Saturday, November 21, 2009


A Collection of Impossible-2-find Folk Albums (by Black Masked Lady)

Her current posts:
FRANKIE ARMSTRONG - Out of love, hope and suffering (1973)
FRANKIE ARMSTRONG - Songs and ballads (Topic, 1975)
MIKE COOPER - Trout Steel (1971)

and Next post will be:
IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP - vv. LPs on Transatlantic
ALEX CAMPBELL - In Kopenhagen (Polydor 1965)
IAN A. ANDERSON - 3 LPs on Village Thing

Thanks to Saludos for finding this blog.
And keep up good work, Black Masked Lady :)


Anonymous VANESSA [the BML] said...

Wow, Lizardson, you make me blush! It's amazing, I really didn't expect to get this publicity on your Blog! I started out with the intention of a virtual challenge, I'm not even expert enough to make my blog work properly... But I saw tonight that 320 people have visited me! So, thanks very much, nice to get all this feedback!
Compliments for your blog too, with friendship, Vanessa [the awful BML] :-)

22 November, 2009 10:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like that you're supportive of other blogs, but there's really nothing here. Except for one exception, no write-ups about the music or why it matters with apparently none being planned. (I tend read those sorts more than I download, mostly because I have most of the material that's put up--I like to read what other people have to say about it.) However, should one wish to download something...while the idea of sharing old op vinyl is commendable (and I know how much work it is), without passwords and only a vague promise of them showing up sometime...well, this is probably a blog to revisit sometime in the future.

You, however, continue to do a terrific job.



22 November, 2009 16:06  
Anonymous GURNEMANZ said...


So absurd is the post of this Charles....
I'm an ex-blogger (now retired, our blog was shut down.... ) and I can witness that Lizardson, whom I have a great respect for, doesn't "support" anyone, he surely doesn't pay the bills of others.
Of course, a little of publicity is always nice, for starting a chain reaction, but that's all.
This blog, "Folk Impossible" like any other non-profit blog, does something that I would name nothing less than admirable, it's led by a woman who writes (and I agree) that what
matters most is the music. My opinion is that if somebody is so much into infos and trivias, the best thing he
can do is buying himself some giant book like Music Guide, or "The great rock discography" by M. Strong, books where many many bloggers extract the infos from. - Mr Charles reminds me
the story of the man in the pub who orders a glass of wine, then throws all the wine away and starts to eat the glass! :-)))
Charles should notice that music books are something that he can find ALL OVER the whole world, while certain mega-rare music files, instead, aren't available ABSOLUTELY a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e, except in one or two Blogspot sites.
And this blog of Vanessa is one of them. Please, tell me: what is more precious, an ultra-rare file of folk music that no one else in the planet has in store on a blog, or some endless chit-chat and gossips about the musician???
Charles, do you care very much to know the name of Neil Young's granny? Or the dog of Robert Fripp??? Or how many times Carly Simon goes to the nr. Zero room?
Me, no, I really don't care, I tell you sincerely, just gimme some gorgeous music, and everythin's gonna be alryte. But I know, yes, eveybody has his own priorities, Charles, yeees....!
Therefore, to conclude, compliments to you, Vanessa, please don't give up and don't care about braying donkeys!

In friendship, Gurnemanz

26 November, 2009 04:58  
Blogger Lizardson said...

Gurnemanz, thanks for your interesting comment:)

My stance is same from the beginning.
I want to sharing good moment through our favorite thing (music).
Maybe for someone, who can enjoy only 1 or 2 contents from my 2000 posts.
But it's better than nothing.
I don't know.
Can't understand but he loves music with his own sense of values.
Enjoy, your life Charles.

Love you all.


sorry about my poor english.

26 November, 2009 18:05  

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