Tuesday, December 18, 2007

by Oisin #2

Pyewackett "This Crazy Paradise" 1987

Oisin said...
When nosing around on this outstanding blog I noticed the three albums by Pyewackett:
"Pyewackett" (1981)
"The Man in the Moon Drinks Claret" (1982) and
"7 to Midnight" (1985).
Wouldn't it be nice to add #4 as well?
"This Crazy Paradise" (1987)
I thought it would, so here it is:


It certainly has a different atmosphere compared to the other albums, but having an opinion about that one should listen first, I'd say... :-)

1 - For Saheli
2 - Christmas Day in the Morning
3 - Love Me or Leave Me
4 - Homes for Heroes
5 - Ek sê ou Windhoek toe nou
6 - Resting Place
7 - Illusions
8 - Fever

Ian Blake - Clarinet, recorders, sax, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals, ocarina
Rosie Cross - Bassoon, tambourine, vocals, hammer dulcimer
Mark Emerson - Violin, viola, keyboards, drum, vocals, accordion
Bill Martin - Guitar, accordion, keyboards, vocals, Yamaha synthesisers, piano, drum, synthesiser programs
Ralph Salmins - Drums

Sadly enough I can't provide any images of the sleeve, but the Pyewackett discography seems to be more or less complete now.
It's not my rip, actually I do not even remember how I got this; it was just residing somewhere in the dark alleys of my computer...
Greetings, Oisín.


Blogger newelectricmuse said...

Funny thing with folk music is that if you try to modernise it (eg synth programming) it can sound outdated but in its unadorned state (eg Nic Jones) it can sound timeless...that's not to say you shouldn't innovate but...

19 December, 2007 22:52  
Blogger Kev said...

That's a great point. Sometimes, not only does it sound timeless, it sounds ahead of its time, even now. A lot of the Bothy Band's ideas about rhythm and how to incorporate and balance acoustic flavors like the bouzouki floor me to this day. Only with recent bands like Lunasa has the "cutting edge" perhaps caught up.

That said, I have a soft spot for the early (mid-70s to early-80s) syth & bass folk experiments, and a special fondness for early Clannad in this regard, so I'm glad we still have the full gamut from unadorned to modern.

20 December, 2007 04:46  
Anonymous gonzo said...

Its different I'll give you that, not sure how to take it yet, but at first shot it makes me think of a meld of Alan Parsons Project meets Ambrosia, specially the intro to the first track, very Gaudi - like, but that is exposing my past interests, not exactly folkie I'd admit. Yes Clannad, I too had a one time affection for their early stuff, but we all learn to listen more carefully. :-D

21 December, 2007 01:41  
Anonymous gonzo said...

Found this:
Then comes rather a change:

socially-committed new songs, very satisfying versions of established

night-club songs … but no Playford!

* This Crazy Paradise FAM 59 - 1986
o For Saheli
Saheli is a women's organisation set up in Delhi to provide legal and moral help to the
distressed women, who are put under immeasurable pressure by their husbands and their
husband's families.
o Christmas Day in the Morning
A fiddle tune from the Shetlands, by Fredaman Stickle
o Love me or leave me
A Ruth Etting number from the late 1920s:
I want your love but I don't want to borrow;
To have it today, to give back tomorrow.
For I couldn't bear it to share it with somebody else
o Homes for heroes
Pyewackett's version of a song by Cathy Lesurf and Phil Beer
o Ek sê ou Windhoek toe nou
Learnt from Huw Warren
o Myoho
Originally for guitar, by Steve Emerson
o Resting Place
Based on a Yiddish song from the sweatshops of the New World; the words are from a
socialist song book published in the USA around the turn of the century.
[No Y2K confusion allowed on this site: turn of the century here means change from 18xx to 19xx]
o Illusions
A Hollander song, sung by Marlene Dietrich.
o Fever
Davenport/Coley, sung by Peggy Lee, arranged by Pyewackett

Info from: http://www.kbss27.be/ngn/plus_p03.htm

21 December, 2007 01:56  
Anonymous gonzo said...

I wonder if you can look at your hard drive for track 6
" Myoho "
Originally for guitar, by Steve Emerson.

Seems to be missing :-((

21 December, 2007 05:21  
Anonymous gonzo said...

Track mystery solved, it should be joined to the front of the existing track 6, at least it is on the CD !!

Yes there is a CD dated 1986, I did wonder why this was presented on an LP, however I now have a complete track 6 from the CD, though it has a rather strange abrupt join... mine is not to question the mastering engineers work, ?I too have left oddments after the last track on master tapes :-))

Will post track 6 complete, and the full CD scan.

21 December, 2007 19:05  
Anonymous Oisín said...

Thanks gonzo, great detective work! The dark alleys have certainly lightened up now... :-)

21 December, 2007 23:25  

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