Friday, November 30, 2007

Richard Dees's Bootlegs #30

Hedningarna "Old Town School of Folk Music"
World Music Festival, Chicago
September 24, 2000

The setlist:
1 Veli
2 Veli
3 Mitä Minä
4 Kina
5 Neidon Laulu + Pornopolka
6 Gorrlaus
7 The Rocking Ball + Dolkaren
8 Metsän Tyttö + Ståpäls
9 Setu Song
10 Ukkonen
11 Viima
12 Höglorfen
13 Tuuli
14 Chicago
15 ?

80 min

Part 1
Part 2

Thursday, November 29, 2007

by gonzo #10

A.L. Lloyd, Frankie Armstrong, Anne Briggs
"Bird In The Bush" 1966

gonzo said...
I am often prompted by requests to "Do a restore" please so the choice of album is not in any special order, it might seem so, often doing one artists work leads to doing an associated album where that artist appears on that album, its purely random I assure you.
There is also no date ordering or Topic reference used to select an order, so this selection, again is purely on a whim that it might be a good idea to delve back a little into the previous decade, hence Bird in the Bush a collection of erotic folk songs from 1966. I guess at that time the World was awash with rock-n-Roll, the Beatles, the Stones etc, so this album probably got no recognition at the time, today it is still a classic.

I'm taking a short rest from the endless research, the scanning, the ripping, and hours of editing, to persue my other love.. (No Not you Gladys) but a bit of Jazz.

Side 1
01. The Two Magicians (A.L. Lloyd)
02. The Old Man From Over the Sea (Frankie Armstrong)
03. The Wanton Seed (A.L. Lloyd)
04. Gathering Rushes in the Month of May (Anne Briggs)
05. The Bonny Black Hare (A.L. Lloyd)
06. The Whirly Whorl (Anne Briggs)
07. Pretty Polly (A.L. Lloyd)

Side 2
08. The Old Bachelor (A.L. Lloyd)
09. The Stonecutter Boy (Anne Briggs)
10. The Mower (A.L. Lloyd)
11. The Bird in the Bush (Frankie Armstrong)
12. The Pegging Awl (A.L. Lloyd)
13. Martinmas Time (Anne Briggs)
14. The Widow of Westmoreland's Daughter (A.L. Lloyd)

A.L. Lloyd, Frankie Armstrong, Anne Briggs, vocals;
Dave Swarbrick, violin [1, 5, 8, 14];
Alf Edwards, concertina [8, 12, 14]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

by gonzo #9

"Bob Davenport & The Rakes" 1977

gonzo said...
More Davenport magic, this time with the Rakes
and the Kid Sheik jazz band. A blend of dance
vocals, trad stuff and just a little cunning,
(the Jealous Sailor). Album is from 1977.

Supporting Bob on this album are:-

Michael Plunkett: Fiddle
Paul Gross: Fiddle
Reg Hall: Melodeon
Kid Sheik: Trumpet
Eric Webster: Banjo
Alan Mears: Bass
Norman Emberson: Drums


by J.S. #3

Sarah "Sarah & Friends" 1971?
TMI Records Z30968

J.S. said...
Hello Lizardson!
Another album I've got from the flea market - and not expencive enough to let my interest die...

Again don't know anything about the artist. Also nothing about the release year. Guess between 1967 - 1973.

Side 1
Fly By Night
Big City Eye
The Natural Order Of Things
I've Told You For The Last Time

Side 2
Antique Age
She Who Steals My Man
Take It Like You Give It
Like A Road Leading Home
I'm Sticking With My Man
Lord I Wonder Why

Produced by Steve Cropper at Trans Maximus Sound Studios; Memphis, TN.

Download (zip-file contains songs, artwork and labels)


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Richard Dees's Bootlegs #29

Dick Gaughan "FM Radio BBC"
December 4, 2005

Part session with Allan Taylor unknown date
B.B.C. Andy Kershaw

1 Andy Kershaw Intro
2 Whatever Happened
3 Interview 1
4 The Devil And Pastor Jack
5 Intro
6 The Hunter Dunne
7 Interview 2
8 Lucky For Some

With Allan Taylor
9 Intro 2
10 When I`m Gone
11 Interview
12 Kerouac's Dream


by redsuffolk #7

"Buttons & Bows: A Celebration of British Tunes"

redsuffolk said...
Hi Lizardson
This 1984 instrumental compilation was released on Dambuster Records. Many of the tracks are unique to this recording.

Disc 1
01 79th Highlanders Farewell To Gibraltar - The Catsfield Steamers
02 Foxhunter's Jig - Martin Simpson
03 Dungathol/Doo's Nest - Dougie MaClean
04 Saddle The Pony/Smash The Windows - Stuart Mofat
05 Made Behind The Bar- Colin Reece & Ian Cutler
06 O'Carolan's Draught - Dave Pegg
07 Briddleston's Hornpipe/I'll Get Wed In My Old Clothes - Chris Newman
08 Fair Flower Of Northumberland - Martin Simpson
09 Collier's Farewell - Richard Digance
10 The Banks Of Sweet Primroses - Stuart Moffat
11 Lord Mayo - Dave Pegg
12 Farewell To Whiskey - Dougie MaClean
13 The Swan - Colin Reece & Ian Cutler

Disc 2
14 Quaker's Wife/Little Burnt Potato - The Albion Dance Band
15 The Waltz That Carried Me To My Grave/Shagging Waltz - The Hooligan Band
16 Irish Girl - Evesdropper
17 Curragh Of Kildare - John O'Conner
18 Norfolk Long Dance - The Albion Dance Band
19 The Gloucestershire Miner - Dave Shepherd
20 The Carabineer - Nigel Pickles
21 Cadair Idris - John James
22 Everything & Nothing All Over Again/Andrew's March - Simon Haines
23 Sellenger's Round/Drops Of Brandy/Peacock Follows The Hen - Dave Shepherd & Dave Roberts
24 Draw The Curtains - Richard Digance

by gonzo #8

Bob Davenport "Postcards Home" 1981

gonzo said...
Moving "up country" a little, here is an interesting LP from Bob Davenport from the mid 70's. It shows a wry view of life in the great North East of England, the hard times, the wars, the army, and civilian disciplines of Durham gaol (or jail). Warning!! this has a fair bit of spoken word in the local dialect, a few minor expletives too, plus a very risque version of "Ball of Yarn" where the lady definitely takes control of the situation. Sorry no rear scan available, but I gather its similar to the front anyway..


by Nick

Marilyn Middleton-Pollock "Nobody Knows You" 1988

Nick said...
Better known for her jazz albums, Marilyn Middleton-Pollock produced two folk-orientated albums (although both contain an eclectic mix of styles: blues and jazz as well as folk): A Doll's House, which saw a CD release and this earlier album which only exists as a long-deleted LP.

Favourite songs are Vampire, Man In The Moon and Lock-keeper.

If you like this, I also recommend A Dolls House, available on CD.

Tracks :
01 - I Ain't Goin' To Play No Second Fiddle
02 - Vampire
03 - Man In The Moon
04 - Hesitation Blues
05 - You Can't Stay Here
06 - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
07 - Try
08 - Wild Women Don't Get (Have) The Blues
09 - Greenfields
10 - Lock-keeper
11 - Bring On The Starlight
12 - Bedlam Boys

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pete & Chris Coe

"Out Of Season Out Of Rhyme" 1976

01. The King's Song
02. Young Benjie
03. Gilsland Hornpipe + Linhope Lope
04. Farewell To The Brine
05. Bold Reynard Waltz + The Cunning Old Traitor
06. Bishop Of Chester's Jig
07. Two Sisters
08. P And O Polka
09. Proud Lady Margaret
10. When This Old Hat Was New
11. Welcome Cold November

Complaint received from Pete Coe himself...

Dave Swarbrick & Friends

"The Ceilidh Album" 1978

Recorded by Nick Kinsey at Livingston Studios
Producer: Simon Nicol;
Sleeve design and illustration: Bob Wagner

Dave Swarbrick, fiddle;
Beryl Marriott, piano;
Roger Marriott, melodeon;
Alan Robertson, piano, accordion
Simon Nicol, acoustic guitar, bass;
Dave Pegg, bass;
Bruce Rowland, drums, tambourine

Side 1
Merry Boys of Greenland / Olifiord Jack / Villafjord (3:04)
Antarctic Ice (Macphersons Lament) (3:25)
The Humours of Cappa / Swallow's Tail (3:24)
The Reel of the Burnt Potato (1:50)
Spanish Ladies / Leather Away the Wattle O / Mist on the Bog / Salmon Tails up the River (4:48)

Side 2
Shepherd's Hey (Badby) / I'll Go and Enlist for a Sailor (Sherborne) / Cuckoo's Nest (Sherborne) / Monk's March (Sherborne) (3:50)
The Flowers of Edinburgh / New Rigged Ship / Nine Pint Coggie (3:14)
The Rights of Men / The Shan Van Vocht / Harvest Home (3:56)
Lea Rigges / Dovecote Park / Balquidder Lassies / Lea Rigges (5:17)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


"Double Diamond" 1973
by request...

The real and true If came to an end when all members except Dick Morrisey left after "If 4". Morrisey decided to start the band from scratch again, and gathered together a completely new line-up with himself as the only member on sax and flute. The jazz-influences were toned down a bit, and the new If appeared to be a rock band in search of a direction and identity on "Double Diamond" (the very first If album with an actual title). The new keyboardist Pete Arnesen used Moog in several places, and Morrisey's flute was also a bit more dominant in the sound. Among the better tracks on the album we find "Another Time Around" where the Moog and flute melts nicely together in the middle. "Fly, Fly, the Route, Shoot" is a quirky tune that manages to be bouncy and laid-back at the same time, dominated by a melody that sticks to your head already the first time you hear it. But other tracks seem to lack focus. The 13-minute "Feel Thing" starts like a generic rock and roll tune, but turns in the middle into something that slightly resembles Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan" of all things. The last part is an instrumental that probably is the closest the album comes to the If of old. The opener "Play, Play, Play" and "Groupie Blue (Everyday She's Got the Blue)" are both generic and mediocre tracks. "Pebbles on the Beach" is more interesting, and features a very Tull-ish, medieval-like flute part in the middle. And "Pick Me Up (And Put Me Back on the Road Again)" is a decent rocker. But as a whole, "Double Diamond" is a poorly produced album that clearly revealed that this version of If didn't quite know what they wanted.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Swan Arcade

"Diving For Pearls" 1986

01. Raise Your Banner
02. Black Seam
03. Donbristle Mine Disaster
04. Bitch Fox
05. Four Green Fields
06. Dwelling In Beulahland
07. Hounds Of The Meynall
08. Shipbuilding
09. Weary Whaling Grounds
10. Brilliant Mistake
11. Peat Bog Soldiers
12. Only Remembered


by J.S. #2

"Taro Meyer" 1973

J.S. said...
Hello Lizardson!
Another album I'd like to share. Seems you'll find a lot sites about her via Google - but for me nothing really helpful ...
zip-file contains songs and full artwork.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Download (rapidshare)

by gonzo #7

Roy Harris "The Bitter & the Sweet" 1972

gonzo said...
Another great album from the gonzo Topic collection. This album is actually topical considering the recent posting of "Muckram" since they appear on this album along with
the "Notts Alliance" from Nottingham
U.K, "Muckram" being a Derbyshire based group (an adjacent county)
Recorded 1971, issued 1972.
"Notts Alliance" are Ian Stewart, Roger Grimes & Laurence Platt.
"Muckram Wakes" are Roger Watson, Helen Wainright and John Tams.



Richard Dees's Bootlegs #28

Runrig "Amazing Things Tour"
Stadthalle, Freiburg 11-05-1993

CD 1
1 Suilven
2 Amazing Things
3 Wonderful
4 The Edge Of The World
5 Healer In Your Heart
6 The Greatest Flame
7 Move A Mountain
8 Harvest Moon
9 Canada
10 Ard
11 Dream Fields
12 Precious Years
13 Every River
14 Flower Of The West

CD 2
1 Song Of The Earth
2 The Cutter
3 Cnoc na Feille
4 Skye / On The Edge
5 Siol Ghoraidh
6 Pride Of The Summer
7 An Toll Dubh
8 Alba
9 An Ubhal As Airde
10 Loch Lomond


Muckram Wakes

"Warbles Jangles and Reeds" 1980

01. Little Red House In Cardif + First of August
02. Miner's Prayer
03. Mary Anne
04. Palms Of Victory
05. L'etoile
06. Bannero (Reynardine)
07. Malthouse. Gammel Boon
08. Poor Old Weaver's Daughter
09. Song Of The Pit
10. Sheffield Park
11. I Would That The Wars Were All Over
12. Coming In On A Wing & A Prayer

Friday, November 23, 2007

by Nick

"Patti Reid" 1987

Here is, afaik, the only album released by Patti Reid, on the Fellside label. She has a great voice. Most of the material is traditional and will be familiar to most folk fans.

Lizardson, feel free to add to your blog if you want.

01 - Lord Derwentwater
02 - Lowlands Of Holland
03 - Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
04 - Garden Gate
05 - Bonnie Annie
06 - Pretty Saro
07 - Cold, Haily, Windy Night
08 - The Snows
09 - Craigie Hill
10 - Ten Thousand Miles
11 - Where The Moorcock Crows
12 - Farewell, Farewell

Thursday, November 22, 2007

by gonzo #6

Roy Harris "Utter Simplicity" 1985

gonzo said...
Kingsman asked for Roy Harris with Jackie Monroe (assuming this is a track title) I obtained this copy from a friend, did a little edit and clean on it, sadly the original was only at 160k, so its not brilliant, but it is listenable


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

by redsuffolk #6

"PICNIC: a breath of fresh air" (Harvest label)

redsuffolk said...
Hello Lizardson
Thanks again for a great site.

This is in response to Manila's excellent Island samplers.

Picnic - A Breath Of Fresh Air - was released on the Harvest label in 1970,following the trend started by Island. EMI already had many prog artists signed to their labels, but this sampler shows the great variation that was recording for their new label at this time, ( Where ealse would you see Shirley Collins and Edgar Broughton on the same album! ) Many of these tracks are taken from albums which are still available, so if you like them, buy them.

Disc 1
01 Deep Purple - Into The Fire
02 Barclay James Harvest - Mother Dear
03 Pink Floyd - Embryo
04 The Battered Ornaments - Twisted Track
05 Shirley & Dolly Collins - Glenlogie
06 The Pretty Things - The Good Mr. Square
07 Roy Harper - Song Of The Ages
08 Bakerloo - This Worried Feeling
09 Kevin Ayres - Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)
10 The Greatest Show On Earth - Again & Again

Disc 2
11 Third Ear Band - Water
12 Syd Barrett - Terrapin
13 Forest - A Glade Somewhere
14 Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Golden Country Kingdom
15 Panama Limited - Round & Round
16 Quatermass - Black Sheep Of The Family
17 Michael Chapman - Postcards Of Scarborough
18 Tea & Symphony - Maybe My Mind (With Egg)
19 Edgar Broughton Band - Old Gopher

Picnic 1
Picnic 2

by gonzo #5

Roy Harris "Champions of Folly"

gonzo said...
I have set myself some task it seems, in an attempt to cover the TOPIC catalogue in my collection, I have now over 200 LP titles in my collection, some of these that have not yet been released on CD are already restored and digitised in my archive, I obviously could post them all, but that would take far more time than I have available, so the odd one, not previously posted will be uploaded now and then.
Starting with this classic collection of tradition folk songs from Roy Harris "Champions of Folly"

Roy Harris: Vocals
Martin Carthy: Guitar & Dulcimer
Bobby Campbell: Fiddle & Mandola
Vic Gammon: Melodeon & Concertina



Richard Dees's Bootlegs #27

Dick Gaughan "CND Benefit Gig - Morecambe"
The Gardens, Morecambe, 28th November 1989

CD 1
1 Your Daughters and Your Sons
2 What You Do With What You've Got
3 Song For Ireland
4 Miner's Life is Like A Sailor's
5 Now Westlin Winds
6 Revolution
7 Erin-Go-Bragh
8 A Different Kind of Lovesong

CD 2
1 Both Sides The Tweed
2 Freedom Come-All-Ye
3 Think Again
4 Father's Song
5 Hawks And Eagles Fly Like Doves
6 Ballad Of '84
7 Shipwreck
8 World Turned Upside Down (Diggers)
9 Amandla!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

by gonzo #4

gonzo said...
I have completed the clean up of the Jonathan Swift album "Introvert"
It is not perfect, the overload on the original has spoiled one track completely, to sample it...


Message from Vin Garbutt

Dear Lizardson,
I have recently become aware of the fact that you have many of my albums on your website for free download. I would appreciate it if you would remove all of my work from your site. The income I receive from selling my albums is the way I earn my living. I appreciate that you want to bring my music to a wider audience but I would not have agreed to you going about it in this way had you consulted me. It is obviously going to effect my sales if my latest album in it's entirety can be accessed for nothing. A sample track can be seen as helpful but an entire album is very unfair.
Regards Vin Garbutt

Vin Garbutt c/o Home Roots Music Ltd. PO Box 6, Skelton, Saltburn. TS13 4YT
Agent: Routes Music, The Swan Theatre, The Moors, Worcester. WR1 3EF
01905 611323

by Manila #22 & 23

Island Sampler "EL Pea" 1970

Manila said...
Here's another one I was holding back, this time because there's a track missing - Jimmy Cliff's 'Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving You' from his 'Struggling Man' album, which I don't have. If anyone can provide it, that would be great.

That aside, I think this now means we have the complete set of Island samplers. Thanks to everyone who helped out. All of us who once thought sticking knives into a Hammond C3 was the coolest thing on earth (and many who still do) can now whack on the soundtrack of our youth as we Google to see what the drummer from the Groundhogs is doing these days, or whether Edgar Broughton is dead. (Actually he's not, he's touring. Out Demons Out!)

Download link fixed.
See Manila's comment for details...

Richard Dees's Bootlegs #26

Christy Moore "State Theatre, Sydney" 1992
Stereo FM broadcast

Disc 1
1. Before The Deluge
2. Ordinary Man
3. Bright Blue Rose
4. Welcome To The Cabaret
5. Don't Forget Your Shovel
6. Missing You
7. Fairytale Of New York
8. Back Home In Derry
9. Natives
10. Saint Brendan's Voyage
11. Smoke And Strong Whiskey
12. Middle Of The Island > Well Below The Valley

Disc 2
1. All I Remember
2. Delirium Tremens
3. Nancy Spain
4. Viva La Quinta Brigada
5. They Never Came Home
6. Burning Times
7. Ride On
8. McIlhatton
9. The Reel In The Flickering Light
10. Lisdoonvarna
11. Encore
12. The Time Has Come > Irish Ways And Irish Laws


Luis said...
BTW After a couple of days down my Artwork Web Site is working again...

Monday, November 19, 2007

by bluenorther #19

Julie Felix "Clotho's Web" 1972

01. Clotho's Web
02. Windy Morning
03. Fire Water Earth And Air
04. Clickety Clack
05. Beside The Still Fjord
06. The Ballad Of San Andreas
07. Hills Of May
08. Moonlight
09. Happiness
10. The Lean Years
11. Summer On Fire
12. Lady
13. A Rumbling In The Land
14. The Lost Children
15. Scarborough Fair
16. We Better Talk This Over
17. Father Of Night
18. Clotho's Web (alt version)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

by J.S.

John T. Fisher "Lonely World" 1975

J.S. said...
Hy Lizardson!
Maybe you'd like to spread this album? It's John T. Fisher with "Lonely World". Never heard of him and found this album at the flea market.

Maybe someone has some additional informations?

This .ZIP-file contains songs artwork and labels.

Best wishes, J.S.

Download (mailbigfile)
Download (rapidshare)

Really FANTASTIC post!
Thank you so much!

by bluenorther #18

Julie Felix "El Condor Pasa" 1995

01. Soldier from The '60s
02. If I Could (El Condor Pasa)
03. Amazing Grace
04. Mr Tambourine Man
05. Early Morning Rain
06. Blowing In The Wind
07. Vincent
08. Where You Are
09. Going To The Zoo
10. San Francisco
11. Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Donde Estan Las Flores)
12. Dona Dona
13. Soldier From The '60s - Epilogue

01. Let It Be
02. The Last Thing On My Mind
03. Scarborough Fair
04. Man Gave Names To All The Animals
05. I Miss You
06. Bring On Lucie (Free Da People)
07. So Much Trouble
08. Changing
09. Colours In The Rain
10. We Better Talk This Over
11. Steal Away Again
12. My Preservation Kit
13. The Big Bang
14. Yoko (We Believe)

Richard Dees's Bootlegs #25

Richard Thompson Band
The Roundhouse London, UK October 20 2007

Luis said...
From London '77 to London '07
Here's the last Richard Thompson's concert I've got...

Richard Thompson - guitar, vocals
Peter Zorn - saxophones, bass flute, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Michael Jerome - drums, vocals
Danny Thompson - double bass

Disc 1
1.Needle and Thread
2.Bad Monkey
3.Take Care The Road You Choose
4.Dad's Gonna Kill Me
5.I Still Dream
6.I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
7.Al Bowlly's in Heaven
8.1952 Vincent Black Lightning
9. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
10.One Door Opens

Disc 2
1.I'll Never Give It Up
2.Hard on me
3.Mingulay Boat Song
4.A Man in Need
5.Guns Are The Tongues
6.A bone through her nose
7.Wall of death
8.Read about love
9.Sunset song
10.Mr. Stupid
11.Tear Stained Letter

CD1 Part1
CD1 Part2
CD2 Part1
CD2 Part2

Saturday, November 17, 2007

by Nel #5

Skip & The Creations "Mobam" 1966

Nel said...
Hi Lizardson,
I found this album in a friend's music-files.
Is it something for your blog?

Fuzz Acid and Flowers (Vernon Joynson / Max Waller):
From Colonial Heights, just outside of Richmond, Virginia. This band's album is a rare and sought-after collectable. The album is garagey frat-rock of the soulful sort - covers include Harlem Shuffle, 99.5 , Double Shot, Turn On Your Lovelight, Respectable, Gimme Some Lovin' and I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - you get the picture? I'm Calling You Baby is the most uptempo offering here - a jerky and infectious ditty but overall not recommended for garage fans.
Compilation appearances include: I'm Calling You Baby on All Cops In Delerium - Good Roots (LP).

Acid Archives:
Organ-led combo with hip (relatively speaking) Myrtle Beach teen club vibe, band does unusual covers of Hank Williams and "Harlem Shuffle" plus one cool original. Bonus points for excellent organ sound but the muddy recording, weak vocals and abundance of soul covers places this among the less interesting on the label. The selfwritten tune, a semi-ripoff of "Time won't let me" (comp'd on "Good Roots") is worth hearing. "Mobam" supposedly means Makers Of Bad Ass Music, but the sounds on the record belie such an interpretation. [PL]

LP: 1967 (Justice 152)
CD: 1995 (CD Collectables 0602)

Thanks again for all the great music on your blog!


Aztec Two-Step

"Live & Rare"

01. All I Want
02. Pretty Girls
03. Mtv
04. Brand New
05. My Heart Wouldn't Let Me Go
06. Remembrance Day
07. Life In The 80's
08. Olga
09. War
10. Our Lives
11. The Infidel
12. Shanty Town
13. Livin' In America
14. Velvet Elvis
15. Better Watch Out
16. Prisoner

A question from Mike

Mike said...
Hi Lizardson,
I have attached an MP3 of something I recorded from the radio back in the early seventies. If anybody can identify it I would be over the moon. It's a bit muffled but listenable.
Many thanks, Mike.


Aztec Two-Step

"See, It Was Like This..." [compilation album]

See, It Was Like This was released in 1989 as a brand-new set of acoustic re-recordings of songs from Aztec Two-Step's early-'70s albums. Not a cynical attempt to avoid paying licensing fees to Elektra Records for reissue rights or an admission of complete creative brain-death, See, It Was Like This instead functions as a kind of alternative greatest-hits package of Aztec Two-Step's early years. The duo's early work with producer Jerry Yester was truly lovely in the near-orchestral manner of Yester's own work with his wife, Judy Henske, around the same period, but these much simpler, almost stark new versions of the songs strip away the slightly dated orchestrations and put the focus entirely on Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman's close harmonies and acoustic guitars, both of which are in top shape throughout. ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

Jonathan Swift

"Introvert" 1971

1. Last Year
2. Clever Head Spell
3. Love for You
4. Who Is Who
5. My Best Friend
6. Blue Eyes
7. What a Day It's Been
8. Beggar Boy
9. I Won't Let You Down


gonzo said...
I have completed the clean up of the Jonathan Swift album "Introvert"It is not perfect, the overload on the original has spoiled one track completely, to sample it...


J.S. said...
Hy Lizardson!
Maybe you'd like to add this zip-file to the "Introvert" album by Jonathan Swift.It contains the artwork and a "OK version" of track #7.


by bluenorther #17

Julie Felix "This World Goes Round And Round" 1968

A-1. a) This World Goes Round And Round, b) Painting Box
A-2. From Both Sides Now
A-3. Widow On The Shore
A-4. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
A-5. Bracero
A-6. Dirty Old Town
B-1. This Wheel's On Fire
B-2. Hey Ho The Wind And The Rain
B-3. Alma Llanera
B-4. The Hedgehog's Song
B-5. Mad John's Escape
B-6. Fare Thee Well


Richard Dees's Bootlegs #24

Richard & Linda Thompson "The Madness Of Love"
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, UK 05/01/77

Luis said...
Posted by request.
Sorry but I found that the audio CD was broken (broken in two) so I must upload the "128 MP3 version" I use to hear when I'm driving...

01 The Madness Of Love
02 Night Comes In
03 Rescue Me
04 Strange Affair
05 The Fire In The Garden
06 When I Get To The Border
07 Bird In God's Garden
08 First Light
09 The King Of Love
10 Layla

Richard Thompson: guitar, vocals
Linda Thompson: vocals
Ian Whiteman (Abdul-Latif Whiteman): keyboards
Mick Evans (Haj Amin Evans): bass
Preston Heyman: drums
Abdul Jabar Pickstock: percussion


Richard Dees's Bootlegs #23

Dick Gaughan "Live On WDR Radio, Germany" 1985

Disc One:
1. A Different Kind Of Lovesong
2. Victor Jara Of Chile
3. Miner's Life Is Like A Sailor's
4. Graham Street
5. What You Do With What You've Got
6. Song For Ireland
7. Erin-Go-Bragh
8. Now Westlin Winds
9. Your Daughters And Your Sons
10. Glenlogie
11. 51st (Highland) Division's Farewell To Sicily
12. As I Walked On The Road
13. World Turned Upside Down

Disc Two:
1. Revolution
2. Ireland Her Own
3. Floo'ers O'The Forest
4. Freedom Come-All-Ye
5. Pound A Week Rise
6. Father's Song
7. Snows They Melt The Soonest
8. Geronimo's Cadillac
9. Reconciliation
10. Air


Friday, November 16, 2007

Message from Terry Hiscock (of Hunter Muskett)

Terry Hiscock said...
I think both our albums are now available on cd. I obtained one from Amazon the other day. And talking about Ralph McTell, what a great tour that was. We played to great audiences in some of the country's best venues, supporting one of the nicest guys in the business. It doesn't get much better than that. I've gone all misty-eyed. Enjoy the songs.

Hunter Muskett (on THTM)


"Engineers" 2005

Engineers are a British rock band, comprised of Simon Phipps (vocals/guitars), Mark Peters (vocals/guitars), Dan MacBean (guitars/keyboard) and Sweeney (drums).

Engineers is a Dream Pop band formed in London in March 2003. The band's sound is often describe as a mixture of psychedelia, shoegazing and post-rock, though they themselves claim their influences range from The Cocteau Twins to Curtis Mayfield. With the often mellow, soundscape-like feel of a number of their songs in mind, Sweeney has remarked that "We've always said if more people started taking acid we'd clean up".

They were signed to the record label Echo Records, and released their eponymous debut album in 2005. Whilst in the process of mixing the follow up, they split with Echo and their future is uncertain.

Engineers' official web site
Engineers' myspace page

Joseph Taylor

"Unto Brigg Fair" 1908/1972

*First released 1908
All other titles first released 1972.

Sleeve notes by Bob Thomson:
In the early years of the century a few enlightened folk song collectors took the revolutionary step of recording the actual performances of country singers and musicians, thus capturing all the idiosyncrasies of style, where before the words and music had been laboriously and relatively inaccurately transcribed on paper. The cylinder phonograph had made this huge step forward possible.

Bartok's collecting in eastern Europe is well known. Less well is the pioneer work in England by the Australian composer and pianist, Percy Grainger.

Grainger started recording on location in 1906. He visited various places in England including north Lincolnshire where he recorded several outstanding singers including Joseph Taylor whose singing of Brigg Fair was the inspiration of Delius' English Rhapsody.

Grainger revisited Lincolnshire in 1908 and in the same year brought Joseph Taylor to the studios of the Gramophone Company to make commercial disc recordings of some of his songs.

It is from these two 1908 ventures that the recordings on this LP are taken. Carefully remastered to eliminate as far as possible the technical short-comings of the period, they are not just old and rare recordings of historic interest, they are amongst the very finest performances of English traditional singing ever to be permanently collected.

The Gramophone Company recordings were made in London on July 9 and 11, 1908.

The cylinders were recorded in Brigg, Lincolnshire.
Numbers 84, 95, 96, 100, 101, 102 on May 25, 1908.
Number 111 on May 27, 1908.
Numbers 130, 131 on May 27, 1908.

Produced by Bob Thomson, Bill Leader and Dave Bland.
Notes by Bob Thomson.
Disc transfers by Bill Leader and A. F. R. Lawrence.
Cylinder transfers by The Library of Congress.
Special filtering and equalisation by Nic Kinsey, Livingston Studios
and D. A. Pickett, EMI Studios.
LP master cut by John Wadley, E. M. I. Studios.
Sleeve and booklet designed by Janet Kerr.
Made and printed in England by Brier Press, High Wycombe, Bucks.

Inner Booklet

by brujo #9

Tom Russell "Hotwalker" 2005

brujo said...
here is one from Tom Russell you may enjoy (Hot Walker)

Songwriter Tom Russell has long been possessed by the ghosts and places of history, big and small, from William Faulkner and outlaw Claude Dallas to Jack Johnson, Little Willie John and Bill Haley, from Manzanar to Begenfield. There are also dozens of nameless, faceless denizens barely hanging on to the fringes on both sides of the border, cheated endlessly by life yet becoming archetypes in the American myth of Russell's songs. Hotwalker is subtitled "Charles Bukowski and a Ballad for Gone America." This is Russell's latest conceptual work, a palette of excess lovingly offered to the heroes of his life, those that defined for him the America that has been erased from the popular psychic topography and has entered into the hallways of myth and memory. This is a record of Russell's aesthetic life and era. Bukowski is the big patron saint in these songs and monologues, as are Dave Van Ronk, Edward Abbey, Jack Kerouac, Harry Partch, Ramblin Jack Elliot, and fabled circus performer Little Jack Horton. The voices of many of these icons waft through the proceedings. Horton was recorded specifically for this offering, but Abbey, Bukowski, Kerouac (accompanied by Steve Allen), Lenny Bruce and Partch are all here too. Singling out these songs would be a disservice to Russell and to this recording. This is the most haggard of Russell's albums. It's a wreck in many ways, full of bloated lines and hackneyed melodies and near ranted spoken word pieces. But it hardly matters because polish isn't what fuels a project like this; inspiration is. And Hotwalker is drenched in inspiration, possessed by it, compelled and driven by it to realize something beyond speech or music; some spectral presence hovers here, and remains for a bit after the set ends. That is its achievement: that one can not only feel Russell's passion, but can nearly see the scenes and people he portrays here. This is not easy listening, but it just may be necessary. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

by bluenorther #16

Julie Felix "Flowers" 1967

01. The Flower Lady
02. Mexico (Sand and Foam)
03. Soldat
04. Somewhere There's Gotta Be Me
05. The Gates of Eden
06. San Francisco
07. Saturday Night
08. Don't Make Promises
09. Berlin
10. Chimes of Freedom

bluenorther said...
Hello, Lizardson, Just wanted to ask you, please, add 'Thanks to John' to my Julie Felix post.... And one more thing to talk about, I am always posting the singer/songwriters whose albums are often available in the shops. Lately a lot of people are demanding you to delete their albums. I would like to know, maybe I should stop posting the albums on your blog? There's always a risk some idiot might want to shut off your blog completely. I really would not like to be the reason for your possible trouble. So, please, let me know your opinion regarding this matter. Sincerely, bluenorther.

Thanks again and again bluenorther
and John, thanks for this post
really love it
our visitors are always respecting musicians
and we always want to support them as possible
I believe, THTM gives good influences to all music lovers (include musicians)
but I know the end is always near (even if you stop posting)
please don't hesitate to introduce good music

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wizz Jones

"Lucky The Man" 2001

Another goodie courtesy of Charles Reynolds - here's his resume (more eloquent than mine could be!)

'Lucky The Man' contains songs representing Wizz's definitive original guitar technique (as on his rendition of 'Weeping Willow Blues'). Splendid guitar interaction with John Renbourn on a fine acoustic version of Adderley's 'Sermonette'. A beautifully arranged version of 'Omie Wise' with both John and Jacqui McShee, which smacks of Pentangle with Jacqui and Wizz's voices blending nicely. The album brings back Wizz and Clive Palmer playing together on a couple of songs, including the stunning and hypnotic 'Paris' (on which they both play 5-string banjo) - appropriate, as they busked together on the streets of Paris over 40 years ago. Also some classy Wizz originals - a paean to lost love 'Another Summertime' as well as Wizz's self-penned lullaby and the title track 'Lucky The Man', a tribute to his daughter.

There's an unusal look back to the 30's with Wizz and Jacqui singing 'Would You Like To Take A Walk?'. Lovely versions of Archie Fisher's 'Mountain Rain' (with Renbourn) and Alun Ashworth Jones's 'In Stormy Weather' (featuring Gary Ricard of The Balham Alligators on backing vocal and guitar). Wizz pays his respects to the classic 'Blues Run The Game', which he played at his first-ever American concert a few years back to honour it's composer Jackson C Frank only a few months before Jackson passed away. Tasteful percussion on a number of tracks from Gerry Conway, and a couple of Wizz's talented London guitarist friends together with son Simeon help out on some songs.

Still traversing the landscape he helped to pioneer in England - Folk, American Blues, Cowboy Songs, Jazz and the English Tradition, broken hearts and something entirely unique, this is Wizz Jones in superb voice and guitar playing form.

by gonzo #3

gonzo said...

Pyewackett "The 7 to Midnight" album shows signs of the classic Filetopia (file sharing program)file transfer truncation problems, so my guess is at some time it passed that way.

This version has never been near Filetopia, it is my own ripped copy
Enjoy it in all its completeness!!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aztec Two-Step

"Aztec Two-Step" 1972

A pleasing example of soft singer-songwriter folk-rock from the early '70s, Aztec Two-Step is a consistent effort from the duo of Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman that might appeal to fans of James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, and Seals & Croft. Sometimes their pretensions get the better of them (as on "The Persecution & Restoration of Dean Moriarty [On the Road]"), but overall, the album is quite enjoyable. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
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