Monday, January 21, 2008

by PMinAd

PMinAd said...
Here are some possibilities. I hope at least one is useful

Don McLean "Tapestry" 1971

his first album with a number of songs which were later hits

Amazing Blondel "England" 1972

most readers here will be aware of Amazing Blondel and this album is a fine one. Bit of surface noise to be expected.

Bert Jansch "Anthology" 1978

This is an Italian bootleg, with many of his tracks from the early days: Needle of Death, Angie, Nottamun Town etc. Sorry about the scratches: I did my best, but the original record was very noisy.


Graham H Dodsworth "In Good King Arthur's Day"

This album was launched at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in 1994. A modern troubadour from Down Under.

Grateful Dead "Wake of the Flood" 1973

1 Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
2 Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
3 Row Jimmy
4 Stella Blue
5 Here Comes Sunshine
6 Eyes Of The World
7 Weather Report Suite Prelude
8 Parts I, II, III

Magan Carta "Songs From Wasties Orchard"

Then two from Magan Carta. Firstly, the country-folk Songs From Wasties Orchard, a sort-of concept album.

1 The Bridge At Knaresborough Town
2 White Snow Dove
3 Parliament Hill
4 Wayfaring
5 Down Along Up
6 Country Jam
7 Time For The Leaving
8 Beyond the Isle Of Skye
9 Sponge
10 Sunday On The River
11 Good Morning Sun
12 Home Groan

Magan Carta "Lord of the Ages"

The next from Magna Carta is Lord of the Ages. This has a fuller more orchestrated sound much more like the Amazing Blondel.

1 Wish It Was
2 Two Old Friends
3 Lord Of The Ages
4 Isn't It Funny
5 Song Of Evening
6 Father John
7 That Was Yesterday
8 Falkland Grene

Ross Ryan "My Name Means Horse"

Ross Ryan was [still is] a folksinger in Australia. His biggest hit was this album, My Name Means Horse, with some innovative tunes for the time.

1 You Put me on
2 Orchestra Ladies
3 Don't Look to me
4 There is no Pain
5 Blood on the Microphone
6 Nobody Waved Goodbye
7 I am Pegasus
8 Battle Song
9 Edith Child
10 606
11 A Jules Song
12 Sing Along Horse Song
13 The Last time I Called

Here's my last lot. I've had all sorts of strife uploading to RapidShare, so I will have to give up soon.

Corries "Scottish Love Songs"

First the Corries with Scottish Love Songs from the 70s when the boys in the duo had Elvis comb-backs.

1 The bonnie lass of Fyvie (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
2 Ae fond kiss (Burns-arr- Corries)_
3 The lowlands of Holland (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
4 The Skye boat song (McLeod-arr- Lawson)_
5 The nut brown maiden (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
6 Tiree love song (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
7 The road to Dundee (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
8 Ca' the ewes (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
9 Annie Lauries (Trad.-arr- Corries)_
10 Hunting tower (Trad.-arr- Corries)_

Chieftains "Celtic Wedding Music Of Brittany"

Next the Chieftains with Celtic Wedding music from France - Celtic Wedding: Music Of Brittany - Celtic music which is definitely not Irish, so a departure for the Chieftains.

1 Daсs Mod Koh A Vaod
2 Peh Troux `Zou Ar En Doar (What Noise On Earth Carol)
3 Daсs-Tro Fisel
4 Toniou-Bale A Vro-Wened (Marches)
5 Daсs Bro-Leon
6 Heuliadenn Toniou Breizh-Izel (Medley)
7 Ev Chistr `Ta, Laou
8 Jabadaw
9 Celtic Wedding (Medley)

"Traitors Gate Folk Club Five Years On"

Traitors Gate Folk Club operated from a pub in the suburbs of Adelaide from late 70s. This album, "Five Years On" showcased the talents of some of its favourite performers. The most enduring in celebrity has been Eric Bogle. Brit folk in the acoustic style. this has been taken from a fairly dirty LP, which I would never have thought would one do be digitally recorded, so don't expect it to sound pristine on your megadollar sound system.

01. The Heights of Alma - Liz & John Munro
02. She Moved Through The Fair - John Francis
03. If Wishes Were Fishes - Irene Petrie
04. Queen Amang The Heather - Bob Hardie
05. Long Shadows - Lynne Muir
06. Patriotic Prejudice - Bryan Cullen
07. The Legend Of Kelly - Eric Bogle
08. Jigs: Dinny Delaney's; Morrison's Joe Manning & Warwick Nottage
09. Only Our Rivers - Margaret Monks
10. The Week Before Easter - Denis Tracey
11. The Town I Loved So Well - Phil Cuneen
12. Down and Out Blues - Chris McGloin & Bryan Monaghan



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Magna Carta thanks , do you have "No truth in the rumour" 1979 from Magna Carta please ?

22 January, 2008 05:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for Ross Ryan!! Great music from down under!!

22 January, 2008 07:15  
Blogger Paul said...

G'day, Great grouping of albums you have here. Many thanks for the downloads.
Thought I might mention though that it appears the tracks for the Corries "Scottish Love Songs" have been numbered 1-5 for the side B tracks and 6-10 for side A. Or perhaps your LP has them in the opposite order?
Again many thanks.

22 January, 2008 11:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't have that one from MC.

22 January, 2008 15:07  
Anonymous Paul D said...

Thankyou so much for the Traitors' Gate album. I was a regular there for 3 years, but left Adelaide before the album came out, so I was unaware of it until now. Great memories.

28 October, 2008 12:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for the Lord Of The Ages. Saves me trying to convert my vinyl. Saw them supporting Ralph McTell in 1977 and the live version of the title track was immense!

The Bert Jansch Anthology was officially released in this country by Transatlantic and there is a companion anthology by Pentangle.

07 May, 2009 19:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry but the link seems to be broken?
Nice blog by the way!

27 June, 2010 17:26  

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