings She Wore
08. Better Off Free
09. Me And Patty On The Moon
10. How Much My Life Means To Me
11. Sara

by Anonymous

Abbie Gardner

Abbie's interest in music started as a young child. She played flute classically throughout school and began singing in a cappella groups in 1992. As the musical director and arranger/transcriber for the Boston University Treblemakers, Abbie released an a cappella CD in 1997 called "Treble in The Waters."

In 1998, Abbie began playing guitar and has been writing and performing original acoustic blues/folk songs since then, with independent recording efforts "Tea and a Cookie, " and self-titled EP "Abbie Gardner". Performing in coffee shops across the country led Abbie to develop the "Open Mic Directory," a portion of her web site that has been an invaluable resource to independent musicians nationwide since 1999.

In 2004 she released, "My Craziest Dream" a collection of jazz standards with her father, pianist Herb Gardner. A five piece quartet was recorded live in-studio for this swing record and plays swing dances in and around NY.

"Tea and a Cookie" 1997
"Southern Rain" 1998
"Abbie Gardner" EP 1999


Allen Wayne Damron "Sweeping Up Dreams" 1985

01 Wind Don't Blow In San Anto
02 Spanish Silver
03 Maria Consuelo Arroyo
04 Old San Marcos
05 Majado
06 Austin In The Summer
07 Dust
08 Shootin' Fish In A Barrel
09 The Gringo Pistolero
10 Old Cowboys


"Hoover" 1969

Produced by Chuck Glaser
Strings and Horn Arranged by Bill Pursell
Arrangements by Hoover

All Songs written and composed by Hoover

01 I'll Say My Words
02 Leave That For Memories
03 Kommst Du Doch Mit Mir (Come With Me)
04 That's How A Woman's S'pose To Be
05 Free To Run Free
06 All That Keeps Ya Going
07 I'm Not That Kind Of Man
08 One Man's Family
09 Games
10 Set Yourself Free (Theme From Tick, Tick, Tick)


Randy Crawford "Only Your Love Song Lasts"

Randy Crawford's initial notoriety came from her fiery vocal on "Street Life," a 1979 song matching her with the Crusaders that was included on the soundtrack for Burt Reynolds' film Sharky's Machine. Crawford was born in Macon and grew up in Cincinnati; she worked in clubs as a teen, accompanied by her father. Crawford was lead vocalist in a group that included bassist Bootsy Collins before touring as George Benson's opening act in 1972. Cannonball Adderley invited her to sing on his LP Big Man. Crawford recorded "Don't Get Caught in Love's Triangle," a song produced by Johnny Bristol, during a short stay on the label. She soon moved to Warner Bros., and after "Street Life," recorded and toured Europe with the Crusaders. Crawford was tabbed Most Outstanding Performer at the 1980 Tokyo Music Festival. She remained with Warner Bros. through the '80s and early '90s, but was unable to score either a big R&B hit or major crossover smash, despite having one of the most readily identifiable voices and distinctive approaches of any contemporary female vocalist. She's been more successful overseas, particularly in England, where such singles as "Knocking on Heaven's Door," "Rainy Night in Georgia," and "Last Night at Danceland" have gotten universal acclaim. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

01 One Day I'll Fly Away (198
02 This Old Heart Of Mine (1983)
03 Only Your Lovesong Lasts (1976)
04 Tender Falls The Rain (1980)
05 One Hello (1982)
06 When Your Life Was Low (1980)
07 I Let You Walk Away (1976)
08 I Don't Wanna Be Normal (1986)
09 He Reminds Me (1982)
10 I've Never Been To Me (1976)
11 Rainy Night In Georgia (1981)
12 I'm Easy (1976)
13 Almaz (1986)
14 Now We May Begin (1980)
15 When I'm Gone (1982)
16 Desire (1986)
17 Look Who's Lonely Now (1982)
18 You Might Need Somebody (1981)
19 World Of Fools (1986)


Sandy Posey "Tennessee Rose" 1983

Sandy Posey (born June 18, 1944[1]) is an American popular singer, who enjoyed success in the 1960s with singles such as her 1966 recording of Martha Sharpe's composition, "Single Girl." She is often described as a country singer, although, like Skeeter Davis, perhaps her nearest comparator, her output has varied and, later in her career, the term, "countrypolitan," associated with the "Nashville sound", was sometimes applied.[2] Posey had three hit singles in the United States all of which peaked at number 12 in the sales charts.[3]

See more

01 Are We Dreaming The Same Dream
02 Tennessee Rose
03 You Never Gave Up On Me
04 Diamond In The Rough
05 I Fall To Pieces
06 I Lie
07 Rose Of Cimarron
08 I Know A Heartache When I S
09 Half The Way
10 Save The Last Dance For Me


by antonios #2

King's Galliard "Morning Dew" (Irish Folk 1976)

A1. Kerry Polkas
A2. Whelan's Jig / Morning Dew
A3. Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill
A4. Land of Erin
A5. Morrison's Reel
A6. Drunken Sailer Hornpipe
A7. O'Carolan's Concerto
A8. The Foxhunters

B1. The Flute and the Drone
B2. The Spinning Wheel
B3. Princess Royal
B4. Dicey Riley
B5. Brian Boru's March
B6. The Lark in the Morning / Tinker's Reel
B7. Boulavogue / Bantry Bay
B8. Winnifred / Planxty Drew

antonios said...
Does anyone have this LP's?

1. Touchstone(US) - Tarot (1972)
2. Touchstone(UK) - Music from Pandora's box (1972)
3. A Fleeting Glance(UK) - A Fleeting Glance(1970)

DL 1
DL 2

by Anonymous

Noel McLoughlin "23 Best Of Ireland"


Saturday, February 23, 2008

by Anonymous

John Denver "John Denver Sings" 1966

Dedicated to Milt Okun, John had 250 copies of this album produced in 1966. He gave it to friends and family as a personal Christmas gift. After hearing one of the tunes, 'Babe. I Hate to Go,' Peter, Paul and Mary later recorded the song for their only #1 single. By then, the title had been changed to 'Leaving on a Jet Plane,'
The rest, as they say, is history.

John's personal note says,
"Hank, This is the most that I can give and I want you to have it. Your friend, John"

00. Jd Talking
01. Here, There And Everywhere
02. Ann
03. Oh Babe, I Hate To Go
04. When I Was A Cowboy
05. Yesterday
06. Blues My Naughty
07. What's That I Hear
08. And I Love Her
09. When Will I Be Loved
10. Darcy Farrow
11. Minor Swing
12. In My Life
13. Farewell Party


by Anonymous

Phil Carmen & Mike Thompson "No Chance Romance" 1981

01. No Chance Romance
02. The Sun Goes Down
03. Q Minor Seven
04. Goin' West
05. Follow Me
06. Back Again
07. Wake Up
08. What's In A Song
09. Waitin' For A Sign
10. Indian Queens



Tracks 01-11: from "Tell Me a Poem" 1993
Tracks 13-23: from "The World in Lucy's Eyes" 1994
Tracks 12, 24-25: from "Papermoon" 1996

01. As One
02. Any Longer For You
03. Dancing Again
04. Weiter
05. The Man At The Window
06. Times Are Changing
07. Tell Me A Poem
08. Wer Bist Du
09. Chant D'automne
10. Night After Night
11. Follow (1993)
12. Time To Say Goodbye
13. Follow (1994)
14. Catch Me
15. The Day You Walk Away
16. Where The Wind Blows Forev
17. By My Side
18. In My Dreams
19. Lucy's Eyes
20. The Place That I Love
21. Stay For The Night
22. The Man On The Boardwalk
23. On A Christmas Day
24. Promised Land
25. Leaving Tomorrow

see here for more


by Oisin #7

Alistair Anderson "Concertina Workshop" 1974

01 - The Dancing Tailor
02 - The Barrington Hornpipe
03 - The Recruited Collier
04 - Sir Sindey Smith's March
05 - The Flannel Jacket
06 - Joe Burke's Hornpipe
07 - Jenny Linn Polka
08 - The One Horned Sheep
09 - Admiral Cole
10 - Derwenter's Farewell
11 - The King's Favourite
12 - The Aith Rant
13 - The Fateful Head
14 - Kick The World Before You

by antonios

The New Age (Pat Kilroy, Susan Graubard & Jeffrey Stewart)
"All Around" 1967

This is what can be called one of the major sensations in the raga influenced “Psychedelic/Acid Folk” field. Also some of the earliest recordings in this genre and hitherto unreleased.

After the release of the "Light of Day" album in 1966 the now legendary Pat Kilroy and Susan Graubard went on with playing and creating music together. What you hear on this album is what they recorded for Warner Brothers in the summer of 1967, a true groundbreaking adventure of the highest order. They expanded in the direction they started in 1966 and the result is far beyond and superior to everything I heard from that time period before in this musical style except for Tim Buckley. No wonder that it didn't come out at that time because those recordings were for sure far too adventurous for Warner Brothers and also for almost other leading music companies at the time. Incredible - and I mean INCREDIBLE raga influenced Psychedelic/Acid Folk with some of the best songwriting I know of with monstrous lyrics and deep lead vocals. Also a wide range of instruments were played like incredible raga-esque acoustic guitar, electric bass, Spanish cowbells, bell tree, silver flute, bamboo flutes, viola, tamboura, conga drums, tables, acoustic and electric bass and tambourine. Pat Kilroy sadly died of Hodgkin’s disease in December of 1967 at a very young age. If this record had a proper release at the time, it would be a major classic and a milestone today in the psychedelic history book.

Be ready for an incredible musical trip along with an amazing, long and very intense story behind.

Complaint received by artist.
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