Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Khalsa String Band

Peter Alexander said...

The former "Sat Peter Singh" here, now living in Portland, ME and still making music ( I just found four copies of the LP in my basement, and one of them appears to be in near perfect condition. I'll make mp3 files and post them on my own website in the near future. Glad that these songs are still in circulation! --Peter Alexander 01/01/11

Martin Hoke said...
January 1, 2011

I just found out about this link from my friend, Peter Alexander. We recorded this album in NYC in the summer of '73, fueled by Häagen-Dazs ice cream (there were only two flavors then, carob and honey) and an utterly uncomplicated love affair with God. It was a magical time.

Having now listened to the Song of Bliss for the first time in over 25 years (that's me playing the piano, a gorgeous 9 foot Steinway in a very cool Manhattan recording studio), I'm once again swept away by Singh Kaur's voice. It's a good voice, but even more, there was something so pure and amazing that came out of her when she sang, you could feel angels swarming just to get close. Wow...

Here's another link Peter sent me to the same track. This one has a little less flutter and a little more rumble:

So Peter, thank you for sharing such a special gift - a great start to what feels like will be a wonderful year.

Martin Hoke

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Anonymous Natural Beardy said...

Long time no updates! Glad to have you back, and hope you had a good new year!

-Dylan (Natural Beardy)

03 January, 2011 04:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy new year my friend.


04 January, 2011 01:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a happy new year too greetings janny dirks mom

10 January, 2011 03:29  
Blogger Gonzo said...

I was so impressed by this girl's voice, I had to do a little clean-up on the vinyl rip.

The vocals are a little back in the mix for my liking, so I have done TWO copies, one with a little extra reverb in the vocal spectrum, see what you think..

Rapid share link:

16 February, 2011 21:47  
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