Wednesday, November 05, 2008

by Pilgrim Jake

Summerhaze - Sweetheart (1988)

Summerhaze's second Album -"Sweetheart" was released in '88. It differs from the first, with considerably more 80's jazz influence, that is probably of much less interest to readers of this blog.

However the other half is intriguing classical/ folk/ psych music that is quite beautiful. I'm having upload issues with my ISP so have made an abridged version of this second album that includes only the folk components. I really love this section, whilst the other parts leaves me cold. This abridged version people will give people an excellent taste of the unique Summerhaze sound. I will post the full album with its artwork in a few weeks, so people can decide which version they prefer for themselves.


V.A. - "Under the Hill; The Quiet Folk of Northcote"

Here is a broad sample of folk/ chamber music from Melbourne Victoria. There is a vibrant musical scene with a strong folk influence. Full details are packaged with the files and with the artwork. //

The gentler sounds of Melbourne town come from the rattle of its trams and the rustle of coats upon bluestone. These have infused with musicians hereabouts, who have in turn been nurtured by plentiful venues, strong independent radio and an appreciative audience.
'Under the hill' presents artists that are a part of Melbourne's contemporary quiet scene.
The sounds might be characterised as slow strings and a hint of warm brass set to song. If parts of the folk movement of England in the 70's was distinctly Folk-Rock electric, then this could be a burgeoning folk - chamber pop, with a touch of ethereal acid folk revival.
Many of these bands are also a part of a musical family, supporting and interweaving members amongst one another. It makes for delightful gigs, steeped as they are in such companionship and warm melancholia. Ruckers hill in Northcote overlooks the city. It is atop this hill where many such congregations occur, and is home to Melbourne's domestic bohemia.
Thus the compilations name and where you should look if you ever visit. A few tracks are Australian antecedents in the same vein and one is not a melbournian, she just sounds like she ought. But all the rest are local. This is a sample of what can be found.
Below is where you can find them. Please support if you delight herein, for their clothes are all shabby and they're pale & thin.

"Fox" - Summerhaze - Sweetheart [1988]
"Death by Waterfall" - Owls of the Swamp - Smoky Bay [2007]
"Herringbone Blues" - Oliver Mann - Oliver Mann Sings [2005]
"Brave Like a Goose" - Grand Salvo - The Temporal Wheel [2005]
"Willow Tree" - The Smallgoods - Down on the Farm [2007]
"Snow Falls" - Grand Salvo - Death [2008]
"Magic Unnamed/ Eden Land" - Laura Jean - Eden Land [2008]
"I found You" - Luluc - Dear Hamlyn [2008]
"Belly" - Andrew McCubbin & The Hope Addicts - Steer [2004]
"Stolen Day" - Mike Noga - Folk Songs [2005]
"Steeps and Hollows" - Sodastream - Take Me with You When You Go [2005]
"Traipse Through the Valley" - The Smallgoods - Down on the Farm [2007]
"Hail to the Moon" - Wendy Rule - World Between Worlds [2000]
"There's a Spell" - Heidi Elva - Ships and Trees [2008]
"The Grey Goose Wing (Recorders)" - Kes - The Grey Goose Wing [2007]
"Shalelem Relagh" - Grand Salvo - Death [2008]
"A Dream of Mine" - Cilla Jane - When the Night Falls [2008]
"The Wealthiest Queen" - Luluc - Dear Hamlyn [2008]
"Singing to the bones" - Wendy Rule - World Between Worlds [2000]
"Orange tree" - Summerhaze - Sweetheart [1998]
"Singing Box" - Oliver Mann - Oliver Mann Sings [2005]



Anonymous Gonzo said...

Hi Jake,
I wonder if you would mind ripping the complete Sweetheart album, rather than just the folk items?


06 November, 2008 07:19  
Blogger Pilgrim Jake said...

Yup- definately will do soon. Thought many people here wouldnt particularly like the non-folk material and would miss the gems. But will post the entire album soon.

06 November, 2008 13:40  
Blogger V. R. said...

Thanks for sharing this!

I just created a blog to post rare neofolk, ritual, experimental and folk music from Portugal. The address is:

I added your blog to the links section. Hope you don't mind.

06 November, 2008 23:27  
Blogger smith said...

when will you upload the whole summerhaze's 2th album? pleaseee. thanks!

21 November, 2008 12:55  
Blogger Pilgrim Jake said...

Have to change ISP at the moment, as our current is terrible and was ripping us off. V old account on a now no-longer existing plan - but still charging us at that rate :(

Once I've moved to a new ISP (1-2 weeks) will upload.. Sorry about the delay - but it was COSTLY!

23 November, 2008 20:39  
Blogger Mike Bull said...

Hi again

I found this second Summerhaze album post. Thanks.

I just had an email from Warren Fahey who said Cathie's albums will be rereleased some time this year.

13 January, 2009 08:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you kindly consider posting Luluc Dear Hamlyn . Thank you

16 November, 2011 20:12  

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