Thursday, December 25, 2008

by Reynardine

Another Christmas Present for all of you:

High Level Ranters - A Mile To Ride (1973)

Their 1973 album for Trailer Records (another 'Lost Album' - if you don't know look it up on Mudcat).
This is their classic line up of Gilfellon, Handle, Ross and Anderson. One of my favourite Ranters recordings.


password = reynardine

(I had a little trouble ripping this one, dying computer and all that - there may be a couple of stutters in the recording - if so let me know and I'll redo the relevant tracks)

To go with the above:
I'm grateful for previous postings of Alistair Anderson albums - here is one of the others:

Alistair Anderson - Corby Crag (1978)


password = reynardine

Please may I apologise now for the cover scans, they're not up to my usual standard since my big scanner died.

Request - has anyone got a good quality rip of 'Oak And Ash And Thorn' by Peter Bellamy - it's about the only Bellamy album I have missing. I may be able to post 'Merlin's Isle of Gramerye' soon, and 'Barrack Room Ballads' (I have three copies of the latter - one of which was still sealed and unplayed - but the pressing quality of all is attrocious) I'll get a good rip one day.

Coming soon: still working on - Martin Wyndham-Read - 'Ned Kelly And That Gang' - the definitive Australian bushranger album and Shetland Fiddlers (Leader LED2082) featuring 'Da Forty Fiddlers' and Aly Bain



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Reynardine

Top notch albums.

Would you have The High Level Ranters' "High Level" & "Four In A Bar" recordings?

25 December, 2008 11:48  
Anonymous Paul said...

Great work and many thanks for these and others. I look forward to the other you speak of.

25 December, 2008 14:04  
Blogger reynardine said...

Unfortunately not - I know which ex has them but that's another story...


25 December, 2008 17:58  
Anonymous Gonzo said...

Wow NED KELLY with MWR great stuff
my copy is real naff, and I missed a good one on eBay, bet you got it !!

All Swell, that end Swell they say..

25 December, 2008 18:20  
Blogger Ailis said...

Hi Reynardine,
I have a copy of Peter Bellamy - Oak, Ash & Thorn, I see it was posted here before, but the link is dead.... I just uploaded it to RS, here is the link:
pass: highqualitymp3

and many thanks for your postings, you have an amazing collection !!

Cheers, Ailis

25 December, 2008 19:55  
Blogger reynardine said...

Thanks Allis for the Bellamy - that just leaves 'Won't You Go My Way', the live one from Norwich to find.

And sorry gonzo - I bought my copy on release in 1970.

link here:
password = reynardine

I hope it uploaded ok - my internet connection has gone down three times already today.

25 December, 2008 20:33  
Blogger Ailis said...

Reynardine, I have Peter Bellamy - Won't You Go My Way too, but just 2 tracks, side A and side B, no separate tracks..... If you want it, I can post it ;)


25 December, 2008 20:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's strange nobody here notices that Davey Graham passed away a few days ago

25 December, 2008 21:04  
Blogger reynardine said...

thanks Allis - no problem to split the tracks - I can possibly report it afterwards.

25 December, 2008 21:28  
Blogger reynardine said...

report? - I think I meant repost (the cmputer is suffering from an overdose of Christmas)

25 December, 2008 21:30  
Blogger Alan said...

Hey guys there seems to be more of us on line on Christmas day than ever before. Must be a rotten telly day.

Anyways Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for all your good works during the last year

25 December, 2008 21:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's strange nobody here notices that Davey Graham passed away a few days ago"

Not true, he got his own post and everything.

26 December, 2008 00:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Reynardine, for this excellent Xmas pressie.

26 December, 2008 15:18  
Blogger reynardine said...

Insomnia is a wonderful thing here is a cleaned up version of 'Oak, Ash & Thorn' I did last night. There are still a few glitches and thumps but most of the scratches and noise has been removed and the clipped peaks restored.

password = reynardine

27 December, 2008 20:21  
Blogger Ailis said...

Big thanks for this one, I immediately replaced my copy by your cleaned version !!
Have a good sleep tonight ;))


27 December, 2008 20:39  

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