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Smoking Mixture (1973)

1. Steal That Gold
2. Tennessee Saturday Night
3. Tell Me Why
4. Attraction
5. Southbound State Express
6. Turkey In The Straw
7. Zonker
8. Blueberry Pie
9. Strange Awakening


Other titles here: Sunday, January 28, 2007
Thanks for lots of comments on this post (include comment from Clifford Fudge who was roadie for the band in 70's and DEMITRI, son of the bands drummer Pete Robinson).

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Waxidermy Vol.1

Here is some good folky songs selected from waxidermy.com

Airborne - clips
Barbara Sipple - Hold On
Barbara Sipple - Song for Life
Barbara Sipple - Song of the Unborn
Bob Fietsam - For Friends 1
Bob Fietsam - For Friends 2
Bob Hurd
Bob Reidenbach - Come Touch The Air Softly
Brent Titcomb - It's an Illusion
Bruce D. McElheny - I'm Comin'
Chevrolet - Cities and Towns
Chevrolet - Gentle Things
Christian Lee - Magic Wand
Collie Ryan - Prairie Day Lady
Country Comfort - To be Lonely
Crossroads - Poet
Crow Johnson - Ridin' in the Sky
Crow Johnson - You Got Me
Dobbins Michael - The Seeker
Dwayne Cannan - clips
Frank Lynch - A New Look At Life
George Cromarty - Little Children
Jean Yves Tourbin - Des Millions D'Etres Humains
Jean Yves Tourbin - Tiens Voila La Lune
Joe Hall and The Eyeball Wine Company - Moveable Feast
Judy Page - Little Green Apples
Kathy Fire - Goodnight Children
Larry Conklin and Jochen Blum - Alathea
Laura-Beth - Be My Side
Les Moore - A Day in the Life
Marj Snyder - God
Mossy Davidson - Fox Sparrow
Nicodemus - Red Sky
Om Shanti - Om Mani Padme Hum
Richard Crandell - In the Flower of Our Youth
Steve and Ed - Dream Song
Steve and Ed - I Love the Rain
Susan and Sarah - With A Little Help From My Friends
Susan and Sarah - Within You Without You
Vision of Sunshine - She Said
Vision of Sunshine - Vision of Sunshine
Yathubhutha - Habukuk
Yathubhutha - Stop and Think it Over

DL 1
DL 2

Al O'Donnell

Al O'Donnell (1972)

Al O'Donnell developed his interest in folk music while attending Art College in Nottingham, listening to Ewan McColl, Peggy Seeger, Pete Seeger, Martin Carthy, The Watersons. Learning from such fine singers he started to play gigs in nearby folk clubs. The Irish folk scene was just developing at that time (1960's) and over the last 40 years he has become "one of the great voices in our singing tradition". He also was one of the members of Sweeney's Men.

01 - Avondale
02 - Streets of Derry
03 - Lord Inchiquin
04 - Larry
05 - Maid on the Mountain
06 - Green Linnet
07 - Ramble Away
08 - Matt Hyland
09 - Crooked Jack
10 - Cuilin
11 - Me Tune
12 - James Connelly
13 - Ned of the Hill

Quality: 224kbps


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Al O'Donnell

Al O'Donnell 2 (1978)

01 - The Granemore Hare
02 - Bonny Woodhall
03 - Sliabh na mBan
04 - The Connerys
05 - An Bunnan Buidhe
06 - The Dark Eyed Sailor
07 - Donal Og
08 - Lord Abore and Mary Flynn
09 - The Madman

Quality: 224kbps


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Frédéric Paris

Frédéric Paris – Carnet de bal
Cassette autoproduction - 1984

01-La Marianne/Montagnarde (valse/bourrée)
02-Air à danser (scottisch)
03-La gracieuse (mazurka)
04-Polka à Malochet/La p'tite Jeannette (polkas)
05-Bourrée de St Pierre/Le fendeur (bourrées)
06-Le roulier (mélodie)
07-Pirouette polka
08-Revenant de Paris (valse)
09-Où est passé le temps/Derrière chez nous (bourrées)
10-La reine des bals/Scottisch des amoureux (scottischs)
11-Marches de noce
12-Valse à Bonnejoie
13-Les filles de St Nicolas (bourrée)
14-Le bouquet de ma mie (mazurka-valse)
15-La porte de d'vant (polka)
16-Le samedi au soir (valse)

Frédéric Paris : accordéons diatoniques (Castagnari), clarinette.
Patrick Bouffard : vielle à roue

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Rare world and folklore music


Thank You all very much for the beautiful folk music!

I will announce You a world and folk music blogsite with folk music of (mainly) European countries.


Best regards:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Denis Doody

Denis Doody – Kerry music - 1978
Mulligan LUN 015

01-Johnny Cope-Din Tarran's polkas
02-The Tanglony-The baile an tSamhraidh slides
03-Terry Teahan's-Cousins delight polkas
04-The Ballinahulla polkas
05-Nehyls fiddle-O'Mahony's hornpipes
06-The Scart slide-Going to the well for water
07-The priest-The Barna slide
08-Denis Murphy's-Lacha cross polkas
09-The Munster-Kitty's wedding jigs
10-Well I know what Kitty wants-The Brosna slides
11-Tourniore lass-Johnny O'Leary's polkas
12-The quarry cross-Abbey's Green Isle slides
13-The lonesome road to Dingle-The man from Glauntaune slides
14-The green cottage n°1-The Munster bank polkas
15-Callaghan's-The kaiser slides
16-Johnny Cope's hornpipe
17-The blackwater polkas
18-The galland Tipperary boys-This my love, do you like her ? slides
19-Tureengarbh glen-The green cottage n°2 polkas
20-Box the monkey-The house in the glen jigs
21-The groves of Greenveguilla-Jack Reedy's polkas
22-Chase me Charlie-Kiely's slides
23-The Gullane-Jimmy Doyle's favourite polkas

256 Kbps – mp3
With covers


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Martin Mulvihill

Martin Mulvihill – Traditional irish fiddling from County Limerick - 1978
style="FONT-STYLE: italic">Green Linnet SIF 1012

01-The road to Abbeyfeale/Lord Kitchener's pipes
02-The hight road to Glin/The low road to Glin
03-Limerick is beautiful
04-Paddy Scanlon's/Buddy Furey's/The Kinard polka
05-McAuliffe's/Maggie Shanley's/Dinis Enrigh's slides
06-Flynn's/Dillane's hornpipes
07-Bridget Flynn's/The star of Munster reels
08-The Rathcrogan reel/The bag of Spuds/O'Connell's trip to Parliament
09-The pride of Moyvane/The cross at the wood reels
10-Breen's hornpipe/The hangman's rope
11-The Ballygoughlin jig/Sean Duine Dóite
12-Mulhare's/The morning mist reels
13-The vales of New Direen
14-The queen of the fair/Langstrom's pony jigs
15-Con Mullane's/Dando Dillane's reels
16-Wallace's Cross-Tarmon's-Pat Enright's polkas

Martin Mulvihill: fiddle
Mick Moloney: guitar, tenor banjo
Gall Mulvihill: tenor banjo
Dawn Mulvihill: fiddle

256 Kbps – mp3
with covers

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Andy Irvine & Paul Brady - Live In Cologne
Nick Dow - A Mark Upon The Earth

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Prince Of The Northlands (1979)

01. Pibroch / Sands O'dee (Trad)
02. Annan Water (Nic Jones)
03. T'fellow An' T'maiden (D. J. Webster)
04. King Pharim (Trad)
05. All Things Are Quite Slient (Trad)
06. Wraggle Taggle Gypsies (Trad)
07. Brave Wolfe (Trad)
08. Land O' The Leal (Trad)
09. T'lass O'newsholme Dean (William Wright/Jeff Walbank)
10. The Auld Triangle (Brendan Behan)
11. Prince Of The Northlands (D. J. Webster)


Greenfield & Cook

Greenfield & Cook (1972)

Very nice pop folk duo from Hollad

01. Don't Turn Me Loose
02. To Rob (What Am I Supposed to Do)
03. Where
04. Darling, Darling
05. Going Home
06. Baby, Don't Cry
07. Only Lies
08. All over the World
09. It's Up to You
10. It's Up to You (part 2)
11. Gone
12. The End


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Tennent / Morrison

Tennent / Morrison (1972)

John Tennent
David Morrison

01. Good For You
02. Tomorrow It Might Rain
03. Keep My Secrets
04. I Should Have Known Better
05. Round And Round
06. For In The Future
07. I Can't Imagine
08. Easy Come, East Go
09. The Last Hour
10. Take My Place
11. Death In A Distant Country


Sonny Condell

Camouflage (1977)

Sonny Condell (Tir Na Nog) released his debut solo album Camouflage in 1977 on the mulligan label with guest musicians from Clannad and later Moving Hearts included.

A1. Camouflage
A2. MoonDust
A3. Red Sail
A4. Down In The City

B1. Movie To You
B2. Why Do we Fight?
B3. Leaders of Men
B4. Backwaterawhile


Thanks to Ailis for this one :)

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It's Bryterlayter

UK singer-songwriter Andrew Taylor at the BBC Radio 2 Sold on Song Night
performing a tribute song about the life of Nick Drake.


Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives covering Nick Drake's "Fly".

Studio version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8URPAWwOvtg

Aoife Clancy

It's About Time (1993)

Aoife Clancy (pronounced "Eefa") brings a refreshing new voice to folk music, one that ranges from traditional Irish songs to ballads and contemporary folk. Aoife comes from the small town of Carrick-on-Suir, in Co Tipperary, Ireland, where her musical career began at an early age. Her father Bobby Clancy of the legendary Clancy Brothers, placed a guitar in her hands at age ten, and by age fourteen she was playing with her father in nearby pubs.On her debut CD " It's About Time," Aoife presents some traditional favorites, such as "Factory Girl" and "Mrs. McGrath," but she also presents a sassy rendition of Leon Rosselson's "Don't Get Married Girls."

Track Listings:
01. Mantle of Green
02. Roseville Fair
03. Sally Gardens
04. Midlife Crisis
05. Factory Girl
06. Mrs. McGrath
07. Don't Get Married Girls
08. Go Lassie Go
09. Peggy (Overseas With a Soldier)
10. Mother and Child

Quality: 192kbps


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Heres To The Irish!

Various Artists (Transatlantic SAM 1) 1968?

Compare the previous post to this more commercial Irish offering from Transatlantic released at around the same time.
This album must also be in the running for one of the worst covers ever made (they couldn't even afford a pint of stout!)


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Ulster's Flowery Vale

Various Artists (1968)

What can I say - Irish music as it should be. these tracks were recorded for two radio programmes broadcast in 1968 and feature some of the best traditional musicians and singers of the time. The songs on this album are simply stunning and the tunes aren't bad either.


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Frankie Armstrong, Brian Pearson, Blowzabella, Jon Gillaspie ::: Tam Lin

A fiver seems but a small price to pay to hear Frankie Armstrong give a peerless performance of Tam Lin. It is quite simply an example of unaccompanied singing at its very beef, holding the listener in its thrall for 26 glorious verses. What's more, you get the test of the album free!
I know it sounds glib to say that the original ballad is the best thing on the album, but even after umpteen listens I still hold this to be the case. However, I must add immediately that the test of the record can most certainly hold its own on the `enthralling' front. This is what used to be called a `concept album', but it most certainly is not a mock-medieval folk opera (thank God!). Instead of retelling the well known tale, it picks up on various themes and offers several interpretations of each. For example, a short song on Lady Margaret's loss of innocence is followed by two Brechtian songs on woman carrying the cross of unwanted pregnancy.
Although the title of Song Of The Second Serving Maid, a song on abortion, is suggestive of Bill Caddick's composition, the lyrics are aimed unerringly at Vin Garbutt's Little Innocente - "But what's a woman's feelings against a man-made belief?" Lyrics, singing and Jon Gillaspie's arrangements combine to demolish. This and songs on love and parting, especially parting, are set against a backdrop of the cyclic unconcern of the natural (The Four Seasons) and supernatural (The Ride), of nature red in tooth and clave, and indifferent (The Owl).
I haven't mentioned the music! Blowzabella are unusually subdued, but tastefully so, and Jon Gillaspie's keyboards are splendidly in accord with the lyrics. I had only one initial criticism of Tam Lin but I'm learning to live with Brian Pearson's singing - mostly because I'm getting so much enjoyment out of his and Frankie Armstrong's songwriting.
Lawrence Heath • #24 • April/June 1985

Frankie Armstrong: vocals [1a, 4b, 5, 8, 10-12], backing vocals [2, 3, 6]
Brian Pearson: vocals [2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12], backing vocals [2]
Dave Armitage: bassoon, baroque bassoon, backing vocals
Paul James: sopranino & soprano rauschpfeifen, Flemish bagpipes, alto, tenor & bass renaissance recorders, soprano saxophone, string drum, tapan, backing vocals
Dave Roberts: melodeon, side drum, backing vocals
Dave Shepherd: fiddle, viola d'amore, lyra da braccio
Cliff Stapleton: hurdy-gurdy, alto renaissance recorder
Jon Swayne: B-flat and E-flat whistles, alto, tenor & bass renaissance recorders, musette, soprano saxophone, Flemish bagpipes, Macedonian bagpipes, soprano shawm, bombarde, piano, tapan, backing vocals
Jon Gillaspie: piano, harmonium, bassoon, soprano & alto baroque recorders, bass renaissance recorder, clavinet, synthesisers, vocoder, syn-drums, drums, percussion, backing vocals
Recorded at Ideal Sound Recorders, London
Musical arrangements by Jon Gillaspie
Engineer: Charles Gray
Artwork and design: Janina Lech

side A
01 Tam Lin (9:02) / Fanfare: Tam Lin (0:40)
02 The Four Seasons / Danse du Printemps (3:13)
03 Lady Margaret (2:02)
04 Andante from the “Vilnius Suite” / Christmas Lady / Menschenverächter-Tango (4:09)
05 Song of the Second Serving Maid (7:02)
side B
06 The Ride (3:17)
07 In the Garden (3:08)
08 Owl (1:08)
09 The Queen of Air and Darkness (4:28)
10 Holding Song (2:46)
11 Parting (3:07)
12 Earth, Air, Fire, Water (3:13)

1984 • Plant Life PLR063

> 192 kbps VBR

Tam Lin
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by Rick

Wondering if you have ever heard of this LP

First let me say I have just discovered your blog "Time has told me" and have enjoyed reading your reviews and such and listening to some LP's I had way back when on eight tracks and things obsolete and what not which brings me to my question.

Way back 35 years or so I was dating a girl who had an LP I just fell in love with and have never been able to find I think I remember it being a self issued album by Spider John and the ?bees bumble bees ? something of that nature it had a pencil drawing of some sort on the front and a sticker explaining how much the LP cost to make and why it shouldn't cost more than some price the music was good folky rocky sounding stuff sort of like Dylan's first electric band stuff but between each song was little comedy/psychedelic skits one of which was a guy sitting at a red light in his car worring about how long the light was taking and hoping they didn't drop that ol' atom bomb while he was sitting there and he'd hate to go owing everyone and if he could just catch his bills up first and another was a guy riding with a fellow and tell him to slow down and guy telling he couldn't and he couldn't steer and such till they run into a brick wall that some one had built across the freeway that's about all i remember.


Thanks for the info Private Beach!

Spider John Koerner & Willie & The Bees (Bumblebees)
"Music is Just a Bunch of Notes" 1972

1972 private issue in stamped cover w/ insert explaining how & why they did it as a private (costs,wholesale info)

Side 1
"Macalester Don't Stop Now"
"Ramble, Tumble" (John Koerner)
"Don't Terrify Me" (Koerner)
"Be Careful" (Koerner)
"Waiting For Go With Normal Dub" (Tom Olson)

Side 2
"Cindy's" (Palmer)
"Everybody's Goin' For The Money" (Koerner)
"Skipper And His Wife" (Koerner)
"Thief River Falls" (Koerner, Willie Murphy)
"Mr. Image" (Olson)
"Taking Time" (Koerner)
"The Wall" (Olson)

that's the one! thanx at least now I know what to look for !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finbar Furey

Traditional Irish Pipe Music (XTRA 1077) 1969

Finbar's first solo album of Irish pipe tunes. This album certainly shows what a good piper he could be.

Side One:
1. Rakish Paddy
2. The Hag With The Money
3. Castle Terrace
4. Madam Bonaparte
5. The Young Girl Milking The Cow
6. Fin's Favourite

Side Two:
1. Peter Byrne's Fancy
2. O'Rourke's Reel
3. Roy's Hands
4. Planxty Davy
5. The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
6. Eddie's Fancy
7. The Silver Spear


Password = reynardine

by Paul the Stockman

The Yetties - The World of the Yetties
1975 LP MP3 Rip @ 224-256VBR

Surprisingly, I found this English produced LP in a local market last weekend. I don't think it was ever released here; possibly it was brought here by a migrant or mailed out as a gift? It appears that seven of the fourteen tracks on this LP were new releases whilst the other seven are repeats from earlier LPs. The LP was in very good condition and it has ripped really well. One track, "The King of the Fairies", was of a very low volume compared to the other tracks. This was obviously intentional but it really is too low. I have, therefore, also included a version amplified much closer the the level of the rest of the LP. The LP artwork, front and rear is included in the download.

Track List
01. Out in the Green Fields
02. The Nightingale
03. McCann's Jig~The Lilting Fisherman~Drowsy Maggie
04. The Lark in the Morning
05. Spanish Ladies
06. Dancing on the Green (Rigs o'Marlow~cuckoo's Nest)
07. Can't You Dance the Polka
08. Lamorna
09. The King of the Fairies
10. South Australia
11. The Mallard
12. The Banks of Newfoundland
13. Dorset Four-hand Reel
14. Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl


Paul the Stockman

Finbar & Eddie Furey

Dawning Of The Day (Dawn DNLS 3037) 1972

Fin and Eddie's last album as a duo (unless anyone knows differently) and my favourite.

Side One:
1. Drops Of Brandy
2. My Lagan Love
3. Farewell To Tarwathy
4. Locks And Bolts
5. William Hollander
6. Crowley's Reel
7. Jennifer Gentle
8. Barney Hare

Side Two:
1. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
2. Reynardine
3. The French Drink Wine
4. Blackbird
5. The Dawning Of The Day
6. Coppers And Brass
7. Tie The Bonnet
8. Sally Sits Weeping


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Michael Hanly & Mícheál O'Donnell ::: Celtic folkweave

Celtic Folkweave is a studio album by the duo Mick Hanly and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, who were touring under the name "Munroe", although that name does not appear on the album. Recorded in 1974, it is a clear precursor for Ó'Domhnaill's subsequent work with The Bothy Band and Nightnoise. It includes the first extant recording of his trademark Fionnghuala (here titled "An Bothán A Bha'ig Fionnghuala"). Other tracks are drawn from the repertoire of Rannafast (Donegal) songs collected and sung by Ó'Domhnaill's aunt Nellí Ní Dhomhnaill: "The Heathery Hills of Yarrow" and "The Banks of Claudy" (both later recorded by The Bothy Band, with Ó'Domhnaill's sister Tríona on vocals), and "Bríd Óg Ní Mháille" (recorded much later by Nightnoise).

Side 1
01 Biodh Orm Anocht
02 The Bold Princess Royal
03 The Banks of Claudy
04 Eirigh's Cuir Ort Do Chuid Éadaigh
05 The Glasgow Barber
06 (No Love is Sorrow) Songbird
Side 2
07 The Heathery Hills of Yarrow
08 Breton Dances
09 The Hiring Fair at Hamiltonsbawn
10 Bríd Óg Ní Mháille
11 An Bothán A Bha'ig Fionnghuala

Michael Hanly - guitar, dulcimer, vocals
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill - guitar, vocals
Liam Óg Ó Floinn – uileann pipes, whistle
Donal Lunney – bodhrans
Matt Molloy - flute
Tommy Peoples - fiddle
Declan McNeils- bass
Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill - harpsichord

1974 • Polydor 2908 013

> 192 kbps VBR

Celtic folkweave
password: highqualitymp3
elsewhere available on the net (in another rip, though - and without cover scans), and here too in a 128 kbps CBR rip - without scans as well - under the name Munroe


by DS

Everything is Everything (1969)
Featuring: Chris Hills and Jim Pepper
Vanguard Records

This has the original version of Witchi tai to that was covered by Brewer and Shipley (its origin is actually a Peruvian shamanic chant).

I have not seen this album presented on any other blogs and it was suggested by one of your correspondents in the "recommend" forum of your blog.

I do not have an account with Rapidshare so it would be best to "reup" so that it does not disappear after 10 uses.

Please let me know if you decide to post it. I will respond to the recommendation with the same link.

DL 256kbps
(link fixed)

Best regards, DS

Very nice Jazz Rock album!!

The Hamefarers

A Breath O' Shetland (Polydor Special 2384-? 1975)

"This was Shetland's foremost band through the 1960s, although it played very little in public.

It was formed in 1963 by a group of leading local musicians - all of whom played regularly in their own dance bands - who came together to make recordings. The original line-up was: Fiddle - Willie Hunter; Accordion - Ronald Cooper and Jim Halcrow; Piano - Eric Cooper; Bass - Willie Johnson; Drums - Drew Robertson.

Their first L.P. record entitled 'Dance to the Hamefarers' came out the same year. The band's distinctive style, together with the tunes of Ronnie Cooper brought to a wide audience for the first time, created a huge impression in Scottish dance band circles.

It was 1975 before the band did a Scottish tour, and a second L.P. This was 'A Breath o' Shetland', recorded in Edinburgh, with the line-up of Willie Hunter - fiddle; Jim Halcrow - first accordion; Jim Johnston - second accordion; Ronnie Cooper - piano; Jack Robertson - bass; Bobby Colgan - drums. This record again featured tunes by Ronnie Cooper along with five other Shetland composers."


Password = reynardine

Warning - this record contains dance tunes played in the cheesy style...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bob Davenport (with The Boldon Banjos & The Rakes)

Pal Of My Cradle Days (Trailer LER 2088) 1973

The inimitable Bob Davenport accompanied by The Rakes with bits in between by The Boldon Banjos.

Side 1:

1. Moving Day (BD with The Rakes & The Boldon Banjos)
2. Twelve Stone Two (BD & The Rakes)
3. Around The World (The Boldon Banjos)
4. Alexander's Ragtime Band (The Boldon Banjos & The Rakes)
5. The Durham Clockmaker (BD)
6. Delilah (The boldon Banjos)
7. The Road And The Miles To Dundee (BD)
8. Robert E Lee/California Here I Come (The Boldon Banjos)
9. Wheel The Perambulator (BD & The Rakes)

Side 2:
1. Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down (BD & The Rakes)
2. If You Knew Susie/Yes Sir, That's My Baby/How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm (The Boldon Banjos)
3. William Brown (BD with The Boldon Banjos & The Rakes )
4. He's Only An Old Village Postman/I Don't Work For A Living (BD with Reg Hall, piano)
5. Dream (The Boldon Banjos)
6. The Kentucky Waltz/Pal Of My Cradle Days (BD with The Boldon Banjos & The Rakes)


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Roy Bailey

New Bell Wake (Acorn CF 262) 1976

Featuring Leon Rosselson, John & Chris Leslie.

Side 1:
1. New Bell Wake
2. Spare Me The Life Of Georgie
3. Flying Cloud
4. John Barleycorn
5. Trooper And The Maid

Side 2:
1. The Wymondham Fight
2. Lord Franklin
3. The Beggarman
4. Adieu, Adieu
5. Fair's Fair


Password = reynardine

Mike Harding

A Lancashire Lad (Trailer LER 2039) 1972

Mike Harding's first solo recording for Trailer Records. A live mix of songs, stories and monologues from Lancashire.

Side 1:
1. Introduction
2. The German Clockwinder
3. The Walls Of Jehrico
4. The Lancashire Lads
5. Three Ha'pence A Foot
6. The Hand Weaver And The Factory Maid
7. The Keyhole In The Door

Side 2:
1. The Number 81 Bus
2. The Cock And The Ass
3. Sodom And Gomorah
4. July Wakes
5. The Hattersley Lament


Password = reynardine

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sandy Denny

Newcastle City Hall
October 12, 1972

01. Itll Take A Long Time
02. Bushes And Briars
03. Sweet Rosemary
04. It Suits Me Well
05. Late November
06. Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
07. The Sea Captain
08. The Sea
09. The Lady
10. John The Gun
11. Late November


The Wilson Family

Horumarye & Other Songs... (Greenwich Village GVR 219) 1983

The first album by The Wilson Family consists entirely of songs by Teeside writer Graeme Miles.

Side 1:
1. Horumarye
2. Farndale Daffodils
3. At Yarm Fair
4. Redcar Lads
5. Eskwaterside
6. Green Coats And Beagles
7. An Evening In Summer

Side 2:
1. Running Fox
2. Dark December
3. Across The Hills Of Yatton
4. The Roving Minstrels
5. The Shores Of Old Blighty
6. Sea Coal


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Saturday, March 07, 2009


These Foolish Strings (1988)
Recorded Live 1984-1988

WPS Records WPS 003 LP

Dave Swarbrick: violin, mandolin, vocals
Chris Leslie: violin, mandolin, vocals
Kevin Dempsey: guitar, vocals
Martin Jenkins: mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals

01. Foolish
02. The Fiddle Duet
03. A Week Before Easter
04. Coming Back to Stay
05. The Hen's March - The Four Poster Bed
06. John Gaudie
07. The Banks of the Bann
08. Lizzie Wann
09. Rosie - Canon in D

Quality: 320kbps


pass: highqualitymp3
Fortune (1989)

WPS Records WPS 004 LP

Martin Jenkins: lead vocals, backing vocals, mandocello, mandolin, flute
Kevin Dempsey: lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar synth
Chris Leslie: lead vocals, backing vocals, mandolin, violin
Dave Swarbrick: lead vocals, backing vocals, violin

01. Pedlar's Pack
02. Love's Embers
03. The Lark in the Clear Air - Sailing into Walpole's Marsh
04. Lynden Lea
05. No More
06. The Seeds of Love
07. John Here - Jab Hurt
08. The Reel of Tulloch - The High Road to Linton
09. The Maid from Coolmore

Quality: 320kbps


pass: highqualitymp3
Stories (1991)

WPS Records WPS 005 LP

Chris Leslie: violin, mandolin, mandola, vocals
Kevin Dempsey: guitar, percussion, vocals
Martin Jenkins: mandocello, mandolin, flute, Clarke's whistle, percussion, vocals
Rob Armstrong: guitar, mandocello
David Oddy: mandolin

01. Heartbeat of London Town
02. Coleman's
03. William Taylor
04. Walking Out
05. Living on Dreams
06. She Moved Through the Fair
07. The Lake
08. Wounds of Word Play
09. Mill Bay

Quality: 320kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

The first two albums by Whippersnapper have already been posted here, and as far as I know all these albums are currently unavailable

Folk On Friday

Various Artists REC 95S (1971) VBR

From the radio programme of the same name. Early performances by Tony Rose and the Dransfields plus the only recordings of Ed Pickford's group The Northern Front.



Password = reynardine

Note: The Dransfield tracks also apperared on the Free Reed compilation 'Up To Now' - if you don't have a copy - shame on you... it's wonderful.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

by ericbkk

John Martyn Special (Tribute) - Mike Harding

In this special edition of Mike's show, the folk world pays tribute to singer-songwriter and guitarist John Martyn, who died at the end of January 2009.
BBC Radio 2, 25/2/09

Over The Hill
Bless The Weather
Sweet Little Mystery
May You Never
Fairy Tale Lullaby
Seven Black Roses
Solid Air
Spencer The Rover
Johnny Too Bad
Hole In The Rain
May You Never (w/ Kathy Mattea, Danny Thompson & Jerry)
Over The Hill
Don't You Go
Singin' In The Rain
May You Never

Most of them are snippets, not full tracks.

Single MP3 file @ 64 Kbps, 56 min.


omg, I didn't know that he past away... RIP (Lizz)

It's this information overload that we're exposed to nowadays - I certainly know less about what's going on in the world than I used to when we depended upon newspapers and news broadcasts for information about events in the world, and we received the info in manageable amounts.

Another BBC John Martyn item which may be of interest:

Classic Scottish Albums Series 2, Part3. John Martyn - Solid Air

David Scott tells the story of Solid Air, the album that many consider John Martyn's best.

Recorded from BBC Radio Scotland.


26 min. @ 64 Kbps


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ron Sexsmith

Barrymore's Music Hall, Ottawa
March 5th, 1998

01. So Young
02. Honest Mistake
03. Summer Blowin' Town
04. Secret Heart
05. At Different Times
06. Clown In Broad Daylight
07. Lebanon, Tennessee
08. There's A Rhythm
09. Strawberry Blonde
10. Tell You
11. April After All
12. Words We Never Use
13. You Still Believe In Me (Beach Boys cover)
14. The Idiot Boy
15. From A Few Streets Over
16. Nothing Good
17. First Chance I Get
18. Pretty Little Cemetery
19. Still Time
20. Average Joe
21. Thinking Out Loud
22. In Place Of You
23. Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot cover)
24. Speaking With The Angel
25. Listen To What The Man Said (Wings cover)
26. It Never Fails


Frédéric Bordois

Les trois rouliers
Cassette « Les Musiciens Routiniers » vers 1984

01 - Mazurka à Françoise (F. Bordois)
02 - Fred-Fredo, valse (F. Bordois - F. Paris)
03 - Gueule de tanche, bourrée (F. Bordois)
04 - Après ma journée
05 - Le père Guillot, bourrée (F. Bordois)
06 - Polka Noël (F. Bordois) / Le père Gaspard (M. Péroneille)
07 - Les trois rouliers (F. Bordois)
08 - Trinquebal, valse (B. Bordois) / Mazurka swing (B. Bordois)
09 - Il pleut sur Vimbelle, bourrée (F. Bordois)
10 - Concours (F. Bordois) / La hulotte (F. Bordois) / Arton (trad), bourrées
11 - Adieu voisin (F. Bordois)
12 - Bi-gaille (F. Bordois) / Bargoin (trad), valses

Frédéric Bordois : violon (Jean-Pierre Champeval, 1983), alto
Jean-Claude Blanc : cornemuses 16,20 et 26 pouces (Bernard Blanc)
Frédéric Paris : accordéon (Castagnari), clarinette en UT, vielle à roue (Jean-Claude Boudet), cornemuses 16 et 14 pouces (B. Blanc)
Jean-Michel Ponty : piano (Yamaha).

DL nouveau lien


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