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by Anonymous

V.A. - A Gift of Song: The Music for UNICEF Concert
(Jan. 09, 1979)

01. Opening Speech (David Frost)
02. September (Earth, Wind & Fire)
03. That's The Way Of The World (Earth, Wind & Fire)
04. Introducing Andy Gibb (Bee Gees)
05. I Go For You (Andy Gibb)
06. Mimi's Song (Donna Summer)
07. Rest Your Love On Me (Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-John)
08. Introducing ABBA
09. Chiquitita (ABBA)
10. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Rod Stewart)
11. The Key (Olivia Newton-John)
12. Rhymes & Reasons (John Denver)
13. Crowd
14. Fallen Angels (Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge)
15. Crowd
16. Too Much Heaven (Bee Gees)
17. Outro

DL (w/full arteorks)

by Anonymous

Bob Mcdill - Short Stories (1972)

01. Song For Nan
02. Weather Report
03. Stainless Steel
04. I've Been Thinkin' Of You Lately
05. Catfish John
06. Sugar Kane
07. Come Early Morning
08. Goodbye Jim Grow
09. God Love Her
10. Help Yourselves To Each Other

V.A. - Signature: A Songwriter's Album (1988)

01. Life's Too Short (Don Schlitz)
02. Song Of The South (Bob Mcdill)
03. Old Folks (Mike Reid W. Ronnie Milsap)
04. She Must Be Beautiful (Rhonda Kye Fleming)
05. Letter In The Fire (Don Schlitz)
06. The Darkest Stretch Of Road (Mark Wright)
07. Still Got You Baby (Bob Mcdill)
08. Too Soon To Tell (Mike Reid)
09. Every Love (Rhonda Kye Fleming)
10. Many Forgiving Years (Mark Wright)

DL (both albums w/full artworks)

Thanks again!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aly Bain & Mike Whellans

Trailer LER 2022 (LP 1971)

An early album with "one-man blues band" Mike Whellans, who later went on to pursue a rougher, bluesier sound. He and Bain apparently performed as a duo for several years, although this lone album appears to be long out of print... Shortly after this came out, they joined Robert Morton and Cathal McConnell in an early edition of The Boys Of The Lough.

I found this rip long time ago on the internet, and Gonzo was so kind to clean it, so thanks to the original uploader, and to Gonzo !!

01 - Jack Broke the Prison Door; Donald Blue; Wha'll Dance Wi' Wattie
02 - Jimmy Clay
03 - Maple Sugar
04 - Whistlin' through the Pines
05 - The Buckin' Mule
06 - Sweet Georgia Brown
07 - Lucky Can Du Link Ony; Da Foostra; Aandowin' at the Bow
08 - Fiddler's Green
09 - Willie Macintosh; Cooley's Rest
10 - Niel Gow's Lament For His Second Wife (mono)
11 - Steppin' Out

Quality: 184VBR

other pic from ebay

pass: highqualitymp3

by Anonymous

Jim Weatherly - Jim Sings, His Own (1969)

01. Doing Window Time
02. It's Not Fair To Say You Love Me
03. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
04. Walking Shoes
05. Happy Go-Lucky
06. Blonde Hair On My White Coat
07. The World's A Stage
08. When Tomorrow Comes - Today Will Be Gone
09. He'll Have To Go Or I'll Be Gone
10. Loved And Lost
11. I Need You
12. A Fall From Here Would Surely Hurt
13. Chosen Child
14. Too Soon Old And Too Late Smart

Jim Weatherly - Magnolias & Misfits (1975)

01. If That's All Our Love Means To You
02. The Closest Thing To Love
03. If Must Have Been The Rain
04. Old Muddy
05. If I Could Just Find My Way
06. Love Finds Its Own Way
07. How'd We Ever Get This Way
08. What's One More Time
09. Love Has Made A Woman Out Of You
10. Mississippi Song

DL (both albums w/full artworks)

Thank you!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

by Anonymous

David McWilliams
Sings Songs by David McWilliams (1967)
Working for the Government (1987)

From Belfast, Ireland, folk-rock/pop singer/songwriter David McWilliams recorded several albums in the late '60s in a style similar to Donovan. Here, too, was a youthful but slightly ragged-looking troubadour, obviously influenced by Bob Dylan, whose songs were also dressed up with Baroque orchestration. McWilliams' songs and singing, however, were milder than those of his Scottish counterpart, and as a vocalist and composer he didn't have nearly as much originality or personality. Problematically, the similarities to Donovan made unfavorable comparisons unavoidable. The records aren't bad, but are rather derivative and forgettable, though his best-known single, "Days of Pearly Spencer," was his best song, with a dark edge, swirling violins, and an effective dab of psychedelia in the megaphone-distorted vocals on the song's chorus.

McWilliams made his first single in 1966, and was lifted to a higher profile throughout the U.K. by Phil Solomon, an influential Irish manager who had worked with Them and the Bachelors. In 1967 McWilliams managed to record three albums -- quite a prolific rate for an artist who wasn't a star -- which tickled the lower regions of the British album charts, with the second, Vol. 2, almost making the Top 20. These albums were produced and arranged by Mike Leander, who had already proven his facility for mixing pop/rock with classical-influenced orchestration on records by Marianne Faithfull. "Days of Pearly Spencer" got a lot of airplay on British radio when it was released at the end of 1967, and is well remembered by listeners of the time, but somehow did not make it onto the U.K. charts, although it was a big hit in several European countries.

McWilliams continued to record through the 1970s, without breaking
through to wide success. A compilation drawn from his first three albums, The Days of David McWilliams, was issued by RPM in 2001. It's his earliest work that's most remembered (if at all), particularly "The Days of Pearly Spencer," which was covered for a British hit by Marc Almond in the early '90s. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

DL (both albums w/full artworks)


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Alex Campbell & His Friends

Saga EROS 8021 (LP, UK, 1967)

Alex Campbell & His Friends is an album by Alex Campbell with: Sandy Denny, Johnny Silvo and the Johnny Silvo Folk Group (featuring Roger Evans and David Moses), Paul MacNeill and Cliff Aungier.

This March 1967 recording is the first release that Sandy Denny is featured on.

01 - Alex Campbell - Down in the Mine (Dark as a Dungeon)
02 - Johnny Silvo - Midnight Special
03 - Johnny Silvo - Cornbread, Peas and Black Molasses
04 - Johnny Silvo - Freight Train
05 - Sandy Denny - The False Bride
06 - Alex Campbell - Don't Think Twice It's Alright
07 - Cliff Aungier - Chilly Winds
08 - Cliff Aungier - Blue Sleeves
09 - Paul McNeill - Dick Derby
10 - Sandy Denny - You Never Wanted Me
11 - Alex Campbell - Been on the Road So Long
12 - Cliff Aungier - Dink's Song
13 - Sandy Denny - This Train
14 - Paul McNeill - Tell Old Bill
15 - Alex Campbell - Freedom

Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

De Vlier

De Vlier – Volksmuziek uit het Hertogdom Brabant – 1967 ?
Alpha 5002

01-Bezemdans van Pulle
02-Bezemdans van Boortmeerbeek
03-Jan Smid van Humelgem
04-De wandeling van Kampenhout
06-De bonjoer van Winksele-Delle
07-De kaloem van Massenhoven
08-De Rijsembezemdans
09-Bezemdans van Winksele-Delle
10-Steltendans van Zoerle-Parwijs
12-Steltendans van Beerse
13-De walse trouw
14-Jan Smid van Wakkerzeel
15-Kletkensdans van Humelgem

Musiciens :
Richard Van Der Staey : accordéon, violon
Henri Boone : accordéon diatonique
Godelieve Boone : accordéon, épinette, chant
Chris Sevenants : épinette
Marcel Boone : clarinette
Jos Van Der Staey : roertrom
Jos Marien : cornet, rommelpot
André Devroey : chant, rommelpot
Gerrit Grootaerts : chant
André Peremans : épinette
Gabriël Boone : blokviool
Hubert Boone : cornemuse, violon



De Vlier – Traditionele volsmuziek uit Hertogdom Brabant – 1968
Alpha 5004

01-Hanske van Leuven
02-Pier in 't kot
03-Den uil
04-De kletskendans
06-Molendans of rad an avonturen
07-Dans rond de Schout
10-Kindje zoet
14-Mieke stout
15-Dans rond de laatste graanschoof
16-Kerstlied van Dessel

Musiciens :
Non mentionnés, certainement les mêmes que le disque précédent



De Vlier - Traditionele Volksmuziek uit de Vlaamse Gewesten - 1973
Alpha 5010

01-Sint-Joris van Dendermonde
02-Narrendans van Ename
03-Trommelfluijtje van Ronse
05-Sint-Krispijn van Dendermonde
06-Het spinnen van Kapellen
07-Lieve Gebuurman
09-Bonjour van Humelgem
10-Kolom van Kapellen
11-Mieke stout van Veltem-Beisem
14-Kleperdans van Berg

Musiciens :
Godelieve Boone : vielle à roue, accordéon, épinette
Marleen Peremans : violon
Kris Sevenants : flûte, épinette
Augustin Boone : roertrom, tambourin
Gabriël Boone : épinette
Henri Boone : violon, accordéon diatonique
Hubert Boone : cornemuse, violon
Marcel Boone : clarinette
Luk Penninckx : épinette, tambourin
Christian Pourbaix : fifre
Piet Sercu : clarinette, vielle à roue
Egide Vissenaekens : contrebasse


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Friday, April 24, 2009

by ulaes

Larry Hosford - Cross Words (1976)‏

It's been a little while since I contributed to Time Has Told Me, but I have another album to share. Fans of John Hartford will probably like this record. It's part country / part folk with strong songwriting.

Track list:
01 - Why I Spend So Much Time In Bars
02 - If I Could Talk As Fast As I Think
03 - Direct Me
04 - Crossword Puzzle #1
05 - Wishing I Could
06 - Loving You, Like i Do
07 - Crossword Puzzle #2
08 - Last Chance Romance
09 - Nobody Remembers A Loser
10 - She Went Back Home To Her Momma
11 - Crossword Puzzle #3
12 - 50% Of The Blame
13 - The World Outside
14 - Crossword Puzzle #4


Best regards,

Welcome back, ulaes!


On The Grand (1994)

This album has been discontinued, if you want to see which other albums are still available, look here:

01. Our White Man's Word
02. Pawpine
03. The Song My Paddle Sings
04. Lochaber No More - Skirl of the Pipes
05. The Elora Mill
06. The Virginia Brand
07. The Grand River Canal
08. She Is Fickle
09. Lancashire Lasses
10. Brant County Roads
11. Buried Treasure
12. Dufferin County
13. Pioneer Tower Road

Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Jean Ribouillault

Jean Ribouillault - De l’arbre à l’oreille – 1981
Arion ARN 33644

01-Farandole à Denis
02-La vengeance
03-Valse à l'ancienne
04-Air à Gérard/Air à Catherine
05-Valse à huit temps de juin
06-Air ancien
07-Mazurka de la gelée de groseille
09-Petit Noël à Pierre/Valse douce à Guillaume
10-Valse à Marinette/Polka à André
11-Table de bois
12-Valse en dents de roue/Air à Francis

Jean Ribouillault : luthier, auteur, compositeur, chanteur, instrumentiste
Instruments joués par J. R. : épine douce, guimbarde, flûte à bec, concertina, tambour, guitare, accordéon diatonique, épinette de Gérarmer, sabot-rebec, épinette du Val d’Ajol, mélodéon, vielle à roue

Avec la pochette



Thursday, April 23, 2009


Frobisher Bay (1992)

From its Ontario base, Tamarack has been exploring Canada's history through song for more than 15 years. This popular trio travels the length and breadth of their northern land, singing about the fishermen and farmers, whalers and wilderness guides, trappers and tourists, immigrants and natives, and passing Americans. Tamarack is currently made up of founding member James Gordon and Alex Sinclair, plus Molly Kurvink. Lots of good songs and some unusual views of the history of North America. One of Canada's cultural icons.

Tamarack's Frobisher Bay is a "down north" musical journey that is alternately ethereal and passion-drenched, opening on a haunting, reflective note with "Days of Sun and Wind" before the trio sound manifests itself in a more traditional mode, full force, on the rousing "Oh, Klondike." The sound is somewhere between Peter, Paul & Mary, the Seekers, and Stan Rogers, weighted more toward the latter thematically — the CD is filled with beautiful moments, but perhaps the best of them all is the title track, done a cappella and reminiscent of A.L. Lloyd's best work at its most historically penetrating.

01 - Days of Sun and Wind
02 - Oh, Klondike
03 - The Hangman's Eyes
04 - Frobisher Bay
05 - Loyal She Remains
06 - The Vacuum Song
07 - Charlie Fox
08 - Pamela
09 - No Herring Left In The Bay
10 - Alaska Highway Driver
11 - Logging Camp Christmas
12 - The Greenland Whale

Quality: 192kbps


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by Anonymous

Donnie Fritts - Prone to Lean (1974)

Donnie Fritts: Vocals, Electric Piano on track 3
Barry Beckett: Piano, Vives, Clavinet
Roger Hawkins: Drums, Tambourine, Congas
Jimmy Johnson: Acoustic & Electric Guitar
David Hood: Bass
Eddie Hinton: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Harmonica on track 12
Roger Hawkins: Drums on track 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Pete Carr: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Dobro
Mike Utley: Organ
Sammy Creason: Drums
Jerry McGee: Acoustic & Electric, Slide Guitar
Tony Joe White: Lead Guitar on track 7
Spooner Oldham: Vives on track 12
Jerry Masters: Bass on track 3, 6
Mickey Raphael: Harp on track 8
Muscle Shoals Horns: Horns on tracks 1, 3, 6
Back-Singers: Rita Coolidge, Billy Swann, Dan Penn, Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, Spooner Oldham, Eddie Hinton, Jerry Wexler Back Vocal

A-1. Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry (Donnie Fritts & Eddie Hinton )
A-2. Winner Take All (Donnie Fritts & Dan Penn)
A-3. When We're On The Road (Donnie Fritts)
A-4. Whatcha Gonna Do (Donnie Fritts & Jon Reid)
A-5. You're Gonna Love Yourself (In The Morning) (Donnie Fritts)
A-6. I've Got To Feel It (Donnie Fritts & Eddie Hinton)
B-1. Sumpin' Funky Going On (Donnie Fritts & Tony Joe White)
B-2. Jesse Cauley Sings The Blues (Eddie Hinton)
B-3. My Friend (Donnie Fritts & Spooner Oldham)
B-4. Prone To Lean (Kris Kristofferson)
B-5. We Had It All (Donnie Fritts & Troy Seals)
B-6. Rainbow Road (Donnie Fritts & Dan Penn)

DL (w/artworks)

Denver, Boise & Johnson - Saturday Night in Iowa City (1968)

DL (w/artworks)

Thank you!

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by Manila

Fairport Convention
Complete Liege & Lief Live at Cropredy 2007

Hi guys!

I haven't been around for a while, but I hear a few people have requested this.


Hope you are all well.

Love, Manila


Great post!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

by Anonymous

Jack's Angels - Our Fantasy's Kingdom (1967)

01. It Takes So Long
02. The Early Riser
03. Good Night Sweet Dream
04. Purple Kangaroo
05. The Last Thing On My Mind
06. Rich Man's Spiritual
07. Frankie And Johnny
08. Fare Thee Well
09. Flight 4 Explore
10. Here I Am
11. Settle Down
12. My Fantasy's Kingdom

DL (w/full artworks)

Rod McKuen - At Carnegie Hall (1969)
April 29th 1969

01. Overture Part 1
02. So Long Stay Well
03. The Importance Of The Rose
04. I've Been To Town
05. Talk
06. Everybody's Rich But Us
07. About A Cat Named Sloopy
08. A Cat Named Sloopy
09. Bend Down And Touch Me
10. Joanna
11. The Things Men Do
12. Gee It's Nice To Be Alone
13. Trashy
14. About Stanyan Street
15. Stanyan Street
16. If You Go Away
17. Seasons In The Sun
18. Intermezzo
19. Overture Part 2
20. Kaleidoscope
21. Ally Ally Oxen Free
22. I'll Catch The Sun
23. Do It Yourself, Protest Son
24. We
25. The Ivy That Clings To The
26. People On Their Birthdays
27. Champion Charlie Brown
28. Love's Been Good To Me
29. The Art Of Catching Trains
30. To Watch The Trains
31. Amsterdam
32. The World I Used To Know
33. Merci Beaucoup
34. Jean
35. Closing Remarks

DL (w/full artworks)

So much thanks again!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

by Anonymous

Here's a link for you of an Czech artist who's performing in several languages.

Josef Laufer - Josef Laufer's Many Faces (1967)

01. Take It Easy
02. My Name Is Joe
03. Massachusetts
04. Bye Bye Love
05. The Prince
06. The Funny Bull
07. You Are So Good For Me
08. Quand Il Est Mort Le Poete
09. Carnaja Carjica
10. I Don't Say
11. El Gitano Senorito
12. Quo Vadis

DL (w/full artworks)

Thanx always!!

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Groep "1544"

Groep 1544 – 1544 - 1979
IBC 1A 064-23909

01-Volte/Bransle de Champagne
02-De fiere Margriet
03-'t Schippersklavier
04-Roland en Godelinde/Ludo's bourrée
10-De twee ghespeelkens
11-De valsche Renata
12-In hoc festo
13-De drie herderkens

Rita Mosselmans : vielle à roue, percussions
Dree Peremans : chant, cromorne, percussions
Piet Sercu : cornemuse, cromorne, douçaine, flûte basse, chant, clarinette
Mimi Van Dyck : flûte traversière, cromorne, chant
Johan Van Robays : chant, accordéon, cromorne, clavecin
Ludo Wellens : accordéon diatonique, percussions, flûte à bec

Avec les pochettes extérieure et intérieure


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

by Anonymous

Ray Sawyer (1977)

01 Red Winged Blackbird
02 Drinking Wine Alone
03 Love Ain't The Question (Love Ain't The Answer)
04 The One I'm Holding Now
05 (One More Year Of) Daddy's Little Girl
06 Crazy Rosie
07 Maybe I Could Use That In A Song
08 I Need The High
09 Walls And Doors
10 The Last Of A Dying Breed

DL (w/full artworks)

Jack Grunsky - The Way I Want to Live (1967)

01. The Way I Feel
02. The Night Life
03. Endless Highway Endless Song
04. Easy Evening
05. Queen In Red And Purple
06. The Patriot Game
07. One Kind Favour
08. The Train Outside
09. Bachelor Blues
10. Land Of The Silver Birch
11. And So You Go
12. The Way I Want To Live

DL (w/full artworks)

and here is missing track for previous Jack's Angels & Jack Grunsky album:

Thanks so much again!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Reality From Dream (1975)

UK female folk psych.
The original LP pressed only 250 copies from private label.

You can listen 5 tracks from:
The Strange Experience of Music

Many more fantastic posts at there...

Salvador Cresta

Araña Vegetal Al Viento (2006)

Salvador Cresta said...
my name is Salvador Cresta, and i´m from Argentina... I took your mail from your blog "Time Has Told Me"... I make music in my bedroom, whit toys and a guitar... I don´t have money to send packages to other countries, so i have make a "Virtual Package" to share my music whit other people... In the package i have put two little movies to introducing myself, and an album called: "Araña Vegetal Al Viento"... I have upload the package to this storage site:


And here i put some links so you can read something about my music...

psychedelic Folk review:
Salvador Cresta made this new bedroom recording of half spoken half sung poetic miniatures with multi-layers of voices, acoustic guitars, a couple additional child-playful sounds on keyboards and toys, and a tiny bit more serious organ/keyboard and additional flutes (especially beautiful on “raro versio raro despliega un par de alas quemantes”). The whole recording is a real pleasure to hear. I can sense the bedroom with a wide open door to a terrace, sun coming in, birds whistling, dogs barking far away. Very nice ! Hope this will find an official release soon.

Well, it´s a strange message, but it´s the only way i have to share what i do...



Thanks Salvador,
Very impressive act!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Danses de Wallonie

Maclotes, passepîds et autres danses de Wallonie - 1975
Alpha 5021

1-Valses de Jean-Henri Lambert
2-Maclote et vive maclote de Stavelot
3-Scottishs d'Henri Schmitz
4-Mazurka d'Elisabeth Melchior/Mazurka d'Henri Schmitz
5-Maclote d'Erezée
6-Allemande d'Erezée
7-Amoureuse d'Erezée
8-Passepîd d'Erezée
9-Polka d'Arc Aisnières
10-Carré de Champagne
12-Les sept sauts
15-Maclote chassé de Malmédy

Musiciens :
Rémy Dubois : cornemuse, épinette
Claude Flagel : vielle à roue, accordéon diatonique, violon
Claudine Goche : violon, violon à buzette
Dany Malempré : accordéon chromatique
Bernard Vanderheijden : contrebasse
Béatrice Van Hees : épinette
Jean-Pierre Van Hees : cornemuse, épinette, flûte

avec la pochette


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vin Garbutt

Cheltenham Folk Festival 2009

Jack's Angels & Jack Grunsky

Icarus (1966-1974)

Please see cover pic for song details.

DL (w/full artworks)
DL (missing track)

Thanks to original uploader!
Not to be missed!!

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New blog

Sebastián Paredes said...

Hi. First of all congrats for your great blog. I'm a long time follower of Time Has Told Me.
I have recently created two blogs of my own:

One of them it's for songs only: CANCIONES ATOMICAS
The other one it's for complete records: VENTANA CIRCULAR

I suppose some of your bloggers may be interested in some of my postings and sure many of mines will be interested in yours (I've already addressed some to Time Has Told Me in my Isaac Guillory posting)

So, I'm proposing we exchange our mutual links in our blogs so that more people may benefit of our work.

Thanks & best regards!


Happy & Artie Traum

Double-Back (1971)

Happy Traum: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Melodica
Artie Traum: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Amos Garrett: Slide Guitar
Eric Kaz: Piano, Harmonica
Bill Keith: Pedal Steel
Billy Mundi: Drums, Percussion
Brad Campbell: Bass
Clark Pierson: Drums
Roy Markowitz: Drums
Weldon Myrick: Pedal Steel
Billy Sanford: Electric Guitar
Buddy Spicher: Fiddle, Cello, Violins
Andy McMahon: Piano, Organ
Tim Drummond: Bass
Jerry Carrigan: Drums
Tracy Nelson: Vocal

01. Scavengers (Artie Traum & S. Appleman)
02. Confession (Tony Brown)
03. Jacksboro (Artie Traum)
04. The Ferryman (Happy Traum)
05. The Seagull (Artie Traum)
06. Handful Of Love (Artie Traum)
07. Cross Examinator (Artie Traum)
08. Mister Movie Man (W. Meshel & P. Barr / John Herald version)
09. Brother Thomas (Happy Traum)
10. Love Song To A Girl In An Old Photograph (Happy Traum)


Again, thanks to Pelolo for this one.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shelagh McDonald

Live - London, February 1971

01. Look Over The Hills And Far Away
02. Rod's Song
03. Liz's Song
04. Mirage
05. Odyssey
06. Pretty Polly (False Start)
07. Silk And Leather
08. City's Cry
09. Peacock Lady
10. Jailhouse Blues
11. Ophelia's Song


Cornemuses et vielle à roue

Le dernier enregistrement de la série des concerts à Radio France
Le 5 mars 1985

Le trio baroque est composé de :
Jean Christophe Maillard : musette de cour
Laure Moravito : clavecin
Jean Louis Fiat : basson

Le quatuor de cornemuses du Bourbonnais :
Bernard Blanc, Jean Claude Blanc,
Frédéric Paris et Philippe Prieur

et pour terminer le concert Valentin Clastrier à la vielle à roue solo

02-J. C. Maillard - Clan Campbell Gathering
04-Trio baroque - M Pignolet de Montéclair : branle à mener, danse de village, Gavotte, menuet, passepied
06-Trio baroque - N. Chédeville : Les défis
08-Trio baroque - J. Bodin de Boismortier : Sonate op. 62
10-Air de conscription (F. Paris)
11-La passion/Les Chamignoux (trad-F. Paris, P. Prieur)
12-Papillote (J.-C. Blanc)
13-Sur les bords de l'Allier (P. Prieur)
14-Crue d'amour (P. Prieur, F. Paris)
15-Le déserteur-Bourrée
17-V. Clastrier, Ile flottante
19-V. Clastrier, Organistrum
21-V. Clastrier, Il pastor fido
22-V. Clastrier, Cingada synthética



by Anonymous

Mossy Davidson - North Wind Calling (1977)

jeremy said...
Here's a double lp by Mairiis "Mossy" Davidson on the small label "north woods". This was recorded in Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington. This is a nice rural femme folk lp with a really mellow vibe to it. Mossy's delicate vocals and acoustic playing are accompanied by recorders, the homestead flute, piano and steel guitar. From the liner notes: "For me Mossy is incomparable. She is herself, unique- like the songs on this album, which have a special way of touching people. These songs are true Alaskan folk music, a very personal expression of the joys and dreams, beauty and solitude of living on the last frontier- songs of love for the North Country, of pioneers and fishermen, wild places and changing times.

See other pics on ebay


Thanks to another anonymous visitor for filling our wants...
And this is pretty nice album :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

by Anonymous

Om Shanti - We Are Home (1977)

Canonical said:

In life we have all been moving
Towards love as our centre blooming
Let's dance to that loving feeling
Let's dance with our hearts revealing

Those four phrases circulate the back-side of the cover on this private spiritual folk album headed by Oman Deal and Shanti Ess Rae, released in 1977 on the Solace Records label. There are 6 members of the band included on the back (including Oman and Shanti), with most of the extras covering the staple musical instruments (guitar, vocals, and bass) while Oman and Shanti use a wide variety of instruments (marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, autoharp, and accordion). Through this they deliver a very nice and consistent folk sound, psychedelic not in music but in "vibe".

There are two consistent vocalists which I am going to assume are Om and Shanti, and while sometimes over bearing, I think Shanti has an especially nice voice. My one qualm with this album is that the songs that aren't good are simply mediocre. They're not awful, just not as great as the 3-4 really good songs. In particular, there is one 11-minute "Winter Solstice" ballad which is very exceptional.


Thanks to Anonymous,
But unfortunately, I don't have Mossy Davidson's album.
Hope someone here help us...

Monday, April 06, 2009


Window (1974)

Mainstream femme vocal hippie-folk/singer songwriter with 2-3 excellent tracks with psych moves; some minor Christian concerns.

01. Silver
02. Noah
03. Lullaby You
04. Day Star
05. Comfort Me
06. Happy To See You
07. Jamie
08. Beginning
09. The Magician
10. You Can Pray
11. Window
12. Shine
13. Jenny's Song
14. The Garden


Happy and Artie Traum

Happy and Artie Traum (1969)

Eric Kaz:
Happy and Artie Traum have been my friends since 1964. We all grew up in New York City which was the center of a folk music revival in the 1960's and we all learned the same songs and the same guitar styles from the same records and concerts that influenced us for the rest of our lives. These people included the great southern bluesmen like Son House and Skip James, folk singers like Woody Guthrie and Country artists like Bill Monroe. Artie soon became one of the best guitarists around. He work a lot in the '60s playing guitar for popular folk singers in clubs and concerts in Greenwich Village and many times he would ask me to accompany them on harmonica.
 In the mid 60's many folk singers started to write songs and add drums and bass to their music and so did we. Happy and Artie started their own folk-rock band and asked me to join and it was called The Children of Paradise. We wrote our own songs and played electric guitars. The band made one record which was not a commercial success and we broke up. Happy and Artie went on to make a record of their own in Nashville, which I played on. By then, we were all living in Woodstock, New York which became home to an exciting music community which included Van Morrison, The Band, Dylan and many, many others. From Woodstock, the brothers continued to write and record and tour - and still do.
 I always thought that the songs Artie wrote were as interesting and unique as Paul Simon’s work, for example. When Happy and Artie sing together, their vocal harmonies and the "blend" of their voices are as good as it gets, like the Everly Brothers. Happy has earned his place in folk music history by working with folk music icons like Pete Seeger and Artie has extended his guitar virtuosity on many solo projects recently. But their work on this CD reminds me of the best folk and folk-blues and traditional material that Happy and Artie have always adapted so successfully for as long as I have known them.

Happy Traum: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Artie Traum: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Esposite: Bass
Eric Kaz: Harmonica, Piano, Organ
Jerry Carigan: Drums
Buddy Spicher: Fiddle
Bob(Thompson: Dobro
Weldon Myrick: Pedal Steel
Wayne Butler: Sax
Ken Lauber: Piano
Ken Buttrey: Drums
Ferrell Morris: Percussion
Tracy Nelson: Vocal

01. Rabbit's Luck (Artie Traum)
02. Farmers Almanac (Artie Traum)
03. Going Down To See Bessie (Rick Danko & Robbie Robertson)
04. Mama, It's Such A Long Ride Home (Happy Traum)
05. Misty Dreams (Happy Traum)
06. State Line (Artie Traum)
07. Uncle Jedd Say (Billy Batson)
08. The Hungry Dogs Of New Mexico (Artie Traum)
09. Brave Wolf (Artie Traum)
10. Trials Of Jonathan (Happy Traum & Artie Traum)
11. Golden Bird (Happy Traum)


Thanks to Pelolo for this one.

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Het Brabants Volksorkest

Het Brabants Volksorkest – musique populaire du Brabant - 1979
Alpha 5028

Muziek van brabantse spelemannen en volksorkesten
Musique de ménétriers et d’orchestres populaires brabançons
Musik von Spielleuten und Volksorchestern aus Brabant
Tunes from Brabant country musicians and folk bands
Aires de los musicos campestres y de las orquestas populares de Brabante

01-Polka bonsoir van Hever
02-Scottisch van Nederokkerzeel
03-Wals van Hever
04-Polka van Erps-Kwerps
05-Polka vandeling van Winksele
06-Half-maartmelodie van Balen-Neet
07-Bezemdans van Pulle
08-Jan van Leuven van Winksele
09-Mazurka van Winksele
10-Bezemdans van Winksele-Delle
11-Polka van Perk
12-Polka van Hofstade
13-Polka van Hever
14-Mazurka van Berg
15-Wals van Erps-Kwerps
16-Bezemdans van Boortmeerbeek

Gabrielle Wauters : flûte traversière
Ghislaine Wauters : violon
Patrick Uytterhoeven : clarinette
Gaby Boone : épinette, cornemuse, tambourin
Jos Debraekeleer : violon
Rik Boone : accordéon diatonique, violon
Egide Vissenaekens : contrebasse
Hubert Boone : cornet à piston, cornemuse, violon

Avec la pochette


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Anne Lorne Gillies

O Mo Dhuthaich (Oh My Land) (1997)

Gaelic history through Gaelic song in the pure tones of Anne Lorne Gillies. A chronological collection of supreme songs of the past four hundred years, with fiddle, guitar, piano, whistles, keyboards and bodhran.

01. Muladach Mi's Mi Air M' Aineol
02. Taladh Dhomhnaill Ghuirm
03. Oran Mor Mhic Leoid
04. Alasdair Mhic Colla Ghasda
05. Tha Mi Chadal Na Duisgibh Mi
06. An Fhideag Airgid
07. Mo Run Geal Og
08. Soraidh Leis A' Breacan Ur
09. O Mo Dhuthaich
10. Nuair Bha Mi Og
11. Beir Soraidh Bhuam
12. Thig An Smeorach As T-Earrach
13. An Innis Aigh
14. An Ataireachd Ard
15. Saorsa

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Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin – English village fiddler – (1954) 1976
Leader LED 2068

1-Gloucester hornpipe (Liverpool hornpipe)
3-Haste to the wedding
4-Flanagan's ball
5-The girl I left behind
6-Irish washerwoman
7-Liverpool hornpipe (Swansea horpipe)
8-Napoleon's march
9-Cottage hornpipe (Fisher's hornpipe)
10-Untitled hornpipe (Liverpool hornpipe)
11-Off she goes
12-Pop goes the weasel
13-Coleford jig
14-Ted Smith's hornpipe
15-Untitled polka
16-Cock o' the north
17-Soldier's joy
18-College hornpipe
19-Irish jig
20-Old fashioned waltz
21-Untitled schottische 1
22-Untitled schottische 2
23-Heel and toe polka
25-Untitled hornpipe 2 (Morpeth rant)
26-Cabbages and onions
27-Pretty little dear
28-Just as the tide was flowing
29-Anywhere does for me

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Dick Miles

Cheating The Tide (1984)

Greenwich Village GVR227

Dick Miles has been singing at Folk Festivals, Folk Clubs and Maritime Festivals, for thirty two years. His special love is traditional song and the concertina. He has recorded 4 cd's and 5 lp's, one of them, "Cheating The Tide", features excellent guitar playing from Martin Carthy. He also has written two concertina tutors, one on song accompaniment, and one book of self penned songs (The Sailors Dream), available from his website.

Dick Miles: vocals, concertina, baritone concertina
Martin Carthy: guitar
Sue Miles: bass clarinet, clarinet, chorus
Sam Richards: piano, harmonica, whistle, chorus
Tish Stubbs: vocals, guitar, chorus
Stephen Cassidy: recorder, bass recorder, bass crumhorn
Jenny Critchley: tenor crumhorn

01. Lady Diamond
02. Washington Post
03. Rebel Soldier
04. Bill Charlton’s Fancy
05. Tommy’s Lot
06. Pakefield Parson
07. Poor Boy
08. There’s No One With Endurance Like The Man Who Sells Insurance!
09. Wages Of Death
10. Dillpickle Rag
11. The Curse Of Hoxne Bridge
12. The Cott
13. The Battle Of Bosworth Field
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