Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thanks 2,000,000 Times!!!

Nick Drake "Fruit Tree" 2008 [Limited Edition, 3SHM-CD]

Tracklisting & More Information:
The SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing, SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc, allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players.

1. Time Has Told Me
2. River Man
3. Three Hours
4. Way To Blue
5. Day Is Done
6. Cello Song
7. The Thoughts Of Mary Jane
8. Man In A Shed
9. Fruit Tree
10. Saturday Sun

1. Introduction
2. Hazy Jane II
3. At The Chime Of A City Clock
4. One Of These Things First
5. Hazey Jane I
6. Bryter Layter
7. Fly
8. Poor Boy
9. Northern Sky
10. Sunday

1. Pink Moon
2. Place To Be
3. Road
4. Which Will
5. Horn
6. Things Behind The Sun
7. Know
8. Parasite
9. Free Ride
10. Harvest Breed
11. From The Morning


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A magnificent achievement - here's to the next 2,000,000

Many thanks

17 August, 2008 21:20  
Anonymous Paul said...

Congratulations mate! Very, very well done!

17 August, 2008 21:30  
Blogger gazbosue said...

all the best to you and the site!
thanx for a generous share.

17 August, 2008 22:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really great post.
But isn't "Time of No Reply" also part of this set?

17 August, 2008 22:51  
Blogger Fuzzy Crew said...

Post your Updates @ Totally Fuzzy


If you would like to publish your updates on the Totally Fuzzy blog, you can do so yourself now by posting the updates as a comment on this page.

Due to the changed situation and the lack of time we are no longer posting any picks, everybody will have to come to our blog to post their updates if they want to be listed..

Just letting you know ;)



17 August, 2008 23:08  
Anonymous Owen said...

Thanks very much for this. It's interesting though (if Pink Moon's anything to go by) that this is no different to the old master except that there's less bass. Why is it that modern mastering is so obsessed with chasing after treble? Sounds bland and tinny to my ears and I haven't worn them out yet.

18 August, 2008 04:45  
Anonymous Oisin said...

Congrats 2,000,000 times!!
Quite a milestone and thanks once more.
Greetings, Oisín

18 August, 2008 05:14  
Blogger Raymond Morin said...

LOVE this blog, you guys are the kings of the obscure pastoral gem!

18 August, 2008 08:32  
Blogger fulhamx said...

Thank you

18 August, 2008 08:55  
Blogger J Thyme...kind said...

Sorry to compare, but this very fine artist's work reminds me of the work of a certain Dutch painter who didn't enjoy much success in his day either. Time has been so kind to his work & this type of high quality SPOTLIGHTING should be bestowed on such a soft-spoken sad troubadour. Nick's song is an inaudible voice of the wind who words are melody itself. This record slips in so many sweet directions at once. Folk/Chamber/Jazz & the overall after effect of his work is a sublime ambience that lingers as a beautifully subdued sunshine. THIS IS SUCH FLESHED OUT FOLK POP. And if this was a film, it is a well composed one and yet one I don't remember seeing.
How delightful!

18 August, 2008 13:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pity thaty comments posted on original post have now gone. I belive that i nmade a valid point/query that hasnt been answered.



18 August, 2008 21:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great blog! many thanks!!

19 August, 2008 09:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. I can't wait hear how they compare to the original box-set of CDs I bought 15 years ago.

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but are the Bonus Uploads of "Time Of No Reply" and "Made To Love Magic" from the standard CDs released in 1986/2004 respectively ?



21 August, 2008 08:05  
Anonymous SCM said...

Thanks Lizardson for the flac files!
To answer above: I would guess that the extra two come from the earlier releases, as this set is definetly 3x super CD only

22 August, 2008 22:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The record's shop now can be closed, who buy CDs ?
Thanks for share but I think that these files were very fast cancelled from this site...
Nick Drake RIP


28 August, 2008 22:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Yeah! Nice Show. Cheers!

15 November, 2008 05:18  
Blogger Boy Warren said...

Where's the link?

14 October, 2010 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want the link don't find on this blog..


09 December, 2011 22:44  

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