Friday, November 14, 2008

by Peter

The post of Murray Mc Lauchlan made me think and then I realized I have a song, just one of him here: Home From The Forest by Gordon Lightfoot from a Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot. It's an interesting tribute as all the contributing artists are, like Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian. Think about it... covers of Gordon Lightfoort by Cowboy Junkies, Ron Sexsmith, yes even the Tragically Hip and of course Blue Rodeo. It's a good tribute.

However, when listening again to this cd I realized I had another cover of Sundown. This one is by Ed Kuepper, the Australian ex punk singer singwriiter had done a really fine version on a compilation album. Just Ed and his 12 string guitar and some effects, I thought you might want to hear this version of Sundown too. And although it may sounds weird... I like Kueppers version of Sundown better then the one of Jesse Winchester... but that has of course a lot to do with taste...

And to add a bit more... here is also a beautiful mailorder only cd of Ed Kuepper.
I hope you like it.

V.A. - Beautiful; A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

1. Way I Feel, The - Cowboy Junkies
2. Sundown - Jesse Winchester
3. Drifters - Ron Sexsmith : )
4. Ribbon of Darkness - Bruce Cockburn
5. Go Go Round - Blue Rodeo
6. Summer Side of Life - Blackie And The Rodeo Kings
7. If You Could Read My Mind - Connie Kaldor
8. For Lovin' Me - Terry Tufts
9. Bend in the Water - Harry Manx
10. Black Day in July - The Tragically Hip
11. Home From the Forest - Murray McLauchlan
12. That Same Old Obsession - Maria Muldaur
13. Canadian Railroad Trilogy - James Keelaghan
14. Song For a Winter's Night - Quartette
15. Lightfoot - Aengus Finnan

Ed Kuepper - I Was A Mail Order Bridegroom (1995)

Though he formed the Saints with Chris Bailey in 1975, Ed Kuepper left the band before its biggest popular success (though after its best recordings). The Saints were one of Australia's premier punk bands, and Kuepper played on two albums before leaving in 1979 to form the Laughing Clowns, a band whose sound was jazzier and quite a bit more experimental than his former group. The Laughing Clowns released three EPs during the early '80s before their debut self-titled album appeared in 1982. Kuepper led the band through four additional albums, but became a solo act beginning with the surprisingly pop-oriented Electrical Storm in 1986. After another pop album, Rooms of the Magnificent, Capitol took a chance on Kuepper and signed him; his response was Everybody's Got To, his third great pop album in a row. Nevertheless, it failed to click with radio programmers or the public. Capitol later dropped Kuepper and he responded in 1990 with the acoustic, stripped-back Today Wonder. One year later, he formed the Aints -- a jab at Chris Bailey, who continued to use the Saints name during the '80s and '90s -- to release Ascension. He returned to solo status in 1992, and began a string of seven studio LPs over the next four years, plus two mail-order-only albums and a best-of entitled Sings His Greatest Hits for You. Next came This Is the Magic Mile, which was released in 2006 on Hot Records. Despite his very appreciative cult of fans and torrid release schedule, Kuepper has not managed a breakthrough to wide popular acclaim. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

1. King Of Vice
2. Everything I've Got Belongs To You
3. Friday's Blue Cheer/Libertines Of Oxley
4. Honey Steel's Gold
5. Way I Made You Feel
6. Not Too Soon
7. Closer (But Disguised)
8. Summer Field
9. Indian Reservation
10. Steamtrain
11. No Wonder/Built For Comfort/Cypress Grove Blues
12. Milk Cow Blues
13. Way I Made You Feel (Part 2)
14. Everything I've Got Belongs To You (Part 2)



Blogger gkapageridis said...

Both these singer-songwriters are special and surely both these records are great i hope.
Anyway a big thank you very much is dew.

14 November, 2008 20:33  
Blogger mialee said...

Thanks for the Ed Kuepper.
This is one I don't have.

14 November, 2008 22:49  
Blogger ericbkk said...

After downloading Beautiful, I remembered something about you raving about a version of Sundown, so I had a listen to the Jesse Winchester version, but it didn't impress me at all, and I was wondering what all the fuss was about when I noticed the Kuepper version, and yes, that's a really interesting version. In fact, it was good enough for me to decide to get the other Kuepper albums that you've posted here, although I've never heard of him before and I wasn't particularly interested after reading what you said about him in your posts.
It's always a good day when you find an interesting new artist.


18 November, 2008 00:37  

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