Monday, August 31, 2009

Work & Worry‏

Just wanted to tell you about my new website, I'm doing reviews, interviews and articles about acoustic music, fingerstyle guitar, brit-folk, etc...

As always, keep up the good work,

Raymond / Pairdown / Work & Worry

Pairdown "Holykyle" LP available now!

Upcoming shows :

9/4 - Solo @ 4823 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA
9/25 - Solo @ Skylight 307, Philly PA
9/26 - Solo @ Western MA, venue TBA
9/27 - Solo @ Apohadion, Portland ME w/ Micah Blue Smaldone
9/28 - Solo @ Zuzu, Cambridge MA w/ Micah Blue Smaldone and Quoins
9/29 - Solo @ Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
9/30 - Pairdown @ Morning Glory Coffee, Pittsburgh PA w/ Jack Rose

Friday, August 28, 2009

by arbor

Véronique Chalot - La Chanson de Provence (1975)
Véronique Chalot - J'ai vu le loup (1977)


Stained Glass - Open Road (1974)

A sweet gift from the british country side. From Canterbury area where the hills are so easy sloping down without obstructing a full sight of the sweet Kent , the East End.This is a private issue on the label Sweet folk and Country SFA 019 released in early seventies by this trio with a mellow femal voice and guitars, bouzuki, piano , mandoline .

1. Wild And Free
2. Winter Traveller
3. Just A Day
4. Black Jack David
5. Kiss The Day Goodbye
6. City Song
7. Poll Miles
8. Jolly Beggar
9. Lord Franklin
10. White House Blues


Thank you! This is just what I've long wanted!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yair Yona

My name is Yair Yona, I'm a guitarist from Tel Aviv, Israel, and I've released an album couple of months ago locally.

The album is entirely instrumental in the tradition of John Fahey, Bert Jansch etc.

I'm giving away the album for free here :

I'd be happy if you could listen to couple of tunes, and if you like it, post it in your blogs which I've been following for almost two years, and enjoy it very much.

My myspace is

Let me know your thoughts,

Yair Yona

John Martyn

Teatro Antoniano, Bologna, Italy
May 18, 1977

01. One Day Without You
02. Certain Surprise
03. I Couldn't Love You More
04. Big Muff
05. Jellyroll Baker
06. Guitar Solo
07. Over the Hill
08. Spencer the Rover
09. Outside In
10. One World
11. May You Never
12. Singin' The Rain
13. I'd Rather Be the Devil

DL (Deleted by Rapidshare as illegal file)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Dutch singer songwriter Corijn, home studio recordings of In the Meadow.

Brian Andrew Marek

Brian Andrew Marek said...

Hello, Lizardson - it's been a long time since I checked in. I just thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to this year...

The Vertigo Swirl - The Vertigo Swirl (2009)

The Vertigo Swirl is my new psychedelic project and this is its first album. Five tracks recorded quickly and spontaneously in December of 2008 and January of 2009 including the epic titular improvisation.

"The three tracks in song format presented here are nice explorations in psych pop, but the real treat are the two instrumental tracks: 'Baited Breath' is a very far out soundscape psych song complete with backward guitars and sitar-like sounds that could easily come from a 1967 album...the title song 'The Vertigo Swirl' is another, more krauty, psychedelic masterpiece...(at) 22.47 minutes not one second too long! GREAT!" - The Homemade Lofi Psych Blog

"You're not going to do too much better than this if you're on the prowl for new psychedelia...everything here is finely crafted, and the instrumental tracks in particular will provide some mind transportation for your entertainment and enjoyment." - Dr. Schluss' Garage of Psychedelic Obscurities


Brian Andrew Marek - Utopian Flying Machines (2009)

Disconcertingly shaky, held together by duct tape and dreams but somehow managing to occasionally achieve flight, these are my "utopian flying machines" - 14 diverse tracks banged out in my basement over the last seven months at no small expense to my brain cells (not that I'm complaining). Recorded on the same old school Tascam reel-to-reel four track that produced "The Vertigo Swirl", this lastest batch of songs and sounds finds me yet again looting and pillaging all my favorite genres for an eclectic pop/rock blend lyrically covering such topics as love, death, work, politics, ghosts, Walt Winston, conspiracy theories and, of course, peanut butter toast and tea. As is often the case, my ambitions outstripped the facilities at my disposal, resulting in a murky, low fidelity echo of the classic rock productions I love - hopefully these sonic imperfections are more interesting than offensive to the listener. So here it is, a distorted aural snapshot of myself in 2009, unwashed and naked (but making funny faces here and there), setting off in my psychedelic airship. Enjoy the flight.


Can I join as Damo Suzuki? :)
Time flies and swirls!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Wind Tegen (1980)

Frans Smulders (guitar, vocals)
Kees van der Poel (guitar, vocals)
Marten Scheffer (guitar, keyboards, violin)
Rens van der Zalm (guitar, violin)

01. Jagertje
02. Leanderdans, Slappen en Stijven
03. Een ruiter langs de straat
04. Moeder mijn hondje is zo ziek, Verkeerde May
05. Dezen avond, Kapotte schoen
06. Bastardo, Prins Karel II
07. Drie zusters
08. Mariekes Mazurka
09. 14-18
10. Engeland varen, Klompendans, Groenelands Varetje, Studentenmarsch


pass: highqualitymp3

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Kattekwea (1977)

01 - Kattekwea
02 - Kamperfoelje
03 - It Spoek Fan 'e Skilige Piip
04 - Frijdom
05 - De Winkel
06 - De Buzehappert
07 - Bernlef's Klachte
08 - De Ridder
09 - Frysk En Frank
10 - Hymphamp-Haldfest (Instrumental)


pass: highqualitymp3

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vin Garbutt

Port Fairy Folk Festival
March 10th 2007

01. Land Of Three Rivers
02. Down By The Dockyard Wall
03. Monologue 1
04. Philipino Maid
05. Morning Informs
06. Monologue 2
07. Punjabi Girl
08. Monologue 3
09. Silver & Gold

Link deleted

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rake the Fonts

The Meaning Of (2009)
Cover art arranged by Lizardson

Karsten (Rake the Fonts) said...

Hi Lizardson,

thank you so much for your inspiring Time Has Told Me blog. It is really amazing that there still is so much great music to discover, even for an 40 year old longtime listener.

Being the songwriter for the German amateur folk band The Pickin' Berries, I took the opportunity to make some solo recordings when the band started to slow down. there were so many songs I had written that we couldn't do because fiddlers came and went, people got sick or just because they did not fit the band. I feel at least some of these songs should be shared beyond the occasional solo pub gig. Here They are for your listening pleasure. Files are @192.


All the best from Germany,

Karsten (Rake the Fonts)

Thank you very much!
Really nice recording!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fairport Convention

The Mill, Banbury, England (A Cropredy Warmup)

Cup of Tea > Loaf of Bread > Miss Monaghan's 4.27
Reg & Gold 7.01
Lark In The Morning 5.16
Crazy Man Michael 5.55
Con Casey's Jig > Tripping Up The Stairs 4.49
The Wounded Whale 6.59
Hiring Fair 7.14
How Many Times 4.11
Dirty Linen> 3.52
Sock It In 6.33
North Country Girl 4.16
Ginnie 5.05
A Poisoned Heart And a Twisted Memory* 5.46
Night Comes In* 8.21

Disc 2:
Man In Need* 4.06
Hand of Kindness* 7.16
Backstreet Slide* 5.34
Tam Lin*# 9.15
Bushes & Briars*# 3.48
Late November*# 5.33
From a Distance 4.55
Card Song 6.24
Mock Morris '90 5.18
Wat Tyler 8.28
Matty Groves> 4.57
Rutland Reel > Sack the Juggler 6.10
Meet On the Ledge*# 5.08

Simon Nicol - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Allcock - Guitar, Keyboards
Dave Pegg - Bass, Vocals
Ric Sanders - Violin
Dave Mattacks - Drums

with guests
*Richard Thompson
#Vikki Clayton


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Boys of the Lough

In The Tradition (1981)

Aly Bain: Fiddle
John Coakley: Guitar, Piano
Cathal McConnell: Flute, Whistle, Vocals
Christy O’Leary: Uillean Pipes, Whistle, Harmonica, Vocals

Dave Richardson: Concertina, Mandolin, Cittern
Tich Richardson: Guitar, Acoustic Bass

01. Out On The Ocean
02. Padeen O'Rafferty
03. Isabelle Blackley/Kiss Her Under The Coverlet
04. The Lads Of Ainwick/The Road To Cashel
05. Paddy Kelly's/Lord Gregory/Dark Woman Of The Glen/J O Forbes Esq Of Corse
06. The Hawk
07. Charles Sutherland/Eddie Kelly's
08. The Green Fields 0f Glentown/The Eclipse
09. The Tailor's Twist/Biddy From Sligo
10. The Sunset
11. Peoples/Padraig O'Keefe's
12. Con Cassidy's/The Sea Apprentice/
13. Miss McDonald/For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name

Friday, August 07, 2009


Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati

Keith Relf: (vocals & guitar)
John Hawken (keyboard)
Louis Cennamo (bass)
Jane Relf (vocals)
Jim McCarty (drums & vocals)

01. Kings & Queens
02. Wanderer
03. No Name Rage
04. Islands
05. Bullets ( cuts off )


Saturday, August 01, 2009

In memory of our friend, Dirk

This is 2 years anniversary post for our friend Dirk.
Please leave your message to Dirk in heaven.

Dirk's mom janny said...
thank you for being dirks friend and our friend, you are a true friend, when ever you want to vised us you are always welkom love from dirks mom i still en always will mis my dirk greetins janny

The Cheviot Ranters

Sound Of The Cheviots (1972)

LP ripped and cleaned by Gonzo (thanks ;))

A1 - Circassian Circle Part 1
A2 - Hornpipes
A3 - Washington Quick Step
A4 - Northumbrian Waltz
A5 - Morpeth Rant
B1 - Cumberland Reels
B2 - Corn Rigs
B3 - Waltz Country Dance
B4 - Drops Of Brandy
B5 - Circassian Circle Part 2


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