Tuesday, November 20, 2007

by Manila #22 & 23

Island Sampler "EL Pea" 1970

Manila said...
Here's another one I was holding back, this time because there's a track missing - Jimmy Cliff's 'Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving You' from his 'Struggling Man' album, which I don't have. If anyone can provide it, that would be great.

That aside, I think this now means we have the complete set of Island samplers. Thanks to everyone who helped out. All of us who once thought sticking knives into a Hammond C3 was the coolest thing on earth (and many who still do) can now whack on the soundtrack of our youth as we Google to see what the drummer from the Groundhogs is doing these days, or whether Edgar Broughton is dead. (Actually he's not, he's touring. Out Demons Out!)

Download link fixed.
See Manila's comment for details...


Blogger ge said...

Fine, Sire! ['Out Demons Out!']
know of more since the NPR gig?

20 November, 2007 21:06  
Blogger dave said...

I never got round to buying this when it came out (probably because I was a poor student at the time) and I've regretted it since, having got all the others. Thanks very much!

21 November, 2007 03:19  
Blogger Witchseason said...

Well I don't know about the *original* drummer from the Groundhogs, but I do know that Mick Cook (ex-Home, played on Crosscut Saw among others) sadly died a few years ago.

I also know that neither The Groundhogs nor Edgar Broughton were on El Pea (or even Island - in fact they were on Liberty and Harvest repectively, ISTR) but I *do* have the original vinyl and will rip the Jimmy Cliff for you ASAP.

21 November, 2007 05:04  
Blogger Witchseason said...

How's that for service? Here's the missing Jimmy Cliff track, ripped straight from the vinyl copy of El Pea less than ten minutes ago. Good job I kept my turntable :-)

(Err - sorry, there is one skip near the end. Can't do anything about it I'm afraid but I did edit out the loud click)


21 November, 2007 05:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog!! Thanks so much for all the rare & wonderful music you're making available, and for keeping the links open from long-past posts.

Hearing 'Bird In God's Garden' from the R&L Thompson live bootleg was a revelation.

21 November, 2007 06:37  
Anonymous Manila said...

witchseason, I've had cause to thank God you kept your turntable on many, many occasions! Thanks for saving the day. (If anyone hasn't yet visited his blog, you don't know what you're missing: http://witchseason.blogspot.com/)

Of course the 'Hogs and Edgar weren't on Island (or El Pea). What are we? Novices? ;-)

The original Groundhogs drummer (at least on the albums) was, of course, Ken Pustelnik. Not a name you easily forget.

21 November, 2007 12:45  
Blogger GeoX said...

I heart Bob Pegg. Keeper of the Fire is indeed a great buy; the liner notes alone are reason enough to pick it up.

21 November, 2007 14:57  
Blogger Brian said...

Sorry to pee on your fireworks but the Mountain track isn't right! It's just a loop of the intro...

21 November, 2007 21:11  
Blogger Brian said...

Mountain track ain't right! Listen!

21 November, 2007 21:12  
Anonymous Manila said...

Brian's right. Dammit. How did that happen? I'll re-up it. Sorry.

21 November, 2007 22:01  
Anonymous Manila said...

Ok, I've re-upped the Mountain track, which you can get here:

You can also get witchseason's rip of Jimmy Cliff's track (see above). However, with so many changes I thought it might be better just to re-up the whole album including the fixed/added tracks. It's now over 100mb, so I've done it in 2 parts.

Part One is here: http://sharebee.com/4fadd6c9
Part Two is here: http://sharebee.com/a7ca44ee

Liz, can you change the download link on the main page? Sorry for the cock-up, guys.

I am now going off to bash walls and stuff, ideally with McCLaren's head, after England cocked up even more than I did yesterday. And while I'm in a VERY bad mood...if there's something wrong with a post, how about a polite 'Thanks for this but there's a problem with track x - any chance you could fix it?' and not 'Mountain track ain't right! Listen!' Because next time I'll say 'tough shit!' What am I, your bloody work-horse?

22 November, 2007 14:13  
Anonymous arbor said...

awesome thanks for the Bob Pegg album

23 November, 2007 02:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your work on this one.

23 November, 2007 08:25  
Blogger Brian said...

Apologies for being abrupt re. the "Mountain track ain't right" comment. Thanks for correcting it and for bothering with this long-lost classic compilation. Compare this to NOW 56! I know which one I'd choose!

25 November, 2007 16:17  
Anonymous Manila said...

Brian, you are a gentleman. My apologies too for overreacting.
And I agree with you about NOW 56, or 527, or whatever they've got up to now.

25 November, 2007 20:47  
Blogger Babbler said...

Hey...this one takes me back...just looking for a rip of 'All Good Clean Fun' now :)

27 November, 2007 01:11  
Anonymous theWizzard said...

just come across this site now. funny how my mates and myself were just speaking of this album the other night and lo and behold I come across it today great blog by the way and keep on keep on the fantastic posts

28 November, 2007 02:25  
Blogger Padraig said...

Please let me know how to acess The Last Wolf album by Bob Pegg the link doesn't seem to work...thanks....

04 December, 2007 17:20  
Blogger Padraig said...

please fix link to Last Wolf album...thanks

04 December, 2007 17:21  

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