Wednesday, December 26, 2007

by Nel #7

Tim Hollier
"The Story Of Mill Reef, Something To Brighten The Morning"

Merry Christmas!
My German music-friend got a turntable for Christmas to digitalise his lp's.
His first experiment is this: Tim Hollier- The story of Mill Reef.
He agreed i sent it to you as a "thank you" for all music you offer us.

This is what "Tapestry of Delights - Vernon Joynson says:
The fourth album is a definite oddity. Mill Reef was a champion British racehorse, and the York label, a subsidiary of Yorkshire TV, now appears to be of interest to collectors chiefly through sheer rarity. Hollier 's five songs here are pleasant but uninvolving, and the album is padded out with spoken extracts and racing commentaries.


Anonymous gonzo said...

It is interesting to hear the results from one of these USB vinyl players, I am sure with the re-awakening of interest in vinyl we will hear an increasing number of these rips.
Maybe in this case the choice of music is not to every ones taste, only time and trial will see how popular this method becomes.
What does concern me is the mechanics of the units, being used to fairly high quality conventional turntables that provided excellent speed stability and absolute pitch, I find the results from this USB device somewhat lacking in precision, speed wise, maybe it it just new, needs warming up, running in etc, which is something we all had to do with our conventional turntables.
The frequency spectrum of the rip is excellent, though I would prefer to see masters done at 256k at least. I could hear no clicks at first listen, only a low surface rumble, and no 50Hz hum, which is a real plus point as so many vinyl rippers seem to suffer all kinds of introduced hum problems when connecting a conventional Hi-Fi system to a PC. I wait eagerly some more rips from these devices, it will certainly re-awaken peoples interest in the vinyl medium.
If I might make one suggestion, please get your friend to use a stroboscopic speed ring on the deck, to be sure the pitch is correct and steady.

27 December, 2007 04:05  
Blogger Kadek55 said...


28 December, 2007 16:46  

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