Friday, March 14, 2008

by Peter #6

Jackson Browne
Jabberwocky Club, Syracuse University, NY
March 27, 1971

This is the complete version often referred to as "Jackson Browne’s first known recorded performance". This show appears one year before Browne recorded and released his self-titled debut album that is popularly known as Saturate Before Using. Prior to that, Browne wrote songs for Nico of the Velvet Underground, Tom Rush, the Byrds, Bonnie Raitt and most famous of all, The Eagles. Take It Easy, Desperado and Doolin’ Dalton were all co-written with The Eagles.

Browne’s early songs were mostly romantic but some hinted at social activism. This is an excellent recording of just Browne on guitar or piano playing songs that would later appear on his first and second album, For Everyman. So early in his career, Browne talks to the audience about Black Panther Bobby Seals, an indication he would be active in political causes in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Many of the songs here remain unrecorded by Browne. Like Neil Young, Browne was prolific in his early years. Unlike Young, he was no rocker. Even when he had a band, the sound was still centered on his songs and lyrics rather than riffs. Browne was much more wordy than his contemporaries and he did garner favorable reviews for his poetic bent.

Jackson Browne’s lasting appeal was his conviction, something that was shared at the time, that an individual could stand up and make a difference. He has since been without a major record label and his latest album is on an indie label. It’s a live album released late in 2005, called Solo Acoustic Vol 1. Just Browne, his guitar and piano and the audience. Just like in the beginning.

Peter said...
Bonnie Raitt mentioned in her show at Jabberwocky 1971 she shares thebill with Jackson Browne. Here is Jackson's 20 song set, which isequally impressive as Bonnie Raitts'. Some claim this is the firstrecording of Jackson Browne. As I haven't found other older shows, itmight be. Here's the set of a very young Jackson Browne. Like BonnieRaitt... solo and worth listening.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

very cool, nice sound! Thanks a lot!

15 March, 2008 00:57  
Blogger rockymustard said...

Once again---Excellent.

15 March, 2008 12:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardson.
Another fantastic post that I really would like to have. Unfortunately I can't get the link to work. Please repost.

15 March, 2008 21:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic site,please upload again,many thanks.

16 March, 2008 06:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


16 March, 2008 17:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardson,
Seems to link to which has failed to download several times - I would relly like to have this music. Would it be possible to upload to a more accessible site?

Best wishes and thanks for all your work on this excellent site

17 March, 2008 02:15  
Blogger Psyclist said...

Link works fine here...

17 March, 2008 12:15  
Blogger JasonTryp said...

Lizardson, could you burn me a copy of this. I would burn you something nice in return.

17 March, 2008 14:00  
Blogger JasonTryp said...

Lizardson, could you burn me a copy of this. I would burn you something nice in return.

17 March, 2008 14:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No trouble to d/l from with a premium account. It is not cheap, but a one-month subscription does not cost much more than a CD.

Very interesting side of Jackson Browne! Respectable sound, though the digital noise reduction is rather overdone, resulting some watery artifacts.

19 March, 2008 17:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardson,

Please re-post Jackson Browne as with Joni Mitchell - download link still not working properly on .de site.



20 March, 2008 01:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Works fine with me. Thanks a million!

Hank in Paris

13 October, 2008 14:55  
Blogger Philip Luber said...

any chance of reposting the Jackson Browne first live recording?

07 February, 2009 09:24  
Blogger Neil said...

The link no longer works. Any chance of setting it again? Thanks.

07 April, 2010 08:15  

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