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Krysia Kocjan

"Krysia" (Scottish Female Singer 1974)

Scottish folk singer Krysia Kocjan's (ex Natural Acoustic Band, Magna Carta etc...) first solo album. Dave Pegg on Bass!!
I have no other infomation about this album. Please Help!

Informed by Daniel (She Sings Jazz And More blog):
I've been searching in my books about Krysia. Not much but this : Born 1953/8/10 from Flemish mum and Polish dad. She was backing vocal with Al Stewart also from Glasgow and first recorded with him on the album "Past, present and future" CBS 1973 (Janus in USA). She changed her name for Krysia KRISTIANNE. // Thanks Daniel !!

According to web sources (very little to be found) Krysja was born in Craigendoran, Scotland and had a Flemish mum and a Polish dad. She contributed vocals on recordings by The Kinks (Preservation Act 1 & 2), Mike Heron (Reputation and Diamond Of Dream), Al Stewart (Past, Present & Future). She was also featured on Celtic Tale: The Legend of Deirdre (1996). In spite of some sources, I can't find any sign of her on recordings by Magna Carta or Robin Williamson, but maybe she has worked with them or him? She apparently lives in America now. Somebody should find her - she has a great individual voice and would fit well aongside the likes of Joanna Newsom or Vashti. //
Thanks!! Now, this tiny blog becomes most informative site about Krysia! ^ ^ Really appreciate your help!

Catalog: RCA LPL1 5052

John McLevy: trumpet
Jerry Donahue: guitar
Alan Shearer: vocals, violin
Mox: Flute
Ray Cooper: percussion
Harry Klein: saxophone
John "Rabbit" bundrick: keyboards
Krysia Kocjan: guitar, vocals
Dave Mattacks: drums
Dave Pegg: bass
Roy Sidwell: saxophone
Tony Coe: clarinet
Dave Sharman: trombone
Roger Churchyard: violin
Steve Hayton: guitar

01. Good Morning Holiday
02. A Leaf Must Fall
03. So Passes Life
04. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
05. Mr. Physician
06. The Lady Of Mountains
07. Wet Tuesday
08. Another Song
09. Sweet William
10. You Should Have Been A Painter

*Fake label pic by Lizardson. lol



Blogger Neil Murray said...

Glad to find this. In response to your request for more info, Krysia's most recent and (I think) most lovely singing is on a CD called "Tyger and Other Tails" which was done as a personal project by a record industry man and was hardly distributed. It consists of settings of English Romantic poetry and is REALLY worth getting hold of. It can usually be found on Amazon (picture of Lady of Shallot on CD insert). Krysia lives in Oregon now and, the last I heard, was having health problems.


07 November, 2006 18:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I regret to post that Krysia Kocjan-Haber died on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007. She gracefully fought lung cancer for 2 and a half years but finally succumbed.

25 February, 2007 01:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I regret to inform that Krysia-Kocjan-Haber died on Wednesday February 21st, 2007. She gracefully fought lung cancer for over two years and finally succumbed.

25 February, 2007 02:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God rest her soul. I knew Krysia in London in the 70's when she was working with the Kinks and later recording her solo album,and she had the spirit, courage and intellect to match her beautiful singing. What a loss.

03 March, 2007 12:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God rest her soul. I knew Krysia in London in the 70's when she was working with the Kinks and later recording her solo album,and she had the spirit, courage and intellect to match her beautiful singing. What a loss.

03 March, 2007 12:24  
Anonymous Allan said...

Krysia was a wonderfully gentle soul. Elfin in stature she had one of the most amazing singing voices I have ever heard. If you have heard Al Stewart's 'Roads to Moscow' then you will have heard her. She sings backing vocals on that track that never fail to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end...

Krysia started out singing with another friend of mine, Tom Hoy. We grew up on the same street together, Woodland Street. With Robin they formed a group called The Natural Acoustic Band. After two albums and on the brink of greater success Krysia was enticed to America and spent the rest of her life there, sometimes touring with the Al Stewart Band or doing studio work for The Kinks and others.

Even though we hadn't seen each other for such a long time, almost two decades, I will so miss her gentle presence on this globe.

Krysia is at the back of my mind constantly at the moment and how she was in those days, so sweet, so gentle - distinctly elfin, she couldn't have been much more than five foot tall... But what an amazing singing voice... I know everyone who knew her will be saddened to hear she's now lost to us and will have her in their thoughts just now...

All the little shared moments are presenting themselves to my mind. A little group of us standing at the Park Road bus shelter, me cradling a lost kitten we'd found. Going to see NAB down South, with Martin Carthy on the same bill complete with Morris Dancers, locally (with Beggars Opera in Kensington Halls) and in Edinburgh . Inviting everyone including roadies and hangers-on back to my place on Howe Street in Edinburgh. All of us going to see the String Band for the first time at the City Halls in '69. Walking home together after a night at 'Morroch', Jim's place, along beside the Allander Water...

The Sixties seem distinctly further off than ever now. Krysia's passing, for me, is a very pivotal nail in the coffin of those blessed memories...

12 March, 2007 09:36  
Blogger David said...

Hi, I'm the guy who did "Tyger and Other Tales." It actually was distributed internationally by JVC Records, but then they went out of business. Anyway, I'm going to start posting tracks from it on my site, which is The first one is William Blake's "Tyger." I agree with what Mr. Murray said - it's some of her most amazing singing. I am so sorry she passed away.

11 April, 2007 02:02  
Anonymous Howard said...

I was sorry to learn of Krysia's death. We were at school together in Glasgow until 1970 when I remember her leaving early to follow her music. That was a long time ago but it sounds like Kyrsia pursued her dreams and remained courageous to the end.

12 April, 2007 04:01  
Anonymous spencer said...

I heard her sing in 1978 at an Al Stewart concert in Austin Texas. To this day I think she was one of the most beautiful and enchanting women I've ever seen. Truly a wonderful voice. May she rest in peace.

24 April, 2007 09:53  
Anonymous susan said...

Only this afternoon I was standing in a kitchen in Brighton, UK telling a young girl about my dearest childhood friend, Krysia. I talked about the last time I had seen her in LA years ago, about her unbelievable voice, and so many of the transitions which, as a close close friend, I had seen or at least 'heard' her go through. I decided to try and connect with her again, only to learn of her death and I am writing this in the absolute freshness of this learning.
Krysia and I, born two days apart, were solid girlhood friends. Her vision,voice and visual artistry were beyond radiant- setting her apart from eveyone at school. She strode forth with absolute determination- I spent many evenings at her home in Milngavie where she lived with her loving, sometimes non-plussed parents. Later, on her solo album 'Krysia Kristianne' she sang of her father ' you should have been a painter daddy, a preacher and a poet too, but lately I've been watching you as the time goes slipping by and I try to reach the crying thing in you'. Only those who have heard her sing can imagine those heart felt worded perceptions cresting the curve of her inimitable singing. She saw that her father had never expressed the fullness of his soul, and she went out into the world to do otherwise- and how she did. Now Krysia's time has slipped by..her voice was like none I had ever heard, nor believe I ever will again. It feels bizarre to have been describing our time together in LA today- only to find news of her death a few moments later. She was a grand lass, trully undersung on the world stage in terms of her deep wisdom, voice and poetry of being. To you, Krysia, a whole song gone too soon, deepest love and thanks x x x

29 May, 2007 02:40  
Anonymous susan said...

Yup- Krysia was born on the 10th August 1953- and lived in her teens in Milngavie, nr Glasgow. People rightly talk of her being elfin and tiny-to this day I remember sitting in her parents living room, politely taking tea. It seemed as though she came from a magical realm, as did her parents. Her first performances were with the NAtural Acoustic Band, with Tom Hoy and Robin Thyne-they produced two albums and Krysia then made a solo one- music crafted jamming in various living rooms and at Mugdock castle on the moors near Milngavie. NAB toured with Ralph McTell and played the Albert Hall-which was a high point for them then. Her connection with Al Stewart came later and, although she may not have recorded with Robin Williamson, she certainly played with him- and often talked about this when I last saw her in LA. Krysia ran rich and deep like few others I have met.

29 May, 2007 03:05  
Anonymous susan said...

I wrote earlier about Krysia, having learned of her death today. The song about her father that I quoted was actually'You should have been a painter, PAPA...and not Daddy. Try to hear it on her album 'Krysia' is a stunning song, with seering vocals. Sadly I no longer have the album, but may be able to find it somewhere. Personally, I would so appreciate hearing from anyone who knew her more recently...

29 May, 2007 07:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone who knew Krysia recently is willing to be in touch with me, I would be so very grateful-my e-mail is

thank you

31 May, 2007 23:16  
Blogger Erestor Streeter said...

I learned of Krysias wonderful voice a bit too late.. A friend in Second Life introduced me to her music the same week she passed away.

If anyone know where to get hold of her music, discs or on the web, please tell me. (

31 July, 2007 01:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad to hear about Krysia. She was a friend of mine at Bearsden Academy. She loved walking in Milngavie moors which she claimed inspired her musically.


04 August, 2007 01:38  
Blogger Margaret said...

How very sad to hear such bad news about Krysia. We were both friends at Bearsden Academy. She loved walking in Milngavie moors where she claimed inspired her musically.

04 August, 2007 01:42  
Blogger Robert Haber said...

Hi, I'm Krysia's husband, Rob.There have been a number of very kind and thoughtful posts over the past several months relating to Krysia's life, her music and the fact that she died this past February. She was only 53 years old when she passed.

I've been having difficulty posting to this blog (I think it was me, not the blog), so this morning I started a blog for Krysia.

Krysia was variously a folk singer, a singer songwriter, and something of a rocker who had an absolutely amazing voice. She grew up in Scotland outside of Glasgow and was one of the original founding members of the Natural Acoustic Band. She also put out one eponymously titled solo album in the early 70s and did a lot of recording and touring with Al Stewart. In her musical career, she was variously known as Krysia Kocjan and Krysia Kristianne, and her married name was Krysia Kocjan-Haber. I have seen posts and searches under all of these three names.

She was a strong and beautiful spirit, and her music and lyrics were often infused with a sense of the mystical. This mystical sensibility was always beautifully counterbalanced by her sense of humor and mischief. She had a sense of what is sacred in life and a deep fascination with what lies underneath things, but she never fell into the trap that a lot of people can fall into of taking herself too seriously. Combined with her intelligence, her charm, her beauty, and her amazing singing voice and musical talent, she was really quite something in my opinion.

I wanted to let people know that I have been going through her music over the past few months, and I would like to make some of it available to those of you who have been looking for it. Her solo album from the early 70s has long been out of print, and due to a number of health problems, Krysia never recorded or performed as much as her talent warranted.

I would eventually like to do a small website related to her life and music and also a compilation CD. I'd like to sell the CD for whatever the fair price for a CD is these days -- $15 or $20 -- and put all the proceeds towards one of the causes that Krysia supported while she was alive. She had a lifelong interest in Tibetan Buddhism among other things, and she always donated whatever she could to helping Tibetan refugees, Tibetan nuns, etc. I think Krysia would really like that her music was somehow still going out into the world and having a positive effect like that.

The number of people who are looking for Krysia's music is small, so such a venture probably wouldn't raise a ton of money, but that's okay too, I guess. I'd also really just like to put her music out there. She was damn good in my opinion, and her music and voice deserve to be heard.

So... if anyone has any ideas about where/how I could post a couple of MP3 files for people, that would be a good start. I have some MP3 versions of songs from the Krysia album, which I would like to make available for free to whoever is interested. My stepbrother found a copy of the LP on the internet. He played it on a turntable and digitized the output. In other words, you will hear a lot of the pops, etc. from the record on these versions, but Krysia's voice shines through.

I know some of you would really like to have some of her music, and I don't see why that shouldn't be made available to people.

So write with suggestions please. I'll try to post some photos on this blogsite soon.



15 August, 2007 08:12  
Blogger Steve said...

Krysia and Robin Williamson were both on Al Stewart's 24 Carrots if memory serves me right. Also try to find a copy of the Shot in the Dark record (no cd as of yet). She had some very good songs on it.

15 May, 2008 14:09  
Blogger Dave White said...

I just thought I'd add my own comments to this very moving collection of reminiscences.

I became aware of Krysia's talents through her work with Natural Acoustic Band. I'd seen an advert for their debut album, Learning To Live, in Melody Maker and was enchanted by the picture of the album's cover. I just knew I was going to like the music and despite my not really being much of a folkie I went out and bought it. It didn't seem like much of a gamble and in fact I loved the album to bits, playing it incessantly on my little Fidelity Music Master stereo (purchased with my paper round earnings).

There was something magical about the music that Natural Acoustic Band was making and long after the LP and its follow-up, Branching In, had absented themselves from my record collection, the songs continued to linger in my mind and memory.

I never forgot how the music had reached me and a few years back, during one of my periodic esxcursions around the Internet in search of Krysia and Natural Acoustic Band information, I managed to get hold of (what I think is) a Korean release of Branching In. A year or so after that, Beat Goes On Records reissued the pair of Natural Acoustic Band albums as a single package CD.

It was thus a joyful moment for me when I began to spin the Learning To Live disc in my CD player and, would you credit it, the songs' lyrics came tumbling back from the darker recesses of my subconscious as I found myself singing along to all those old favourites.

I never did buy Krysia's solo album though I still hope to see it reissued and nestling alongside my Natural Acoustic Band collection.

As for Krysia's parting from us, when I learned of it via this very website I was deeply saddened. We're all connected one way or another and her passing is a great loss. Her creativity and lifeforce touched my own life in a profound way, contributing to who I was then and who I became. I am grateful for that and, more than three decades on from that first marvellous discovery, I continue to be uplifted by Krysia's musical legacy.

19 January, 2010 04:49  
Blogger Steve said...

Krysia contributed to a number of Al Stewart's albums, including Time Passages, and 24 Carrots. She was a member of Al's backup band Shot In The Dark (Robin Lamble, Peter White, Adam Yurman, Bryan Savage) and recorded a self titled album with them. She also appeared on Peter White's Reveillez-Vous. If you look on the internet, there are a number of Al Stewart demos that she sang on, including Call of the Wild, andThe World According to Garp.

17 June, 2010 13:28  
Anonymous Allan Tierney said...

No matter how many years go by I never fail to miss Krysia. When she left us someone very special left us and left us so much poorer.

I have many memories of Krysia, wandering the moors and byways of Baldernock near Milngavie, of nights wandering home from Jim's place along by the Allander water... she always radiated a kind of graceful and delicate magic.

As long as I live I am sure I will never forget being touched by her presence.

14 March, 2011 18:41  
Blogger Tartan Phantom said...

Wow. I was searching for info on the "Shot In The Dark" album, and I happened upon this blog.
I am totally stunned. It's been over 4 years since Krysia left us, and I had absolutely no idea. I've been a lifelong Al Stewart fan, which is how I was introduced to her incredible voice. Now, I'm suddenly speechless.

22 September, 2011 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time and time again I think of Krysia and those times of the mid to late sixties in Milngavie where we both lived.

Those days had a feel that will never be repeated except perhaps in the dreams of those of us fortunately to have lived in a time of magic and seeming miracles.

Of all those who graced the winding country roads of Millguy and its environs Krysia shone with a very special light.

I remember when we went to see the band at the local Kessington Hall along with the Glasgow band Beggar's Opera. Krysia sang her heart out that day and won all our hearts.

And whenever I could I would go to see them, in England memorably and in Edinburgh where everyone came back to mu bedsit after the gig.

Though the years pass remorselessly the memory of Krysia is ever there and ever brings a sweetness to the mind.

Most minds whoever dwelt upon this globe believed we lived again and again. So, whoever now has the pleasure of Krysia's company is blessed indeed.

Allan Tierney

03 April, 2012 06:03  

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