Monday, March 10, 2008

by Paul #12

Seamus Ennis "Irish Pipe and Tin Whistle Songs" 1976
Mono LP. VBR 160-192

Seamus Ennis (1919-1982) was the son of a prominent traditional Irish musician James Ennis. In 1938, at the age of 19, he joined the Three Candles Press, publisher of the "Irish Street Ballads". In 1942, he was employed to collect songs in Ireland. In 1947, he began a broadcast career, firstly in Ireland and later for the BBC in London. Alan Lomax and Jean Ritchie collected songs and music from him in the 1950s. From 1958 onwards he mainly concentrated on being a musical performer.
I managed to obtain this LP over the last weekend. It is an American produced LP from Olympic Records Corporation as part of "The Atlas Series - Music from around the world" No. 6129. The LP labels identify a copyright year of 1976. I cannot find any history for this LP. It's strictly a mono LP. The sole performer on the LP is Seamus Ennis and he either plays his 19th Century Uillean Pipes, OR a Tin Whistle, OR sings traditional songs. It actually sounds like Seamus Ennis shut himself, alone, in a room and recorded himself on a mono tape recorder and then simply sent the tapes off to the LP producer. Anyone out there know the facts? There is no obvious sound engineering here - not even basic fade-in and fade-out but the LP does not suffer too much because of this. Fortunately, the LP was in very good condition.
His proclaimed skill on the Uillean Pipes is very obvious on this LP.
These tracks present very well. He is obviously a competent tin whistle player as well but his breathing is a little too audible at times. He has a pleasant singing style but would have greatly benefited from some accompaniment..
Don't worry about the download file being only 24Mb - because it is mono, it is only half the size of the stereo equivalent.

(A Side)
1. A Little Bench of Rushes (pipes)
2. The Kerry Recruit (song)
3. The First House in Connaught / The Copper Plate Reel (pipes)
4. The Farmer's Cursed Wife (Child 278) (song)
5. An Leanbh Sidhe (The Fairy Boy) (pipes)
6. An Clar Bog-Deil (The Bog Deal Board) (song - Gaelic)
7. The Thrush in the Straw (tin whistle)
(B Side)
8. The Cuckoo's Hornpipe (tin Whistle)
9. The Bonny Bunch of Roses-O (song)
10. Gol Na Mban 'San Ar (The Women's Lament in Battle)
11. The Wealthy Squire (song)
12. Hogan's Favourite / Connaught Man's Ramble /Lark in the Morning /
When the Cock crows it is Day (tin whistle)
13. Marrow Bones (song) (aka The Blind Man He Can See)
14. Will You come with me over the Mountain (pipes)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch for this, a great find. have you ever ssen the Folk Hibernia series on BBC4 ? great stuff.
the awful cover features the wrong feckin pipe AAARGH !

11 March, 2008 03:03  
Anonymous Paul said...

I have now noticed that there is a 1994 CD with the Title "Irish Pipe & Tinwhistle Songs" supposedly to distinguish it from "Irish Pipe and Tin Whistle Songs". This CD is a compilation featuring only some of the tracks from the original LP and includes tracks by Tommy Makem, and The Dubliners.

11 March, 2008 08:50  
Anonymous Paul said...

Sorry all. I always try to avoid providing LP rips for anything that has been re-released on LP but I have unintentionally done so this time.
This LP I have here is a total copy of the original 1959 LP "The Bonny Bunch of Roses" by Seamus Ennis.
The "sorry" bit is that, in 1996, that 1959 album was re-released under the original name "The Bonny Bunch of Roses". You can find a rip of that CD at:
Well that was a lot of work for nothing! Again, apologies for those who used bandwidth downloading this LP rip.

11 March, 2008 09:27  
Blogger The Irate Pirate said...

what a string of great posts. i am also glad to see this blog getting back to the raw folk.
i just discovered Seamus Ennis from the High Quality MP3 Forum. Literally. Like 5 minutes before I came here.

Anywho, I'll post an album by Joe Shannon and Johnny McGreevy, two americans who take after the likes of Tom Ennis and Michael Coleman. Coming soon at Wrath of the Grapevine.

11 March, 2008 10:41  
Anonymous oiche said...

Paul, I would rather have the vinyl rip a million times over. I love listening to my vinyl originals, and this is probably as close as Ill get in this case! Thanks a million for all your efforts. They are allways welcome. Keep up the good work. regards from oiche

16 March, 2008 23:10  
Blogger Sooraj said...

couldn't get the dl link to work. Could you please re-upload it? Preferably on mediafire

Thank you :)

24 May, 2012 12:31  

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