Saturday, February 23, 2008

by antonios

The New Age (Pat Kilroy, Susan Graubard & Jeffrey Stewart)
"All Around" 1967

This is what can be called one of the major sensations in the raga influenced “Psychedelic/Acid Folk” field. Also some of the earliest recordings in this genre and hitherto unreleased.

After the release of the "Light of Day" album in 1966 the now legendary Pat Kilroy and Susan Graubard went on with playing and creating music together. What you hear on this album is what they recorded for Warner Brothers in the summer of 1967, a true groundbreaking adventure of the highest order. They expanded in the direction they started in 1966 and the result is far beyond and superior to everything I heard from that time period before in this musical style except for Tim Buckley. No wonder that it didn't come out at that time because those recordings were for sure far too adventurous for Warner Brothers and also for almost other leading music companies at the time. Incredible - and I mean INCREDIBLE raga influenced Psychedelic/Acid Folk with some of the best songwriting I know of with monstrous lyrics and deep lead vocals. Also a wide range of instruments were played like incredible raga-esque acoustic guitar, electric bass, Spanish cowbells, bell tree, silver flute, bamboo flutes, viola, tamboura, conga drums, tables, acoustic and electric bass and tambourine. Pat Kilroy sadly died of Hodgkin’s disease in December of 1967 at a very young age. If this record had a proper release at the time, it would be a major classic and a milestone today in the psychedelic history book.

Be ready for an incredible musical trip along with an amazing, long and very intense story behind.

Complaint received by artist.


Anonymous Christian said...

This is just Incredible! I've ben looking for this record and finally you post it, I give just a 10000000000000000000000000 blessings and love love love, thanks sososososo much

23 February, 2008 06:23  
Anonymous arbor said...

Definitely checking this one out...thanks a lot

23 February, 2008 10:26  
Anonymous el said...

thank you so much!

23 February, 2008 17:45  
Blogger bobhowe said...

I love eastern folk and this is so much better than I expected. Thanks very much.

04 March, 2008 07:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you please re-upload it, it's no longer available

27 July, 2008 04:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, deleting the file because of a complaint is BULL SHIT.

30 November, 2008 03:27  
Blogger hatari said...

Please repost the link.
I'm looking for this a very long time.



17 December, 2008 16:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way I can get this from you? Because I'm itching to have it now...

10 February, 2009 08:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Lizardson,
Couuld you please repost this gem? It was lost on my computer.
ever thanks for your fantastic work on this blog and all the best!


08 March, 2009 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This cd is out of print again. I've tried EVERYWHERE to get it, to no avail. You can't even but it direct from RD records. Can someone please send it to me in a zip if no-ones prepared to upload it again. Please send to

15 May, 2009 23:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Links dead....

05 June, 2011 09:09  

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