Friday, November 16, 2007

by bluenorther #16

Julie Felix "Flowers" 1967

01. The Flower Lady
02. Mexico (Sand and Foam)
03. Soldat
04. Somewhere There's Gotta Be Me
05. The Gates of Eden
06. San Francisco
07. Saturday Night
08. Don't Make Promises
09. Berlin
10. Chimes of Freedom

bluenorther said...
Hello, Lizardson, Just wanted to ask you, please, add 'Thanks to John' to my Julie Felix post.... And one more thing to talk about, I am always posting the singer/songwriters whose albums are often available in the shops. Lately a lot of people are demanding you to delete their albums. I would like to know, maybe I should stop posting the albums on your blog? There's always a risk some idiot might want to shut off your blog completely. I really would not like to be the reason for your possible trouble. So, please, let me know your opinion regarding this matter. Sincerely, bluenorther.

Thanks again and again bluenorther
and John, thanks for this post
really love it
our visitors are always respecting musicians
and we always want to support them as possible
I believe, THTM gives good influences to all music lovers (include musicians)
but I know the end is always near (even if you stop posting)
please don't hesitate to introduce good music


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very good! Many thanks to the uploader.

17 November, 2007 04:46  
Anonymous Manila said...

The lovely Julie - 'England's own Joan Baez.' We had our own version of everyone. Cliff Richard was our Elvis, Donovan was our Dylan (!).
I'm still wondering who 'The Singing Postman' was emulating, but Bugs Bunny should have sued.

Actually, this is a nice post of a (these days) underrated singer. Thanks very much, bluenorthener.

17 November, 2007 13:56  
Anonymous bluenorther said...

Thanks, manila...anyway, I am just a 'Blue Norther'...:)

17 November, 2007 15:34  
Blogger Private Beach said...

Good to see some Julie Felix here. Julie is actually American, but became successful in Britain. She's still active - check out her website for some collections of her songs, but sadly much of her early work (including her finest album, Changes) is not available on CD.

17 November, 2007 19:26  
Anonymous Manila said...

Sorry about that, bluenorther. For some reason I had this image in my head of a very cold Scotsman. (And I didn't even spell your incorrect name correctly. Jeez!)

17 November, 2007 20:16  
Anonymous bluenorther said...

Hello, manila! To call my name 'incorrect' was the same, as if you called Me 'incorrect'(what might well be true...LOL).Here is a good explanation what 'blue norther' is...
Anyway, thanks for the good laugh.We even might be friends if not our different political views...(joke).Sorry, no audio link.

Blue Norther
Listen in RealAudio
Email your weather question

I'm Dave Thurlow and this is The Weather Notebook. Today on the show we look at cold fronts that are really cold fronts. Some of the most dramatic fronts on earth surge across the North American prairie each winter. The cold winds associated with these fronts are called blue northers in Texas, but their stomping ground ranges from Alberta to the Gulf Coast.

Blue northers get their start when a bitterly cold air mass builds up not far from the North Pole. This usually happens beneath a dome of high pressure which leads to light winds, clear skies, and successively colder nights. Sometimes the high pressure builds up enough to spread south through sheer gravity, like a blob of maple syrup rolling across your pancakes. However, for a really intense norther, you need the jet stream to help push the air south. When everything comes together, a newborn cold front can race south at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour or more, enough to move it from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in less than two days.

A blue norther arrives with screaming winds that can push up a thick, ominous blanket of stratus clouds. These may look blueish grey as they approach, thus the colorful name.

18 November, 2007 00:42  
Anonymous Manila said...

Actually I meant that I didn't even spell MY incorrect version of your name correctly. (This could go on forever, right? LOL)

Anyway, I stand well and truly corrected - and much better informed about the weather in your neck of the woods!

We can be friends. I have no political views except the one that goes (paraphrasing Billy Connolly): 'The mere desire to be a politician should disqualify a person from ever actually becoming one.'


18 November, 2007 02:34  
Blogger Private Beach said...

Spike Milligan had a good political philosophy. Asked by an interviewer what would be the first thing he would do if he was Prime Minister, he replied "Resign."

19 November, 2007 11:47  
Anonymous Manila said...

hehehe. Love it!

19 November, 2007 20:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
Unfortunately Z Share is broken.
Could you repost please this one and all the Julie Felix album once shared with Z share?
Thanks in advance


11 November, 2008 06:28  

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