Tuesday, May 29, 2007

susan and Krysia

susan said...
Only this afternoon I was standing in a kitchen in Brighton, UK telling a young girl about my dearest childhood friend, Krysia. I talked about the last time I had seen her in LA years ago, about her unbelievable voice, and so many of the transitions which, as a close close friend, I had seen or at least 'heard' her go through. I decided to try and connect with her again, only to learn of her death and I am writing this in the absolute freshness of this learning.
Krysia and I, born two days apart, were solid girlhood friends. Her vision,voice and visual artistry were beyond radiant- setting her apart from eveyone at school. She strode forth with absolute determination- I spent many evenings at her home in Milngavie where she lived with her loving, sometimes non-plussed parents. Later, on her solo album 'Krysia Kristianne' she sang of her father ' you should have been a painter daddy, a preacher and a poet too, but lately I've been watching you as the time goes slipping by and I try to reach the crying thing in you'. Only those who have heard her sing can imagine those heart felt worded perceptions cresting the curve of her inimitable singing. She saw that her father had never expressed the fullness of his soul, and she went out into the world to do otherwise- and how she did. Now Krysia's time has slipped by..her voice was like none I had ever heard, nor believe I ever will again. It feels bizarre to have been describing our time together in LA today- only to find news of her death a few moments later. She was a grand lass, trully undersung on the world stage in terms of her deep wisdom, voice and poetry of being. To you, Krysia, a whole song gone too soon, deepest love and thanks x x x

susan said...
Yup- Krysia was born on the 10th August 1953- and lived in her teens in Milngavie, nr Glasgow. People rightly talk of her being elfin and tiny-to this day I remember sitting in her parents living room, politely taking tea. It seemed as though she came from a magical realm, as did her parents. Her first performances were with the NAtural Acoustic Band, with Tom Hoy and Robin Thyne-they produced two albums and Krysia then made a solo one- music crafted jamming in various living rooms and at Mugdock castle on the moors near Milngavie. NAB toured with Ralph McTell and played the Albert Hall-which was a high point for them then. Her connection with Al Stewart came later and, although she may not have recorded with Robin Williamson, she certainly played with him- and often talked about this when I last saw her in LA. Krysia ran rich and deep like few others I have met.

Krysia Kocjan "Krysia"
RIP Krysia Kocjan


Anonymous weetam said...

I am not too sure but she may have recorded with Robin Williamson at one stage , when The Incredible String Band split the songs they were working on became Mike Herons solo LP " Mike Herons Reputation " and Krysia is featured in the backing vocals ( Robin Williamson also featured on a number of songs despite the split ) a few months later Robin , then living in LA released his solo Album " Journeys Edge " , the interesting thing about all this is that "Journeys Edge "is about to be re-released with an extra 10/12 tracks that Robin recorded at that time so it may be that she is on one of the new old songs

03 June, 2007 02:07  

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