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Nick Drake cover versions

From various studio and live recordings.

Anathema - Cello Song
Archer Prewitt - Parasite
Beck - Parasite
Beck - Pink Moon
Beck - Which Will
Ben Wilkinson - From the Morning
Ben Wilkinson - Pink Moon
Ben Wilkinson - Place to Be
Brad Mehldau - Riverman
Ceylan Hay - Things Behind The Sun
Claudia Scott - Northern Sky
Counting Crows - Black Eyed Dog
Damien Jurado - Parasite
Damien Jurado - Place to Be
Damien Jurado - Rider on the Wheel
Damien Jurado - Which Will
Duncan Sheik - River Man
Geva Alon - Pink Moon
Gomachi - Riverman
Gomez - Black Eyed Dog
Graham Coxon - Been Smoking To Long (peel)
Graham Coxon - Been Smoking To Long
Hilary Woods (JJ72) - Black Eyed Dog
Javier Trejo - Time Has Told Me
Juliana Hatfield - Pink Moon)
Leo O'Kelly - Northern Sky
Los Planetas - Nothern Sky (Cielo del Norte)
Lucinda Williams - Which Will
My Morning Jacket - Northern Sky
Norah Jones - Day Is Done
Oberon Carter - Watching the Sea Rise and Fall (sorry, not ND song;;)
Placebo - Been Smoking To Long
Portastic - Northern Sky
Richard Thompson - Time Has Told Me [noise]
Richard Thompson - Time Has Told Me
Robin Frederik - Been Smoking To Long
Robyn Hitchcock - Pink Moon
Robyn Hitchcock - River Man
Sebadoh - Pink Moon
Stendek the Great - Pink Moon
Tim Reynolds - Time Has Told Me 1
Tim Reynolds - Time Has Told Me 2
Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten - Fruit Tree
Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten - Riverman
Toshack Highway - Parasite
Ushuaia Rocks! - Pink Moon
Will Stratton herohill WOTB - Place to Be


Merry Christmas!

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by ericbkk

He Shall Overcome: Pete Seeger at 90 (BBC R2)
presented by Billy Bragg

He Shall Overcome: Pete Seeger at 90
BBC Radio 2, 09 Dec 2009

In the year that Pete Seeger celebrates his 90th birthday, Billy Bragg tells the story of a remarkable life in folk music and politics.
Pete Seeger was born during the great depression and, in the 90 years since, he has become an influential and iconic figure. His forthright lyrics about civil rights, unions and ordinary Americans, sung with the aid of a banjo, ensured that he was blacklisted for decades. Never able to play on mainstream TV or radio, he took to the road, bringing his message to the very people he was writing and singing about.
Billy Bragg helps explain the importance of Seeger, and we hear many different versions of his classic songs. We also hear from singers who have joined him on stage, or taken to the stage because of him, as well as those who have sung his songs.
Contributors include the Grammy-Award winning singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith; Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, who remembers how they recorded Turn Turn, Turn and turned it into a worldwide number one; Donavan describes how important Seeger was to him; and Tom Paxton, who was part of the 60s Greenwich Village scene with Pete, explains how important We Shall Overcome was to the whole Civil Rights movement. A song which has become a musical symbol of resistance to oppression.


MP3 @ 128 kbps, 88 min.

Acknowledgements to Cherokee on for the recording.

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V.A. – John Playford

V.A. – John Playford, the dancing master (1691) - 1978

22 country dances du XVIIe siècle
Full lengh & strict tempo

01 Hyde Park
02 Jenny pluck pears
03 Bobbing Joe
04 Mayden Lane
05 Halfe Hannikin
06 Rufty tufty
07 The fine companion
08 Hearts ease
09 Confesse
10 The maid peept out at the window
11 An old man is a bed full of bones
12 Boate man
13 Petticoat wag
14 Grimstock
15 Stingo
16 Jack Pudding
17 Kettle drum
18 Lulle me beyond thee
19 Dissembling love
20 The begger boy
21 The glory of the west
22 Parsons farewell

Denis Gasser : clavecin
Yvon Guilcher : flûtes douces, tin wihistle, flûte à trois trous, bodhran
Dominique Paris : musette northumbrienne
Janine Rubinlicht : violon baroque
John Wright : violon, guimbarde, crwth, chant

avec la pochette et le livret



John Wright

John Wright – Unaccompanied – 1978

01 Awake, awake, you drowsy sleeper
02 Four-hand reel
03 Murphy's hornpipe
04 Gypsy hornpipe
05 Henry Martin
06 Bridget cruise 2 & 3
07 Tailor by my trade
08 Dornoch links/The shepherd's crook/Lochiel's awa' to France
09 Young Charlotte
10 The varsoviana
11 La valse Vienne
12 La scottisch anglaise
13 L'angoise
14 Our captain cried all hands
15 Ninepins
16 Saturday night and sunday morning
17 The punk's delight

John Wright : chant, guimbarde, violon, harmonica

lien supprimé :-((

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from Mick Lawson (Evensong)

Mick Lawson said...
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about our album Evensong.
The record is due for release shortly on Poppydisc records. (Joe Foster.) ( It has been remastered from vinyl and it includes 3 bonus tracks - Romeo, Dance Dance Dance and Wooden Wheels. If you would like me to update you on Evensong news please use my Email which is Love and Peace for Christmas and the New Year. Mick Lawson (Evensong)
Evensong (on THTM)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

RIP Liam Clancy

Official web site said...
The family of Liam Clancy regret to announce the sad death of Liam who passed away at 12 noon today in Bon Secours Hospital , Cork , Ireland . 4/12/2009
Liam, the last surviving member of the Clancy Brothers, is survived by his wife Kim and their four children, Eben, Siobhan, Donal and Fiona. his 8 grandchildren and his sisters Joan and Peg.
He will be sadly missed by family, friends and his many fans throughout the world.

Thanks to our friend yabanjin for this important news.

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Parchment - Shamblejam (1975 UK)

rian Smith, Sue McClellan and John Pac.
From UK (1975) ,the third lp is one of my fave.
Tracks "Shine on Me" and "Changes" are both

1 Denomination Blues
2 Green Psalm
3 Shine on Me + Changes
4 Don't Let the Morning Come
5 Corners of My Life
6 Speaker's Corner
7 Morning Sky
8 My Man on Love
9 Light of the World
10 Long As I Can See You

Rockin-Hood blog

Thanks to mike musiclover!

by Anonymous

Third Ear Band
New Forecasts From The Third Ear Almanac (1989)

Recorded live at Teatro Impavadi, Sarzana, Italy on the 11th January
1989 - taken from official bootleg cassette on the ADN label

1. Egyptian Book Of The Dead
2. Third Ear Raga
3. Live Ghosts
4. Witches' Dance

performed by;

GLEN SWEENEY - hand drums
MICK CARTER - guitar
LYN DOBSON - flute and alto saxophone

All compositions by Glen Sweeney, Mick Carter and Lyn Dobson

Thanks to Anonymous!

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Third Ear Band

Unreleased Sessions 1968-1971

National Balkan Ensemble (Pre-Third Ear Band) 1968
1. Cosmic Scale
2. Jason's Trip
3. Devil Weed

Top Gear 1969
4. Hyde Park Raga
5. Druid

BBC 1971
6. Hyde Park
7. Water
8. Eternity In D
9. Druid

Glen 'Zen' Sweeney - Percussion (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Paul Minns - Oboe (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Richard Coff - Violin, Viola (1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9)
Ben Cartland - Violin, Viola (1,2,3)
Ursula Smith - Cello (4,5)
Denim Bridges - Electric Guitar, Vocal (6,7,8,9)
Paul Buckmaster - Cello, Bass Guitar (6,7,8,9)
Unknown - Congas (6)


Thanks to rockitaly for the artworks.
And thanks to Anonymous for correct track info.

Mary Rhoads

Mary Rhoads – le dulcimer – 1972
Spécial instrumental

01-Golden slippers
03-Will the circle be unbroken
04-Old Joe black
05-Mary's medley
06-Herod and the cock
07-Over the waterfall
08-The water is wide
09-Simple gifts
11-Where the flowers
12-Shady grove

Mary Rhoads : dulcimer, chant
Jean-François Dutertre : épinette des Vosges
Phil Fromont : fiddle
Christian Gour’han : dulcimer, vielle à roue
Michel Hindenoch : banjo, cuillers
Claude Lefebvre : guitare
Youra Marcus : banjo
Croqui (Daniel Lefevbre) : bongos

avec la pochette



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Message from Jerry (Justine)

jerry said...
Leigh great to hear from you after nearly 40 years. I live in Germany my E-mail address is if you want to contact me.
this applies to anyone else who wants to write to me about Laurie or Justine

This comment was posted on: Justine
Good Luck :)
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