Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hachiko Waits

The true story about a dog's loyalty to its master, even after his death.

ReelDogs (on YouTube):
From the 1987 film Hachiko monogatari (aka Hachi-ko). Wonderful movie that tells the true story of an Akita's devotion to his master. Unfortunately Hollywood is currently working on a remake scheduled for release sometime in 2008.

Song is Bittersweet, by Within Temptation.

About Hachikō on Wikimedia:
In 1924, Hachikō was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Hidesamuroh Ueno (上野英三郎), a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. During his owner's life, Hachikō saw him off from the front door and greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. Even after Ueno's death in May 1925, Hachikō returned every day to the station to wait for him, and did so for the next 10 years.

Hachiko Monogatari (1987, w English subtitles)

For you and your kids Search Amazon for Hachiko.

and Richard Gere appears in Hachiko remake
Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2009)


Anonymous Gonzo said...

There is a song on a similar theme, that of dog's faithfulness to his master, in this case a shepherd and his faithful "Tip" (Sheepdog)
From the "Ramsbottom" album with Keith Kendrick.

I have tried to get this album re-issued on CD, it seems that there is some confusion as to who owns the copyright and master tapes (if they exist)

Keith currently records on the "Wild Goose" lable, I spoke to Doug Bailey the owner,2 years ago about this, not much seems to have happened since sadly.

However all is not lost for this track anyway, I've upped the restored copy to:-


22 December, 2008 03:46  
Blogger Lizardson said...

thanks for this song, Gonzo!
and thanks for your kindness!

22 December, 2008 10:21  
Blogger yabanjin said...

涙が流れそうですね。私は渋谷に行くたびに八千公物語を考えます。私のフェースブック(Facebook) での犬は八千公と申します。秋田犬でございます。

24 December, 2008 01:55  
Blogger Skinasanas said...

Forgive my cynicism,
But this story is more a tale of a dog's stupidity than it is one of his devotion.

24 December, 2008 22:19  
Blogger Lizardson said...


for me, there is no cynicism on your comment.
i can agree.

as you know,
mr Ueno is everything for Hachi.
and that is all he could do with his entire life.
i cant love even that stupidity.

tears fall out when i think about Ueno's mind watching Hachi from heaven.

now i wish Hachi met Ueno at heaven and...

(sorry about my English)

24 December, 2008 23:18  
Anonymous dario@istra said...

Thank you, Lizardson. I am just anonymous lover of mostly folk music and your wonderfull blog. I have dog (now with broken leg) and I cry when I see this film. Thank you.
Dario from Croatia, Europe

26 December, 2008 01:02  

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