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by J.S. #14

"Leo Gillespie" 1991

Here's a tape I bought about 1993 in Aalborg, DK, Europe.
Leo Gillespie is a street singer (/ songwriter) who sold his
tapes right out of his guitar case. Guess I paid about 5 US§
back then.

In this time you couldn't find anything about Leo in the I*net
and while time passed I thought I have to go back to Scandinavia
to get some more of his music.

Somewhen I found a site who offers a CD with songs by Leo - but
it's just a site without any working link ...

Then, about 3 years ago a friend wrote me that Leo is in town - somewhere
in Norway. It wasn't easy but finally he managed to get me two CDs of
Leo: "From The Heart" and "Lost In Laos". Three of the mentioned bonus
tracks (below) are from this releases.

None of those albums are still available - so if you like Leo's Music
(... well, that overproduced stuff he sells today ... ;-) ) - buy as
long it is available ...

If you like this OOP album here: There's an addy at his web-site where
you'd be able to send him 5 bucks and a greeting ...

Leo Gillespie s/t 1991

Side A
1. Teach The Devil (2:48)
2. Only Just The Blues (3:45)
3. The Gypsy (2:20)
4. In The Evening (3:30)
5. Angels (2:52)
6. Capricorn (5:53)

Side B
1. Sing Some Dylan (2:22)
2. Ludwigshafen (1:55)
3. Get Me Off The Street (1:56)
4. Birmingham (4:45)
5. Ticket To The Sky (3:56)
6. Last Song (4:54)

File contains - beside artwork - 4 "Bonus Tracks" which I found in the I*net over the years.
One is from his recent CD and you can buy it via his web site:


Kate Rusby

"Awkward Annie" 2007

This is Kate Rusby's first self-produced album, and she plays to her strengths, with few surprises except for her increased use of strings and piano. As ever, she switches between her two favourite styles: there are jaunty, mildly quirky and humorous songs like the title track or The Old Man; and then the far more distinctive slow, sad-edged ballads that are so suited to her light, pure vocals. There are self-composed songs here, from the pleasantly drifting Planets to the lament for the death of a child (Daughter of Heaven), but it's her reworking of traditional songs that is most satisfying. This latest selection includes John Barbury and a glorious revival of the McPeake Family's Blooming Heather, which builds to a rousing finale with help from opera singer John Hudson. The annoyingly titled "bonus track" is a solid treatment of Ray Davies' Village Green Preservation Society. Her followers will not be disappointed.

01. Awkward Annie
02. Bitter Boy
03. John Barbury
04. High On A Hill
05. Farewell
06. Planets
07. The Old Man
08. Andrew Lammie
09. Dreams Of Nancy
10. Daughter Of Heaven
11. Blooming Heather
12. The Village Green Preservation Society (The Kinks cover)

Download (link deleted by complaint)

Emma Holling
Pure Records
PO Box 174 Penistone, Sheffield, S36 8XB
Tel + 44(0)1226 767872

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Meg Baird (Espers)

"Dear Companion" 2007

Meg Baird gives us an intimate, modern presentation of folk music, revealing why traditional song still speaks to us. She extends the concept and reach of classic ballads like Barbary Ellen and Willie O'Winsbury into the 21st century with covers of under-recognized 60s and 70s ballads such as The Waltze of the Tennis Players (Alan Fraser) and All I Ever Wanted (New Riders of the the Purple Sage). The arc is made complete with two of Baird's own contemporary compositions. Baird seems to whisper the tunes on Dear Companion directly in the listener's ear, pulling human experience out of the arcane language of classic ballads and the forgotten recent past to connect it to our lived experience, breathing stories into our hearts.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nick Drake

"Clothes Of Sand" bootleg

01. Blossom Friend (The Seasons)
02. Mayfair
03. Joey
04. Strange Meeting (Princess Of The Sand)
05. I Was Made To Love Magic
06. Clothes Of Sand
07. Been Smoking Too Long
08. Brittle Days II
09. Brittle Days III
10. Leaving Me Behind
11. Time Of No Reply
12. Broken Earth (Ft. Soft Machine) There wasn't Nick;;;;
13. Mogwai (Mogwai's song called "Nick Drake")
14. Hanging On A Star
15. Voice From The Mountain
16. Rider On The Wheel
17. Black-Eyed Dog
18. Far Leys
19. The Seasons (;;;)
20. Princess Of The Sand
21. Betty's Blues

See here: 4:14 PM

Vincent Gallo

By Nick Hasted:
Vincent Gallo is a born provocateur, naturally at war with the world. The 42-year-old writer/director/star of Buffalo 66 is also a photographer, painter, Calvin Klein model and musician, all roles in which he has been showered with acclaim. But he has also inspired equal loathing - first, he alleges, from abusive parents who were ashamed of him, and most recently by critics of his second work as a director, The Brown Bunny. Infamous for a scene in which Gallo receives oral sex from Chloe Sevigny, it was loudly jeered at last year's Cannes. Gallo, no fan of journalists, issued an ironic apology.

Vincent Gallo is a born provocateur, naturally at war with the world. The 42-year-old writer/director/star of Buffalo 66 is also a photographer, painter, Calvin Klein model and musician, all roles in which he has been showered with acclaim. But he has also inspired equal loathing - first, he alleges, from abusive parents who were ashamed of him, and most recently by critics of his second work as a director, The Brown Bunny. Infamous for a scene in which Gallo receives oral sex from Chloe Sevigny, it was loudly jeered at last year's Cannes. Gallo, no fan of journalists, issued an ironic apology.

What is often missed beneath the hurricanes of controversy and an image almost calculated by Gallo to make him seem a fraudulent braggart is his real worth as an artist. His most treasured possession is a letter of support from William Burroughs, and his uncensored self-exposure is firmly in the Beat underground tradition.

Though he has a huge ego and ferocious temperament, he uses it to support work of Zen-like gentleness. This softer side is most apparent in the centrepiece of tonight's show, Gallo's first UK record, When, a sensitive album about love that would shock his detractors more than any blow job.

Gallo takes to the stage late and looks nervous. Wearing a black velvet jacket and backed by Jim O'Rourke and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth on guitar and drums, his attempts at the higher notes on "When'' are hopeless. Scattered sniggers suggest that more than one member of the audience sees him as a freak show.

But they are to be disappointed. Gallo's voice soon settled into its thin, hauntingly wistful range, singing "it would be so nice'' as if he wants to believe it, while O'Rourke provides harmonies and bluesy riffs. "I'm used to playing on my own,'' Gallo the control freak apologises when his guitar lets forth an unruly screech. But he fits in with his band modestly enough, focusing on jazzy duets with O'Rourke.

Though Gallo's sharp-boned body marks him as a model and movie star, the feral, aggressive charisma which made directors like Scorsese seek him out is invisible tonight. Instead, on "Laura'', we get Gallo the would-be torch singer. Elsewhere he employs an electronic piano to help create post rock soundscapes.

Unlike most movie stars moonlighting in music (an almost unbroken roll of shame from Keanu Reeves to Russell Crowe), Gallo's talent here is obvious. Though there are longueurs, at his best he sucks you into moods of tangible longing and defiantly amateurish intimacy. The appearance of rumoured lover PJ Harvey for a closing, aching duet on "Moon River" only adds to his charm.

Flawed and inflammatory though he is, Vincent Gallo's strange, soul-bearing artistry cannot, finally, be denied.



"The Kinnitty Sessions" [LIVE]

by Michelle Osborne:
Lunasa's first album arrived on the scene in 1997, a natural outgrowth of their time spent playing together. Since then, they have produced 4 more albums, as well as several solo albums. Lunasa's musical sound is defined by the uilleann pipes (an instrument that most of these Irish "super groups" sadly seem to do without) and the use of an acoustic bass. Unashamedly influenced by jazz music, Lunasa's music is filled with a variety of syncopations and lush harmonies that are expertly woven into both traditional and newly-composed tunes.

The Kinnitty Sessions album was recorded live in front of a small audience (though the sound quality is so good you wouldn't actually know this) in Ireland's supposedly haunted Kinnitty Castle. The opening track is typical Lunasa and is a true joy to listen to. The first tune is an entirely traditional rendition of the jig, the Stolen Purse, played on pipes (Cillian Vallely) and flute (Kevin Crawford). The second tune, An Síoda, brings in the accompaniment in a syncopated pattern that is Lunasa's jazz-influenced sound at its best. After a brief pause, the full group launches into the final tune, Brendan McMahon's Reel. Yes, that's right. One of the hallmarks of Lunasa's tune arrangements is their change between tune types in the middle of a set. While this is far from traditional, it brings an unexpected and refreshing twist to the music.

Other highlights on this album are Kevin Crawford's whistle playing on the reel set entitled Island Paddy (besides a gorgeous whistle tone quality, his technique and style are amazing to listen to), a gorgeous uilleann pipe air entitled The Wounded Hussar, and a fantastic moment on the Walrus track where three members of the ensemble (Kevin and Cillian are joined by Sean Smyth, the fiddle player) all play low whistles and weave in and out of harmony and melody with each other.

Like Solas, Lunasa is not quite pure-drop trad. But if you want a fun album to listen to, this, or any of their other four albums, comes highly recommended. You can find more information on Lunasa at the Lunasa website.

Tannahill Weavers

"The Old Woman's Dance" 1978

In 1978, after a relentless tour that saw the departure of multi-instrumentalist Dougie MacLean, and the additions of highland piper Alan MacLeod and fiddler Mike Ward, the Tannahill Weavers released their second album for Hedera records, Old Woman's Dance. The inclusion of bagpipes prompted the group to include more instrumentals, and deepened their resolve to become the definitive interpreters of Scottish folk. The surprising arrangements shimmer with pub-fueled intensity, and clearly show a band that's on the ascent -- there's an energy and a sense of camaraderie throughout that was missing from their debut. For this record, the group finds inspiration in the words of poets Robert Burns -- "The Deil's Awa' Wi' the Exciseman" -- and Robert Tannahill -- "Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa'" -- as well as legendary Scottish hero Rob Roy, whose Robin Hood exploits close the record on "The McGregors." While Old Woman's Dance is not their best record, it is the beginning of their halcyon days, and miles above the traditional music being released at the time. ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

Anne Briggs

01. Blackwater Side
02. The Snow It Melts The Soonest
03. Willie O Winesbury
04. Go Your Way
05. Thorneymoor Woods
06. The Cuckoo
07. Reynardine
08. Young Tambling
09. Living By The Water
10. Maa Bonny Lad

by J.S. #13

Eva Cassidy "Live at Pearl's, Annapolis" 1994

No comments on Jeff, Jim and Amy? So I quit my plan to post a
boot with Jim and Jeff at the Acoustic Cafe.

Instead I like to share a special treat: The only - as far as I know - boot by
the late, great Eva Cassidy. If you haven't heard of her yet - go and listen to her
covers of Sting's "Fields Of Gold", the timeless "Over The Rainbow" or "Autumn Leaves"
and get hooked!!

You're not able to support her with money anymore - but there's a voice from
the past that never shall go silent ...

1. If I Give You My Heart (3:07)
2. Woodstock (4:46)
3. Early Morning Rain (4:44)
4. Imagine (4:51)
5. Summertime (3:22)
6. People Get Ready (3:49)
7. American Tune (4:11)
8. I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again (4:00)
9. Wayfaring Stranger (3:29)
10. Who Know Where The Time Goes (4:58)
11. Kathy's Song (4:33)

1. Autumn Leaves (3:59)
2. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (2:59)
3. Bold Young Farmer (3:59)
4. Wade In The Water (2:44)
5. Songbird (2:57)
6. The Water Is Wide (5:02)
7. Tennessee Waltz (3:17)
8. Drown In My Own Tears (3:19)
9. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose (3:53)
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water (4:11)
11. Over The Rainbow (5:34)


Each file contains complete artwork.

If you need "moving pics" here you can find some snippets of her life:

Eva Cassidy edition of ABC Nightline:
Part.1, Part.2, Part.3

Trevor McDonald
Part.1, Part.2, Part.3

Happy goose pimples!

Warm regards,

by HONEYBEAN (October 29, 2006)

The Watersons - Travelling For A Living (1965 BBC)

This is the only film made of the Waterson family - Norma, Elaine, Mike and cousin John Harrison - At The height of the British folk song revival in the sixties and of which they were important part. it was broadcast by the BBC in 1966
The film explores their background - their roots are very firmly in Hull anad Yorkshire. The sea and the fishing tradition of the Humber are a vital source of inspiration. It shows them researching their songs, recording for Topic Records and working on various folk projects. It folows them as they travel around from club to club in their old van and return to their own popular club Folk Union One at the Bluebell in Hull.
Mike says in the film ' There's so much enjoyment their among ourselves, the audience catch on to it.
Many of traditional songs which the Watersons have revived and made their own are included in the film. "Three Score and ten" "The Diamond" "The Jolly Waggoner" "The Greenland Whale Fishery" "Jolly Old Hawk" "The Barley and The Rye" "The Oak and the Ash". All the songs are performed live.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Anne Briggs

"A Collection"

01. The Recruited Collier (1963 From The Iron Muse)
02. The Doffing Mistress (1963 From The Iron Muse)
03. She Moves Through the Fair (1963 see note 1)
04. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (1963 see note 1)
05. Lowlands Away (1964 From The Hazards of Love)
06. My Bonny Boy (1964 From The Hazards of Love)
07. Polly Vaughan (1964 From The Hazards of Love)
08. Rosemary Lane (1964 From The Hazards of Love)
09. Gathering Rushes (1966 From The Bird in the Bush)
10. The Whirly Whorl (1966 From The Bird in the Bush)
11. The Stonecutter Boy (1966 From The Bird in the Bush)
12. Martinmas Time (1966 From The Bird in the Bush)
13. Blackwater Side (1971 From Anne Briggs)
14. The Snow It Melts The Soonest (1971 From Anne Briggs)
15. Willie O Winesbury (Child 100) (1971 From Anne Briggs)
16. Go Your Way (Anne) (1971 From Anne Briggs)
17. Thorneymoor Woods (1971 From Anne Briggs)
18. The Cuckoo (1971 From Anne Briggs)
19. Reynardine (1971 From Anne Briggs)
20. Young Tambling (Child 39) (1971 From Anne Briggs)
21. Living By The Water (Anne) (1971 From Anne Briggs)
22. Maa bonny lad (1971 From Anne Briggs)

by Sins We Can't Absolve #4


"Live" 1973

01. A!!
02. Yume Utsutsu
03. Dousiyoukana
04. Akubi Shite
05. Hanakara Tyochin
06. Mizutamari
07. Noumiso Hanbun
08. Umano Hone
09. Netano Yoi
10. Gunya Gunya
11. Nobite Boogie
12. Nn!!
13. Doko e Iku
14. Nigero
15. Doushiyoukana
16. Jyokyoku
17. Gomibako no Futa (bonus, studio)

Dirk's favorite type Japanese underground rock band...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill

"The Lonesome Touch" 1997

The Lonesome Touch finds Martin Hayes and guitarist Dennis Cahill turning in another collection of lovely, suprisingly innovative Irish folk and celtic music. Hayes and Cahill keep within the traditions of the music, but open it up with luxurious space and inventive phrasing. Like their previous collection, Under the Moon, it's a pretty, enchanting record that shows how Irish music can move forward without losing its roots. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

by J.S. #12

Jeff Black, Jim Reilley & Amy Rigby
The Songwriter Sessions At WPLN 90,3 FM (20. Nov. 2004)

One last from The Songwriter Sessions that I'd like to share. Maybe you know Jeff - but I'm sure you never heard of Amy or Jim.

So enjoy this show and let me know how you like it.

Jeff Black, Amy Rigby & Jim Reilley At NASHVILLE Public Radio WPLN 90,3 FM
The Songwriter Sessions NOV 20th, 2004

1. Intro (1:07)
2. Wasted Wishes (3:41)
3. Some Call It Moonshine (3:38)
4. Till The Wheels Fall Off (2:28)
5. Big Cruel World (4:53)
6. Conversation (0:51)
7. Holy Roller (2:54)
8. Dancing With Joey Ramone (2:26)
9. Commercial break (0:59)
10. Words I Didn't Say (3:55)
11. Conversation (0:16)
12. Heaven Now (4:21)
13. Conversation (0:49)
14. Don't Ever Change (3:26)
15. Conversation (0:21)
16. Bitter Green Blue (4:54)
17. To Be With You (4:01)
18. Keep It To Yourself (3:36)
19. King Of The World (3:14)
20. Slip (2:51)
21. The Trouble With Jeanie Is (2:48)
22. Outro (1:06)

Download (Artwork included)

Best wishes

by Sins We Can't Absolve #3

by gonzo #19

"The McPeake Family" 1963

gonzo said...
Returning to full power (well almost) with this 1963 Topic offering, the McPeake Family. Seeing some singles posted earlier, reminded me I'd done an album a year or so ago.

Here is the complete 1962/3 Mono album, with full scans, some family history, and enough info to peak(e) your interest for sure.

The McPeake family of Belfast were one of the few Irish pre-ballad boom groups.
That they were better-known abroad than at home is illustrated by a story told
about a conversation between Bob Dylan and Bono of U2 in 1984. The legendary
singer asked what Bono thought of the McPeakes. The Dublin-born Bono had never
heard of them.

The group was built up around the grandfather, Francis I, who had studied pipes
under the blind Galway piper John Reilly, and had won prizes at the 1908 Belfast
Feis and the 1912 Oireachtas. His musical career began as a triangle player in a
flute band of which his brother John was a founder member, around 1898.

He acquired a set of O'Mealy pipes and developed the unique facility of being able
to sing and play at the same time, a combination repeated with great success by
The Fureys and Planxty (albeit using both a vocalist and piper).

The family group, composed of Francis (Da), his sons Francis II and James, and
grandchildren Kathleen, Francis III and Tom McCrudden, achieved considerable
international success and won the Eisteddfodau in 1958, '60 and '62. In the 1950s
they played as the Seamus McPeake Ceili Band, with which piper Tom疽 O Canainn and
fiddler Tommy Gunn played at one time or another.

On the suggestion of Pete Seeger they made a two-month tour of the United States
in 1965, when Francis (Da) was 80, and played for President Johnson in the White House.
They have also performed in Moscow. Other admirers included Van Morrison and
John Lennon who once asked Francie to teach him the uilleann pipes and almost bought
a set off him.

The group featured vocals, two uilleann pipes, two harps, banjo, guitar and tin whistle.
A year later Seeger came to the Whitla Hall in Belfast for Francis senior's farewell
concert. Their most famous song, Will Ye Go, Lassie Go, written by Francis Senior,was
recorded by The Clancys and The Byrds in the 1960s and Rod Stewart
(after copyright hiccups were sorted out) in the 1990s, but they also passed other
folk songs on into the tradition. Another song they performed, Purple Heather, was
recorded by Van Morrison.

Francie II suffered an accident to his right hand in the early 1970s which meant the
end of his career as a full-time performer, but he never gave up playing altogether.

Although the group ceased to play for some time after the death of Francis I in 1971,
they formed a new line-up in the 1980s which did club work in the North.

On the Record

Shoe the Donkey, Francie McPeake with The Clonard, 1989
At Home with the McPeakes, Fontana, 1967
** The McPeake Family, Topic, 1963**
The McPeakes, Prestige, 1960
The Rights of Man, Francie (Da) and Francie II, 1952

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Ron Sexsmith

"Holy Heart of Mary Theatre, St. John's"
October 19th, 2007

90min show includes NEW song "This is How I Know".


by Nel #7

Tim Hollier
"The Story Of Mill Reef, Something To Brighten The Morning"

Merry Christmas!
My German music-friend got a turntable for Christmas to digitalise his lp's.
His first experiment is this: Tim Hollier- The story of Mill Reef.
He agreed i sent it to you as a "thank you" for all music you offer us.

This is what "Tapestry of Delights - Vernon Joynson says:
The fourth album is a definite oddity. Mill Reef was a champion British racehorse, and the York label, a subsidiary of Yorkshire TV, now appears to be of interest to collectors chiefly through sheer rarity. Hollier 's five songs here are pleasant but uninvolving, and the album is padded out with spoken extracts and racing commentaries.

by Sins we can't absolve #2

by J.S. #11

Ron Sexsmith "At The Acoustic Cafe"
October 29th, 2001/2003

Here the promised Ron Sexsmith at the Acoustic Café. Two shows: one Oct. 29th, 2001 and one from 2003.

This format has all songs first - then the whole show. So you don't have to program if you just like to listen to the songs.


1. Still Time
2. Seem To Recall
3. Must Have Heard It Wrong
4. The Idiot Boy
5. Cheap Hotel
6. Thirsty Love
7. Fallen
8. Not Too Big

9. Intro
10. Still Time
11. Conversation
12. Seem To Recall
13. Conversation
14. Must Have Heard It Wrong
15. Conversation
16. The Idiot Boy
17. Outro

18. Intro
19. Cheap Hotel
20. Conversation
21. Thirsty Love
22. Conversation
23. Not Too Big
24. Conversation
25. Fallen
26. Outro

Download (Artwork included)

Warm regards

Shibusashirazu Orchestra


1. Ooh! Baby (7:45)
2. Senshi (12:48)
3. Meltdown (11:50)
4. We Don't Know What Jazz Is (9:46)
5. A Man on the Boardwalk (9:26)
6. The Shortage of Brain Cells (9:53)
7. Theme of Honda Komuten (8:27)

Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Daisuke Fuwa: conductor
Hiroaki Katayama: tenor sax
Junji Hirose: tenor sax, soprano sax
Reiko Suehiro: tenor sax
Satoshi Konno: tenor sax
Kunihiro Izumi: alto sax
Eiichi Hayashi: alto sax, soprano sax
Hiroshi Iwadate: alto sax
Yasuhiro Kusakabe: alto sax
Arata Suzuki: soprano sax, wind synthesizer
Naoki Hanashima: bass clarinet
Tadashi Ishikawa: trumpet
Yoichiro Kita: trumpet
Shuichi Suehiro: trumpet
Yuji Katsui: violin
Takayuki Kato: guitar
Hal Miyazawa: guitar
Sakuya Ao: keyboards
Izumi Kaneko: keyboards
Seiko Tsuruta: keyboards
Hiroshi Higo: bass
Shiro Onuma: drums
Shuji Soh: drums
Miho Yoshida: percussion
Hiro Katagai: percussion
Toshiyuki Igo: voice, etc.

Produced by Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Recorded at Chocolate City on January 12, 1993
Recorded and mixed by Yosuke Nozawa
Illustration: Koji Suzuki
Photography: Yoko Hiramatsu
Design: Erica Tanabe

1993 (Nutmeg, NC-2066)
1996 (Chitei Records, B-8F)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ron Sexsmith

"Cafe de la Danse, Paris" December 11th, 2002

01. Up the Road
02. Former Glory
03. Disappearing Act
04. Cheap Hotel
05. Secret Heart
06. Thinking Out Loud
07. These Days
08. Dragonfly On Bay Street
09. Fallen
10. The Less I Know
11. Still Time
12. Nothing Good
13. Gold In Them Hills
14. Speaking with an Angel

15. Ring Them Bells
16. Riverbed
17. For A Moment
18. Heart's Desire
19. Lebanon, Tennessee
20. Just My Heart Talkin'
21. Strawberry Blonde
22. Band intro...
23. The Least I Can Do
24. Fool Proof
25. Average Joe
26. Right About Now
27. Seem to Recall
28. God Loves Everyone


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ron Sexsmith

"Berns, Stockholm" November 3rd, 2001

01 Tell Me Again
02 Strawberry Blonde
03 Heart With No Companion
04 Right About Now
05 At Different Times
06 Falling For You
07 Riverbed
08 Thirsty Love
09 Joy
10 Talking To Me
11 Keep It In Mind
12 Every Passing Day
13 Secret Heart
14 Beautiful View
15 April After All


by Sins We can't absolve

Ron Sexsmith, Steve Earle & Tim O'Brien

"Songwriter Sessions At WPLN 90,3 FM" 2000

01. Intro
02. Steve Earle - Steve's Last Ramble
03. Tim O'Brien - Walk Beside Me
04. Ron Sexsmith - Thirsty Love
05. Steve Earle - I Can Wait
06. Tim O'Brien - Brother Wind
07. Ron Sexsmith - The Idiot Boy
08. A Short Break
09. Steve Earle - Me And The Eagle
10. Tim O'Brien - Running Out Of Memory For You
11. Ron Sexsmith - Wastin' Time
12. Steve Earle - South Nashville Blues
13. Tim O'Brien - When I Paint My Masterpiece
14. Ron Sexsmith - Song For A Winter's Night [Lightfoot]
15. Steve Earle - Talk about Jonathan Nobles
16. Steve Earle - Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)
17. Tim O'Brien - I'm Not Gonna Forget You
18. Ron Sexsmith - Thinly Veiled Disguise
19. Stacey Earle 1
20. Stacey Earle - Must Be Love
21. Stacey Earle 2
22. Stacey Earle - Dancin' With Them That Brung Me

Cover: Front, Back



Tim Hart and Maddy Prior
"Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. 2" 1969

See here for full detail

by J.S. #10

J.S. said...
Hello Lizardson!
So the last Jimmy show for now:

Jimmy LaFave, Tom Russell & David Olney performing the
Songwriter Sessions at Nashville Public Radio WPLN 90.3 FM
March 4th, 2000

1. Intro
2. If I'd Have Known I Couldn't Do It (David Olney) DAVID OLNEY
3. Intro
4. Throwin' Horseshoes At The Moon (Tom Russell) TOM RUSSELL
5. Intro
6. Only One Angel (Jimmy LaFave) JIMMY LaFAVE
7. Lazlo (David Olney) DAVID OLNEY
8. Intro
9. Sitting Bull In Venice (Tom Russell) TOM RUSSELL
10. Intro
11. The Open Road (Jimmy LaFave) JIMMY LaFAVE
12. Commercial break
13. Fast Eddie (David Olney) DAVID OLNEY
14. Intro
15. Down The Rio Grande (Tom Russell) TOM RUSSELL
16. Intro
17. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) (Woody Guthrie) JIMMY LaFAVE
18. Intro
19. Illegal Cargo (David Olney) DAVID OLNEY
20. Conversation
21. California Snow (Tom Russell-Dave Alvin) TOM RUSSELL
22. Conversation
23. On A Bus To St. Cloud (Gretchen Peters) JIMMY LaFAVE
24. Outro

Artwork included in the zip-file.

If you like this kind of performance - next time I'll offer one with Ron Sexsmith, Steve Earle and Tim O'Brien ...

Warm wishes,

P.S.: Don't forget to visit Jimmy at


off course I have that Sexsmith, Earle and O'Brien sessions.
but I'll gladly accept any help from you.
Thanks always!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Battlefield Band

"At The Front" 1978

At The Front was recorded for, and released by, Topic in 1978. This incarnation of the band had the stalwarts Alan Reid and Brian McNeill plus fellow Scot Jamie McMenemy and Irishman Pat Kilbride. Again with producer Robin Morton they turned out a very distinctive album reflecting the tastes and repertoire of the individuals involved. We are pleased to make this excellent recording available again to those who missed it first time round.

by arbor

arbor said...
Here is one I though would fit in well here:

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior
"Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. 1" 1968

See here for full detail

Happy holidays!


by J.S. #9

J.S. said...
Here now the first of the second promise to give you five ... ;-)

Jimmy LaFave "Kerry's Farm in Tahora, New Zealand"
Recorded July 1993

1. If You Were A Bluebird (Emmy Lou Harris) (4:17)
2. Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues (3:58)
3. Because The Wind (Joe Ely) (5:32)
4. Talk (0:48)
5. Oklahoma Hills (Jack & Woody Guthrie) (3:47)
6. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Bob Dylan) (3:47)
7. Desperate Men Do Desperate Things (5:11)
8. Girl From The North Country Fair (Bob Dylan) (5:13)
9. Rock & Roll Baby (3:05)
10. Only One Angel (5:14)
11. Tuning (0:33)
12. Measuring Words (4:42)

Total playing time: 46:09

Hope you enjoy!

Warm regards, J.S.

Download (artwork included)

by Oisin #3

Seán Ó Riada "Ó Riada sa Gaiety" 1970

Oisín said...
I just saw Shane's post with songs of Seán Ó Sé (Thanks for those!). It reminded me of the other Seáns (also featuring in Shane's post). Time to brush up our Irish language and listen to Seán Ó Riada and a few more songs of Seán Ó Sé... And some names may sound familiar..., indeed, as members of the Chieftains.

Taobh 1:
1 Marcshlua Uí Néill
2 Mná na hÉireann, (amhrán)
3 Planxty Johnston
4 Im Aonar Seal, (amhrán)
5 Cnocáin Aitinn Liatroma
6 Marbhna Luimní

Taobh 2:
7 Do Bhí Bean Uasal, (amhrán)
8 An Ghaoth Ó nEas
9 Máirseáil Ri Laoise
10 An Chéad Mháirt de'n Fhómhar; Na Gamhna Geala
11 Iníon An Phailitínigh, (amhrán)
12 Ril mhor bhaile an chalaidh

Na Ceoltóirí:
Stiúrtóir agus Cóiritheoir - Séan Ó Riada
Amhránaí - Seán Ó Sé
Bheidhlíní - Máirtin Fay, Seán Ó Ceallaigh, Seán Ó Catháin
Píob - Paddy Moloney
Feadóg - Seán Potts
Fliúit - Micheál Ó Toibride
Bosca Ceoil - Éamon de Buitléar
Bodhrán - Peadar Mercier
Cruitchorda - Séan Ó Riada


Friday, December 21, 2007

updated by gonzo

Pyewackett "This Crazy Paradise"

by danny #10

Ram's Bottom "The Young May Moon" 1981

01 The old ‘95/The young may moon
02 Trombone song/Mountain Rose (E. Bogetti)
03 The moon shines bright
04 Golden Valley two-step (K.Kendrick/I. Carter)/Ton o’Ewes/Ernie Dunn
05 The deadly wars/General Monk’s goosestep
06 Tip O’Derwent (Gerard Short)
07 ‘Ey up mi duck! (Ian Carter)
08 Brass nuts/Blue eyed stranger/Blue eyed stranger
09 Nowell, Nowell
10 Pappadum polka/March bluebird
11 A man that’s growing old (John Bloor/Ian Carter)
12 Charlie Sparrer’ marrer (Frank Sutton)

Keith Kendrick: vocals, Anglo and English concertinas
Barry Coupe: vocals, melodeons, percussion, bowed psaltery
Ron Cossor: cello, vocals
Trevor Hopkins: banjo, vocals
Ian Carter: vocals, baritone saxophone, piani, dulcimer, xylophone, plucked psaltery
Rick Scollins: vocals, percussion
John Adams: trombone, harmonium
Chris Pollington: triangle

1981 • Tradition TSR 038

A very good group from the dance craze, featuring some great singers as well


by Shane

McPeake "Family "Wild Mountain Thyme"

Shane said...
A couple of seven inch singles... One is by the McPeake Family and is along the same lines as the McPeake Family album already on Time Has Told Me. Just four songs this time but all of them are beautiful.

Seán Ó Sé "An Puc Ar Buile"

The second single is by Seán Ó Sé and CeoltóirI Cualann. An Puc ar Buile is quite a famous tune so this may well be more generally available or at least available online in better quality than it is here but its good stuff all the same. Its very formal in style but great fun. Rockin' even!

Both of these are quite crackly, sorry.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

by danny #9

Chris Foster "All Things in Common"
1979 • Topic 12TS391

01. Black fox (Graham Pratt)
02. Low down in the broom
03. Grey cock
04. Pigeon at the gate
05. Unicorns (Bill Caddick)
06. King John and the Abbot of Canterbury/Jump at the sun (John Kirkpatrick)
07. The working chap
08. When this old hat was new
09. The world turned upside down (Leon Rosselson)

Chris Foster: vocals, guitar
Graham Pratt: vocal, guitar
Eileen Pratt: vocals

Produced by Tony ENGLE
Recorded by Nic KINSEY at Livingstone Studios, London, Oct and Dec 1978

this is the second Chris' album, in the same vein of the previous one, still Nic Jonesque even in absence of the man itself, a very good record indeed

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

by danny #8

The Watersons "Mighty River of Song"
2004 Topic Records TSCD545/6/7/8

CD 1:
01 Here We Come A-Wassailing
from Frost and Fire

02 The Folksons: Blood Red Roses
Lal, Mike & Norma Waterson, John Harrison and Pete Ogley, vocals
fragment - previously unreleased live performance from 1964

03 Let the Bulgine Run
Lal, Mike & Norma Waterson and John Harrison, vocals; Mike, guitar
previously unreleased live performance from 1964

04 The Ploughboy
recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, June 4, 1965; from Folksound of Britain (LP)

05 Holbeck Moor Cock Fight
recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, June 4, 1965; from Folksound of Britain (EP)

06 The Greenland Whale Fishery
from New Voices

07 The Derby Ram
08 Hal-an-Tow
09 Mike Waterson: John Barleycorn
all three from Frost and Fire

10 Lal & Norma Waterson: The Barley and the Rye
previously unreleased; intended for the unreleased Topic LP Folk Union One (1966)

11 The Thirty-Foot Trailer
12 I Am a Rover
both from The Watersons

13 Rap Her to Bank
from the The Watersons recording sessions; later released on Early Days

14 Three Score and Ten
from the soundtrack to the BBC documentary, Travelling for a Living

15 The Jolly Waggoners
16 Twanky-Dillo
both from The Watersons

17 The Whitby Lad
18 The Morning Looks Charming
19 Willy Went to Westerdale
20 The White Cockade
21 Lal Waterson: Stow Brow
all five from A Yorkshire Garland

22 Lal & Mike Waterson: The Bird
demo recorded at home in Hull circa 1970; previously unreleased

23 Lal & Mike Waterson: Red Wine Promises
previously unreleased demo for Bright Phoebus, recorded in London, 1971

24 Lal & Mike Waterson: Song for Thirza
demo recorded at home in Hull circa 1970; previously unreleased

first CD in a four pieces box-set

CD 2:
01 Pace-Egging Song
02 Boston Harbour
03 Mike Waterson: Sweet William
all three recorded live at the Down River Folk Club, Loughton, on October 20, 1974 - previously unreleased

04 Souling Song
from Various Artists: Voices in Harmony

05 Lal & Norma Waterson: Barney
06 Mike Waterson: Three Day Millionaire
07 The Good Old Way
all three from For Pence and Spicy Ale

08 The Light Dragoon
recorded live at Folkfestival '76 Dranouter

09 Lal & Norma Waterson: Jenny Storm
from A True-Hearted Girl

10 Mike Waterson: Tamlyn
from Mike Waterson

11 Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy
12 Heavenly Aeroplane
13 Emmanuel
all three from Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy

14 Mike Waterson: Swansea Town
from Mike Waterson

15 Norma Waterson: The Unfortunate Lass
16 Lal Waterson: The Welcome Sailor
both from A True-Hearted Girl

17 Lal & Norma Waterson: Young Billy Brown
recorded live at the Tithe Barn, Laycock, July 1977, during the Chippenham Folk Festival; previously unreleased

18 The Khaki and the Blue (The Ploughboy)
recorded live at the Tithe Barn, Laycock, July 1977, during the Chippenham Folk Festival; previously unreleased

19 The Whitby Lad
recorded live at the South Street Seaport, New York, July 5, 1978 - previously unreleased

20 Mike Waterson: The Black and Bitter Night
From Peter Bellamy's ballad opera The Transports

2nd CD in a four pieces box-set

CD 3:
01 The Prickle Holly Bush
from Green Fields

02 Peter Bellamy: When I Die
Peter Bellamy, vocals, Lal, Mike & Norma Waterson, Martin Carthy, Heather & Royston Wood, vocal harmonies,
from Peter Bellamy: Both Sides Then

03 I Went to Market
recorded live at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, 1981; previously unreleased

04 Martin Carthy & Mike Waterson: The Furze Field
from Green Fields

05 The King's Song (Joy, Health, Love and Peace)
recorded live at the Iron Horse, Northampton, USA; previously unreleased

06 Swarthfell Rocks
recorded live at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, 1982; previously unreleased

07 Lal & Norma Waterson: Meeting Is a Pleasure
08 Mike Waterson: Doing a Bit
both recorded live at the Knaresborough Folk Club, 1982; previously unreleased

09 Young Banker
10 Chickens in the Garden
both from Sounds of Yorkshire

11 Martin Carthy: A Stitch in Time
recorded live at the Udazkenean Festival, Donostia, Spain, 1986; previously unreleased

12 Mike Waterson: All I Have Is My Own (The Brisk Lad)
recorded live at the Udazkenean Festival, Donostia, Spain, 1986; previously unreleased

13 Brave General Wolfe
recorded live at the Folk Union One 25th Anniversary, Hull, 1986; reviously unreleased

14 Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy: May Song
recorded at William Noble's Barn, Denby Dale, Yorkshire, September 27, 1986.
From the EFDSS sponsored cassette, The Holme Valley Tradition: Will's Barn

15 Harvest Home (Sheepshearing)
16 Gower Wassail
both Lal, Mike, Norma & Rachel Waterson and Martin Carthy, vocals;
recorded live at Wisconsin University, Madison, USA, for Simply Folk, Wisconsin Public Radio, 1988; previously unreleased

17 Mike Waterson: Rumpsy Bumpsy Toralee (Tumble and Cut Me Bum)
recorded live at the Góilin, Dublin, Eire, March 14, 1988; previously unreleased

18 The Waterdaughters: John Ball
Eliza Carthy, Lal, Maria & Norma Waterson, vocals;
from the A True-Hearted Girl CD

19 The Waterdaughters: A Stor Mo Chroi
Lal & Norma Waterson, vocals;
recorded live at the Leicester Tradition Folk Club, 1988; previously unreleased

20 Stormy Winds
Lal, Mike, Norma & Rachel Waterson and Martin Carthy, vocals;
recorded live at the Bracknell Folk Festival, July 1987; previously unreleased

21 Blue Murder: Mole in a Hole
Jim Boyes, Dave & Heather Brady, Lal, Mike, Norma & Rachel Waterson and Martin Carthy, vocals; Jim Boyes, banjo; Martin Carthy, guitar;
recorded live at the Bracknell Folk Festival, July 1987; previously unreleased

mainly unreleased material this volume

CD 4:
1. Hilda's Cabinet Band
from Richard Thompson et al: Hard Cash

2. Mike Waterson: The Rambling Irish Man
From Singing in the Seasons, December 1, 1990;
Recorded at McCabes, Santa Monica for Folkscene KPFK Los Angeles; previously unreleased

3. There Are No Lights on Our Christmas Tree
Martin Carthy, lead vocals; Mike & Norma Waterson and Jill Pidd, vocals;
from Singing in the Seasons, December 1, 1990;
Recorded at McCabes, Santa Monica for Folkscene KPFK Los Angeles; previously unreleased

4. Norma Waterson: Coal Not Dole
recorded live at the 1991 Augusta Folk Festival, Elkins, USA; previously unreleased

5. The White Cockade
Lal, Mike, Norma & Rachel Waterson and Martin Carthy, vocals;
recorded live at the Whitby Folk Week, August 1990;
from the cassette From the Humber to the Tweed

6. Cob-a-Coaling
Ann, Mike & Norma Waterson, Eliza & Martin Carthy and Jill Pidd, vocals;
from Various Artists: Voices: English Traditional Songs

7. Waterson:Carthy: T Stands for Thomas
recorded live at the Beverley Folk Club, June 1992; previously unreleased

8. Blue Murder: I Bid You Goodnight
from Out on the Rolling Sea

9. Mike Waterson: McIlroy the Emerald Cowboy
from No Masters

10. Mike Waterson: Jack Frost
demo recorded in 1996; previously unreleased

11. Waterson:Carthy: Pleasure and Pain
recorded live at the 1996 Cambridge Folk Festival; previously unreleased

12. Waterson:Carthy: Stars in My Crown
alternate mix to the Common Tongue recording; this mix previously unreleased

13. Waterson:Carthy: Flowers of Knaresborough Forest
recorded live at The Boatrace, Cambridge, 1997; previously unreleased

14. Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy: There Ain't No Sweet Man Worth the Salt of My Tears
recorded in London, 1998; previously unreleased

15. Waterson:Carthy: Black Muddy River
recorded at The Fiddler's Bristol, November 27, 1998; previously unreleased

16. Lal Waterson & Maria Gilhooley: Just a Note
from A Bed of Roses

17. Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy: Earth
from Les Barker: The Wings of Butterflies

18. Eliza Carthy: Stumbling On
from Red

19. Norma Waterson: Poor Boney
recorded live at Newcastle Live Theatre, April 2, 2001; previously unreleased

20. Blue Murder: Bright Phoebus
alternate recording to the one on Shining Bright; previously unreleased

21. Maria Gilhooley & Oliver Knight: My Sweet Lullaby
from Mysterious Day

by danny #7

Nick Dow "A Poor Man's Gift" 1983

Nick Dow: vocals, guitar
Jill Blackwell: Northumbrian pipes, chorus
Bernard Blackwell: accordion, flute, chorus

01. The hearty poacher
02. The distant isle (N. Dow)
03. The maid and the parson (B. Prince)
04. The bonny girl
05. The ballad of Lumley Kettlewell (G. Pratt)
06. Another man’s wedding
07. The dreams of lovely Nancy
08. The bold princess royal
09. The humour of Tullachrine/ The gold ring
10. Limbo
11. The mare and the foal
12. Scarborough’s fair town
13. Ripple away (P. Metsers)

1983 • Old House Music OHM 102

Another fine album by this English folksinger


I send you a message yesterday with the first CD of the Watersons boxset
Have you got it? Second Cd is ready to be sent

I don't know what's the problem
But I didn't get the message about Watersons boxset ...
Thanks anyway!

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

"Sing of the Sea" 1968

Their popularity is the result of several factors. There was already an American folk revival beginning in the United States, and men such as Ewan MacColl popularizing old songs on the other side of the Atlantic. But it was the Clancys' boisterous performances that set them apart, taking placid classics and giving them a boost of energy and spirit (not that they took this approach with all their songs; they would still sing the true mournful ballads with due reverence).

But by the late 1960s, rock music had taken full swing, and the ballad and folk boom was waning. To keep the Clancys at the top, Teo Macero began producing their records for Columbia. Macero introduced many new instrumentations to the Clancys music, the among them Louis Killen coming in to play concertina on backup, especially on their 1968 album of sea songs, Sing of the Sea. But their last three albums for Columbia Record in 1969 and 1970 are considered by many to be overproduced, with a multitude of string instruments and synthesizers added the simpler traditional Clancy mix of guitar, banjo, tin whistle and harmonica.

Side One
Congo River
Santy Anno
Farewell to Carlingford
Paddy West
Johnny's Gone to Hilo
The Lowlands Low

Side Two
The Good Ship Calibar
Love Is Kind
Blood Red Roses
Three score and Ten
Heave Away My Johnny

Paddy Clancy
Tom Clancy
Liam Clancy
Tommy Makem

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

by gonzo #18

gonzo said...
Going back again into the 50's decade
here is the classic:

Ewan MacCol, Dominic Behen "Streets of Song" 1959

This is posted in two parts:

Part One, the MP3 files
Part Two, the Artwork, full words etc

gonzo said...
I must second Manila's comments and also say thanks to all the posters that have made so much varied music available to our ears, some artists I never heard before, some familiar too, but all interesting, even if I didn't keep some of the downloads, my collection has certainly swelled a lot.
Greetings to all however you celebrate this time of year.

Thanks Gonzo.

P.S And of Course to Lizardson
who is online and frantically editing these posts NOW :-))

by danny #6

Nick Dow "A branch of May" 1980

Nick Dow: vocals, guitar

01 Seven long years
02 The dancing tailor
03 Jenny of the moor
04 The friar’s britches
05 The death of Bill Brown
06 The minstrel (Graham Pratt)
07 The fairies’ hornpipe
08 Wild goose tamed (Ralph Henning)
09 The lake of Coolphin
10 Old admirals (Al Stewart)

1980 • © Old House Music 101

If you like Nic Jones, maybe you’ld like Nick Dow too


from Manila

To Lizardson and all the contributors and visitors to this blog. If you celebrate Christmas or any other festival at this time, have a great one. May 2008 be peaceful and prosperous for all of you. Very best wishes.
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