Thursday, November 27, 2008

by Gonzo

Another Old Vinyl folk album from my collection,
this one is on the Broadside label from 1977.

Martyn Wyndham-Read and the High Level Ranters
"English Sporting Ballads" 1977

It's theme is as the title suggests a collection of sport related songs covering Wrestling, Racing, Cock fighting, Hare Coursing, Fox Hunting and Bull Baiting.
Many of these pastimes are now illegal in the so called civilised world, but still go on in places and often in secret.
The Songs are sung and played by a collection of well known British Artists that have for years formed the foundation of many groups, representing some of the finest in their art.

The High Level Ranters [1-2, 5, 8-9, 11]:
Alistair Anderson, English concertina,
Tom Gilfellon, vocals [1, 9, 11], guitar,
Johnny Handle, vocals [2, 5, 8], accordion,
Colin Ross, Northumbrian small-pipes, fiddle, whistle, mouth organ, Jews harp

Martyn Wyndham-Read, vocals, guitar [3-4, 6-7, 10, 12]
with Nic Jones, fiddle, guitar, mouth organ, dulcimer

As has become the normal procedure here, this nice clean vinyl was ripped using a 24 bit digital recorder, edited with various programs: CoolEdit, Sound Forge to remove surface noise, Rumble and clicks, finally converted to MP3's with LAME 3.92 using the highQ VBR setting.
This is a full spectrum, stereo rip limited only by the final sampling rate of 44.1kHz to be CD compatible.

These tracks are NOT normalised, they are at the original dynamic range of the LP, as decided by the mastering engineer, iPod users may need to turn up the volume a bit.
You may already have a copy of this as it was previously uploaded to another blog, however I recommend this copy, it is far better than the previous one.

DL (incl. full artworks)

Obtain CURRENT password from:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks quite interesting, but no way am I agreeing to email address harvesting - pity this blog has taken that direction

27 November, 2008 19:00  
Anonymous Paul said...

I can vouch for Gonzo as can many others but then perhaps I am part of his great email harvesting conspiracy? If you don't want to comply with the poster's requirement (note: not the blogs), that's your right but don't presume that it is Lizardson's doing.

27 November, 2008 19:53  
Anonymous Gonzo said...

Thank you Paul,

I just wonder if people realise how much work is involved in answering all the emails and for no gain, except perhaps turning anonymous people into interesting contacts to further the sharing of interesting music.
It is your choice to decline, I will just regard your reluctance to do so
as your loss, not mine, you could of course just get a throw-away Googlemail account, which is what I did.

28 November, 2008 03:44  
Anonymous Manila said...

Gonzo is one of the best posters on this blog. Period. No question. So if you don't want the album, more fool you. Greetings Gonz!!!!

28 November, 2008 03:53  
Anonymous Ben said...

I emailed Gonzo for the password to one of his previous postings, and found him both prompt and courteous in replying. Maybe those of us who like good (and hard to find) music should learn to trust one another a little, despite all the bad guys out there.

Your tone (Anonymous) could be construed as rather derogatory and condescending even though you may not have intended this. Personally I am enormously grateful to Lizardson and to all his/her contributors - including Gonzo - who have enriched my life hugely with this blog. Not everyone who uses this interweb thingy is a rogue!
All best

28 November, 2008 09:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

completely pointless to me, since earlier posts had no e-mail password. Why the change gonzo?

28 November, 2008 14:51  
Anonymous Paul said...

On reflection, I suspect the anon. poster may well be the one making disparaging remarks elsewhere in what looks like an effort to put people off using this great blog.

28 November, 2008 19:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please remove this link,


29 November, 2008 03:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Gonzo The Great
It still works! And the rip`s top quality as is the music.
My mate`ll love this un,It`s right up his street,Wi plenty O`Squeeze Box on it.

Thanks again
Athelstan Se Mihtig

14 November, 2009 21:55  
Anonymous Gym Equipments in Bangalore said...

Gonzo is one of the best posters on this blog. Period. No question. So if you don't want the album, more fool you. Greetings Gonz!!!!beautiful post..thanks for sharing here..

03 October, 2011 20:27  

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