Friday, February 29, 2008

by jay strange

This is the album with barefoot jerry all over it

"Dennis Linde" 1973

Songwriter Dennis Linde remained a fixture of the country charts for decades, penning blockbusters for everyone from Elvis Presley to the Dixie Chicks. Born March 18, 1943, in Abilene, TX, Linde spent much of his adolescence in St. Louis, first picking up the guitar at the age of 15. During the late '60s, he played in the St. Louis band the Starlighters, driving a dry-cleaning delivery truck by day. When speeding tickets cost him his license and his day job, Linde turned to songwriting, relocating to Nashville in 1969 to join the Combine Music staff (which also included Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury, and Wanda Jackson). Linde scored his first major hit a year later when Roy Drusky cut his "Long Long Texas Road." He also signed a solo deal with Mercury's Intrepid imprint, issuing his debut effort, Linde Manor.

In 1972, Elvis scored his final number one hit with "Burning Love," launching Linde to the forefront of Nashville songwriters. The attention earned him a deal with Elektra, which released his self-titled sophomore record in 1973. Trapped in the Suburbs appeared on the label's Asylum subsidiary the following year, and in 1978 Linde signed to Monument to release his fourth and final solo disc, Under the Eye. He continued his commercial success during the mid-'80s, writing hits for Kenny Rogers ("Goodbye, Marie"), Gary Morris ("The Love She Found in Me"), Don Williams ("Walkin' a Broken Heart"), and Eddy Raven ("I'm Gonna Get You").

However, Linde's finest work emerged during the following decade, when he unleashed his mordant wit on songs for Mark Chesnutt ("Bubba Shot the Jukebox"), Joe Diffie ("John Deere Green"), and Shenandoah ("Janie Baker's Love Slave") -- in 1993, he was named the Nashville Songwriter Association's Songwriter of the Year, and in 1994 earned BMI's Songwriter the Year honors. Linde made national headlines in 2000 when the Dixie Chicks scored with his bleakly witty "Goodbye Earl," the controversial tale of an abusive husband killed by his long-suffering wife. He returned to the upper reaches of the country charts in 2005 with Alan Jackson's "The Talkin' Song Repair Blues." ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Hello, I Am Your Heart/Ridin' High/I Had A Dream/The Longer You're Gone/East St. Louis Nights//DR- 31/Don't Leave Me Here All Alone/Some Songs/All I Want To Do Is Be Your Man/Burning Love/Just A Song



Blogger Robin said...

I have been looking for a digital version of this for a long time. "Hello, I Am Your Heart" is a brilliant, brilliant song. (It was covered - not very well, in my opinion - by the Dirt Band

29 February, 2008 05:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this one! Been looking for "Linde Manor" for ages ... would you have that one as well? Thanks ...

29 February, 2008 05:38  
Blogger carrie said...

holy moly!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking for Dennis Linde for two years!

Bless you for posting this!


29 February, 2008 05:44  
Blogger ge said...

Did a minor miracle occur? i seem to have 2 Linde albums on my box, just see one here now...So where the heck has this guy been all my life? I feel like I've discovered, thanks to you, a cat who sits-fits somewhere comfortably between Joe South and Mac Gayden-- which= Great!!

29 February, 2008 07:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"flybabog" says Linde Manor is over on Lost In Thyme blog

01 March, 2008 05:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh fantastic never seen it before.
under the eye is one of my all time faves, anyone know where a digital version might be- can't buy it anywhere.
yes GE i see that connection too-love skyboat

01 March, 2008 05:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - BIG thanks - fantastic album; and this is a much better rip than that I did for myself from my poor vinyl copy. Talking of which I have also ripped (better vinyl!) Linde's Trapped In The Suburbs which is worth the price of admission for the brilliant title track alone.

I'd love to share it here - how would I go about doing that (technical idiot here). Let me know and I'll do my best (but not till next week as I'm away this weekend.


07 March, 2008 08:39  
Blogger Greyhoundude said...

Also see Decameron's MAMMOTH SPECIAL album, which was produced by Dennis Linde in 1973 or so.

13 March, 2008 11:21  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this interesting album.
As well as Burning Love, Presley also recorded I Had a Dream.
Eager for some more DL.


06 December, 2008 01:00  
Blogger Unknown said...

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24 May, 2013 15:52  
Blogger Unknown said...

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