Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paper Bubble

Phil Gillam said...
I've just this minute come off the telephone after chatting with the great Brian Crane. I wanted to make him aware of TIME HAS TOLD ME, but he said he was already aware of it and appreciated the interest being shown in Paper Bubble. Meanwhile, fans of the band may like to know that an article I've written about Paper Bubble is due to appear shortly in Shindig! magazine and is also available on my own blog, UNDERNEATH THE SIDEBOARD IN THE FRONT ROOM.

Best wishes,
Phil Gillam

Paper Bubble on THTM: Link.1, Link.2


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice article Phil! But what happened to the second album tapes? Any chance to see it issued at last?

28 May, 2010 06:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

My name is Diane, I am a Shrewsbury girl through and through. What a great article about Shrewsbury and especially the iconic Paper Bubble. I knew Brian and Terry before they became Paper Bubble, when they were the Mood. I was their number one fan and they were a massive part of my teenage years and beyond. I must admit Brian was always my favourite. I moved from Shrewsbury in the early 1980's but can not think of my home town without thinking of Paper Bubble. Shrewsbury should be proud. Phil you seem to be the man in the know! Does Brian have a web site? How can he be contacted? I see from the blog time has told me that he has more cd's and albums out, how can I get hold of these? Recently, when I say recently, I mean within the last couple of years I was sent a copy of his album Somethings seem so right ........... FANTASTIC!!! I also think he has another by the name of nothing comes easy.. do you know of this? Phil does the "great" Brian know he still has a large loyal fan base who would love to know how he is doing but more importantly to hear more of his songs. It's a travesty his name is not up there with the greats. Keep up the good work phil and keep Brian's fans posted. Hope you can help Phil - thanks.

09 July, 2010 23:52  

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