Friday, January 18, 2008

by MJF #5

The Corries Live from Scotland 1-4 @192

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne (vocals, guitar, mandolin, combolin),
Roy Williamson (vocals, guitar, flute, mandolin, banduria, combolin

Live from Scotland Volume 1 (Pan Audio PA002, 1974)

Fallaldy (Browne);
Mingulay Boat Song (Roberton);
Lads Among the Heather; A Scottish Holiday (G W Hill);
Hugh the Graeme; Maggie Lauder
The Roses of Prince Charlie (Browne);
Dark Lochnagar;
Loch Tay Boat Song (McLeod/Boulton);
The Song;
Flower of Scotland (Williamson)

Live from Scotland Volume 2 (Dara PA008, 1975)

Lock the Door Lariston;
Sunday Driver (Trad/J W Hill);
Come O'er the Stream Charlie;
King Fareweel;
Yur Losin' Them;
Ettrick Lady;
Nancy Whisky
Sae Will We Yet;
The Massacre of Glencoe (Jim MacLean);
The Friday Game (J W Hill);
The Battle of Prestonpans (Trad/Williamson);
weep Ye By Atholl (Weir/Williamson);
The Rattling Bog

Live from Scotland Volume 3 (Pan Audio PA015, 1975)

The Portree Kid (Hilton/Jones);
The Sherramuir Fight;
Jamie raeburn;
Chevaliers Muster Roll;
Shoals o' Herring (MacColl)
The Massacre of Glencoe (Jim MacLean);
The Friday Game (J W Hill);
The Battle of Prestonpans (Trad/Williamson);
weep Ye By Atholl (Weir/Williamson);
The Rattling Bog
Lord Yester (Weir/Williamson);
Reivers Galley (Williamson);
La-Di-Dum (Rikki Fulton);
Johnny Ra;
MacPherson's Rant

Live from Scotland Volume 4 (Pan Audio PA027, 1977)

Hughs o' Cromdale;
Blues for Hughie;
Hush Hush (Jim MacLean);
Willie's Gone Tae Melville Castle;
South Australia;
Lowlands o' Holland
The Rigs o' Rye;
There Was a Lad (Burns);
Battle o' Harlaw;
Earl o' Moray;

I also have:

Alive Alive O
Flower of Scotland
Peat Fire Flame
Scottish Love Songs
The Comedy Collection
The Compact Collection
The Very Best of The Corries

If anyone would like me to post them



Anonymous caoimghin said...

Love the Corries, please upload anything you have of them. Does anyone have anything by the Liverpool folk group 'The Spinners' which I have been looking for for ages?

18 January, 2008 20:47  
Blogger gris-gris said...

hi! i keep this blog long time, fantastic dark contributions. greetings from spain.

18 January, 2008 22:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do.

19 January, 2008 03:48  
Blogger Matt said...

More of the Corries, please! I've been a fan for some years, but have only haphazardly found their albums. This series is wonderful, and the Heritage and Stovies lps would be great.

Thanks very much.

19 January, 2008 06:57  
Anonymous gonzo said...

Any Chance of a complete set of Corries "Last of Barretts Privateers"

None of us have more than 4-5 tracks
from the album?

19 January, 2008 09:54  
Blogger Paul said...

Just brilliant! Yes, more Corries.

22 January, 2008 12:01  
Blogger Paul said...

Hi again.
There appears to be a bit of a terminal cut-off problem with the following tracks on Volume 1:-
3 - Lads Among the Heather
5 - Hugh the Graeme
9 - Loch Tay Boat Song.
All three items obviously finish before the end and have then had two seconds of silence tacked on.
Any chance of a re-issue of these three tracks, please, oh, please?
Ah, the Corries - so good!

22 January, 2008 14:54  
Anonymous urdhr said...

Thank you so much for these Corries albums ... just brilliant!

I noticed the same thing Paul noticed; some of the songs cut off early. This isn't that way on the actual lp is it? ... it's strange. Sometimes it is intentional on live records but this doesn't seem as though it is the case unless the recording is to focus on the story being told.

Is it possible for a test or re-up? It would be very welcome.

Thank you ...

23 January, 2008 10:59  
Blogger Paul said...

I have actually found those three tracks elsewhere but at 160 rather than MJF's 192. Yes, they are really a fair bit longer. If MJF can't help, I will gladly post tje three tracks

23 January, 2008 19:53  
Blogger Paul said...

Hi to Lizardson!
MJF has possibly not seen the earlier comments about the tracks 3, 5 and 9 of Volume 1 not being complete. I have also found that track 8 on the same album has some bad problems. I have located alternate tracks elsewhere but at 160kps. Those replacement tracks are available at:
for those who may wish to complete Volume 1. Hopefully, MJF may be able to come up with replacements at 192kps. I will leave it to your discretion. Regards

29 January, 2008 21:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Corries..I love them, and just about anything irish, celtic etc.

19 June, 2008 06:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if you have christmas in the trenches by the Corries?
If they don't sing it/ do you know who does??
Thank you very much.

27 September, 2008 06:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to MUF fr the riginal mpost, and to Paul for the fixed tracks. God job.

27 September, 2008 09:37  
Anonymous Paul said...

For Jane Doe
'Christmas in the Trenches" was written by John McCutcheon, and American, and issued on his album "Winter Solstice" in 1984. I have no ideas as to whether the Corries have performed it but I do know that Colcannon issued it on their "NineteenEightyEight" album.

29 September, 2008 22:13  
Blogger sorbus said...

Hi I`m looking for a track I think it was on a live album
it is called "The Shamrock and The Thistle" a
The Theme is about The Irish Folk Crowd coming over to celebrate
"The Scottish New Year" Hogmanay/Ne`erday

08 June, 2009 11:08  

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