Thursday, October 02, 2008

by Ailis

Jim Causley - Fruits Of The Earth (2005)

In this stunning debut album, Jim Causley conjures a happy mixture of slow tempo and more upbeat songs, all of them simply but superbly arranged. (Some of them are even performed a cappella!). Causley updates all of these old songs - adding some of his own material on the way - and provides them with the freshness both his youth and his passion for this musical heritage bestows.
The quality of Causley's voice - often overshadowing his beautiful playing - could easily be praised as a natural talent, a charm lacking in artifice... the truth is, only voices which are very sure of themselves and very well atuned to the material they sing can come off so perfectly, and his does.
Jim Causley's Fruits of the Earth is the present and the future of English folk music. Now grab it before somebody else does!

01 - John Barleycorn 3:35
02 - Arscott of Tetcott 6:11
03 - Tan Yard Side 2:59
04 - The Pricklie Bush 4:16
05 - Old Riverside 3:19
06 - Harvest Song 4:22
07 - Rewind 4:57
08 - The Carnal and the Crane 3:36
09 - Lusty Young Smith 2:58
10 - Sing Ivy 4:03
11 - The Whimple Wassail 6:09
12 - Yonders Hill 3:09
13 - Unwind 2:04

Doug Bailey said...
It seems that you are offering a download of this album from your site. Whohas given you permission to do this?

Doug Bailey
May Cottage, Fullerton Road, Wherwell, Hampshire SP11 7JS
01264 860569


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You built this up a lot with the "present and future of British folk" claim and I gotta say it lives up to it. I never would have heard of this talent otherwise so thanks very much for posting.

03 October, 2008 10:39  
Anonymous Ploughboy said...

Jim currently earns a living as a waiter at his local Cafe Rouge. If you like this album, please help Jim to continue to bring out more by buying a copy - readily available at Amazon.

Lizardson, great blog, but posting readily available albums by current/emerging artists doesn't help anyone...

06 October, 2008 18:42  
Blogger cianfulli said...

Perlinpinpin fòlc ::: Perlinpinpin fòlc

01 Hilhas n’aimetz pas tan los omis
02 Seguida de borreias
03 Lo Jan de Peirahorta
04 La pastora
05 Branles
06 Cançons de nau

Alan Cadelhan: cant, alboka, boha, ton-ton, clarin, caramels, flabuta, percussions
Patric Cadelhan: cant, accordeon, clarin, flabuta, percussions, metalofòn de viatge
Joan-Pèire Casada: guitarra de uèitcordas, bassa, percussions
Cristian Lanau: cant, violon, percussions
Joan-Luc Madier: cant, violon de sièis còrdas, violon, percussions

1980 • Revolum REV027

Quality: > 192 kbps VBR

Perlinpinpin fòlc

07 October, 2008 00:06  
Blogger cianfulli said...

asap I'll add cover images

07 October, 2008 00:06  
Blogger cianfulli said...

surely I'll see him live if I can, possibly I'll buy his cd, but if Ailis had not posted it, I'd never be informed of him

07 October, 2008 00:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I somewhat agree with Ploughboy, the blog is best when it's hooking us up with artists whose work is OOP or almost impossible to obtain.

That said, exposure here *could* give a new artist much-needed promotion.

So, are you sure you want to give this record company free advertising? Since they hit you with a takedown notice, why not remove the album description altogether, and let them pay for all their adverts?

07 October, 2008 01:55  
Anonymous Ploughboy said...

Anonymous- Wild Goose do pay for adverts in the Folk/Roots/World music press. They are a small label, issuing niche music (mainly traditional UK folk) to a small market. CDs are often issued in runs of 500. No-one - not Doug, not the artists - are getting rich off this. Fifty downloads from a site like this can be the difference between a Wild Goose (or insert name of your favourite small label here) release breaking even or not. The less that break even, the less money there is to throw into the pot for further releases and before you know it another small label boss says, "Sod it! It's not worth it..."

It's great that we have all this unavailable stuff up here to check out - it's the blatant bootlegging of albums like this that I'm not comfortable with. I'm sure one or two people might buy the CD as a result of downloading it first, but most won't.

Personally, if I were Lizardson, I would happily give Wild Goose and Jim Causley some free advertising, to make up for sticking a current and readily available album up here without permission.

And if any of you want to listen to new and newish UK folk acts for free, to decide if you'd like to buy their albums, I can give you some good links if you've interested... but they're listening sites not download sites.



08 October, 2008 01:10  
Anonymous Tom said...

Why doesn't Wild Goose see this as an opportunity and create compilations for blogs like Lizardson's to showcase the artists and albums they wish to promote? As part of the package they could include bio material & links to their website and/or amazon.

We don't need to have a complete copy of a CD to decide whether we want to buy it or not - one or two tracks would suffice. Albums released in runs of 500 could do with as much publicity as possible.

09 October, 2008 07:38  
Anonymous Ploughboy said...

Tom - that's a brilliant idea. Of course, this would only work with reasonably honourable bloggers like Lizardson. I think I'll email WG and suggest it.



10 October, 2008 07:06  

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