Sunday, February 28, 2010

by ericbkk

Gillian Welch / David Rawlings - 
Station Inn, Nashville, TN, 19 May 1994

One of the (possibly the) earliest circulating Gillian Welch/David Rawlings live performances, sourced from a soundboard recording. Essential listening, including a range of pre-Revival material no longer played live.

01 Makin' Time
02 One More Dollar
03 Patiently Waiting
04 Two Days From Knowing
05 Wabash Cannonball
06 Pass You By
07 Birds Of A Feather
08 Riverboat Song
09 Tonight I'll Go On Downtown
10 455 Rocket
11 Red Clay Halo
12 Forty One Dollars & Change
13 Introduction
14 Long Black Veil


MP3 @ 192 kbps

More GW/DR: Link

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Francine Reeves

Francine Reeves et les Maudzits Français – Veillée québécoise – 1981
Musiques à danser

01-La mise en train (reel la chicaneuse/de la chèvre)
02-Le p'tit cotillon (la gigue à Lise/cotillon du père Jarry)
03-La confiture de Biencourt (reels Saint-Sauveur/Le vieillard et la vieille dame)
04-Le brandy
05-Set sans calls (reels la ronfleuse gobeil/des noces d'or/de la Pointe-au-Pic
06-Les p'tits paniers (reel la guenille/Fisher's hornpipe/reels de l'ouvrier/Le voyageur/Ste Anne/du bas de l'anse/du bûcheron/du cultivateur)
07-Passez par 6, 4, 2 (Canadian jig/gigue de la rivière de la paix/gigue du p'tit père Payette/gigue à Roméo)
08-La refoulade (reels du lièvre/du cordonnier/de la vieille fille)

Patrick Desaunay : violon, guitare
Serge Desaunay : accordéons
Philippe Hunsinger : bouzouki
Benoît Reeves : piano, pieds
Francine Reeves : câllage

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Beggars' Hill LP now officially released on CD

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gareth Dickson

Two Trains

He's already known as Nick Drake tribute act "Nicked Drake".


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wild Geese

Live in Rome 1979

The 1974 created Irish revival band Wild Geese occurred qualitatively very different phases. As one of the most in demand formations at the German Folk market they flared between fastidious instrumental folk and the usual angloirischen Rabaukenliedern, which heard a public inspired by the Dubliners so gladly. Initial members were Peadar Ó hUallaigh (flat steel bar, t-wh, concertina, voc) from Sligo, Norman King (bodhrán, voc) from Dublin, Tony Small (g, voc) from Galway and Steve power (f, bj, mandolin, g). Historicalconsciously and with the shot Rebel Spirit, which one (particularly at the continent) expected of Irish, designated themselves it after the 34,000 Irish patriots, which went to the defeat against the Englishmen 1691 at the Boyne River into the exile. After power 1978 left the volume, Mick Ryan (f, mandolin) from Edenderry and the Uilleann Piper Eoin Ó Duignean from Dundrum entered. With their last occupation and one of the best albums of the Irish Folkgeschichte (in Full Flight) Geese their artistic high point reached the game. Beside original occupation were Mick Fitzgerald (g, voc) as well as two recent rising talents of the scene, Donal Lunnys brother Mánus Lunny (bouzouki, g, voc) and Gerry O ’ Connor (f, bj) been added. The two latter ones contributed their self-willed instrument valley compositions, Mánus sang in the Duett with guest Máiréad Ní Mhaonaigh (later front woman von Altan) the melancholy song Bríd Óg Ní Mháille, M. Fitzgerald shone with a outstanding arranged version of a Hungarian Ballade (Anathea), collected by Bela Bartók, and N. King decided the album with its schrulligen song over its friendship with a Londoner rat.

Eoin o Duigneain - Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistle
Mick Ryan - Fiddle, Mandolin
Peadar O hUallaigh - Flute, Tin Whistle, Concertina, Vocals
Norman King - Bodhran, Vocals
Tony Small - Guitar, Vocals

01. Intro
02. 1St Of May
03. Hills Of Connemara
04. The Windy Hills Of Litchum
05. Intro
06. Farewell To Nova Scotia
07. Jigs And Reels
08. As I Roved Out
09. Manaham Jig
10. Jimmy Clay
11. I've Buried My Wife
12. The Marrow Bones
13. Lilting
14. I'll Tell My Mother
15. Polkas
16. The Galway Rebel Boys
17. Intro
18. Lullaby
19. Lip Music
20. Slow Air
21. Intro
22. The Maid Of The Sweet Brown
23. The Foggy Dew; Jigs; Reel
24. Intro
25. Encore


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nicked Drake

Charlie Lennon

Charlie Lennon – Deora an Deorai/The emigrant suite – 1985

01 The emigrant suite (The gathering/The piper's turn/Round the house and mind the dresser/The parting)
02 The red haires lass/The dairy maid_The primrose lass
03 The harvest home/Rossinver braes
04 Early breakfast/Colonel Frazer
05 Bridin bheasach
06 The Leitrim lilter/The twelve pins
07 The luckpenny jig
08 The maid behind the bar/The maid behind the barrel
09 The stack of barley set
10 Tom Mulligan's favourites/The tobacco leaf/The blackberry blossom/Touch me if you dare
11 Donall Og
12 The parting

Charlie Lennon : violon, alto, piano
Frankie Gavin : violon, alto, flûte
Liam Og O’Flynn : uileann pipes
Sile Ni Fhlaithearta : chant
Pat O’Connell : guitare

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Monday, February 15, 2010


Calumet (1973)

01. How Can I Tell Her
02. Stoney
03. Rock And Roll Days
04. One And The Same Thing
05. Hope You're Poud Of Me Girl
06. Love Me For What I Am
07. Try
08. It Sure Took A Long, Long Time
09. Standing At The End Of The Line
10. Goodbye Is Just Another Word

Come With Me (1976)

01. At First Sight
02. We Can Make It
03. Someone To Love
04. One More Time
05. I Believe In Everything
06. Come With Me
07. It's Everywhere
08. Why Is It Me
09. My First Time
10. He's Right . Damn Him
11. Don't Spend Too Much Of Today On Yesterday

DL (both albums w/ artworks)

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

by Thom

Don Paulin - Lieder der Welt (1968)

01. Chussen Kale
02. Erev Shoshanim
03. Temporal
04. Viva La Quince Brigada
05. Memselle Zizi
06. San Francisco Bay Blues
07. Die Moorsoldaten
08. Rasposhvol
09. Salty Dog
10. Charangito
11. David Melech
12. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

DL (w/ artworks)

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Monday, February 08, 2010

by ericbkk

Pete Molinari - Dylanesque Young English Troubadour

I usually reserve the hackneyed epithet "Dylanesque" for Paul Siebel, but after hearing Pete Molinari, I think he's worthy of the description too. He not only sings like the man, but he looks and dresses like him, too, and he's even had a stint playing in the bars and cafes of Greenwich Village. Well worth checking out.

Pete Molinari - Live at The Barge, Medway, Kent. 24 May 07

1. I don't like the man that I am
2. Medley: Sit right down/ Folsom Prison
3. Dear Angelina
4. This Wonderous day
5. We belong together
6. Love lies bleeding


23 MB, Single MP3 file @ 112 kbps, 29 min.

Pete Molinari - Live at the Open House Festival, Belfast, 26 Sep 2008

01. I don't like the Man I am
02. Guilty
03. I came out of the Wilderness
04. For You
05. Lonesome Blues
06. Band Intro
07. Louise
08. '63 Chevrolet
09. A Satisfied Mind
10. Folsom Prison Blues
11. I'm so Lonesome I could Cry


44 min. @ 64 Kbps

Broadcast on McLean's Country, BBC Radio Ulster.

A British singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Pete Molinari draws on the ghosts of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and Phil Ochs and the spirit of the great folk revival of the 1960s for his inspiration, and by looking to and drawing on this musical past, he manages to channel it into a fresh and still reverent contemporary sound. Born into a large Maltese/Italian/Egyptian family in Chatham, Kent, Molinari fell early under the spell of his older brothers' record collections, and grew up fascinated by the music of John Coltrane, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Scott, Leadbelly, Hank Williams, Billie Holiday, and others from a bygone era. After reading Guthrie's Bound for Glory and Jack Kerouac's On the Road, he was inspired to set off for New York City and spent a couple of years playing and honing his performing skills in the legendary folk and blues clubs there, also finding time to visit Memphis, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Los Angeles before returning to Chatham, where he recorded his debut album, 2006's Walking Off the Map, on an old Revox tape machine in his friend Billy Childish's kitchen. For the follow-up, 2008's A Virtual Landslide, Molinari worked with producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios, and the album included some tracks with a full band and a throwback sound that was still somehow fresh and contemporary even as it suggested echoes from another time. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide

Louis Beaudoin

Louis Beaudoin - 1973

01-Les guenilles
02-Reel d'Isidore
03-Reel des noces d'or
04-Le bonhomme et la bonne femme chicaneux
05-Reel d'Eddie
06-Reel de Gaspé
07-Reel préféré de Wilfred Guillette
08-Reel du bûcheron
09-Reel de mon père
10-La valse de Westphalie
11-La marche d'Alexandre McKenzie
12-Le reel de Sainte Anne
13-Reel du pendu

Louis Beaudoin : violon, pieds
Sylvia Beaudoin Blaise : piano
Wilfred Beaudoin : guitare
Rod Fuller : os
Lisa Beaudoin : danse à claquettes

DL or DL


Monday, February 01, 2010


Live at Paris Olympia [May 12, 1973]

Holger Czukay
Michael Karoli
Jaki Liebezeit
Irmin Schmidt
Damo Suzuki

1. Queueing Down
2. One More Night
3. Spoon
4. Stars and Lines
5. Vitamin C

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