Monday, July 07, 2008

Brian Andrew Marek

Thanks always Brian,
We love your own music also!
Keep you up and keep us excited!!


Anonymous Brian Andew Marek said...

Well, flattery will get Lizardson everywhere, so here's a sneak preview of the Bargain Basement album project I'm presently at work on. There's still a couple of songs missing and a few small tweaks to be made, but I think this ten song sampler makes for good listening. Just for fun I've thrown in "The Rise and Dear Demise of Borax Poindexter and the Centipedes from Centauri", our homage/rip-off/parody of Ziggy-era Bowie which is just too silly and derivative for the album!

Enjoy, and please remember that your comment and criticisms are most welcome as I'm certainly not going to review this myself!

Love and music,


08 July, 2008 20:52  
Anonymous Brian Andrew Marek said...

And in case anybody wants to know about the new project I alluded to, the Village Green Preservation Society... That's my fiance Kate on bass, euphonium and vocals, me on amplified acoustic guitar, piano, organ and vocals, although others may join in the fun (my old Rocket Park drummer Eric has jammed with us a few times, albeit on a customized set I threw together to keep his volume in check).

I'm trying to simultaneously affirm rock 'n' roll music and reject what we've come to accept as rock 'n' roll values. The target volume is no louder than a reasonably sane individual would play their stereo at (we don't even have to turn on the PA to hear our vocals), and we have no real desire to play at clubs or bars (one idea I'm toying with is playing at nothing but house parties). We're shut-ins, really, so we play shut-in rock like late '60's Ray Davies, early '70's McCartney and solo Syd Barrett. If that makes any sense!

But lest ye think this is some pastoral trip, another role model is the holy triumvirate of Presley, Moore and Black in that little studio in Memphis. You know they weren't playing at anything approaching ear-splitting volume, but baby, if you don't think they rocked, you need to do a lot of thinkin' about rock 'n' roll...

No recordings at this time, just thought I'd share some of my philosophy...

08 July, 2008 23:05  
Anonymous Paul said...

Hey Brian,
I like your work. You really do good!

09 July, 2008 21:20  

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