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V. A. Zeemansliederen

V. A. - Wat lijdt den zeeman al verdriet – 1987

Ce disque n’a pas été réédité en CD, on retrouve seulement les plages 1, 7 et 10 à 13 sur Island & Zeemansliederen, CD sorti en 2000, buy it,
qui reprend l’intégralité du LP Island de 1984.

01- De Zeeman
02- De zondagmorgen kregen we de loods aan boord
03- De garrekwak
04- Angustia
05- De wonderbare visvangst (Kamiel in Ijsland)
06- Narrendans/De bulten
07- Wat lijdt een zeeman al verdriet
08- De groene landstraatjes
09- Arabia
10- Daar was laatst een meisje loos
11- Bitter zeemanslied
12- Rendowee
13- De ijzeren man

Wannes Van De Velde : chant
Paul Rans : chant
Dirk Van Eesbroek : chant, guitare, hautbois
Alfred Den Ouden : chant, guitare
Kristien De Hollander : chant, violon
Juan Masondo : bouzouki, guitare
Piet Sercu : chant, accordéon, dulcian
Mimi Van Dijck : chant, flûte traversière
Rita Mosselmans : chant, vielle à roue
Paul Bessemans : chant, clavier
Frans Ieven : chant, basse


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Cheviot Ranters

Cheviot Barn Dance (1974)

The Cheviot Ranters: a famous Northumberland dance band, operating in the Alnwick area from about 1953 to 1996.

Bryce Anderson: Accordion
Jack Thompson: Fiddle
Jock Wilson: Drums
Phil Sutherland: Double Bass
George Mitchell: Piano

A1 - Dashing White Sergeant
A2 - Call of the Pipes
A3 - Nottingham Swing
A4 - Military Two Step
A5 - Swedish Masquerade
A6 - Lucky Seven
B1 - La Russe
B2 - Keel Row
B3 - Bridge of Athlone
B4 – Circle Waltz
B5 - Cheviot Rant
B6 - Polka


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by ericbkk

Deena Webster - Tuesday's Child (1968)

Original UK LP issued in 1968 by Parlophone. Never released on CD, and now out-of-print.

Stunning British Folk/Psych Produced by Tony Palmer.

"DEENA WEBSTER: Tuesday's Child (Parlophone UK 68) very rare 6o's UK female folk/singer in her great and rare only album… Arthur Greenslade accompanied her on a few covers of Dylan, Paxton, Ochs, Donovan…highly recommended if you're into female singer collection like Catherine Howe, Julie Covington, Ann Briggs, Barbara Dickson…

There are several covers on this album, and it's a pity she didn't cover Mystery Girl because that's just what she is. This is her only album (why?);she appeared on the David Frost Show on the same night as Mary Hopkins in 1969. She released a few singles after this album,and then the trail runs cold about 1970. She may have been 17 when she recorded this album, which would put her in her late 50s now. A comment on Play It Again, Max blog says she's living in Hong Kong.
Probably the best resource for info about her is this German site, but he seems to be sseking more info about her:

Hurry, Tuesday Child
Hair Of Spun Gold
New York Mining Disaster 1941
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
The House Of The Rising Sun
Who Will Buy
The Flower Lady
Summer Day Reflection Song
Tangles Of My Mind
The Last Thing On My Mind


The influences of early Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Marianne Faithfull, and Sandy Denny echo heavily on Deena Webster's obscure 1968 British LP Tuesday's Child. Emphasizing high-voiced and earnest interpretations of contemporary songs by Donovan, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and the Bee Gees, there's also a hint of folk-pop orchestration in some of the arrangements. "Hurry, Tuesday Child" almost sounds like something Scott Walker could have sung in the late 1960s, though far more often the production has a plainer tone, and is on occasion fairly stark traditional folk. Of course, at least part of the reason this album is so obscure is that, despite the similarities to the aforementioned folk legends, Webster's voice isn't nearly as good or distinct as the vocals of Denny, Faithfull, Collins, or Baez. It's still pleasant period mid-'60s folk (actually slightly retro by the time of its 1968 release) for genre specialists. Considering how often the song was covered, "The House of the Rising Sun" is a surprising standout, Webster's haunted voice and acoustic guitar backed only by a spooky organ. : ~ Richie Unterberger

Acknowledgements to FolkPhile for the (very clean) vinyl rip, and to the excellent Play It Again, Max blog where I found the files.

If anybody has any more info about this interesting artist, please share it.


Friday, July 24, 2009

COMUS live Saturday 27 June 2009



by nozmoking

Dick Feller - Some Days Are Diamonds
(1975 Elektra Asylum)

Dick Feller was never a big recording star, but during the 1970s he provided numerous hits for other people. For a period of time, he was a staff writer for Johnny Cash. Prior to that, he was the touring band leader/lead guitarist for Warner Mack. He even played lead guitar on most of his own recordings. John Denver hit with “Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)” (#10 Country / #36 Pop), and Ferlin Husky recorded “A Room For A Boy–Never Used,” both on this lp. Dick Feller is certainly one of the most underrated and creative writers/performers of his time, and Some Days Are Diamonds is one of his best efforts. Freshly ripped vinyl
from my collection, enjoy!!!

01.Money, Trouble And Love
02.Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)
03.Louie/Don't Give Up On Me
04.Richard's Slide Blues
05.One Sweet Reason
06.Uncle Hiram And The Homemade Beer
07.More Or Less
08.A Room For A Boy Never Used
09.Diesel Gypsy
10.Texas Katey
11.Let It Ride


Thank you!
Here is full artworks: DL

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Hopsa Schwabenliesel – Zsammakruschtelte schwäbische lieder und tänze – 1979
Folkmusic and songs from Swabia (South-West Germany)
Musique folklorique et chansons de Souabe (sud-ouest d’Allemagne)

01-Hopsa, Schwabeliesl
02-'s Kätzlz und 's Stärle
03-Vogel em Tannewald
04-Virngrund Polka
05-'s Verlange
06-'s trummt en Babeli
07-Wir sind drei Musikanten
08-Schwäbischer Bauerntanz
09-Ulmer Totentanz
11-Der Kleine Ma
12-Tanz in der alb
13-Durch's Wiesental
14-Heißa Kathreinerle
15-Mit mei 'm Mädele-Schlußwalzer

Micha Wagner : mélodéon
Albert Dannemann : cromorne
Zaba Wagner : mandoline, cornemuse, chalumeau, flûte, percussion, guitare
Dritte Reihe : guitare, flûte, clarinette


Friday, July 17, 2009

by porco rosso

porco rosso said...
Hi, i've just posted an album that should be of interest to you and your readers:

John James - S/T (1971)
Transatlantic 242

John James is an almost forgotten exponent of the British acoustic guitar movement of the late 60s/early 70s, who recorded some albums for Transatlantic and Kicking Mule, among them a few duets with John Renbourn. He's an accomplished ragtime guitarist with a pleasant voice and worth checking out for all fans of Renbourn, Wizz Jones, Stefan Grossman or Ralph McTell.

Get this from: Guitar and the Wind blog

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


De Gudrun Sêge (1975)

Irolt was a legendary Dutch folk group that started in 1975.
They performed in their own (Frisian) language, and were also popular on English folk festivals. The group disbanded in 1987.

Inez Timmer: vocals
Hans Kerkhoven: electric & acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar
Nanne Kalma: bass & acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, mandolin, autoharp
Geppy Haarsma: accordion
George Snijder: drums, percussion
Aart Kuyt: vocals

01 - Sémansûnk
02 - Greate Rodger Fan It Reaklif
03 - Klaes Keunst
04 - Alde Evert
05 - It Wite Wiif
06 - De Skaking
07 - It Gefang
08 - De Fûgel
09 - De Befrijing
10 - Horant

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Les Zûnants Plankèts

Les Zûnants Plankèts - Musique traditionnelle
et folklorique des Ardennes Belges - 1973
Alpha 5014

01-Maclote d'Habiémont
02-Allemande claironnante
03-Polka del grawiète
04-Branle de Mariembourg
05-Mayère clap'sabot
06-Maclote de St. Hubert
07-Maclote de Longville/Polka noire/Amoureuse de Jean-Henry
08-Valse de Bastogne
09-Sabotière de Nonceveux
10-Le violoneux
11-Danse dè dj'va
12-Danse dèl Tchipète
13-Valse sauteuse de Rett
14-Prindez vos'baston, Simon
15-Pass' pi po l'rawète
16-Maclote de Givry
17-Bon, bon si l'amour vous gêne/Les vîs tchapias
18-Vieille maclote d'Hemroulle
19-Arèdje de Malempré
20-La Paliseul

Musiciens :
Claudine Roncart : violoncelle
Bea Daemen : épinette, percussions
Michel Roncart : violon
Remy Dubois : cornemuse
Roger Caro : vielle à roue
Jacques Fettweis : vielle à roue
Jean-Pierre Van Hees : cornemuse, flûte traversière, épinette

avec la pochette

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

by ericbkk

Mickey Newbury - Ramblin' Blues

Live in the USA 1996, 1998. Excellent SBD stereo.

Tracks 1-8 live in the midwest, 1996

01. Three Bells For Stephen
02. Ramblin’ Blues/ Workin’ Man
03. Just Dropped In [To See What Condition My Condition Was In]
04. Sweet Memories
05. Heaven Help The Child
06. Clark [includes House Of The Rising Sun]
07. Why You Been Gone So Long
08. Sailor Sailor/ My Father Was A Sailor/ Wish I Was A Willow Tree

Tracks 9-12 live in Memphis, 1998 with Jack Williams

09. Some Memories Are Better Left Alone
10. Why You Been Gone So Long
11. All My Trials/ An American Trilogy
12. Three Bells For Stephen


MP3 @ 192kbps.

This fan collection includes two shows: from 1996, and 1998 where he is joined by Jack Williams on second guitar. He opens this show as he opened the Lulled by the Moonlight album with Three Bells For Stephen. Newbury sings: “Do you remember me, dear hearts and gentle people? I pray I haven’t stayed away too long.” and then proceeds to sing his story songs about lonely people, the ordinary man and his early pop hit, Just Dropped In. Newbury’s voice is now deep with experience and he makes all these songs sound inconsolably sad.
In an interview conducted shortly before his death in 2002 MN said, “How many people have listened to my songs and thought, ‘He must have a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a pistol in the other’. Well, I don’t. I write my sadness.”

Acknowledgements to Big O for the files and the blurb.

Still Available:

Mickey Newbury - Triad Studio Sessions (1991)


Thursday, July 09, 2009

from Eddie McGuire (of The Whistlebinkies)

Eddie McGuire said...

Just to let you all know that The Whistlebinkies are still going strong; at Edinburgh Festival Fringe Aug 21 (2009). We made the LP during the Festival of Political Song, Berlin, GDR, Feb 1976, going there again in 1986. We're on Greentrax Recordings now. See for our story - Yours, Eddie McGuire.

The Bully Wee Band

Silvermines (1978)

Jim Yardley: vocals, mandolin, guitar, whistle, bouzouki
John Yardley: vocals, guitar
Fergus Feely: bouzouki, cello, mandolin, vocals
Ian Cutler: violin, viola, keyboards, harmonium, vocals

01. The Kielder Hunt
02. Strike the Gay Harp-The Blarney Pilgrim
03. The Hills of Ardmorn
04. Leitrim Town-The Master Crowley-Kitty's Wedding
05. Open the Door
06. The Silvermines-Lady Anne Montgomery
07. The Road to Dundee
08. Arrival-Donnybrook Fair
09. Leaboy's Lassie

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The Bully Wee Band made two more albums, "The Madmen Of Gotham" (1981), and "50 Channels-Live" (2006), you can buy them at Ian Cutler's website:

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Sorgenhobel (1981 Germany)

01. Septemberblumen
02. Gestapo Zelle
03. The Fields Of November - Green Leaf Fancy
04. Der Biedermann
05. Lied Vom Manne-Friedrich
06. Kolo Von Srem
07. Jungenlied
08. Die Gesellenwoche
09. Polkas
10. Streit Und Kampf
11. Paddy On The Turnpike
12. Die Gedanken Sind Frei


Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Clutha

Scotia! (1971)

Gordeanna McCulloch: vocals
Ronnie Alexander: vocals, guitar
John Eaglesham: vocals, concertina
Callum Allan: fiddle
Erlend Voy: fiddle, concertina, vocals

01. The John McLean March
02. The Border Widow's Lament
03. Captain Ward and the Reindeer
04. Bride's March-Foula Reel-The Merry Boys O' Greenland
05. The Gauger
06. We're Geylie Yet
07. The Shearin's No For You
08. The Magdalene's Lament
09. The Forfar Sodger
10. Tail Toddle
11. Highland Division at Akarit-The Pibroch O' Donal Dubh
12. John Anderson
13. Jock Hawk's Adventures in Glasgow
14. Jenny's Bawbee-Cauld Kail in Aberdeen
15. Doon in the Wee Room
16. The Banks O' Red Roses
17. Bannocks of Barley Meal-Farewell to the Creeks
18. Harlaw


Saturday, July 04, 2009

V.A. Folk Music 1951-1958

V. A. – Collection universelle de musique populaire enregistrée, établie par Constantin BRAILOIU – 1951-1958
V. A. – World collection of recorded folk music, established by Constantin Brailoiu – 1951-1958

Tracks listing

France (Berry, Bretagne)
01-Chant de labour
04-Gwerz de l'âme juste
05-Réveillez de Passion
06-Les grâces
07-La soupe au lait
09-Passe pied de Rostrenen

Belgique (Wallonie, Flandre)
10-Le roi Renaud
11-Danses des Gilles
12-Prindez vos' baton Simon
13-Marche de Gerpinnes
15-Chanson de trois pélerins
16-J'ai passé dans un jardin
17-St Amalbergalied
18-Carillon de St Nicolas


19-The hay rope
23-Single Jig

Hébrides (Isle of Bara)
25-The brown-haired dairywoman
26-Sad thoughts invade my soul
27-Oh John of Ghlinn' Cnaich
28-Saturday I was sad

29-Babara Allen
30-Lord Rendall
31-The tragic hunt
32-The maid of the mill
33-Cliffs of old Tynemouth
34-The gower reel


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Relax time

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