Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tim Hardin

"Nine" 1974

Recorded in England during 1973, Tim Hardin's Nine album -- which was actually his seventh or eighth, depending upon how and where one started counting and what one counted -- has a most unexpected complement of players, including Peter Frampton, Andy Bown of Status Quo, future Strawbs member John Mealing, Jimmy Horowitz, Lesley Duncan, Sue Glover, and Madeline Bell, and also the most heavily produced sound of any of his records. Tim Hardin 1 and Tim Hardin 2 may have had orchestral accompaniment dubbed on, but here Hardin is working with a full electric band and a coterie of backup singers, and some orchestral and sax accompaniment. The resulting album is not that far from Hardin's classic Verve Records releases in terms of content, a mix of confessional originals interspersed with a handful of covers, of which the best is a wrenchingly moving interpretation of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain." This proved to be Hardin's final finished studio album, and there is a real sense -- for all of the thick electric band sounds all over this record -- of someone singing his insides out. Some of what's here is a shadow of the kind of writing that he did a decade earlier, although none of it is dull or predictable, and other songs, such as "Person to Person," possess haunting resonances from those early days. It's all surprisingly good listening, and that goes double for fans of Hardin, though they may also be disturbed by some of what they hear and read. The album's original closer, "While You're on Your Way," expresses a depth of longing and sadness that could easily have been Hardin's musical epitaph. The CD reissue, in addition to offering excellent sound and nicely detailed notes (which tell of Hardin's physical deterioration), also includes the accompanying single "Judge and Jury," which was never on the album. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Tim Hardin: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Frampton: Guitar
Madeline Bell: Vocals
Andy Bown (Status Quo): Bass
Sue Glover: Vocals
Jimmy Horowitz: Keyboards
Lesley Duncan
Bob Cohen: Guitar
David Katz: Strings
Mike Driscoll: Drums
John Mealing (Strawbs): Keyboards
Liza Strike: Vocals


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this really rare one. Any chance you might have Tim's final recording, "Unforgiven"? Have never even spotted that one.

13 July, 2008 19:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anything by Tim Hardin is essential music.
Serge ZENI.

13 July, 2008 22:23  
Anonymous Trompo said...

Hi friend, thanks for all music.

This link for the blog.

Bob Theil - So Far (UK 1980/2)

Trompo, from Spain

16 July, 2008 21:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post

Do you have "the Homecoming concert 1980" Please ?


17 July, 2008 20:44  
Anonymous daniel said...

Your blog is amazing and is now one of nextmusicblog' s favourites !!
Do you have the homecoming concert ? I've been searching for it for long time .

18 August, 2008 08:57  
Anonymous Marc said...

Thanks for this! I've been searching in vain for Nine for a few months, ever since I caught a snippet of Hardin's "Fire and Rain" on the radio. Some dedicated googling finally brought me here. Love the site, thanks again.

20 June, 2009 04:33  
Blogger gd said...

here is Tim Hardin "Unforgiven"

12 August, 2009 16:37  

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