Wednesday, December 31, 2008

by Dkmalo

John Kirkpatrick - De Zon folkclub
Dranouter, Belgium (March 23th, 1979)

bonjour à tous
j'ai retrouvé plusieurs enregistrements faits dans les années 1970 dans un petit café au pied des monts de Flandre : De Zon, tenu par Alfred Den Ouden et Kristien Dehollander par ailleurs également musiciens.
Il n'y avait qu'une dizaine de tables, environ 100 spectateurs dont la moitié debout les jours d'affluence, de superbes souvenirs sont revenus en mémoire, je veux vous en faire profiter.
La qualité n'est pas excellente mais c'est un témoignage d'une musique vivante.
Je commence avec John Kirkpatrick, suivront John Doonan, Ray Ficher et pour terminer le groupe The Reel Union, il y a eu beaucoup plus de concert mais soit je n'y était pas, soit je ne les ai pas enregistrés, désolé...
à bientôt


DL 1
DL 2

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

Stolen Ground (1989)

Topic LP 12TS453

‘Stolen Ground’ was the last album to be recorded by the Kirkpatrick and Harris duo. Widely acclaimed, the album is a remarkable collection of songs highlighting the beautiful interplay between Sue’s ethereal vocals, hammer dulcimer and oboe playing and John’s robust squeezeboxes.

01 - Arthur McBride
02 - The Juggler
03 - Clee Hill Tunes
04 - Mother Earth
05 - Black Deer
06 - Must I Be Bound - Mrs Saggs
07 - The Chickens They Are Crowing
08 - Shepherds Branle
09 - The Old Miner
Quality: 192kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Monday, December 29, 2008

Music From Coleman Country

The Coleman Country Traditional Society (Leader LEA 2044) 1972

This field recording was made in 1971 in County Sligo, the home of Michael Coleman (1889-1945) who recorded prolifically in the 1920s and 30s. His music was carried on by local musicians during the lean years when Irish traditional music became unfashionable. Many of these tunes will be familiar to anyone who has attended a pub session anywhere in the British Isles (and elsewhere) but when this album was released many of the tunes were still unknown to most of the folk world.


Side One
1. reels: O'rourke's; The Wild Irishman
2. reel: The Laurel Tree
3. reel: The Blackthorn Stick
4. jigs: Willie Coleman's; Brendan Tone Rowe's No.2
5. reel: The Musical Priest
6. reel: Trim The Velvet
7. hornpipe: The Cuckoo Hornpipe
8. reels: Boys At The Lough; The Devils Of Dublin
9. reel: The Wise Maid

Side Two
1. jigs: Strike The Gay Harp; Lough Gowna Jig
2. reel: Lord Gordon's Reel
3. reel: The Fox Chase
4. jigs: The Killavil Jig; The Lilting Banshee; The Kid On The Mountain
5. reel: Miss McLeod's Reel
6. reels: Michael Rilly's; Martin Wynne's No. 2
7. slow air: Anachuin
8. reels: The Morning Dew; The Woman Of The House; Rakish Paddy


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Australian Folk and Bush Music and Musicians

Paul said...

Hi! I love all folk music but here I wish to focus on sharing Australian folk music; any folk music by Australian artists; and old-time Australian country and dance music. Too much of this music is rapidly becoming lost through a strong reluctance of Australian CD producers to re-release some of the classics of the past. Much of the music I will be sharing here has been ripped from LP and edited by me and I am happy to do the same for anyone holding such music. It's usually a lot of work but it's well worth it. Please email me if you wish to contribute.

Many thanks
Paul (Paul the Stockman)

Martyn Wyndham-Read

Ned Kelly and That Gang (Trailer LER 2009) 1970

Martyn's first UK solo album featuring a selection of Convict/Bushranger ballads.


side 1
1. Ned Kelly
2. Ben Hall's Gang
3. The Streets Of Forbes
4. The Convict Maid
5. You Sons Of Australia
6. Moreton Bay
7. Wild Colonial Boy

side 2
1. Jim Jones
2. Lament For Ben Hall
3. The Cypress Brig
4. The Death of Ben Hall
5. Stringybark Creek
6. Farewell To Greta
7. Ned Kelly


password = reynardine

Various Artists

Shetland Fiddlers (Leader LED 2052) 1973

This is a fine album featuring the best of Shetland fiddling. Recorded in the Shetlands in 1971, artists include, 'Da Forty Fiddlers', The Cullivoe Traditional Players and Ali Bain with Tom Anderson.

Best played in a large room with the volume turned up.


password = reynardine

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Peter Bellamy

Won't You Go My Way (1971)

Argo ZFB 37, LP

Bellamy in fine form with his concertina before an audience at The Folk Studio, Norwich, 22 June 1971. Joined in harmony by Louis Killen on three tracks.

This is a 2-track rip, side A and side B, because the original ripper didn't want to split it into separate tracks, as it's a live recording.

Side One
01 - Butter and Cheese and All
02 - Lovely Willy
03 - Heres Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
04 - Testimonial
05 - Black Is the Colour of My Loved Ones Hair
06 - Shanties: Won't You Go My Way, A Hundred Years Ago, The Alabama

Side Two
01 - Monday Morning
02 - Nameless Air
03 - The Sweet Nightingale
04 - Charming Molly
05 - When Spring Comes On
06 - Above the Hill
07 - Spencer the Rover
08 - Yarmouth Town
Quality: 320kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

by Reynardine

Another Christmas Present for all of you:

High Level Ranters - A Mile To Ride (1973)

Their 1973 album for Trailer Records (another 'Lost Album' - if you don't know look it up on Mudcat).
This is their classic line up of Gilfellon, Handle, Ross and Anderson. One of my favourite Ranters recordings.


password = reynardine

(I had a little trouble ripping this one, dying computer and all that - there may be a couple of stutters in the recording - if so let me know and I'll redo the relevant tracks)

To go with the above:
I'm grateful for previous postings of Alistair Anderson albums - here is one of the others:

Alistair Anderson - Corby Crag (1978)


password = reynardine

Please may I apologise now for the cover scans, they're not up to my usual standard since my big scanner died.

Request - has anyone got a good quality rip of 'Oak And Ash And Thorn' by Peter Bellamy - it's about the only Bellamy album I have missing. I may be able to post 'Merlin's Isle of Gramerye' soon, and 'Barrack Room Ballads' (I have three copies of the latter - one of which was still sealed and unplayed - but the pressing quality of all is attrocious) I'll get a good rip one day.

Coming soon: still working on - Martin Wyndham-Read - 'Ned Kelly And That Gang' - the definitive Australian bushranger album and Shetland Fiddlers (Leader LED2082) featuring 'Da Forty Fiddlers' and Aly Bain


John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

Shreds And Patches (1977)

Topic LP 12TS355

01 - Waterman's Dance
02 - The Gypsy Laddie
03 - Apple Core + Nipper
04 - The Tailor and the Louse
05 - Peg Huglestone's Hornpipe
06 - Little Sir William
07 - The Game of All Fours
08 - Penny for Them
09 - Whitefryer's Hornpipe + Shreds and Patches
10 - Johnny Sands
11 - Oakham Poachers
12 - Bread and Jam Waltzer + Mister Gubbin's Bicycle
Quality: 192kbps

new link, fixed by Gonzo
pass: highqualitymp3

A Merry Christmas to all friends of this blog !!


Monday, December 22, 2008

by Reynardine

One more for luck.Umps And DumpsThe Moon's In A Fi... One more for luck.

Umps And Dumps - The Moon's In A Fit (1980)

Odd album from John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Tufty Swift, Derek Pearce and Alan Harris.

password = reynardine


Just repaying the favour.
This site and your site kept me busy for a fortnight filling some of the gaps in my collection.

I've been ripping and cleaning vinyl albums for about five years now, these are just a few alreadt done that I can't find currently available anywhere (easily).

If you have any requests let me know.

The Copper Family will appear in the new year with a new rip on my new set-up. In the meantime here is a seasonal (unreconstructed) offering:

DL (A song "Shepherds Arise")


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hachiko Waits

The true story about a dog's loyalty to its master, even after his death.

ReelDogs (on YouTube):
From the 1987 film Hachiko monogatari (aka Hachi-ko). Wonderful movie that tells the true story of an Akita's devotion to his master. Unfortunately Hollywood is currently working on a remake scheduled for release sometime in 2008.

Song is Bittersweet, by Within Temptation.

About Hachikō on Wikimedia:
In 1924, Hachikō was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Hidesamuroh Ueno (上野英三郎), a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. During his owner's life, Hachikō saw him off from the front door and greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. Even after Ueno's death in May 1925, Hachikō returned every day to the station to wait for him, and did so for the next 10 years.

Hachiko Monogatari (1987, w English subtitles)

For you and your kids Search Amazon for Hachiko.

and Richard Gere appears in Hachiko remake
Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2009)

by Reynardine

Ok then, I can't sleep so here are two more from my collection.

Bob and Carole Pegg with Sydney Carter
And Now It Is So Early: The Songs of Sydney Carter (1972)

13 songs from the Quaker songwriter and poet Sydney Carter performed by himself and Bob and Carole Pegg of Mr Fox. This album was recorded at about the same time as Bob and Carole's 'He Came From The Mountains' which includes Sydney Carter's most famous song 'Lord of the Dance'.


Nigel Denver - Rebellion! (1967)

Songs of rebellion(!) from the Scottish singer in glorious mono. Featured musicians are Martin Carthy (guitar), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin) and Felix Doran (pipes)


password = reynardine (as if you haven't already guessed)

Cheers Reynardine


by reynardine

Last (but by no means least) for the time being.

Tony Rose - Poor Fellows (1982)

The late Tony Rose with his 1982 album Us Poor Fellows. Some excellent songs featured - from the likes of Peter Bellamy, Richard Thompson and Bob Dylan. Mark Emerson plays the fiddle on several tracks.


password = reynardine

Saturday, December 20, 2008

by Dkmalo

two not republished rarities, and which I did not see nowhere elsewhere.
With the best fiddlers of the time. Excuse bad quality

An Fhidil - Straith I (1978)

Seamus Glakin
Martin Hayes
Maurice Lennon
Sean Montgomery
Seamus Thompson

DL (fixed)

An Fhidil - Straith II (1980)

Kevin Burke
Seamus Creagh
Sean Keane
Paddy Glackin

DL (fixed)

Merry Christmas!


by reynardine

My last batch of Topic EPs seem to have been lost in the ether somewhere so here they are again.

Michael Gorman, Willie Clancy and Margaret Barry
Irish Pipe and Fiddle Tunes (TOP 89) 1963

An interesting collection of tunes from some of the masters of the 1950s/60s Irish folk revival.


Louis Killen
Northumberland Garland (TOP 75) 1962

A selection of songs from the Northeast.


Johnny Handle
Stottin Doon The Waal (TOP 78) 1963

A collection of some of his well known songs of mining life in the Northeast.


password for all = reynardine


Thanks for uploading your fantastic collections!!

Andy Pratt

andy pratt said...


Nice to see myself up there..
blessings forever...

Andy Pratt

Andy Pratt Official Web Site
Wikipedia: Andy Pratt (singer-songwriter)
Shiver in the Night (Andy Pratt's book)


Winds of Gael (2001)

01. The bonnie light horseman (trad.)
02. Jig & slides (trad./L.Kelly)
03. Mary and the soldier (trad.)
04. The hungry rock/the maple leaf/the star of munster/mountain road (M.Holmes-L.Kelly/trad.)
05. The unquiet grave/saltarello (trad.)
06. Wexford jig/i ne’er shallwean her (trad.)
07. Axéitame a polainiña (trad.)
08. Loch lomond (trad./lady J.Scott)
09. King george (Caroll/trad.)
10. Music for a found harmonium (J.Jeffes)
11. Dancing at withsun (J.Marshall)
12. The parting of friends/farewell to erin (O’Carolan/trad.)
13. Paddy fahy’s reel (trad.)
14. Helen of kirkconnel (trad.)
15. Cunla/an phis fhliuch (trad.)
16. Ada (M.Ceballos/G.Gómez)

Sergio González : flauta irlandesa, flauta dulce, tin & low whistle, bouzouki, mandolina y bodhrán.
Guillermo Gómez: voz, guitarra acústica de 6 y 12 cuerdas, armonio, teclado y laúd.
Andi Grimsditch: voz, bodhrán, armonio y guitarra.
Mauricio Ceballos: violín, flauta dulce, tin whistle y coros.


SuR (2004)

01. The Slaughtering of John Flats/Ri Lui Ruairc/Lord Gordon's (kells-trad.)
02. The Braes of Balquhidder (R. Tannahill)
03. Willie Clancy's/Tom Busby´s/Boy on the Hilltop/Narrowback (trad.)
04. True love knows no season (N. Blake)
05. The Galtee Hunt/Cronin's Hornpipe (trad.)
06. Month of January (trad.)
07. Jenny's Welcome to Charlie (SuR) (trad.)
08. Mr. O'Connor (T. O'Carolan)
09. Guinevere (D. Leitch)
10. Blackwaterside / The Humors
of Clough (trad.)
11. Interminable Set (Flogging Reel/Shepherd's Daughter) (trad.)
12. Lone Shanakyle (Thomas Madigan)
13. Mary Flynn (trad./adapt.letra: A. Grimsditch)
14. East at Glendart/Gold Ring (trad.)

Andi Grimsditch: voz, bodhran, armonio, quena, flauta, guitarra
Sergio González: bouzouki, mandolín, flauta irlandesa, bodhran
Guillermo Gómez: guitarra, voz, cavaquinho, armonio, melódica, bajo
Victor Naranjo: uilliean pipes (gaita irlandesa), tin whistle, low whistle, violín

See review at Learning to Whistle blog


Download links are from the band member Guillermo & Sergio.
So much thanks for these beautiful albums!!

by reynardine

Some more rarities from The Ian Campbell Folk Group.

Ian Campbell Folk Group - Something To Sing About (1972)

This album was produced in 1972 to accompany the ATV television programme of the same name about the social changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution.

Password = reynardine

Ian Campbell Folk Group - Song Of Protest (1962 EP)

A 1962 Topic EP of songs of protest (obviously).

password = reynardine

PS from Reynardine:
This is probably the last batch of stuff until after Christmas (family and all that). But if anyone is interested; to follow, Alistair Anderson - Corby Crag, Dave Burland - A Dalesman's Litany, The Copper Family - A Song For Every Season (I've decided to re-rip it on my new set-up, because it's worth doing a good job on such an important lost album). Various obscure Irish albums and some more of the "lost" folk albums from the 1970s.

Good listening - Reynardine

PPS the best way to preserve all this music is to learn the songs & tunes, get out there and play them.

The Whistlebinkies & Ted McKenna (1976)

Amiga LP 845127

Jim Daly: vocals, fiddle
Gordon Hotchkiss: vocals, concertina
Rab Wallace: pipes, bodhran
Michael Broderick: vocals, bodhran
Edward McGuire: flute
Ted McKenna: guitar, vocals

01 - Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
02 - Lament For The Viscount Of Dundee, Duncan McKillop
03 - Champion At Keeping Them Rolling
04 - Neil Gow's Lament For James Moray Of Abercairney
05 - The Haughs O' Cromdale
06 - Mrs. McGrath, The Sergeant Said
07 - Selection Of Scottish Folk Dances
08 - The Dirty Blackleg Miner
09 - Brian Boru's March, The Road To Lisdoonvarna
10 - Pig's Jig, Morrison's Jig, Do You Want Any More
11 - Rocky Road To Dublin
12 - Cam Ye O'er Frae France
Quality: 192kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Friday, December 19, 2008

by reynardine

Hi here are a couple more Na Fili albums from my vinyl collection.

Na Filí - Na Filí 3 (1973)


Na Filí - A Kindly Welcome (1974)


password for both files = reynardine

enjoy - reynardine

Thursday, December 18, 2008


One of the finest celtic folk band from Buenos Aires.

Andi Grimsditch: voz, bodhran, armonio, quena, flauta, guitarra
Sergio González: bouzouki, mandolín, flauta irlandesa, bodhran
Guillermo Gómez: guitarra, voz, cavaquinho, armonio, melódica, bajo
Victor Naranjo: uilliean pipes (gaita irlandesa), tin whistle, low whistle, violín

"The Braes of Balquhidder" (from the album "SuR" 2004)

Let us go, lassie, go,
tae the braes o´ Balquhidder,
whar the blueberries grow
´mang the bonnie hielan´ heather
whar the deer and the rae,
lichtly bounding thegither,
sport the lang summer day
on the braes o´ Balquhidder

I will twin thee a bow´r
by the clear silver fountain,
and I´ll cover it o´er
wi´ the flooers o´ the mountain
I will range through the wilds,
and the deep glens sae dreary,
and return wi´ their spoils
tae the bow´r o´ my dearie

When the rude wintry win´
idly raves roun´ oor dwellin´,
and the roar o´ the linn
on the nicht breeze is swellin´;
so merrily we´ll sing,
as the strorm rattles o´er us,
till the dear shielin´ ring
wi´ the licht lilting chorus.

thanks to Sergio González (member of the band) for contacting me...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RIP Davy Graham‏


It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Davy died yesterday amongst friends and family from a massive seizure at home after a short battle with lung cancer. There will be a private family funeral held in the next few days and a public memorial in January; details of which will be available at shortly. Davy will be missed by those of us who loved him. The many fans who came to see his last concerts gave him much joy and satisfaction and was something he drew great strength from. Messages of condolence can be sent via

thanks for this important news...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

The Rose of Britain's Isle (1974)

LP - Topic 12TS 247

John Kirkpatrick was born in Chiswick, West London in 1947. A deep love of music was instilled from birth, and family gatherings always included a hearty sing-song. School choirs, the Church choir, playing recorder and piano ensues, until he joined the Hammersmith Morris Men, in their second week, in 1959.

Whilst with the team he took up the melodeon, then the button accordion, then the anglo concertina, and got hooked on the traditional songs that were accompanied with a post-dancing pint.

John has gone on to become one of the most prolific figures on the English folk scene, performing solo, in duos, acoustic groups and electric bands, and has established an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso and session musician, as well as a leading interpreter of English folk music. He has been a member of the Albion Country Band, Magic Lantern, The Richard Thompson Band, Umps and Dumps, Steeleye Span, Brass Monkey, Trans-Europe Diatonique, and Band of Hope, as well as numerous ceilidh bands.

01 - The Rose Of Britain's Isle - Glorishears
02 - Up In The North
03 - Hunsden House - Whimbleton House
04 - Queen Of The May
05 - Old Man Jones
06 - Not For Joe
07 - Weyhill Fair
08 - The Milkmaid's Song
09 - The Rising Sun - The Crown
10 - Sweet Swansea
11 - The Yellow Joak - The White Joak
12 - The Lady & The Soldier
13 - Fireside Polka - Down Sides & Up The Middle
Quality: 192kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

Among The Many Attractions... (1976)

LP - Topic 12TS295

01 - The Edgmond Men's Souling Song
02 - Artichokes And Cauliflowers
03 - The Brickmakers - Double Change Sides
04 - The Cherry Tree Carol
05 - John Of The Greeney Cheshire Way
06 - A Shropshire Lad
07 - I Wish I Wish
08 - Old Sir Simon The King
09 - Adieu To Old England
10 - The Blue Eyed Stranger - The Winster Morris Reel
11 - Jim Jones
12 - Blacksmith's Morris - Charles's Hornpipe
13 - Cold Blows The Wind
14 - Wilson's Favourite - Shrewsbury Rakes
Quality: 192kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Friday, December 12, 2008

by MJF

For those of us who like a slightly warped Christmas

David Peel & The Lower East Side
Marijuana Christmas

David Peel is a New York-based musician who first recorded in the late 1960s, with Harold Black, Billy Jo White and Larry Adams performing as The Lower East Side Band. Though his raw, acoustic "street rock" with lyrics about marijuana and "bad cops" appealed mostly to hippies at first, the sound and DIY ethic make him an important, if little-credited, early performer of punk rock. He has performed with artists ranging from B. B. King to the Plastic Ono Band.

Baaaaah Humf*ck
The Dope Before Christmas
Jingle Bells and Smack
Rudolf the Cocaine Reindeer
Dope the Halls with Marijuana
Santa Claus is Coming on Downs
Frosty the Cokeman
Santa Claus-Rooftop Junkie
Twelve Drugs of Christmas
Joints to the World
The Little Bummer Boy
Dead Christmas
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus
We Wish You a Marijuana and a Happy Cocaine



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blowzabella ::: Pingha frenzy

#63 Sept. 1988 Frenzy is an avowedly basic recording, without much instrumental separation and some oddities of balance that occasionally bring out previously hidden strands in the music. Not many audience noises (what there is sounds enthusiastic) but quite a few cicadas. In Colour's live side had lots of 'ambience' to compensate for recording limitations but that route isn't followed here. Tunes new to record are included alongside Wall Of Sound favourites and it motors along in characteristic fashion, with Glass Island a more tranquil interlude - if you've seen them lately you'll get the generai idea. I found this quite enjoyable, if not exactly essential Blowzabella
Nick Beale

01 3/8 bourrées (trad/adapt. & arr. G.Chabenat e J.Blanchard)
02 Lady Diamond/Spanish jig (trad/adapt. & arr. F.Armstrong )
03 Fanitullen (trad)
04 New hornpipes (D.Sheperd)
05 Poolside polka (C.Stapleton)
06 Behind our house (trad)
07 Kopenitsa (trad)
08 Scottishes (F.Paris e M.Heintzen)
09 Glass island (J.Swayne)
10 2/4 bourrées (trad/adapt. & arr. G.Chabenat e F.Paris)
11 Nothern lass (trad)
12 8 step waltz/Stukka gruppa (D.Sheperd/N.Eaton/I.Luff )

1986 • Some Bizarre KELVIN 422

quality: > 192 kbps VBR (cover scans will follow soon)

Pinga frenzy part 1
Pinga frenzy part 2
password: highqualitymp3



Pairdown - Holykyle (Feb 24, 2009)

Raymond Morin (of Pairdown) said...

I am a big fan of your blog! So many treasures, I can't thank you enough! I wanted to invite you to listen to my group Pairdown, and our new release "Holykyle".

I would really like to hear your thoughts on the record, and when we are just a *little* closer to the release date (Feb 24, 2009) I would be thrilled if you wanted to post it to your blog! The album is currently being pressed to vinyl, but we want the world to have free access to the digital version.

Hope you get a chance to listen, and I hope you like it. To give you context, I am an enormous fan of Renbourn, Jansch, Davy Graham and the like. We are also big fans of Love, R.E.M., The Smiths etc...


OK! Have a great day!

Raymond Morin / Pairdown

I've convinced that "this album is must for all folk music lovers" when I just listened introduction of very first track! -Lizardson

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Marcus said...

Well hello there bloggers!

You have reached the new sometimeworld blog! At first glance the only difference might be the hyphen in the domain name (now sometime-world.blogspot, instead of sometimeworld.blogspot) however, this time i aims to keep it more simplistic, and post more often. I'm also going to be adding a little more variety of music this time around... proggers fear not, i will continue to post the same great stuff you have become accustomed too.

Some of my regular readers will probably remember me wanting to change blog services a few months ago. A few of my posts had been removed and i had just generally been too lazy to keep it running. I've always noticed i seem to get quite a few visits (almost 200 thousand on the first StW blog) and realised i should probably keep with it. So i decided not to give up on blogger after all, and now i'm here.

You can find every single album i have uploaded in the past below this post. A more regular alternative however, is the Album Archive button on the right hand side of this blog. It will link you back to that post to easily discover my collection of goodies.

In other news, i got around to creating a group dedicated to this blog and its many readers. I't'd be grand to see a few more members :] - group

I ask anyone who has my original blog linked somewhere to please update the links!

Marcus sometime-world

Monday, December 08, 2008


File Under Christmas (1991)

This is a very rare, unknown album, released on cassette only, and no longer available

Mary Macmaster: metal-strung harp, electro-harp, vocals
Patsy Seddon: gut-strung harp, electro-harp, vocals

01 - Harvest Home + Apples In Winter
02 - Gaelic Reaping Songs
03 - True Thomas
04 - Winter
05 - Deck The Halls
06 - Coventry Carol
07 - Christ Child Lullaby
08 - Cherry Tree Carol
09 - Love Came Down At Christmas
10 - Christmas Day In The Morning + Oidhche Nollaig
11 - Leanabh An Aigh
12 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
13 - The Snows They Melt The Soonest
14 - Se Gillean Mo Ruin
15 - Auld Acquaintance
Quality: 128 kbps

pass: highqualitymp3

Ewan MacColl & Isla Cameron

Still I Love Him (1958)

01. Whistle Daughter Whistle
02. Once I Had A True Love
03. The American Stranger
04. My Bonny Miner Lad
05. Let No Man Steal
06. Geordie
07. Buy Broom Besoms
08. Geordie
09. The Maid On The Shore
10. Are Ye Sleeping Maggie
11. Still I Love Him
12. The Waters Of Tyne
13. The Bleacher Lass Of
14. Bobby Shaftoe

2006 - - - - - - 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2007 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2008 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2010 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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