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Ron Sexsmith

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario
November 29th, 2004

01 Hard Bargain
02 Imaginary Friends
03 Secret Heart
04 Tell Me Again
05 These Days
06 Not About to Lose
07 Happiness
08 Tomorrow in Her Eyes
09 Gold in Them Hills
10 I Need You To Turn To (Elton John cover)
11 Maybe This Christmas
12 God Loves Everyone
13 One Less Shadow
14 Dandelion Wine
15 This Song
16 From Now On
17 Strawberry Blonde
18 Whatever It Takes
19 Seem To Recall
20 Galbraith Street
21 Former Glory
22 Tears Behind The Shades
23 Riverbed


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As you know there is sad thing happen here and other music blog.
It's start from one negative comment about other blog.

Love music, people, and every single thing...
That's all I can say.


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by ericbkk

Mary Gauthier - Andy Kershaw Show, BBC R3, 3/12/06

Mary Gauthier - Andy Kershaw Show, 3 Dec.,'06, BBC Radio 3
Featuring a specially recorded session from New Orleans singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier in duet with guitarist Thomm Jutz.

Pt. A
I Ain't Leaving (5.00)
Can't Find A Way (5.50)

Pt. B
Same Road (5.47)
Sideshow (3.22)

Mary Gauthier (vocals/guitar/harmonica); Thomm Jutz (guitar/backing vocals)
Recorded 4 November 2006 at BBC Broadcasting House, London

19 min. MP3 @ 128 kbps


Apologies for a couple of minor (IMHO) glitches in the recording towards the end; too late to re-record by the time I found out about them.
Pic is not from BBC session, but from a few weeks later.

Thomm Jutz

For Thomm Jutz, living and making music in Nashville, Tennessee has always seemed like the most natural thing in the world. The emerging producer/engineer/guitarist/songwriter had made up his mind by the time he was a 12-year-old guitar student that he was absolutely headed for Music City, USA. The fact the he grew up in a "tiny village" in the south of Germany was never an obstacle for Jutz, who has turned it all to his creative advantage, bringing a uniquely musical perspective and a classical discipline to the music he makes and to every project he produces. These days, he splits his time between TJ Tunes, his busy Nashville recording studio, and regular tours as guitarist for Folkabilly Queen Nanci Griffith. Other artists Jutz has played and/or recorded with include David Olney, Steve Young, Mary Gauthier and Michael Johnson.
Growing up the son of the local teacher and church choir director, Jutz was reading music before he could read books. From there, it was the piano and the flute, where he rose as a youngster to competition level. But his musical education began in earnest the day he discovered the Canadian Forces and American Forces Networks, both broadcasting a wide variety of real country music to surrounding military bases. With his guitar always in hand, Jutz absorbed all of it – every song and every guitar lick on the fly – long before he ever knew what the singer was actually singing about. By the age of 15, he was leading local bands through endless gigs at those same military bases.
He was living a double life – studying classical guitar at university during the day and playing in smoky clubs into the night – when he first heard the music of Townes Van Zandt. The discovery was a creative turning point for Jutz. With a growing resume of prestigious gigs and production successes in his home country, Jutz made the move to Nashville in 2003, and he hasn't stopped since. Working with many of the musicians, writers and artists he grew up listening to, he retains that ability to hear through to the heart of a song. With an unerring ear, a guitarist's touch and a songwriter’s soul, Thomm Jutz is right where he belongs. : ~ h**p://

Andy Kershaw was one of my favourite BBC presenters; hope he's getting over his troubles.


Jimmy Simpson

The Oilfield Boy Sings Kiana Kid and Other Favorites

01. Kiana Kid
02. You Don't Know My Mind
03. Party For Fools
04. Life Goes On
05. Year And A Day
06. Gotta Travel On
07. Will You Be Satisfied That Way
08. White Collars And Neckties
09. Standing At The End Of My World
10. Old Timer
11. Homesick For Heaven
12. Breaker Of My Heart

DL (w/ HQ artworks)

So much thanks to original uploader! :)

Erik Darling

True Religion (1961)

01 True Religion
02 St. John's River
03 Woody Knows Nothing
04 Virgin Mary
05 Diamond Ring
06 Blackeyed Susie
07 I'm On My Way
08 Cuckoo
09 Jumpin' Judy
10 Moanin' Dove
11 Frankie And Johnny
12 Everytime I Go To Town
13 Lonesome Valley

Train Time (1963)

01 Hail John
02 Charlie Green
03 You Don't Know
04 Banjo Tune
05 Fod
06 Guitar Blues
07 Train Time
08 Shady Grove
09 I Love My Love
10 Bones
11 Ragtime
12 Long John
13 Miss Otis Regrets
14 Children, Go

DL (both albums)

So much thanks to original uploader! :)

David Soul

The Best Days of My Life (1981)

01. Simple Man
02. Waking Up Alone
03. Carlito
04. Dreamers
05. I Can't Afford That Feeling Anymore
06. That's Enough For Me
07. Maybe We Can Work It Out
08. How Can You Tell You Got It
09. The Dutchman
10. Distant Shores
11. The Best Days Of My Life
12. Simple Man (Reprise)

Link deleted

Who the hell do you think you are releasing my music without my knowledge or permission?!?! 



Dullemajik – Letzebuerger Volleksmusek – 1975
Musique folkorique luxembourgeoise
Luxemburgische volkmusic
Luxembourg folk-music

01-De schmatt
02-De rommelpott
04-Christlied der hirten
06-Kein alter von liebe frei
10-Le'f gefuodesch
12-Der bon vivant
13-Isleker leed
14-O, jemen
15-Branle séculaire de Bertrix
16-Zu arel op der knippchen

Guy Schones : chant, vielle à roue, guitare
José Dostert : flûte , chant
Christopher Birch : violon, mandoline, chant, flûte

new link:

Valdez, il mezzosangue (Soundtrack) 1973

Valdez, il mezzosangue (aka Valdez Horses / Wilde Pferde)

Side A: Freedom Rainbow
Side B: Chino

DL (w/ HQ artworks)

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Ole Steen

Ole Steen (1973)

01. Hello What A Wonderful Day
02. Jigaloo
03. Smile And Be Happy
04. Blue, Blue
05. I've Got To Get In Touch
06. I Know How To Start It
07. Country Life
08. Baby You're Mine
09. Far Away World
10. Searching For A Better Lif
11. Lo. Diddle
12. Oo. Ki. Coo

DL (w/ full of HQ artworks)

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Paul Masse

Butterfly Lake (1968)

01. Butterfly Lake
02. It's Gone
03. Time 'n' Cherry Wine
04. Something Bad
05. Pretty Ribbons And A Gingh
06. Dream Along
07. Forever
08. Silver In Suede
09. Whiskey
10. Suzanne
11. Lemonade Hollow

DL (w/ full of HQ artworks)

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A Collection of Impossible-2-find Folk Albums (by Black Masked Lady)

Her current posts:
FRANKIE ARMSTRONG - Out of love, hope and suffering (1973)
FRANKIE ARMSTRONG - Songs and ballads (Topic, 1975)
MIKE COOPER - Trout Steel (1971)

and Next post will be:
IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP - vv. LPs on Transatlantic
ALEX CAMPBELL - In Kopenhagen (Polydor 1965)
IAN A. ANDERSON - 3 LPs on Village Thing

Thanks to Saludos for finding this blog.
And keep up good work, Black Masked Lady :)

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Ron Sexsmith

Stardust Picnic, Toronto [1999-11-17]

01 (fade in) Thinkin' Out Loud
02 One Grey Morning
03 Feel For You
04 Thinly Veiled Disguise
05 There's A Rhythm
06 Lebanon, Tennessee
07 Right About Now
08 The Idiot Boy
09 April After All
10 At Different Times
11 First Chance I Get
12 Wastin' Time
13 Factory (Springsteen cover)
14 Almost Always
15 Strawberry Blonde
16 Still Time
17 Average Joe
18 Secret Heart
19 Beautiful View
20 Seem to Recall


Bobby Eaglesham ::: Weather the storm

Second solo album by the Five hand reel member

Bobby Eaglesham
Linda Adams
Sam Bracken
Tony Dawes
Chuck Fleming
Dick Gaughan
Dave Tulloch
Hugh Turpin

01. Weather the storm (5.18)
Bobby: vocals, guitar
Linda: vocals
Dick: lead guitar
Sam: slide guitar
Tony: bass
02. Helen of Kirkconnel (4.05)
Bobby: vocal, guitar, Appalachian dulcimer
03. Tramps and hawkers (4.12)
Bobby: vocal, guitar
Dave: mandolin
04. Bonnie George Campbell (3.00)
Bobby: vocal
05. Instrumental (Rowan tree/Planxty Irwin/ Cock o'the North/Atholl highlanders) (5.01)
Bobby: guitars
Dave: mandolìn, side drum
06. The shearing (6.13)
Bobby: vocal, guitar
07. She moved through the fair (4.19)
Bobby: guitars
Linda: vocal
08. The redundant Mr Brown (4.30)
Bobby: vocal, guitar
Chuck: fiddles
09. Soor milk cairt/Curwen jig (3.26)
Bobby: vocal, guitars
Linda: vocal
Hugh: keyboards
Sam: electric guitar
10. Without me just with you (4.39)
Bobby: vocal, guitar
Dick: guitar

1982 • Fellside FE 033 LP

> 192 kbps VBR

Weather the storm


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Times ain't like they used to be

I found this blog when I searching for Erik Darling's lp that requested several time. You can find lots of nice records at there.

GADAYA (blog owner):
Roots and traditionnal music from all over the world, hard-to-find records,and rambling thoughts brought to you by a young french guy who loves to mentally travel throught time and space by listening to some records.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Frankie Armstrong

Songs & Ballads (1975)

01. Little Duke Arthurs Nurse
02. Pit Men's Union
03. Lady Diamond
04. Lament for Huull Trawlers
05. Month of January
06. 3 Drunken Maidens
07. Jack the Lad
08. Whore's Lament
09. Little Musgrave
10. Collier Lass
11. Female Drummer

Complaints received from DMCA


Judy Mackenzie

Judy (1970)

01 - New Song
02 - Soapbox Song
03 - What Does It Mean To You
04 - That's How It Is
05 - Body And Soul
06 - It's Not As Though
07 - Sally Brown
08 - Peter
09 - What Is Love
10 - One Man
11 - Standing Alone
12 - It's Up To You

pass: highqualitymp3


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Bat à Fré

Bat à fré – Bal poitevin – 1982

01-Scottish d'Echiré
02-Bal bocquillon-Gelée
03-Valse des cantonniers
04-Scottish à Auger
05-Marchoise à Pineau
06-La jolie Rochelle
07-Valse à Roucher
08-Branle du Poitou
10-Mon mari est bien malade
11-Valse au père Bat' à fré
12-Avant deux à Martin
13-Valse à Souché
14-Marchoise à Auger
15-Branle de Noirmoutier
16-Valse de Bouresse

Alain Gernoux : violon, mandole, madoline, claque bois
Michel Nominé : guitare, violon, chant
Alain Ribardière : vielle à roue, violon, chant
Philippe Souché : accordéons, violon, cornemuse, chant
Sylviane Van De Moortele : flûte, percussions

Merci à Chantal Gelé



Friday, November 13, 2009

Jay Ungar & Lyn Hardy ::: Songs, ballads & fiddle tunes

01. I’ll rise when the rooster crows
02. Going away - Utah Phillips
03. Wild rose of the mountain
04. Wagon yard
05. Lonesome Lyndon Hardy
06. Alabama bound
07. Twin fiddle medley: Gold rush - Berline/Monroe/Ways of the world /Cross eyed fiddler - Kenny Baker
08. Rocky road Cindy
09. Midnight on the water/Bonaparte’s retreat
10. Snow dove
11. Say old man can you play a fiddle
12. Long gone - Lyndon Hardy
13. Deep Ellum blues
14. Savage mountain hoedown - Earl Eisler

Lyndon Hardy: guitar, vocals
Jay Ungar: fiddle, mandolin, 12-string guitar, vocals
Evan Stover: harmony fiddle (07., 14.)
Mary McCaslin: harmony vocals (05.)
Jeff Gutcheon: piano
Billy Novick: clarinet, pennywhistle
Martin Grosswendt: dobro
Tony Markellis: bass
Steve Mosley: drums and percussion

1975 • Philo PH1023

Songs, ballads & fiddle tunes

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V. A. - Pré-Folk

V. A. - Pré-Folk – La préhistoire du folk – 1973
Chansons à répondre

01-Quand j'étais chez mon père (laridé)
02-C'est un garçon marinier (rond de Guérande)
03-Dis-moi donc beau messager (rond de Guérande)
04-M'en revenant de Bordeaux (branle)
05-Le grand valet (laridé)
06-Derrière chez nous y-a-t'une lande (rond de Guérande)
07-Mon père m'a mariée (rond du Pays Gallo)
08-L'épi de blé (rond d’Argenton)
09-Bonsoir le maître de maison (Rondeau landais)
10-C'est la belle Françoise (danse ronde)
11-La geolière de Lyon (en dro)
12-La fille du roi en servante (branle)
13-Voici z'une belle danse (branle)
14-Je vous ai menti souvent (hanter dro)

Musiciens :
Naïk Raviart-Guilcher
Mône Dufour-Guilcher
Yvon Guilcher
Jean-François Dutertre

"Les pièces réunies dans ce disque sont toutes des chansons "à répondre" du type utilisé naguère pour l’accompagnement des rondes paysannes. On y reconnait les rythmes et les formes caractéristiques de plusieurs danses de nos provinces. Les chanteurs qui les ont choisies et regroupées étaient exceptionnellement qualifiés pour les interpréter : la chanson populaire d’autrefois, ils l’ont apprise dans les milieux où récemment encore elle conservait quelque vie, au contact des derniers dépositaires de la tradition. Plusieurs d’entre eux l’ont assimilée dans leur enfance, lié à leurs plus lointains souvenirs, l’héritage séculaire est demeuré pour eux partie intégrante d’une culture d’aujourd’hui. Là est peut-être leur grande originalité.
Aussi n’éprouvent-ils nul besoin de se poser en vedettes ; ni de s’attribuer un nom sonore de groupe ; encore moins de dénaturer les chants traditionnels sous couleur d’une interprétation prétendument paysanne. Leur fidélité au modèle reçu, autrement profonde, est inséparablement fidélité à eux-mêmes. Ils chantent sans déguisement, avec leur façon personnelle de sentir, avec leur voix propre, sans effets surajoutés, sans harmonisations, sans soutien d’instrument ; comme ils chantent chaque jour pour eux-mêmes. Le chant le plus nu, riche de sa seule vie rythmique, poétique et mélodique. En cela ils sont bien les héritiers de ceux qui les ont instruits.
Cette fidélité à une tradition immémoriale fonde et justifie la liberté des interprètes. La chanson est pour eux un authentique et toujours actuel moyen d’expression. S’ils reproduisent des versions reçues, il leur arrive aussi, comme aux analphabètes de jadis, de transposer des textes traditionnels sur des airs nouveaux, composés par eux dans l’esprit des airs anciens. Ils ont si bien assimilé les clichés de l’ancienne poésie populaire qu’ils en composent à l’occasion des pièces entièrement nouvelles. Et cela avec assez de bonheur pour que certaines, communiquées oralement, passent déjà pour locales et anciennes dans des groupes qui les ont récemment accueillies sans en connaître l’origine.
Il y avait quelque gageure à proposer à des auditeurs d’aujourd’hui des œuvres d’une inspiration si éloignées de notre mentalité présente et avec si peu de concessions aux habitudes du moment. Forts de la joie qu’ils en avaient retirée eux-mêmes, les chanteurs ont cru pouvoir faire partager leur goût pour cet art supérieurement dépouillé. Aux auditeurs de juger s’ils ont réussi.
Jean-Michel Guilcher
Président de la Société d’Éthnologie Française"



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Nick Drake [vocals and guitar]

Black Eyed Dog [vocals]
Fruit Tree [vocals and guitar]
Hazey Jane 1 [vocals and guitar]
I Was Made to Love Magic [vocals]
Northern Sky [vocals and guitar]
Poor Boy [vocals]
Riverman [vocals and guitar]
Way To Blue [vocals]

Originally uploaded by saturdayson on YouTube except Way To Blue vocal track.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Sheiling

Nick Drake From the Morning The Sheiling cover

Nick Drake Clothes of Sand (The Sheiling Cover)

The Sheiling - Life In A Box
The Sheiling on MySpace

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Lawrence Hammond

Coyote's Dream (1976)

Not a very well known entity in the Takoma catalog, this LP is a solo outing by a singer, songwriter, and picker who had previously been involved with a psychedelic country combo based originally out of Antioch, Mad River. The Ohio group predictably flowed its way onto the San Francisco scene during an era when hippies and, more importantly, hippie musicians embraced country & western.

The music of this cultural fusion was well documented and includes some famous masterpieces. Despite some obvious drawbacks, Coyote's Dream rates right up there with any great country rock moment, sometimes even surpassing the threshold with a track such as "Trucker's Nightmare," a superb, hard-edged ditty that doesn't appear to have ever been included on any of the numerous compilation sets devoted to songs about truckers. Ignoring this album may have been something of a religion, yet certain listeners seem to cling to it. For example, a highly accomplished steel guitarist carefully copied the vinyl to distribute in burned CD form to other prospective fans, complete with hand-drawn cover and notes in which no knowledge of any particular sidemen accompanying Lawrence Hammond is admitted. Actually, some of the sidemen are the same dudes who played on similar material from the period that achieved much more commercial success, particularly fiddler Byron Berline. The fine pedal steel player is Bill Weingarden.

Hammond`s singing style may have been one of the problems if reactions of music critics can be trusted, not always the right philosophy but basically considered reasonable in this case following careful comparison of said voice and said criticism. Yes, "a voice to crisp an aardvark's nose hairs" is a little mean. Meanness may be excused as a reaction, however, after absorbing a few of the man's stylistic mannerisms, among them a falsetto maneuver as uncomfortable as someone unwanted sitting down at a campfire.

"I spent the entire album listening to each word, waiting for another one of those falsettos in sheer dread" commented a member of the network that had received dubs of the project as a further distribution of the steel guitarist's original donation. The reactions of a varied group of enthusiastic music listeners is interesting in any case, demonstrating the great appeal of this LP as clearly as it underscores the frightening aspects of Hammond vocalizing.

A critic who had always seemed kind of kinky -- yet an expert in country & western of all sorts nonetheless -- admitted that he had become a prisoner of the first track, unable to proceed further, not out of dislike but the total opposite. Feelings like this about a song entitled "George Gudger's Overalls" will not seem extreme to anyone who has experienced the song itself. It is one of the few songs in the history of music about a pair of pants, and if that is not enough includes a round of indecent exposure , the songwriter coming up with good rhymes for both "in the raw" and "in the nude." Another reaction touches on lyrics as well, speculating whether even the great Roger Miller had managed to come up with a rhyme based on the name of union thug Jimmy Hoffa. Unfortunately, the latter listener became more enamored with Hammond than was emotionally healthy, lapsing into a severe depression when nobody actually showed up to "sit a spell" and "drink a few" as promised in an endearing portrait of "Uncle John Mills." Not exactly sure of what to make of the following reaction, it is included because of the relevant reference to twangy guitars, a really attractive part of the entire album: "Hey this was the first thing I listened to after replacing one of my headphone ear pieces with a wad of scotch tape. I am not sure what happened to the earpiece, I think it got dragged the length of the corridor in a hotel on a marble floor. Anyway I like the scotch tape better, it twitches and tickles my ears when the guitars are twangy, I like it so much I am going to revisit my entire country collection."

The record also sounded good to a film projectionist who while not admitting it actually was experiencing even worse playback deficiencies then the aforementioned head-taper, as opposed to home-taper. "I had the soundtrack to Exodus playing in the background, it sometimes drowned out Coyote's Dream." Finding a copy in pristine audio conditions to form an individual judgment will no doubt take longer than listening, the album features only eight songs and lasts just a bit longer than a half-hour. ~ Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide


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David Wiffen

Live At The Bunkhouse Coffeehouse (1965)

English singer/songwriter Wiffen moved to Canada at age 16. He started his music career with appearances at the Village Corner club in Toronto. After that he hitch-hiked across Canada where he ended up as manager of the Calgary coffeehouse The Depression.
In 1965 he was invited to perform at Vancouver's Bunkhouse with an ensemble of other musicians for a live album and when none of the other acts showed up the recording was continued. The result was Wiffen's first solo album 'David Wiffen Live At The Bunkhouse'.
This album has become very rare, 2 years ago it was auctioned at e-bay, and was sold for $ 2.175

01 - Four Strong Winds
02 - Slice Of Life
03 - Since I Fell For You
04 - Abilene
05 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
06 - Mule Skinner Blues
07 - Courtin' In The Kitchen
08 - You Don't Know My Mind
09 - Blue
10 - Times Are Getting Hard
11 - Four In The Mornin'


pass: highqualitymp3

V. A. – Musique non écrite

V. A. – Musique non écrite – 1976

01-Branle de Bourgogne
Michel Legoubé : dulcimer
Didier Large : guitare

02-Mazurka du Morvan
Emmanuel Lazinier : vielle à roue

03-De bon matin me suis levé
Alain Beaussant : chant
Cindy Musgrove : cuillières

04-Contredanse des Attakapas
Pietro Bianchi : violon
Mireille Ben : tits bois

05-Two-step de la ville plate
Michel Hindenoch : guimbarde

06-J'ai marillié la fille du roi
Agnès Bourque : chant

07-Que fait-on de l'amour
Michel Hindenoch : épinette des Vosges, chant

08-Chères joues roses
Alain Casalis : violon
Frédéric Espinouse : guitare

09-Sagantina/bal vieux
Bernard Lasbleiz : concertina

10-Un petit bonhomme
Michèle Magnien : chant

11-Suite de maraîchine
Jean-Pierre Chevais : vielle à roue
Marc Anthony : accordéon diatonique

Patrick Lemercier : violon

13-Romance des feuillantines
Vieil aveugle : accordéon chromatique touches piano

14-Je me suis marillié
Dewey Balfa : chant
Rodney Balfa : guitare



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