Thursday, March 12, 2009

by Rick

Wondering if you have ever heard of this LP

First let me say I have just discovered your blog "Time has told me" and have enjoyed reading your reviews and such and listening to some LP's I had way back when on eight tracks and things obsolete and what not which brings me to my question.

Way back 35 years or so I was dating a girl who had an LP I just fell in love with and have never been able to find I think I remember it being a self issued album by Spider John and the ?bees bumble bees ? something of that nature it had a pencil drawing of some sort on the front and a sticker explaining how much the LP cost to make and why it shouldn't cost more than some price the music was good folky rocky sounding stuff sort of like Dylan's first electric band stuff but between each song was little comedy/psychedelic skits one of which was a guy sitting at a red light in his car worring about how long the light was taking and hoping they didn't drop that ol' atom bomb while he was sitting there and he'd hate to go owing everyone and if he could just catch his bills up first and another was a guy riding with a fellow and tell him to slow down and guy telling he couldn't and he couldn't steer and such till they run into a brick wall that some one had built across the freeway that's about all i remember.


Thanks for the info Private Beach!

Spider John Koerner & Willie & The Bees (Bumblebees)
"Music is Just a Bunch of Notes" 1972

1972 private issue in stamped cover w/ insert explaining how & why they did it as a private (costs,wholesale info)

Side 1
"Macalester Don't Stop Now"
"Ramble, Tumble" (John Koerner)
"Don't Terrify Me" (Koerner)
"Be Careful" (Koerner)
"Waiting For Go With Normal Dub" (Tom Olson)

Side 2
"Cindy's" (Palmer)
"Everybody's Goin' For The Money" (Koerner)
"Skipper And His Wife" (Koerner)
"Thief River Falls" (Koerner, Willie Murphy)
"Mr. Image" (Olson)
"Taking Time" (Koerner)
"The Wall" (Olson)

that's the one! thanx at least now I know what to look for !


Blogger Private Beach said...

Spider John Koerner's discography ( at his official website lists an album called "Music Is Just a Bunch of Notes" recorded with Willie Murphy and the Bees. I haven't heard it, but it sounds like it could be the one you're looking for.

12 March, 2009 19:58  
Blogger ge said...

I'm a gonna LOVE this [there are few huger fans of R-J-S-S their elektra side]

13 March, 2009 01:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I own 2 copies of this great LP !!! Simply beautiful.

15 March, 2009 01:46  
Anonymous AURELIO MARTINS said...

were is the link TWO DOWNLOUD please thanks from PORTUGAL

19 March, 2009 05:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any Chance for an upload?

01 April, 2009 12:29  
Blogger Peter said...

Rick, if you're still following this thread. Check out They have it linked. It's a great record.

03 January, 2010 09:01  

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