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by Paul #7

The Settlers "Songs of the Snowy Mountains"
CD rip 1999 VBR 160-224.

In 1949, the Australian Government commenced The Snowy Mountains Scheme in the Australian Alps primarily to divert water into the inland and for the production of hydro-electricity. It involved the construction of 16 dams, 7 power station and 225 km of tunnels, pipelines and aqueducts. Over 100,000 people worked on the scheme and 120 workers died during construction. The greater majority of those workers were migrants coming from many parts of the world and included many persons displaced in Europe during the Second World War.
Three of the workers were Ulick O'Boyle (a first-aid officer from Ireland); his wife Anne Rutherford (English); and Peter Barry (also English). They formed a singing group called "The Settlers" to perform songs written by Ulick O'Boyle.
Ulick wrote his songs from within the context of the Scheme and the Australian Alps touching on the earlier settlers in the area and the people and towns displaced by the dams and chronicled the lives and, sometimes, the deaths of the workers. Their original audience target was their fellow workers and so many of these songs reflect on the lives and the music of the migrant workers. It all started out as a bit of a hobby and grew from there. Their first album "sings Songs of the Snowy Mountains" was released in 1966 and their subsequent album "sings More Songs of the Snowy Mountains" followed on the success of the first.
As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Scheme in 1999, these two albums were re-released on the one CD under the title "Songs of the Snowy Mountains" which is the rip I present here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Amazing Blondel - Evensong
Bridget St. John - Jumblequeen
Gary and Vera Aspey - A Taste of Hotpot
Peter Bellamy - Tell It Like It Was
Providence - Ever Since the Dawn

by Paul #6

Lionel Long "Troubador - Folksongs of the British Isles" 1965
LP Rip @224kbs.

Lionel Long was a young Australian part-time country singer/songwriter in the 1950s but relied on his day job as a shearer. With the folk revival, he quickly became successful as a singer of traditional British and Australian Folk Songs putting out a few LPs which now seem to have largely vanished with the exception of a 2005 CD re-issue of one LP "Waltzing Matilda" which is still selling. I have two of his LPs, namely, this featured one and another Australian Folk one "The Wild Colonial Boy" both of which I have ripped and edited. If anyone has any of his other albums, I would love to hear from them.

The tracks on this LP are:-
1. The Fox
2. Barbara Allen
3. Queen Jane (track erroneously listed as 'Queen Anne' on rear of LP cover)
4. Early One Morning
5. Greensleeves
6. The Four Marys
7. The Ash Grove
8. The Troubador Song
9. Knick-Knacks (this old man)
10. The Four Ravens
11. Green Broom
12. John Riley

Monday, January 28, 2008


"A Taste Of Strawbs"

A Taste Of Strawbs is the long awaited boxed set from the Strawbs, released 13 November 2006.

It's been a mammoth project for Dave Cousins, even with some assistance from me. The vision behind it is to include many of the classic Strawbs songs that ought to be in a Strawbs boxed set, but virtually none of the versions that even devout fans will currently have in their collection. Accordingly it is sourced from the Strawbs' own archives and other sources - unreleased songs, demo versions, alternate mixes, live material. It's been an absolute joy to be involved in this process, and I'm truly delighted with the result.

CD1: "Eyes Wide Open" (1966・971): The Strawberry Hill Boys to Sandy Denny and the Strawbs. Then the Strawbs go electric as Rick Wakeman joins the band.

CD2: "Changing Places" (1972・974): High flying singles and albums in the UK and North America.

CD3: "Inside Out" (1975・988): Strawbs go their separate ways for a while, but Wakeman brings them back together. Success at the Cambridge Folk Festival spawns a network TV documentary and concert. Wakeman and Cousins appear together in concert.

CD4 "Further Down The Road" (1990・006): 25th Anniversary tour - Don Airey on keyboards. The Chiswick House concert. Wakeman and Cousins record again. Strawbs Acoustic reinvent the band. Strawbs headline major festivals.

by Oisin #6

The Corries "The Bonnie Blue" (1988)

1 The Bonnie Blue
2 Oh Dear Me
3 The Clingfilm Wrapper Blues
4 A Tiree Love Song
5 Tramps and Hawkers
6 The Garten Mother's Lullaby
7 Who'll Take The Ball from Maggie Thatcher?
8 The Winter It Is Passed
9 Er Fa La La Lo
10 Bonnie Gallowa'
11 The Hieland House Hunter
12 Lowlands Awa'


As far as I know this one of 'The Corries' isn't currently available. In the regular shops that is..., fortunately there's Time Has Told Me!
Enjoy, Oisín

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by alan f

The Copper Family "Come Write Me Down"

alan f (musictraveler blog)
This is alan f calling from It's been quite a long since I have added a link of your blog in my page. I have also made a reference of your blog in my post regarding Bert Jansch back in May 2007. I realise that since you're focusing in (a broad perception of) folk music, you won't find all my posts interesting. Some of them, may attract your interest though... Anyway, if you like my blog, I would appreciate if you would add it in your links. In any case, congratulations for your blog.
Finally, here's an album that you could find interesting to add in your blog. It is 'Come Write Me Down' from Copper Family:

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Amazing Blondel
Anne Hills & Friends - On This Day Earth Shall Ring; Songs for Christmas
Archie Fisher - Will Ye Gang, Love
Battlefield Band
Magna Carta - Heartlands
Stonefield Tramp - Dreaming Again
Water into Wine Band - Hill Climbing For Beginners (alt link)

by gonzo #25

gonzo said...
Some links I forgot to post, before leaving...

Firstly a new link to the Gallery album "The Wind that Shakes the Barley"

Then another "Cut & Dry Band"

The Cut and Dry Band "Cut and Dry #2" 1980


Have fun you all..

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Ron Sexsmith

"Borderline, London" August 4th, 2003

01.Intro, false start (technical difficulties)
02.Former Glory
03.Ron talking,'96 shows
04.Disappearing Act
05.Ron talking,"No Slouch"
06.Cheap Hotel
07.Thinly veiled Diguise
08.Lebanon, Tennessee
09.Ron talking,"The Youngest Country Singer"
10.Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone?-Charlie Pride cover
11.These Days
12.Ron talking-video
13.God Loves Everyone
14.Dirk, intro to
15.Over My Head-Christine McVie cover
16.Right About Now
17.Just My Heart Talking
18.Ron talking-piano
19.Gold In Them Hills
20.Tomorrow In Her Eyes

01.From A Few Streets Over
02.Strawberry Blonde
03.This Song
04.Average Joe
05.Almost Always
06.Still Time
07.The Least That I Can Do
09.For A Moment There
10.Galbraith Street
11.I Seem To Recall


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The Irish Rovers "Life Of The Rover" 1969

This quintet started out in the late '50s (curiously, by way of Canada) and by the mid-'60s were a popular folk ensemble on television on two continents. Although their work, exuberant and boisterous, with relatively little scholarship, and lacking a traditional sound, became less fashionable with the ascent of groups like the Chieftains, the Irish Rovers continue to have a devoted core following. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Informed by Farlan

Worthwhile Blog‏

You will find some interesting things here. its called Merlin in Rags
In particular his entry on Chumbawamba -English Rebel Songs seems to the sort of thing that your blog also has.
by the way I just found you blog and it is very good. Just checking the Archives

by Michele

Lucio Battisti "Anima Latina" 1974

This is 8th album from Lucio Battisti (12/1974), one of most famous italian songwriters. Is a uncommercial album, not exactly of folk music, but in my opinion, very interesting. As soon as possible, I send you some italian folk album.I don't send you front and back cover of Anima latina, let me know if you want images.

best regards

by Oisin #5

The Kingston Trio "The Last Month of the Year" (1960)

01 - Bye Bye Thou Little Child
02 - White Snows Of Winter
03 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
04 - All Through The Night
05 - Goodnight My Baby
06 - Go Where I Send Thee
07 - Follow Now, Oh Shepherds
08 - Somerset Cloucestershire Wassail
09 - Mary Mild
10 - Around About Christmas
11 - Sing We Noel
12 - The Last Month Of The Year (What Month Was...

Although we seem to be in The First Month of the Year, we can't turn a deaf ear to persons who got into trouble in high school, can we? After all these years this may be the ultimate antidote...
So for some it may come a day after the fair, but others may already have started collecting for some X-mas in the future...

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Roddy Woomble

"My Secret Is My Silence" 2006

The album's title and pastoral cover image are the first signs that Idlewild's Roddy Woomble has gone folk. And yes, a majority of My Secret Is My Silence sees Woomble operating in an acoustic folk vein and even recruiting the sweet-voiced folkie Kate Rusby to handle background vocals, harmonies, and occasional female counterpoints. But Woomble heading into pastures and fields shouldn't be a surprise. While Idlewild started out as a furious, messy indie rock band, Warnings/Promises, the group's most recent effort before this solo outing, sometimes skewed resolutely toward R.E.M.'s more jangly moments. Other than the somewhat out-of-place instrumental flute-fest "Whiskeyface," My Secret Is My Silence drifts between two poles. There are pensive, brittle ballads like the gorgeous, lilting "If I Could Name Any Name" and the introspective "I Came from the Mountain" on one hand, and on the other hand midtempo to urgent storming tracks indistinguishable from Idlewild fare other than the presence of fiddles and folksy percussion in the place of electric guitars and distortion pedals. Indeed, Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones co-wrote a handful of tracks and is a featured player throughout. Producer John McCusker finds a solid middle ground between traditional folk elements and catchy rock sheen. Woomble is in fine voice, and Rusby's gentle tone is a perfect complement as she returns the favor Woomble offered on her album The Girl Who Couldn't Fly. On the title track, Woomble sings about approaching land without a harbor and finding his way home, and stripping down his music to the roots on this solo effort, he seems to find himself emotionally centered and artistically renewed. This fragile but certain solo outing will please old and new fans alike. ~ Tim DiGravina, All Music Guide

by MJF #6

RIP John Stewart (The Kingston Trio)
Sep 05, 1939 - Jan 19, 2008

This is a quick & Dirty Memorial Post.
I've got damn near every Kingston Trio Album.
Can post more later.

"Best of the Decca Years"

1. Stay Awhile
2. Long Time Blues
3. Love's Been Good To Me
4. Poverty Hill
5. My Ramblin' Boy
6. Three Song Listen
7. Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
8. Rusting In The Rain
9. They Are Gone
10. Lei Pakalana
11. Children Of The Morning
12. Hit And Run
13. Less Of Me Listen
14. Lock All The Windows
15. Gonna Go Down The River
16. I'm Going Home

"Nick-Bob-John" 1964

1. Midnight Special
2. Love's Been Good to Me
3. Poverty Hill
4. Someday Soon
5. Gotta Travel On
6. Hope You Understand
7. Little Play Soldiers
8. Love Comes a Trickling Down
9. My Ramblin' Boy
10. More Poems
11. Farewell (Fare Thee Well)
12. I'm Going Home
13. Long Time Blues
14. Come Gather the Time

And if anybody has "The Last Month of the Year -1960" (KT's Christmas Album) please post it.
It got me in trouble in high school as "the jew with the jazzy Christmas carols"


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

by Oisin #4

Sonerien Du "Gwerz Penmarc'h" 1978
Arfolk SB 371

01 - Gwerz Penmarc'h
02 - Laridé en la Mineur
03 - Chench Tu
04 - Suite Plin
05 - Bonsoir Maître de Maison
06 - Suite de Gavottes des Montagnes
07 - Dessous le Pont de Nantes
08 - Suite de Marches

This is more or less how I remember 'Sonerien Du'. I saw and heard them perform over 25 years ago in a small theatre in Delft (Holland). They were young and full of enthousiasm (and so was I *g*). They surely contributed to my interest in Breton music.
Enjoy, Oisín.

Download: Artwork included

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by PMinAd

PMinAd said...
Here are some possibilities. I hope at least one is useful

Don McLean "Tapestry" 1971

his first album with a number of songs which were later hits

Amazing Blondel "England" 1972

most readers here will be aware of Amazing Blondel and this album is a fine one. Bit of surface noise to be expected.

Bert Jansch "Anthology" 1978

This is an Italian bootleg, with many of his tracks from the early days: Needle of Death, Angie, Nottamun Town etc. Sorry about the scratches: I did my best, but the original record was very noisy.


Graham H Dodsworth "In Good King Arthur's Day"

This album was launched at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in 1994. A modern troubadour from Down Under.

Grateful Dead "Wake of the Flood" 1973

1 Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
2 Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
3 Row Jimmy
4 Stella Blue
5 Here Comes Sunshine
6 Eyes Of The World
7 Weather Report Suite Prelude
8 Parts I, II, III

Magan Carta "Songs From Wasties Orchard"

Then two from Magan Carta. Firstly, the country-folk Songs From Wasties Orchard, a sort-of concept album.

1 The Bridge At Knaresborough Town
2 White Snow Dove
3 Parliament Hill
4 Wayfaring
5 Down Along Up
6 Country Jam
7 Time For The Leaving
8 Beyond the Isle Of Skye
9 Sponge
10 Sunday On The River
11 Good Morning Sun
12 Home Groan

Magan Carta "Lord of the Ages"

The next from Magna Carta is Lord of the Ages. This has a fuller more orchestrated sound much more like the Amazing Blondel.

1 Wish It Was
2 Two Old Friends
3 Lord Of The Ages
4 Isn't It Funny
5 Song Of Evening
6 Father John
7 That Was Yesterday
8 Falkland Grene

Ross Ryan "My Name Means Horse"

Ross Ryan was [still is] a folksinger in Australia. His biggest hit was this album, My Name Means Horse, with some innovative tunes for the time.

1 You Put me on
2 Orchestra Ladies
3 Don't Look to me
4 There is no Pain
5 Blood on the Microphone
6 Nobody Waved Goodbye
7 I am Pegasus
8 Battle Song
9 Edith Child
10 606
11 A Jules Song
12 Sing Along Horse Song
13 The Last time I Called

Here's my last lot. I've had all sorts of strife uploading to RapidShare, so I will have to give up soon.

Corries "Scottish Love Songs"

First the Corries with Scottish Love Songs from the 70s when the boys in the duo had Elvis comb-backs.

1 The bonnie lass of Fyvie (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
2 Ae fond kiss (Burns-arr- Corries)_
3 The lowlands of Holland (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
4 The Skye boat song (McLeod-arr- Lawson)_
5 The nut brown maiden (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
6 Tiree love song (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
7 The road to Dundee (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
8 Ca' the ewes (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
9 Annie Lauries (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
10 Hunting tower (Trad.-arr- Corries)_

Chieftains "Celtic Wedding Music Of Brittany"

Next the Chieftains with Celtic Wedding music from France - Celtic Wedding: Music Of Brittany - Celtic music which is definitely not Irish, so a departure for the Chieftains.

1 Daсs Mod Koh A Vaod
2 Peh Troux `Zou Ar En Doar (What Noise On Earth Carol)
3 Daсs-Tro Fisel
4 Toniou-Bale A Vro-Wened (Marches)
5 Daсs Bro-Leon
6 Heuliadenn Toniou Breizh-Izel (Medley)
7 Ev Chistr `Ta, Laou
8 Jabadaw
9 Celtic Wedding (Medley)

"Traitors Gate Folk Club Five Years On"

Traitors Gate Folk Club operated from a pub in the suburbs of Adelaide from late 70s. This album, "Five Years On" showcased the talents of some of its favourite performers. The most enduring in celebrity has been Eric Bogle. Brit folk in the acoustic style. this has been taken from a fairly dirty LP, which I would never have thought would one do be digitally recorded, so don't expect it to sound pristine on your megadollar sound system.

01. The Heights of Alma - Liz & John Munro
02. She Moved Through The Fair - John Francis
03. If Wishes Were Fishes - Irene Petrie
04. Queen Amang The Heather - Bob Hardie
05. Long Shadows - Lynne Muir
06. Patriotic Prejudice - Bryan Cullen
07. The Legend Of Kelly - Eric Bogle
08. Jigs: Dinny Delaney's; Morrison's Joe Manning & Warwick Nottage
09. Only Our Rivers - Margaret Monks
10. The Week Before Easter - Denis Tracey
11. The Town I Loved So Well - Phil Cuneen
12. Down and Out Blues - Chris McGloin & Bryan Monaghan


Sunday, January 20, 2008


I've moved my blog to its (hopefully permanent) location


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Zunou Keisatsu

The debut LP by Zunou Keisatsu (aka. Brain Police) was immediately banned for its political sentiments and use of an infamous bank robber as its cover star

Haruo "Panta" Nakamura – vocals, guitar
Toshi Ishizuka – drums, congas, bongos
Hiroshi Nar (Narazaki) – guitar

Coming on like a politicised Tyrannosaurus Rex in the style of Terry Stamp’s Third World War, Zunou Keisatsu were a radical protest band with a penchant for changing members and line-ups often depending on who was straight enough to make it all the way through the gig. They were formed in the late ‘60s by vocalist and guitarist Panta, who had formerly played with festival obscurities Peanut Butter, Mojo and Spartacus Bunt, and Brain Police songs were all built around the guitarist’s fist-in-the-air people-at-the-barricades lyrics.
Taking their name from the early Mothers of Invention song "Who Are The Brain Police?" the band survived long enough to make six LPs and continued until the end of 1975. However, there are two obvious peaks in their career, the first being their rousing duo performance at the GENYA anti-airport protest festival, when Panta and conga player Toshi shared a bill with Blues Creation, Masauki Takayanagi’s free rock New Direction For The Arts, and Keiji Haino’s Lost Aaraaff. Performances of the songs "Pick Up Your Gun" and the seven-minute chant "World Revolutionary War Declaration" received such a positive response from the crowd that the nihilism of closing act Lost Aaraaff was greeted with large rocks hurled from the Sanrizuka fields. Their second career high happened the following year in 1972, when, unable to secure a record deal, they self-released their debut LP (which was recorded live at Kyoto Gymnasium) on their own Be-witch record label, with a controversial front cover that starred an infamous criminal who had dressed as a security guard to achieve his heist. The punk packaging included a gold-printed 13” x 13” mailer and Xeroxed inner sheets. Drummer Toshi Ishizuka later played with Kan Mikami, Jokers and Mikami’s insane ‘90s trio Vajra. Sometime member Hiroshi Nar joined Les Rallizes Denudes, suffered some temporary mental illness, and nowadays records with The Niplets.

Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll: Zunou Keisatsu

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by MJF #5

The Corries Live from Scotland 1-4 @192

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne (vocals, guitar, mandolin, combolin),
Roy Williamson (vocals, guitar, flute, mandolin, banduria, combolin

Live from Scotland Volume 1 (Pan Audio PA002, 1974)

Fallaldy (Browne);
Mingulay Boat Song (Roberton);
Lads Among the Heather; A Scottish Holiday (G W Hill);
Hugh the Graeme; Maggie Lauder
The Roses of Prince Charlie (Browne);
Dark Lochnagar;
Loch Tay Boat Song (McLeod/Boulton);
The Song;
Flower of Scotland (Williamson)

Live from Scotland Volume 2 (Dara PA008, 1975)

Lock the Door Lariston;
Sunday Driver (Trad/J W Hill);
Come O'er the Stream Charlie;
King Fareweel;
Yur Losin' Them;
Ettrick Lady;
Nancy Whisky
Sae Will We Yet;
The Massacre of Glencoe (Jim MacLean);
The Friday Game (J W Hill);
The Battle of Prestonpans (Trad/Williamson);
weep Ye By Atholl (Weir/Williamson);
The Rattling Bog

Live from Scotland Volume 3 (Pan Audio PA015, 1975)

The Portree Kid (Hilton/Jones);
The Sherramuir Fight;
Jamie raeburn;
Chevaliers Muster Roll;
Shoals o' Herring (MacColl)
The Massacre of Glencoe (Jim MacLean);
The Friday Game (J W Hill);
The Battle of Prestonpans (Trad/Williamson);
weep Ye By Atholl (Weir/Williamson);
The Rattling Bog
Lord Yester (Weir/Williamson);
Reivers Galley (Williamson);
La-Di-Dum (Rikki Fulton);
Johnny Ra;
MacPherson's Rant

Live from Scotland Volume 4 (Pan Audio PA027, 1977)

Hughs o' Cromdale;
Blues for Hughie;
Hush Hush (Jim MacLean);
Willie's Gone Tae Melville Castle;
South Australia;
Lowlands o' Holland
The Rigs o' Rye;
There Was a Lad (Burns);
Battle o' Harlaw;
Earl o' Moray;

I also have:

Alive Alive O
Flower of Scotland
Peat Fire Flame
Scottish Love Songs
The Comedy Collection
The Compact Collection
The Very Best of The Corries

If anyone would like me to post them


New links by gonzo

gonzo said...
Here are some new links for the recent maliciously deleted content for TigerMoth and Alistair Anderson albums.

Here are some new links to replace the deleted ones

TigerMoth Albums
1984 Album

New links

1988 Album
New links


Alistair Anderson Albums

Steel Skys
Topic 12TS427
New links

Alistair Anderson
Dookin' for Apples
Topic 12TS402
New links

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Business Trip


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by J.S. #20

Gordon Lightfoot "Warner 7 Arts Demos" 1964 - 1966

First plan was to send something from a guy named John Henry Deutschendorf. An album called "JD Sings" from 1964 if I'm right. It was professionally made by Milt Okun and a "for friends only" 200 pieces edition.
But even if it were only for RockyMustard - now I like to add another Gordon treasure: Warner Brothers Publishing Demos 1964 - 1966.

It's "minor" quality so I choose to rip into 320 kbps. 3 LPs = 32 tracks - so I had to make 2 zips.

Best wishes,


Saturday, January 12, 2008

by Nel #8

"July" 1968

Hi Lizzardson,
Here is the July-July- album.
I think it's from an UK cd, but only 160 kb/s bitrate ;-((
Don't know if it's good enough for the blog.

Keith Christmas

"Acoustica" 2003

01. Dancing
02. Opening out
03. Easy
04. Awakening
05. Sliding
06. Ascension
07. Floating
08. Coolbox
09. Inside out

Stan Rogers

"Northwest Passage" 1981

01. Northwest Passage
02. The Field Behind The Plow
03. Night Guard
04. Working Joe
05. You Can't Stay Here
06. The Idiot
07. Lies
08. Canal Road
09. Free In The Harbour
10. California

Peter Bellamy

"Tell It Like It Was" 1975

01. Ramblin' Robin
02. All In A Day
03. The Parsons Peaches
04. The Ballad Of Judas
05. Farewell To The Land
06. Nostradamus
07. On Board A '98
08. Ward The Pirate
09. Courting Too Slow
10. The Burning
11. The Bold Privateer
12. Fiddlers Hill
13. Goodbye


by gonzo #24

"Tiger Moth" 1984
"Howling Moth" 1988

Tiger Moth began just as an all-star recording unit, bringing together musicians who had played
in many notable bands of the 'new wave of English country dance music' in the '70s and early '80s including the Old Swan Band, the New Victory Band, the English Country Blues Band, Cock & Bull, the Albion Band, Jumpleads and Oak. But their first single and debut album caused such a demand that they happily became a gigging entity and for the next five years roared around UK festival ceilidhs, revered or feared for their noisy, no-holds-barred, improvisational approach and influences from everywhere. Their 1988 second album Howling Moth was a mixture of tunes from England, Africa, North America and Southern Europe, and subsequent studio adventures under the name of Orchestre Super Moth included collaborations with Gambian kora masters Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh, Tex-Mex accordeon wizard Flaco Jimenez (heard on New Pony from their The World At Sixes And Sevens EP)
Sierra Leonian guitar king Abdul Tee-Jay and multi-instrumentalist Hijaz Mustapha from the
3 Mustaphas 3. Their influence is still widely heard on the latest wave of e-ceilidh bands.


The first two albums I have are the "Tiger Moth" (eponymous 1984), and "Howling Moth" (1988)
If you can find these, not only do you have some folk dance masterpieces, you also have some
serious works of modern art on the cover sleeves by the ex Rockman, turned graphic artist and
illustrator Rodney Matthews.

Samples of his work at:


Although the original band split up in 1989, they got together again to do a number of gigs
in 2004, appeared at a few festivals like Sidmouth and Womad, marking the 20th anniversary
of their first album.

Their Compilation Album "Moth Balls" was re-issued on CD in 2004 in the UK, having previously
only been available in the US. Current (well almost) lineup is:

Ben Mandelson: baritone bouzouki, electric kabosy
Chris Coe: hammered dulcimer
Danny Stradling: percussion
Fran Wade: fiddle
Ian Anderson: slide guitar
Jon Moore: electric guitars
Maggie Holland: bass
Martin Brinsford: drums
Rod Stradling: melodeons

occasionally Verity Sharp, fiddle
and Gordon Potts: caller

See their MySpace page at:

Thursday, January 10, 2008


"The Wind That Shakes the Barley" 1969-1972

It is a beautiful record, released on MIDAS label in 1972. In my research I've found only one of the personnel names, the female voice, Barbara Seabourne. The record title is "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" (Kissing Spell KSCD9503-f) and some of you could instantly remember the Dead Can Dance late version of this beautiful traditional here included. On the KS version there is also a 20 minute bonus track that was recorded in 1969 (so the record notes).

Seems that this MIDAS label pressed also a record from a band named "Folkal Point" and two solo records from a certain Janet Jones.

The Gallery sound is not "acid" folk, but more traditional stuff, well clever done.

The Gallery album is superb IMO. The label was set up by Alan Green who was also behind the Folk Heritage / Westwood labels. Gallery is phenomenally rare as an original LP (About £1000). Equally as rare is Folkal Point (Even the band only have one copy between them!!) Janet Jones did 2 for the label and both are more common, but excellent" Ian from Ammonite Records

Royce Seabourne- Vocals
Barbara Seabourne- Vocals/Dulcimer
Mark Uttley- Violins
Steve Morrison- Guitar

2006 - - - - - - 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2007 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2008 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2010 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2015 - - - - - 5 6